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Friday, May 20 – Thursday, May 26, 2011

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The Phuket News gets in behind local racer.



THEY’RE OFF! What the poll means for Phuket Garland sellers will do good business as MP candidates go on the stump in the run-up to the July 3 national elections.

More politicians and political parties than ever before are lining up in Phuket to contest the July 3 national elections. So far five candidates have declared their intention to stand as members of Parliament for Phuket. The five-day official registration period for candidates will begin on Tuesday. But already the major parties are campaigning.

In Phuket three parties are putting up contestants for the island’s two elected seats in Parliament – in Ward 1, which covers Muang District apart from Koh Kaew and Rassada, and Ward 2, which covers the rest of the island. Phuket has traditionally been a Democrat stronghold, and the party has brought out one of its biggest guns to contest Ward 1: Anchalee

Phuket News Exclusive Vanich-Thepabutra, until recently Secretary to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Her husband, Tossaporn Thepbutra, until the dissolution of Parliament the Democrat MP for Ward 1, has stepped aside. In Ward 2, the current Democrat MP, Rewat Areerob, will run for re-election. The Thaksin Shinwatra-

backed Pheu Thai Party also has two candidates in the race: Wisit Jai-art in Ward 1 and Saman Kebsap in Ward 2. Mr Wisit is the owner of marine transport company, Namchai Transportation, and was until recently also adviser to Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwannasupana. Mr Saman is in the property business. The Bhumjaithai Party, controlled by banned Isarn

– Photo Phuket News

politician Newin Chidchob, is putting up one candidate, in Ward 2: Jirayus Songyos, adviser to Paiboon Upatising, President of the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation (OrBorJor). The candidates’ platforms naturally vary – though not as much as might be expected. At the national level the Democrats are pledging policies to Continued page 2

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Pols gear up for election day Continued from page 1 help eradicate poverty, increase minimum wage, providing 15 years’ free education, and allocating larger budgets to local development projects. Candidate Mr Rewat reckons the Dems are a shoo-in in Phuket. “With so many projects that have received government backing, along with the work of Mrs Anchalee during the past two years, resulting in more than B10 billion being injected to Phuket, we are not so worried about this election,” Mr Rewat said. Locally, he said he wants to improve Phuket’s healthcare and education. He would particularly like to improve healthcare for people in Koh Kaew and on Koh Maprao. The Pheu Thai platform is very close to that of the Dems. At the opening of the new Pheu Thai office in Phuket Town on Wednesday, Mr Wisit said Pheu Thai would continue with the policies initiated by its predecessor, the banned Thai Rak Thai party: helping the poor, increasing the minimum wage to B300 a day and boosting

education by awarding scholarships to outstanding students to study abroad. He also wants to promote Phuket as the national centre of the Thaksin-initiated One Tambon One Product (OTOP) system; to solve Phuket’s traffic problems and start fighting against drugs. (Thai Rak Thai gained notoriety in its 2003 War on Drugs, in which – critics say – thousands fell victim to extrajudicial executions.) Phuket’s other Pheu Thai candidate, Mr Saman, said he fully supports the party’s new leader, Thaksin’s sister Yingluck Shinawatra. “I believe that she has the capability to be Prime Minister. If anyone wants to see Thailand have a woman PM, they should support our party by electing Mr Wisit and me,” he said. Bhumjaithai candidate Jirayus, who has played a significant role in pushing Phuket’s football team FC Phuket to national status, said that during his three years working with the OrBorJor, he has come across many needs that have not been

Pheu Thai candidates Wisit Jai-art (left, Ward 1) and Saman Kebsap (Ward 2) celebrate the opening of the party’s offices in Phuket. addressed by the government. He put forward two specific planks of his platform: “The first thing I would like to do is to push the government to allocate funds to support tourism through local administration bodies. Each province should get at least B100 million per year. “If elected we will also support sport in Phuket by setting up a sports school,” Mr Jirayus said. Chalermlak Kepsap of

the Democrat Party, who has been the party list MP for several years, has put her name forward again. Phuket is entitled to one party-list MP. Mrs Chalermlak says that she has done her part during the Democrat government by helping to draft laws and pushing for funding for Phuket. “The primary concern in Phuket is supporting tourism, which is the largest source of revenue for the island. The other thing the future gov-

ernment should focus on [in Phuket] is the traffic problem,” she said. Lurking in the wings is the New Politics Party (NPP), the somewhat estranged political offshoot of the ultra-nationalist People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD). Although the NPP will field no candidates in the ward elections, its two Phuket-based members are hoping to get into Parliament through the party list system. The two are Aparat Chartchutikamjorn and Akapol Nonsi, both tour operators, and both known on the island for their staunch support of the PAD. In the elections on July 3, voters will mark two ballot sheets. On the first they must choose by name the individual candidate they support. On the other, the must put a cross against the number of the party they support. This will determine which party-list MP represents Phuket. In Phuket the relevant party numbers are: Pheu Thai 1; Democrats 10; Bhumjaithai 16; New Politics Party 20.

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A certain weariness is evident among observers of politics in Phuket in the run-up to the July 3 election. Somchai Duangkhae, an adviser to Phuket OrBorJor President Paiboon Upatising, told The Phuket News he doesn’t expect much change, whichever party gets voted in. “Elections are just another political game,” he said. “There is little chance of major change. What we need is for people to learn what democracy means.

“Even in Phuket, people need to improve their understanding of true democracy. Phuket may seem to be the most developed province in the country, but people are still not getting a good grounding in democracy,” he said. James Firth, president of the International Business Association of Phuket (IBAP), said the election would affect everybody, Thai or foreign. “My business has been affected over the past six years. We had two periods of busi-

ness stability until Thaksin was kicked out. Ever since then it’s been up and down all the time,” Mr Firth said. “I don’t think there’s anything to choose from between the Democrats or Pheu Thai; neither is worse or better. What we need is stability,” he said. The Vice President of the Phuket Tourist Association Bhurit Maswongssa, thinks that local politicians have done, and are capable of doing, good things for Phuket. “Local politicians have

done a great job of improving conditions for tourism. Many tourism projects have been proposed and pushed forward in these past few years,” he said. “Whichever candidates win in Phuket, if they can push for budgets to improve Phuket’s facilities and tourism, then they will be the right politicians for the island.” One thing he really dislikes is the way that Phuket has been used in the past as a plaything for corrupt poli-

ticians in Bangkok, he said. “Politicians from the Ministry of Tourism have done nothing benefit to Phuket.” Ecowarrior John Gray, Managing Director of John Gray’s Sea Canoe, also doesn’t care particularly who is elected. It’s what they do for the environment that matters, he said. “Phuket needs people who want to promote strong education and protect the environment of the island. We need people who care about the people they represent.”

Gaining strength from numbers

The Party-List system

The recently formed Rawai-Naiharn Business Association (RNBA) handed a cheque for B100,000 for Japan disaster relief to the Rotary Club of Andaman on Wednesday, at the Da Vinci restaurant in Naiharn. “This is the first charity event we’ve done,” said Michael Massey, president of the new association and director of the Atmanjai Wellness Centre. “We will set up more events, such as a golf day and a fashion day to bring more people to Rawai and Naiharn.” The RNBA was established in March by five businesses: the Serenity condominium, the Golden Tulip Resort and Spa, The Vijitt Resort, Atmanjai and Da Vinci restaurant. “If we come together, we can achieve more business,” explained Mark Norris, one of the owners of

Thailand has a dualtrack system for filling seats in Parliament. Very simply put (the system is rather more complex in its application), there are roughly 500 seats for MPs. Of these, some 400 (two of them in Phuket) are chosen by direct elections by voters in each province. The other 100 are chosen from lists drawn up by the political parties, corresponding to how many MPs they get from the general election. For example, if Party A gets 200 directlyelected MPs (ie, half

Four of the five leaders of the Rawai-Naiharn Business Association, from left, Michael Massey, Mark Norris, Peerawut Kunchorn and Urs Aebi, with their B100,000 Japan disaster relief cheque. Da Vinci. “It’s more about working together as a team.” Each of the initial member businesses has put B90,000 into the association, to pay for developing a website and for advertising on radio stations.

The RNBA has also launched a free Rawai Naiharn Benefits Card. entitling holders to a minimum 15 per cent discount at the five participating businesses. For more details of the RNBA, visit

the elected seats), it will be entitled to half of the party list seats, or 50 more seats. The idea behind the Party List system is to take some of the pork-barrelling out of politics. Party list MPs, who do not depend directly on voters to get seats in Parliament, can theoretically not bother with local issues, concerning themselves instead with matters of national or international import. The Prime Minister and other senior members of the Cabinet are generally all party-list MPs.



Former Phuket resident gets life sentence Former Phuket resident Andreas Solemo has been sentenced to life in prison in the Philippines for his involvement in a cybersex operation. Mr Solemo lived in Phuket for several years, working as a website and magazine designer. He and Bo Stefan Sederholm, both from Sweden, were arrested almost two years ago after the police raided a commercial building in Mindanao. In rooms in the building, the police found 17 naked Filipinas, each with a computer and web camera. Customers logging onto the website could pay for the women to perform sex acts for their viewing pleasure. Nine of the women were convinced by police and Gabriela, an NGO advocating women’s rights, to file trafficking charges against the Swedes. In their defence, then Swedes argued that all the women were willing participants. Judge Jeoffre Acebido, however, took a dim view of the enterprise. “This court will not shrink from its duty to impose the most severe of penalties against anybody, be he a foreign national or a

Andreas Solemo: A victim of international politics? citizen of this country, who tramples upon the dignity of a woman by taking advantage of her vulnerability,” he said, sentencing the two Swedes to life in prison and two-million-peso (B1.4 million) fines. Three Filipinos also arrested in the original raid each received 20 years in jail and a fine of a million pesos (B700,000). The case was one of the first successfully brought under the Philippines’ tough Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act. The severity of the sentence imposed on the Swedes shocked friends. One, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he believed that Mr Solemo and Mr Sederholm were victims of politics; the Philippines has come under pressure from Western nations, particularly the US, for its poor record on human trafficking. This, the friend alleged, was why the two were so severely punished.

Bus driver held for rape of Burmese illegal A bus driver has been arrested after allegedly raping a Burmese woman on a trip between Phuket and Bangkok. He also faces charges for drugs and hiding illegal migrant workers. Police from the Division of Child Welfare & Women, led by Supt Col Supat Pheungphuang, held a press conference last Thursday (May 12) to announce the arrest of Jiradech Laesoong, a 35-year old from Phang Nga province. He is charged with raping a 21-year-old Burmese illegal worker, known only as “Miss B”, on the way from Phuket to Bangkok on May 11. Jiradech told police he had been hired to smuggle illegal workers by hiding them in the driver’s quarters of his bus. He said he received B1,700 per

person he transported, and had already made five similar trips. He admitted to raping Miss B, but said it was the first time he had committed such a crime. Miss B was found by police in a traumatised state beside Karnchana Bhisek road in Bangkok. Officers checked the area and found Jiradech acting suspiciously in the nearby bus parking lot. Police tested him for drugs and found amphetamines (ya ba) in his system. He said he had taken five ya ba pills before raping Miss B twice. Miss B later identified him as the person who had raped her on the bus. Jiradech has been charged with rape, drug consumption and hiding illegal migrant workers. Police are now hunting his employer.

Mystery blaze sinks yacht Local yachtsmen and women are wondering what was behind a sudden and intense fire that destroyed the 47-foot yacht Karni last weekend. The yacht caught fire on Saturday night in the waters off Chalong Pier. The blaze was so intense that would-be rescuers were unable to board the yacht and had to back away from the heat. The glass fibre boat burned down to the waterline and then sank. On the Phuket Cruising Yacht Club (PCYC) page on Facebook, it was reported, “The night was ablaze and the air was thick with burning resin well into the morning hours. The boys from coconut shipyard did their best but couldn’t get ahead of the intense inferno that consumed Karni.” The Karni, a SparkmanStevens 47, is the property of an Israeli couple, Iris & Yariv Keniger, who spent 10 years sailing the boat around the world. The couple’s public photo galleries on Picasa carry photographs of trips in various parts of the world, including Colombia, Panama, the Pacific and the Marquesas before the yacht arrived in Asia in 2005. Photos of trips in the region include Phuket, Phang-nga and Phi Phi up until June 2007. After that there are no entries. The PCYC page noted, “[Karni] had been in the anchorage for a good number of years, unattended, until a 40-knot breeze drove it up into the swamp near Parlai. “A good Samaritan pumped it out and towed it back to the

After the fire, the Karni sank in shallow water. These photographs were taken the following day at low tide. Photos courtesy of Phuket Cruising Yacht Club.

IN BRIEF Brit dies in late night crash A 25-year-old British tourist died early last Thursday morning in Patong after crashing his motorbike into a tuk-tuk on Beach Road. Patong Pol Capt Jakkrapong Luang-orn told The Phuket News that the man, whom he named as Paul Alexander Thurlow, collided with a tuk-tuk about 4 am last Thursday as it stopped to drop off passengers. He was taken to Patong Hopital, but later died from his injuries. Capt Jakkrapong said it was unclear whether the man had been drinking, as he had not been in a condition for police to test his blood-alcohol content. “He did not seem to have sustained any serious injury, but we believe he must have suffered significant internal damage because he died in hospital around 6 am the same day,” he said. Mr Thurlow’s body was being held at Patong hospital for autopsy.

Taxi driver faces charges

anchorage. Another stiff breeze drove it back to the swamp where it lay for a week or so till the cockpit caught fire.” The whereabouts of the

owners are unknown. Attempts by The Phuket News to reach the couple or their local agents before the deadline for this issue were unsuccessful.

Ya ba distribution agent busted with 30,000 pills A man was arrested in Phuket last Thursday in possession of 30,000 methamphetamine pills (ya ba), which he planned to send to other southern provinces by bus. Announcement of the arrest, which is considered one of Phuket’s biggest methamphetamine hauls, was made by Phuket’s special task unit for drug suppression at 1pm last Friday. It follows one of the island’s biggest cocaine seizures, also last week, in which six kilograms of the drug was intercepted by police. Pakphum Playngarm, 32,


admitted it was the fifth time he’d attempted to ship a large quantity of ya ba from Phuket by placing the drugs on public buses. The previous four times the drugs had reached their destinations, he said, though in much smaller quantities. Officers from the provincial drug suppression team nabbed Pakphum last Friday morning around 8 am following a tipoff. He was going to collect a case containing ya ba from behind an apartment on Wirat Hongyok road, south of Phuket Town. He told officers he had col-

lected a number of cases full of drugs from various locations around Phuket on instructions that came over the telephone. He would then send them on to different destinations by placing them unattended on public buses to be collected by someone at the destination point. He said his fee for the latest haul was to be B50,000, which he had not yet received. Pakphum is not a new face for Phuket’s drug suppression team – he was caught last year in possession of 70 ya ba pills and was later freed on B200,000 bail.

A man is dead after being hit by a taxi while walking along Highway 4026, in Thalang, last Saturday night. Mr Surachai Sangsuwan, 36, suffered multiple broken bones and head injuries, and died at the scene. Police said taxi driver Somkid Oonruan initially fled the scene but on Tuesday surrendered to Thachatchai Police. Police said he now faced charges after admitting hitting Mr Surachai while driving. Thachatchai Police are investigating the incident.

New fitness facilities planned for Rawai-Naiharn A new sport centre is being planned for Rawai by mayor Aroon Solos. The Rawai Sport Centre will be built on a one-rai area of land at Naiharn lagoon, an area already popular for cycling and jogging. The idea is to promote the benefits of being healthy and fit, and improving the facilities already available in the area. The mayor expected construction to begin in July with a budget of about B10 million. “I plan to build futsal and takraw stadiums, then a public fitness area,” Mayor Aroon said.





Fun time for poor kids

Detailed Weather Forecast

Friday May 20

Phuket’s less fortunate children enjoyed a party at the La Boucherie restaurant in the Royal Phawadee Village Hotel last Thursday. The party, Child-Watch Phuket orphans, was held partly to promote the restaurant’s new children’s menu. The children were entertained by a clown, and got to taste the new menu first hand. To support kids from Child Watch Phuket, visit

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Five appointed to battle Murder suspected Patong corruption on the island in‘suicide’ Five Phuket people have been appointed representatives of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to help fight government corruption on the island. The representatives, titled “Friends to the NACC” and comprising community leaders, had their first official meeting on Thursday. NACC Commissioner Klanarong Chantik said the role of the Friends was to help prevent corruption in Thailand, and promote legal ways of doing things. Five community members

have been chosen – businessman Somchai Jirayus, Thung Kha Rotary Club member Jam reon Saetan, retired teacher Jamlong Sawanakhunanont, fisheries businessman Jaran Thanyaudorn and farmer Sawad Chumrak. Mr Klanarong said the representatives were selected because they were held in high regard in their communities and were good role models for anti-corruption. “Firstly we want to get opinions from our representatives in Phuket. They are local people who have been

Body in forest still unidentified

Muslims complain over cuts to Ramadan funding

The body of a man found in a forest in Rawai still remains unidentified after its discovery on Saturday, police say. Chalong Pol Lt Nitikorn Rawang said police were called after the man’s decomposing remains were found by villagers in a forest in Soi Samakkee, in Rawai. Police said the man was about 165 cm tall, solidly build and was wearing a shirt, trousers and a watch. About 10 metres away from his body, officers found eight incense sticks and a pair of shoes. They also found eight cigarettes in his pocket.

A member of Phuket’s Islamic community is threatening to complain to the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva over cuts to funding for the annual Ramadan ceremony. Pol Sg t M aj Komo n Doomluk, a committee member of Phuket’s Islam group, and several other Muslims complained to the AuditorGeneral’s Office after the office revoked funds for Ramadan celebrations this year. M r Ko m o n s a id t h e B100,000 the office provided was important and was used

accepted by their society as being honest. We will be working with them to help build up good ethics in society,” Mr Klanarong said. The national branch has been set up since 1999 and Su r at T ha n i, La mpoon, Petchaboon and Surin have representatives. The project was later suspended due to the dissolve of NACC during 2004-2007. Mr Klanarong said after the NACC has reformed, he wanted to continue the project because he believed the best way to reduce and

to contribute to a celebratory feast at the end of Ramadan. At Ramadan Muslims fast during the day for a month, to learn patience, humility and spirituality. When the fasting ends, followers enjoy a celebratory feast. If the office did not reinstate the spending, Mr Komon said he planned to write a letter of complaint to the prime minister. The office decided to revoke the funds because it said there were not a lot of Muslims in Phuket, and only

prevent corruption was to get everyone around the country involved. In 2009, NACC chose 10 provinces to have representatives, followed by another six provinces in 2010. In 2011, 12 provinces have been added to the project, of which Phuket is one. Mr Klanarong said the roles of the Friends will be different from that of the Damrongdharm Centre, a legal office which is set up to suppress existing corruption, rather than promote the anticorruption ethic.

a small number of those observed Ramadan. Mr Komon said it was unfair to cut funding when up to 35 per cent of people in Phuket were Muslim. Celebrating Ramadan was not a personal decision, it was part of Islamic culture and was essential for followers, he said. Mr Komon said that if his complaint is not successful, he would talk with the Islam group’s legal department to find out if this decision to cut funding is a breach of basic religious rights.

Kathu Police suspect a man shot dead last Saturday morning may have been murdered, but are refusing to comment further at this stage. Kathu Pol Lt Col Chaowalit Neamwadee, based in Patong, said police received a report about 11.20am on Saturday (May 14) that a man had shot himself. Officers found Ratchaburi resident Yodthong Pinjit, 34, at a house on Soi Anamai, off Pra Baramee Rd, holding a 9mm hand gun. He had been shot in the head. Police initially believed it was a suicide, but now suspect Mr Yodthong was murdered. Witnesses told officers Mr Yodthong was drinking with his step-brother Montri Pissadu, 35, at the house before the incident. Mr Montri regularly fired his gun in the evening, which neighbours were used to, but when it was fired in the morning it rang alarm bells. Neighbours arrived to find Mr Yodthong injured, and saw Mr Montri flee the scene. Mr Yodthong was taken to Patong Hospital, then transferred to Vachira Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Kathu Police are continuing their investigations.




Phuket News backs local motor racer Phuket-based Australian motor racer Dylan Young’s bid to become a Formula 1 driver has been given a boost, with The Phuket News agreeing to become a major promoter of his campaign for racing glory. Young, 22, who drives for the Atlantic Racing Team in the new JK Racing Asia Series, needs to raise a total of B650,000 ahead of each race to cover costs and enable him to compete. His dream of racing against the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel is gradually getting closer, thanks to the generosity of some private benefactors – though there is still a way to go before all the costs are met. Young competed in the first two races of the six-event JK Racing Asia Series in Kuala Lumpur last month as part of the 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix, finishing 15th and 13th, and is now hoping to secure the rest of

the funds he will need to take his place on the grid in next weekend’s Asian Festival of Speed (see Sport page 40 for the full story). The four-race event will take place over the weekend of May 27 at Kuala Lumpur’s famous Sepang Circuit. Later this year, The Phuket News and Dylan Young Racing will host a major event in Phuket in conjunction with a yet-to-benamed local charity. “It is hoped the event will help raise further funds to support both Young’s 2011 season and the charity,” said The Phuket News’ publisher Simon Samaan. “We are very happy to be supporting Dylan’s bid for racing glory – without doubt, he will raise the sporting profile of the island.” Young is also hoping to bring his Atlantic Racing open-wheeler car to Phuket as part of the event, which will be used to promote driver awareness and safety on Phuket’s roads.

Hotelier Bronner dies after operation Louis Bronner, general manager of The Boathouse hotel in Kata for some 20 years, died this week of complications following an operation to correct a heart aneurism. Mr Bronner’s links with Phuket stretch back decades; before he went to run The Boathouse, he had also been sales manager and later GM of the five-star Phuket Yacht Club resort at Naiharn Beach. The resort, like The Boathouse, was owned by ML Tridosyudh Devakula – known locally as Mom Tri. During his time there, Mr Bronner became friends with many of the guests who stayed there, including Prince Henrik of Denmark, writer and comedian Peter Ustinov and ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev. One enduring anecdote from those days is of the time Mr Nureyev persuaded Mr Bronner to be his guide to Phuket’s nightlife. To the delight of Thai entertainment workers, the dancer put on quite a performance, then invited Mr Bronner to dance with him. The hotelier declined. Mr

Louis Bronner (right) with Nigel Hardy of the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta organising committee. The Boathouse has been a long-time supporter of the regatta. Nureyev remarked, “You know, Louis, I think you are the only person who’s ever refused to dance with me!” Mom Tri this week paid tribute to his old friend. “We are saddened by the passing

of our dear friend, Louis. For Phuket it is an even greater loss. “For some 30 years Louis made Phuket his home. Starting as my sales manager at the Phuket Yacht Club Hotel,

he participated from the very beginning in the development of our island into the world destinations that it is today. “Nothing infuriated Louis more than negative remarks about his beloved Phuket.”

Mr Bronner’s light management touch endeared him not only to guests of The Boathouse, but also to staff, many of whom had followed him there from the Yacht Club, and typically never moved anywhere else. One member of staff said, “He was a subtle manager. He would never give orders, just hints. And you would find he was always right. Everyone here is very sad.” Tributes have been pouring in from friends and colleagues. Bart Duykers, who preceded Mr Bronner as GM of The Boathouse, told The Phuket News, “I will remember Louis as a hotelier of the classic kind, principled and professional. [He had] a healthy sense of humour which he shared often, and right in his place here with Thai people. Peace be with him.” Long-term friend and fellow hotelier Denis Thouvard, GM of the Centara Grand in Karon, said, “Louis was the first GM of a five-star hotel in Phuket [the Phuket Yacht Club] at a time when there was no other big player. So he contributed to putting

Thailand on the international tourism scene. “I will remember him for his generosity. It’s very unusual to meet someone so available and so personal and with such an ability to communicate with people of all levels. He had a wonderful ability to connect with staff – something that we in the current generation of GMs should be inspired by.” Mr Bronner was also a very private person. Mr Thorvald said, “He was selective about his friends, but once you were friends with him it was forever.” For many years much of Mr Bronner’s time outside the hotel was devoted to caring for his mother, who had moved to Phuket to be close to him. His body was cremated in Bangkok. In Phuket, a ceremony will be held on Sunday at Wat Lutthiwanaram (Wat Tai), beginning at 10:30am. Mr Bronner’s passing is particularly poignant, coming as it does at a time of change at The Boathouse. The hotel has changed owners and will close soon for renovations. As one member of staff remarked, “It’s the end of an era.”

Date set for mass wedding The annual mass traditional Baba wedding ceremony will be held in Phuket Town this year in June, with as many as 15 couples expected to take part. The event will be held over several days starting June 11, with six couples already signed up. Costumes and the overall style of the event will be based on late 19th century Phuket, at the height of the

tin boom that brought wealth to the island’s Chinese community During the event, grooms will meet at Governor Tri Augaradacha’s mansion, and the brides will gather at the Hongsyok mansion. Both houses are showcases of the island’s SinoPortuguese architecture. A colourful parade through the streets of old Phuket Town will be the main highlight.

Baba is another name given to the Peranakan, the descendents of the original Chinese settlers who came to Phuket from the 18th century onwards. Phuket’s Chinese community comes out in force for the street parade, dressed in styles common 100 years ago, as shown in this picture from last year’s mass wedding. – Photo Alasdair Forbes




Bikini babes, this is for you Next month beautiful Thai women will for the first time have a shot at the Miss Bikini International crown, thanks to the launch of the Thai round of the competition, the first Miss Thailand Beach International 2011 beauty pageant. The finals will be held in Phuket on June 5. T he w i n ne r of t he Phuket finals will represent Thailand in the Miss Bikini International 2011 contest in China, up against more than 80 competitors from around the world. The Miss Bikini competition has been running since 1972 but this will be the first time anyone from Thailand has competed. Candidates must be confident, aged between 17 and 24 years old, and at

By Janyaporn MorelJornjarun (Yo) SENIOR REPORTER

least 172 centimetres tall. They must be able to speak English well and be capable of representing Thailand in the international competition from June 18 to July 16. Twenty candidates from around Thailand will be reduced to 10 at the Millennium Hilton Hotel in Bangkok on May 27, before the final 10 come to Phuket for the big decider on June 5. To enter, call Organiser IQ Co Ltd, Tel 02 1589 2222 or apply in person at the information desk at Jungceylon Shopping Mall, Patong, or online at The deadline for entries is May 24.

Beach babes: Finalists in last year’s Miss Bikini International contest.

Officials at the Phuket Indy Market on Friday. Back row, from left: Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Phuket Bangornrat Chinaprayoon; Phuket Vice Governor Somkiat Sangkaosuttirak; Phuket Town Mayor Somjai Suwannasupana; and Phuket Town Deputy Mayor Tavorn Jirapattanasopon.

New Indy Market officially opens A map outlines the new bus service, linking Koh Sireh to Phuket Town.

Koh Sireh finally gets bus service to Town

A new public transport bus route was launched earlier this month, linking Phuket Town to Koh Sireh, east of Phuket Town. Until now there have been only two public bus routes in Town, both run by the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation (OrBorJor). One is from Big C shopping mall to Phuket Vocational College, and the other is from Super Cheap

store to the Si Moom Muang market on Bangkok Rd. The people of Laem Tuk Kae, who live in Koh Sireh, have been campaigning for a bus route for years because other modes of transport on the island are expensive. Fares on the bright pink OrBorJor buses are just B10 and free for students, regardless of distance travelled. Buses leave every 15 minutes from Saphan Hin,

Phuket Town, between 6am and 7pm. Earlier in the month OrBorJor president Paiboon Upatising rode on the new bus service and inspected the condition of the road. “This is another successful idea to meet the needs of residents in Phuket, and it is very good for them to be able to travel at a low cost,” he said. – Sukunya Phoonpong

The Phuket Indy Market was officially opened last Friday, despite operating for eight months already. Phuket Vice Governor Somkiat Sangkaosuttirak led

the official ceremony. The market can be found in an alley off Dibuk Rd, opposite Raya House restaurant in Phuket Town. It is open on Thursday and Friday nights

from 4pm to 10.30pm. Every week has a particular theme, and stalls are full of creative goods including handmade art, clothes, postcards and accessories.

Concern over missing woman An elderly Thai woman has been reported missing after disappearing from her Kata home last Wednesday (May 11). Boonna Muangcode, 67, originally from Mukdaharn province in north-eastern Thailand, was last seen wearing a blue nightgown. Her feet were bare. Her son-in-law, Mr Soonthorn, said Ms Boonna went to talk to a neighbour before she disappeared. It was suspected she might have gotten lost in the woods

Boonna Muangcode, 67, was last seen at her Kata home more than a week ago. behind her house. The police and her neighbours have been looking but

have found no trace. “She has a problem with her memory,” Mr Soonthorn said. “But she has never lost her way back home before. We are quite worried because she speaks only the Isarn dialect, so can’t communicate with people in Phuket.” Ms Boonna also suffers from gout in her legs, which makes it hard for her to walk. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Ms Boonna please contact Mr Soonthorn 083 141 0247 or 081 739 0469.



Yingluck makes history Yingluck Shinawatra has secured a place in Thai history as the first female candidate for the job of prime minister, but there is more interest in her role as a sibling than as a woman. With hardly any political experience, her nomination by the opposition Puea Thai party shows the influence that her brother, ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, continues to exert in the country even while living in self-imposed exile. Yingluck, a photogenic 43-year-old with a businessoriented background, is 18 years junior to her controversial big brother and will struggle to prove that she is anything but his puppet when it comes to politics. “Yingluck is more like Thaksin’s eldest child than his younger sister. She is his second-most trusted person in his family, after his ex-wife Pojaman,” news magazine Matichon Weekly said in a profile in March. “Yingluck is truly Thaksin’s protegé and she can access him at any time,” it said. Thailand is largely split between fans and foes of Thaksin, whose populist policies during his 2001-2006 tenure drew him a wide following in the rural north but accusations of authoritarianism and corruption from the Bangkokbased elites. Ousted in a military coup, he now lives abroad to escape a jail term and is thought to be mainly based in Dubai, yet his

Yingluck Shinawatra attends a Puea Thai Party meeting in Bangkok on Monday. Ms Yingluck, sister of fugitive exprime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, will run as the main opposition party’s candidate for premier in July’s election. - AFP Photo absence has failed to diminish his significance at home, where he is considered the de facto leader of Puea Thai. His detractors accused him of inciting unrest during mass opposition protests by his Red Shirt followers last year, which saw dozens of people killed in clashes with authorities. He has also faces an arrest warrant for terrorism.

Refugee solution interests Thailand Thailand has expressed interest in striking a similar asylum-seeker deal with Australia to the one proposed with Malaysia. The move comes as Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said a boatload of 32 asylum-seekers intercepted off Western Australia would be sent to a third country, even though the deal with Malaysia has yet to be finalised. Australia is proposing to exchange 800 asylum-seekers now in Australia for 4,000 genuine refugees currently living in Malaysia, in a bid to resolve the issue of asylumseekers. Last weekend, Thailand’s foreign minister Kasit Piromya said Thailand would be interested in considering an exchange arrangement

similar to that being made with Malaysia. “I think the agreement between Australia and Malaysia on this particular model based on, I think, a five to one ratio is something that the rest of us will be interested to look at,”Mr Kasit said after bilateral talks with Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd in Bangkok last week. Mr Kasit said many countries had been looking for a way to deal with an influx of asylum-seekers. “I think the AustralianMalaysian likely agreement would provide some sort of certainty and also a model for others to study,” he said. Many of the refugees Australia proposes to take from Malaysia are from Myanmar (Burma) who travelled to Malaysia via Thailand.

Against that background a nervous Yingluck emerged into the media spotlight on Monday, clearly aware of her candidacy’s potential to ignite tensions. “I want to see unity and reconciliation in our country. Puea Thai will not take revenge but will resolve,” she said as she accepted her nomination. The election on July 3

will see her go head-to-head with Oxford-educated and elite-backed Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, who came to power in 2008 and has shown surprising resilience in the wake of last year’s crisis. Yingluck placed behind Abhisit in most categories of an Abac popularity polling by Assumption University last month – because she “has not

yet had a chance to demonstrate her leadership skill to the public”, the pollster said. The married mother-ofone, currently president of Thai real estate firm SC Asset Corp, graduated in political science before earning a masters degree in business administration at Kentucky State University in the US. – AFP

Country celebrates Visakha Bucha Day Buddhists across the country made offerings to monks at dawn on Tuesday and said prayers at temples later in the day to celebrate Visakha Bucha Day. Visakha Bucha Day is a triple anniversary, marking the dates when the Buddha was born, obtained enlightenment some 2,685 years ago, and died at age 80, all on the same day of the lunar calendar. It occurs on the sixth lunar month every year, when there is a full moon – usually May. Candlelit walks under the full moon were held at most temples across the country. In the Muslim south,

security was tight at temples to guard against possible attacks. Some 500 Buddhists gathered in Yala’s Muang district to dedicate merit to Buddhist victims of violence over the past year.Candlelit walks around temples in risky areas were held in the late afternoon during daylight hours in order to minimise the risk of attacks. HR H Crow n Pr ince Maha Vajiralongkorn led a ceremony at the Emerald Buddha temple in Bangkok, while a privy councillor led the official candlelit walk in place of HRH Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who usually leads the walk each year.

Ba ng kok G ove r no r Sukhumband Paribatra led an offerings ceremony for 229 monks at the 11th Infantry Regiment compound in the north of the capital. The seven-day Visakha Bucha exhibition at the compound came to an end on Tuesday and the holy relics of the Buddha were taken back to the Grand Palace, Bangkok. Hundreds of Burmese Buddhists in Tak province in the north walked 25 ancient Buddha images around Mae Sot district in a ceremony joined by locals. Official ceremonies were held at city halls in all provinces.


IN BRIEF Wildlife in a suitcase A man whose luggage contained a baby bear, a pair of panthers, two leopards and some monkeys was arrested as he tried to smuggle the live animals out of the country, police said on Friday. Noor Ma h mood r, a 36-year-old citizen of the United Arab Emirates, was detained soon after midnight by undercover officers at a Bangkok airport with the animals – all aged under two months – in his luggage. The man, who was trying to get the creatures onto a first-class flight to Dubai from Suvarnabhumi airport, was charged with smuggling endangered species out of Thailand, Colonel Kiattipong Khawsamang of the Nature Crime Police said. He said one of the bags had been abandoned in an airport lounge because the animals were being too noisy. If convicted, Mahmoodr could face up to four years in jail and a B40,000 fine, Kiattipong said. -AFP

Yingluck avoids debate Opposition Pheu Thai members have ruled out a public debate between Yingluck Shinawatra and Abhisit Vejjajiva, leaving the Democrats without an opportunity to scrutinise her proclaimed “qualifications”. Ms Yingluck was unveiled on Monday as the party’s challenger to Mr Abhisit. She would face tough political questions in a debate, including one about the proclaimed intention of her brother and former prime minister Thaksin to wipe the country free of “political crimes” through a blanket amnesty.

Thaksin plans return Thaksin Shinawatra, the fugitive former prime minister, said in an address to a Pheu Thai Party panel recently he would return to Thailand around November this year to celebrate New Year and declare a second round of war on drugs. Thaksin was at the centre of controversy over the summary execution of thousands of drug suspects to implement anti-drugs policy during his administration. He did not mention anything about turning himself in to face fraud and corruption charges after fleeing the country in August 2008.




D-Day for French IMF chief accused of sexual assault

French International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been placed under suicide watch in jail, while pressure mounts on him to resign. Mr Strauss-Kahn remains locked up in a New York jail after being arrested on Saturday afternoon and being refused bail. He denies all charges of sexual assaulting a maid, who entered his room at the posh Sofitel Hotel, believing it was empty. Law enforcement officials said that Mr Strauss-Kahn had not tried to harm himself, but guards were keeping a close watch on him just in case. The grand jury assessing whether or not to send Mr Strauss-Kahn to trial has until today (Friday) to make their decision. The 62-year-old allegedly emerged from the shower naked and tried to force himself on the woman, who was eventually able to fend off the attacks and flee. The maid, a 32-year-old immigrant from Guinea, in west Africa, who accused him of attempted rape, said through her lawyer that she had no idea who he was when she reported him to the police. “There is no way in which there is any aspect of this event

which could be construed consensual in any manner. This is nothing other than a physical, sexual assault by this man on this young woman,” her attorney, Jeffrey Shapiro, said. “She did not know who this man was until a day or two after this took place.” Police and prosecutors said he ambushed a housekeeper who had come to clean his New York hotel. Lawyers for the influential banker have challenged that account, and said the evidence doesn’t support accusations of forcible sex. In France, Mr StraussKahn continues to enjoy some backing from supporters circulating conspiracy theories that he may have been set up. Many others have chosen to remain silent on the hugely embarrassing affair. Prime Minister Francois Fillon said there could be “no excuse” if the allegations were true. It would be “a very serious act,” he said. The woman’s lawyer, Mr Shapiro, said there was no truth to suggestions that she had fabricated her account, describing her as an honest woman with “no agenda.” “Her life has now been turned upside down. She can’t go home. She can’t go back to work. She has no idea what

IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn pictured with his lawyer Benjamin Brafman, left, at Manhattan Criminal Court, in New York, on Monday.  – Photo AFP her future will be, what she will be able to do to support herself and her daughter. This has been nothing short of a

cataclysmic event in her life,” Mr Shapiro said. The woman, he said, came to the US seven years ago

under “very difficult circumstances” and is raising her daughter by herself now that the girl’s father is dead. The

family was granted asylum in the US, and she is a legal resident. She had worked at the hotel for three years.

Queen visits Ireland despite bomb threats, protesters

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is greeted by well-wishers as she leaves Trinity College in the Irish capital of Dublin on Tuesday.  – Photo AFP

Queen Elizabeth II has begun the first visit to Ireland by a British monarch in more than a century, despite a bomb being found on a bus near Dublin, the Irish capital. The four-day trip is intended to highlight good Anglo-Irish relations following years of animosity and peace in Northern Ireland. Her Majesty laid a wreath on Tuesday to remember the victims of Ireland’s struggle for independence from Britain in a landmark gesture. Wearing white, the queen stood in silence alongside Irish President Mary McAleese during the wreath-laying ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin. But the sombre atmosphere contrasted with the rowdy scenes outside where several hundred republican protesters, kept hundreds of metres away, demonstrated against the visit and torched a British flag. Police made 21 arrests. Earlier on Tuesday, defence forces said they had carried out a controlled explosion on

a “viable” explosive device found on a bus heading for Dublin. “It was on a bus and by the time our team was called in the bus was evacuated and parked at a bus stop,” an army spokesman said. A controlled explosion was also carried out on a second device, which turned out to be a hoax. A third device found in the Summerhill area of Dublin also turned out to be a hoax. The queen’s itinerary includes a visit to Croke Park, a Gaelic sports stadium where British troops killed 14 people in 1920 during Ireland’s uprising against British rule. Her arrival also coincides with the 37th anniversary of bombings in Dublin and Monaghan, the single bloodiest day in a three-decade sectarian battle over Northern Ireland. Thousands of police shut down key roads in the Irish capital and erected pedestrian barricades for several kilometres, while 1,000 Irish troops were on standby during the historic visit.



Exploding melons in eastern China A bizarre wave of exploding watermelons – possibly due to farmers’ abuse of a growth-boosting chemical – has once again spotlighted safety fears plaguing China’s poorly-regulated food sector. State media has said nearly 50 hectares of watermelon crops in the eastern city of Danyang have been ruined by the phenomenon this month after some growers doused them with the growth accelerator Forchlorfenuron. “On May 7, I came out and counted 80 [exploded watermelons], but by the afternoon it was 100,” farmer Liu Mingsuo said. He said he had sprayed them with the chemical just a day before. “Two days later I didn’t bother to count anymore,” added Liu, who admitted using Forchlorfenuron and saw three hectares of watermelons – more than two-thirds of his crop – laid to waste. The use of Forchlorfenuron is not banned in China. However, experts said a wave of sudden heavy rainfall following a dry spell in the area

may also have been a contributing factor and that farmers who denied using the chemical had also suffered problems. Reports of bursting watermelons are not uncommon, especially involving thinnerskinned varieties. But the exploding melons in Jiangsu province are likely to be viewed by skittish consumers as yet another sign of an agricultural sector addicted to chemicals – and the continuing failure of authorities to address the problem. China promised decisive action after a huge 2008 milk scandal that saw at least six infants die and 300,000 sickened by dairy products tainted with the industrial chemical melamine. Melamine was added to give the appearance of higher protein content. But a string of new reports has emerged in recent weeks involving tainted pork, toxic milk, dyed buns and other dodgy foods that have in many cases sickened consumers. Last month, Premier Wen Jiabao warned the misdeeds of farmers and other food

IN BRIEF NZ quake inquest begins A coronial inquest has begun in New Zealand to determine how nine Christchurch earthquake victims died. The remains of the nine victims have never been recovered. Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean is leading the inquest, and said concerns about the quality of certain buildings would be raised during the Royal Commission of Inquiry. A total of 181 people died in the 6.3-magnitude quake that rocked New Zealand’s second largest city on February 22. All but nine were formally identified.

Japan’s new reactor plan

Exploded watermelon crops in China, most likely the result of rampant chemical use. producers revealed “a grave situation of dishonesty and moral degradation”. “I am worried that some fruits still have chemical residue and are not safe to eat,” said Zhou Haiying, a resident of Nanjing city, near Danyang. Another person was quoted

saying suspiciously large fruits are common in Chinese markets, “such as strawberries as big as ping-pong balls and grapes as big as eggs”. With food safety regularly ranked as a top public concern, China passed a 2009 Food Safety Law amid much fanfare.

But authorities have once again pledged a new crackdown on the use of chemical additives after recent scandals including bean sprouts laced with cancer-causing nitrates, steamed buns with banned preservatives, and rice laced with heavy metals. -AFP

Spanish quake victims farewelled Sobbing relatives joined a funeral mass in the quakewrecked Spanish city of Lorca last Friday for four of the nine victims of the tremor who died in a hail of tumbling masonry and bricks. Crown Prince Felipe and his wife Letizia held hands, hugged and spoke with the bereaved, many in tears, as about 2,000 people gathered for the service in an open-sided pavilion in the southeastern city. Four wood coffins were lined up in front of the congregation during the mass before being taken for burial in flower-draped hearses. Families of the other victims preferred to hold private services. Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero also attended the mass as two days of national mourning began for all five male and four female victims, including a 14-year-old boy and two pregnant women. Attendants comforted distressed mourners, guiding some out of the emotion-laden service presided over by the bishop of Cartagena, Jose Manuel Lorca Planes. “It’s torment,” said one woman as she broke down in tears during the mass and was too overcome to speak any more or give her name. Her sister, Andrea Navarro,


Japan officials will release a new plan to stabilise its stricken nuclear plant after signs that three troubled reactors have suffered worsethan-expected damage from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Authorities insist they will stick with a timetable to bring the Fukushima Daiichi complex to a stable cold shutdown by early next year.

US space flight ends era The American space shuttle Endeavour took off for space on Tuesday on its final mission. The 30-year-old shuttle program is being wound down and the launch, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, was watched by a crowd of hundreds of thousands. The Endeavour, with a crew of five Americans and an Italian, are headed for the International Space Station.

Donald Trump says no to US candidacy

A woman looks at a collapsed building in Lorca, Spain, two days after a magnitude 5.1 quake killed nine people.  - Photo AFP 35, said the family had spent two days in cars and was still anxious after the terror of Wednesday’s quake, which damaged their third floor flat. Marisol Lozano, 54, said she knew the teenage boy who was killed and his family. “In towns like this, everybody knows everybody. We still can’t believe such a disaster happened. “It’s like we were hit by

a bomb. But Lorca is very strong,” she said. The 5.1-magnitude earthquake str uck at 6:47 pm Wednesday at a depth of just 10 kilometres, less than two hours after a smaller 4.4-magnitude quake. Ripping open walls, toppling roofs and crushing cars under stones, the tremor also injured another 130 people, according to emergency ser-

vices, and forced thousands from their homes. According to the Red Cross, 15,000 of the historic city’s 93,000 inhabitants were evacuated from their homes. Thousands spent a second night away from home, but unlike the hours following the quake, when they shivered under blankets outdoors, most were able to sleep in hundreds of tents supplied by the Red

Cross and the military. Touring the worst of the devastation before the mass, Mr Zapatero promised that an agreement would be signed in the next days to ensure the reconstruction of Lorca. “The earthquake was hard, it had a strong impact, but the country is stronger, our determination for solidarity and reconstruction is stronger,” he vowed. - AFP

Billionaire real estate magnate and television personality Donald Trump says he won’t run for the White House in 2012. The host of NBC-TV’s Celebrity Apprentice said his decision followed “considerable deliberation and reflection” after weeks of unofficial campaigning. He did not want to leave the private sector just yet, he said. Mr Trump is one of a number of prominent Republicans who have been mulling a run for their party’s nomination to run against US President Barack Obama, a Democrat, who is seeking a second term.




Editor’s viewpoint

Going down the wrong road

Q&A: Renting a car in Phuket A s the monsoon season rolls in, getting around Phuket on a motorbike is becoming an increasingly soggy proposition. The solution: rent a car. Here are the answers to some common questions about renting a car on the island. How much? Renting a car here is fairly inexpensive compared with many countries. The cost, though, will ultimately depend on what type of car you want, and how long you rent it for. A small sedan or hatchback (such as a Toyota Yaris) will set you back around B20,000 per month, or around B1,200 per day, for a newer model. That price may drop slightly for an older one. Larger cars go up in price from there.

Where should I go? You can either opt for the more established international rental agencies like Budget, Avis etc, or you can go for a small local rental shop, which can be cheaper, and impose less restrictions on who they rent out their vehicles to. If you want to try some of these smaller companies, start by checking The Phuket News classifieds, or simply take a stroll around some of the tourist areas until you spot a sign offering car rentals. Trust your judgement though – some of these shops are more reputable than others. What about insurance? All rental cars will come with insurance – it’s the level of coverage that will vary. If you’re with one of the major companies, it

is probably worth paying extra to get comprehensive cover. Beware of street-side vendors with signs saying ‘with insurance’ – usually the level of insurance is very basic and would not cover the car, nor passengers – just third party injuries or damage. Some travel insurance companies will offer car rental coverage as an optional extra, which may be worth looking into in some cases. Again, just make sure you read the fine print and be aware of the limitations of your coverage. Do I need a licence? If you rent from one of the bigger companies such as Budget, yes. But, as with a motorbike, if you rent from one of the smaller companies, you are unlikely to be asked to show a valid

Anyone reading this newspaper of late could be forgiven for believing that Phuket enjoys a first class public transport system. The OrBorJor has opened a new bus link connecting Phuket Town to Koh Sireh and plans for the Patong Hill tunnel are progressing, as they are for the new light rail link that will connect much of the east coast. Yet the glaring reality is that, despite this massive investment in infrastructure, it is still not possible to get from Patong to Karon by public bus. Or from Karon to Naiharn. Or between any two points on the west coast for that matter. People are instead forced to drive themselves, or be held ransom by the often extortionate behaviour of local tuk-tuk drivers. The simple fact is that a large proportion of the island’s population live along the west coast of Phuket. It’s also where the vast majority of tourists stay. And at the moment, it is a blight on the island’s governance that there is no transport network there. The authorities focusing on the island’s transport needs seem to have developed a blind spot that blocks out the entire west coast. Who is actually expected to use the light rail link, for example? How many people actually commute between

the airport and Chalong each day? And in any case, for those who do, an B80 bus service is already in operation. It would cost a fraction of the price of the light rail to simply put an extra 100 buses on the road around the island, and the service offered would probably be better. It would also help alleviate the traffic and pollution that is currently clogging Phuket’s roads. It would make it more inviting for tourists. It would cut the number of people driving under the influence of alcohol. It would make life easier for everyone apart from a small but aggressive minority. By reducing the need for cars, a comprehensive bus system would also reduce the need for government investment in road infrastructure. This is simple economics. Why then are we offering expensive band-aid solutions to a problem that could be solved almost overnight? Are we really so scared of the tuk-tuk drivers that we are unwilling to make sensible decisions about transport infrastructure? Let’s make public transport available to everyone on the island before embarking on expensive rail and tunnel projects that serve just a select few and which will not significantly improve ease of travel around the island.

Letters to the editor driving permit. Be warned though, driving without a valid Thai licence or an international licence may render your insurance void, meaning you could dig yourself into a very deep hole if you are involved in an accident. What should I leave as a deposit? You will most likely be asked to leave your passport as security. This is definitely not advisable. Talk to the renter and find out whether he or she will accept a photocopy of the passport, or something else instead. Often a cash deposit and a passport photocopy will be accepted, but make sure any cash deposit comes with a receipt. The bigger companies will usually take a swipe of your credit card.

streets – at least there they Two arrested in massive cocaine bust have the chance to get picked This is so tragic. It is only the harshest penalty that will stop these stupid people, looking for easy money and taking the lives of others. Rune Hyll Krantz Phuket

up or cared for by the Soi Dog Foundation, where people actually care! Sigi Seitz Phuket

Phuket Police vow to end product piracy Surely if a tourist who is here

Dog pound ‘should be for less than a week can find closed’ these stores, police whose The treatment of the dogs in the government pound is disgraceful and appalling! If that is all the government is willing to do then the dogs are better off living on the

job it is to investigate them should have no problems. Or perhaps officers are enjoying a few kickbacks? Sarah Kay Chalong

Have your say We welcome letters to the editor. Letters must be under 250 words. You can email editor@thephuket or fax your contribution to 076 612 553. Please include your name, address and contact telephone number.



Miner Tan’s last treasure Grandpa’s yarns Looking into the life-like eyes of the lion carving on the old iron safes of an ancestor of Grandpa, we wonder what those eyes had seen in the past. Back in 1882, Grandpa’s great great-great-grandfather Tan Khe Kiu immigrated from China to Phuket with the hope of improving his life. Just like other Chinese migrants, he dreamed of wealth that he never had in China. The Second Opium War in 1856 caused desperate poverty in China, and the rebellion against British forces brought further hardship. Tan told Grandpa that he had once had to eat only potato with rice soup to survive. Tan started his new life in Phuket as a labourer in a tin mine, and also sold durian on the side. But he rose to become the island’s most successful tin mine owner while still in his early 40s. Though China gave him great hardship, his Chinese nationalism never wavered. His main goal was to take his wealth back to his home country where he wanted to end his life.

What history have the eyes of this metal lion seen? So he regularly stashed money away in many safes. They were thick and strong steel boxes that also safeguarded his hopes, and hid his money from prying eyes and fingers. The safes were bought in Penang, Malaysia,

during its colonial era when most of products were imported from mother-country England. The eyes of the unique decoration of a lion’s head on the top of the safes were those of a guardian determined to protect Tan’s hopes, come what

The last safe of Tan Khe Kiu is still unopened. may. But, like many aspirations then and now, these hopes of returning to motherland faded with each passing year. Tan had three wives and 12 kids, and never made his way back home. He died in 1949 in Phuket

and left his safes to his descendants. Every safe has been opened, except one because its key has never been found. There could be some record of Tan’s life, or some fragments of Phuket history, hidden in that safe.

As the safe collects dust, fragments of local history and personal memories may be waiting for the day when someone can prise open the last of the old Chinese miner’s treasure. - Paritta Wangkiat

Blogger enjoys new experiences everyday Jamie Monk


Dive shop manager and writer of the blog site ‘Jamie’s Phuket’ How long have you lived on the island and why did you move here? I came to Phuket in 1999 looking for work as a dive instructor, and did not plan to stay more than a year or two, but the diving was great, and then I met my wife who was also working in a dive shop... and we’re still here! What is best thing about living here? Phuket is a great place – not perfect, but it’s easy to avoid the bits I don’t like (Patong!). There is excellent local food but its also easy to find any other kind of food if I feel the need, many beautiful places to visit in Phuket and nearby. Good place to raise a family, good schools, medical facilities and so on.

Jamie Monk, born in the UK, has lived in Phuket since 1999.

What do you do to relax? Explore Phuket! We like to find new places, either in Phuket or in the area. Just last week we visited a national park that we’d not been to before, just a three hour drive from home. And then some days, relax means

stay at home, play with the kids, do the gardening, and head to a nice quiet beach for sunset, a few beers and tasty food. What hobbies or sports are you interested in? Work and family take up most of my time. My hobby for the last few years has been blogging and photography. The aim of starting my Phuket blog five years ago was to show people that there is a lot more to Phuket than beaches and obvious tourist attractions. It’s nice to be able to explore, the whole family enjoys new experiences. A couple of weeks ago for example we took the ferry to Koh Yao Noi and rented scooters for the day, kids loved it, great day out Sports – well, I don’t participate nowadays, used to run and cycle a lot... enjoy watching football, rugby, cycling. Favourite food or dish? Thai food seems to have endless variety. I love yam kung seab (dried shrimp salad), nam prik kung seab (a dried shrimp spicy sauce), kuay jap noodles (noodle soup), tom yum, massaman

curry, kana moo grob (fried crispy pork with vegetable), anything with moo grob (crispy pork) really... chicken with cashews, yam tua pu (spicy mixed vegetable), hor mok (fish curry wrapped in banana leaf). Also love a fried egg sandwich! And mango with sticky rice. I eat a lot more Thai food than Western, but a burger now and then is needed or an Indian curry or a pasta dish... and the occasional English breakfast. What kind of music are you into? Pretty much anything except boom-boom dance music. In my car right now is Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Paul Simon... I like blues, I can even handle a lot of new pop music (have to, since the kids like it). Anything from Frank Sinatra to Led Zeppelin. What is the best tip you have for people moving to Phuket? Phuket is as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. You can live the fancy ex-pat life, or something a bit more local. Phuket is a big place, get out and

explore. There’s more here then meets the eye! Read my blog! What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while living on the island? Hmm... I am not one of those people who stores up “funny” anecdotes. The best thing that has happened – meeting my wife and having two wonderful kids. The person you admire the most and why? My mum. She’s battled cancer three times, has been at death’s door and is more active than ever. Mum and dad are coming over here again in September. It’ll be exhausting! I like to have some days at home, but she really likes to get out and do something every single day! If you could come back as any other person who would it be and why? Part of me says .. I’d like to be my son... I envy the excitement in those six-year-old eyes. Life is new and full of surprises. Visit Jamie’s blog at



Tourist Police volunteers patrol Soi Bangla every night of the week.

A night out with Phuket’s Tourist

Above: The volunteers having something of an iconic status on Soi Bangla. Below: Tourist Police volunteers help visitors deal with regular Thai police.

Police volunteers O

n Patong’s infamous Soi Bangla, an Australian man waits patiently. He wants to report a scene of sexual harassment he saw the night before. He’d already been to the Thai Police to report it, but there were language barriers. On another street corner nearby, two other tourists are reporting a lost wallet. It’s Saturday night, and Phuket’s Tourist Police volunteers – a bunch of 42 people from around the world (including Thailand) – are hard at work. The team, a volunteer offshoot of the regular Tourist Police, was established in 2005. Members act as mediators between tourists, business owners, and Thai Police on the island. They deal with everything from lost wallets, to more serious incidents such as theft, tourist scams, vehicle rental issues and missing persons cases. The volunteers don’t just help foreign tourists – they are also known to help Thais who run into trouble. Most members are people who have lived in Phuket for some time, and now want to give something back to the community. Some are retired, and others work full-time and then volunteer after hours. One of the members is Frank Tomenson, a British volunteer who lives in Phuket. He said the Tourist Police were a great comfort to tourists

By Paritta Wangkiat (Mai) REPORTER

on the island who were often unsure how to communicate with regular Thai police. Frank recalled a time when he helped an Australian couple who were in a dispute with a local jet ski rental company who tried to blame the couple for damaging the ski. The owner wanted B38,000, but thanks to the Tourist Police’s intervention, this figure was significantly reduced after some negotiating. “I saw a woman crying desperately because she had done nothing wrong,” Frank said. The volunteers are always in demand – The Phuket News spent a night out with them, witnessing four incidents that required their intervention. The volunteers assisted all of the tourists involved, and offered to check out a shop where a particular scam took place. To be a Tourist Police volunteer in Phuket, a long-term commitment is expected, and you must have a love for the job. “I became a volunteer because that’s what my heart wanted to do,” Rune Hyll Krantz, a 65-year-old Norwegian said. “I was overwhelmed by the generosity of Thai people who had helped me after I was hit by the tsunami in 2004. I had nothing left after the wave had gone. The philanthropy of the Thais made me want to give

something back to the local community.” Divan Mydeen, a volunteer who devotes his free time to the Tourist Police once he finishes his day job at the Marriott Vacation Club, said his job had encouraged him to apply for a volunteer position. “I have worked in Phuket since 2005,” Divan said. “The tourism industry gives me a job and a home, so I want to do something good for the tourists and the community in return.” The Tourist Police have five offices in Phuket – Patong Beach (next to the Immigration Office), Patong Hospital, Phuket International Airport, Soi Bangla and Phuket Town (the Tourist Police headquarters). An additional office in Chalong will open soon. Offices are open from 10am to 3.30pm, and night patrols in the Patong area operate from 9pm until midnight. “We hope we will have more volunteers, so we can extend our working hours.” Frank said. “We’re always recruiting new volunteers.” One such recruit is Narada Hanks, 31, a Thai volunteer who moved from the country’s northeast to Phuket. She said when she helps people, it makes her feel better too. To contact the Tourist Police, or to fill out a volunteer application form, check out or dial 1155.

Above: Volunteer Omar Alqraini speaks Arabic with a tourist from Kuwait. Below: The volunteers are a regular sight on Patong’s Soi Bangla.



ARTEYE Arteye this week spotted these very good caricatures in Chinatown in Singapore. What do you think of them? Without even needing to talk to the artist, the viewer gets a great deal of visual information – this, after all, is the way that art communicates – without words. It’s obvious to all that this market caricaturist is an excellent draftsman. The drawings were done quickly in pencil and charcoal, using very sure lines. The artist obviously admires the beauty of his female subjects, such as British actress Audrey Hepburn and a young Chinese girl, and details this beauty very well in his enjoyment. True to the art of the caricaturist, however, the artist also plainly enjoys exaggerating facial features sometimes, so that viewers can laugh at his subjects. But it can also be seen that capturing a distorted yet characteristic glimpse of a subject on paper is not always easy – take a look at the caricatures of the late Princess Diana and former US President Bill Clinton, for example. Not quite there, are they?



Kachain Wonglamthong As photographer-in-chief of the popular a day lifestyle magazine, Kachain here pushes his fine art photography by pointing his camera at the darker side of the portrait. How do these images, shown in a recent issue of Photo Art magazine, come across to you? Like painters such as Irishman Francis Bacon and many fine photographers before him, Kachain probes the psyche of his

subjects, and soberly reminds us of the vast dark spaces in our souls. All is clearly not as it appears on the surface of the face. We all know what dark deeds we humans are capable of, and too often we don’t need much excuse for that monstrous side to appear. The main task of all

of the world’s religions has always been to try accommodate and remedy our dark karma, nafsu or evilness.

Perhaps it’s good now and then to be reminded – displayed large – through disturbing photographs like these.

STREET ART Streetart this week admired this low table, placed on a mat on a glowing Sunday evening on Rawai Beach. The table was for diners to sit and eat seafood snacks, washed down with whisky or beer. In the photo chosen to decorate the table top, an unknown photographer had captured the enchanting atmosphere of a similarly soft evening far off. The last light of the day, touching

the spring grass, the glowing valley and the dark pine forests on these mountains somewhere in Europe, exudes a strong sense of nostalgia. Floating on Phuket sand and a woven Thai mat, the image might be the memory of European residents who had found themselves on these tropical shores, having had to say their final farewells to such a scene from an earlier part of life, now long gone.




Worms that live in people While there are thousands of diseases that affect and sometimes kill people, most are caused by organisms too small to see. But there is one class of disease that is particularly disgusting: worms – some all too visible – that infest the host and can wreak horrible damage. Here are five we particularly like:

Overall winner, Elmar Weisser of Germany, reacts after winning first place of the Full Beards Freestyle category during The Beards and Moustaches World Championship 2011 in the Norwegian city of Trondheim on May 15. – Photo AFP

German claims ‘world’s best beard’ award A German man scooped the title of world’s best beard on Sunday after impressing competition hosts in Norway with his facial hair featuring a moose and a Norwegian flag. Hairdresser Elmar Weisser, 47, beat 160 hopefuls from 15 countries to take first prize in the World Beard and Moustache Championships, held this year in Trondheim. Mr Weisser is a veteran of the competition, held every two years, having won several times before. He said his sister helped

him with the creation, starting work at 7 am. “When my beard isn’t styled, it goes down to my waist. It is sort of folded up,” he said. Mr Weisser took the title in 2005 in Berlin with his beard in the for m of the landmark Brandenburg Gate, and two years later won in England for his recreation of the Tower Bridge. He did not compete in the 2009 competition in Alaska. Germany and the United States have traditionally dominated the eccentric con-

test which began in 1990 and has been running regularly since 1995. Moustaches are judged in six categories: natural, English, Dali, Hungarian, imperial and freestyle. Contestants with what is deemed a “partial beard” compete for honours in the natural, Chinese, Imperial, Musketeer, sideburns, and freestyle categories. Those with full beards are divided into the groups natural, natural with styled Moustache, Verdi, Garibaldi and freestyle. – AFP

IN BRIEF Whopper of a tantrum A woman who tore up a Burger King in the US while wearing a bikini has been jailed and banned from the fast food diner. Nekiva Hardy, a 30-yearold mother-of-three, began hurling abuse after leaping on to the counter of a Burger King restaurant in Panama City Beach, Florida, complaining her Whopper Junior and fries was taking too long. Hardy, who was videotaped by a fellow diner on March 19, told police: “We tore the Burger King up ... I don’t play no games.” “The BK Brawler”, as she has been dubbed, was sentenced to 45 days in jail, placed on five years probation, ordered to serve 100 hours of community service, undertake an anger management course and is banned from Burger King in Bay County, Florida. She will also have to pay fines, court costs and compensation totalling nearly B150,000.

Hardy has been in custody and is likely to be freed in the next several days, allowing her to return to Montgomery, Alabama, where she lives with her three young sons. She will still be able to enjoy the fare at any of Montgomery’s six Burger Kings.

Dead whale throws up some ‘pearl’ A Maori tribe on New Zealand’s North Island were celebrating an unexpected windfall after finding a large chunk of whale vomit while burying the corpse of a stranded sperm whale that had been mutilated by vandals. Also called “whale’s pearl” or “f loating gold”, the sperm whale vomit is more correctly known as ambergris, and is a rare and often valuable ingredient in fine perfumes. The 40kg-lump of ambergris has just been sold to a French company for an

undisclosed sum after being discovered last year. Tens of thousands of dollars could be reportedly paid per kilogram of ambergris, depending on its quality. Some estimates of the value of the New Zealand find were as high as NZ$400,000 (B10 million). Ngati Hinewaka spokesman Haami Te Whaiti said the windfall would be used to complete a renovation of the marae (a tribal communal place) and to build new kitchens. He said the ambergris was found when members of the tribe gathered to “do right by the whale” and bury it after it had been desecrated by people who had hacked the jaw and teeth from the corpse. “Finding the ambergris, for all of us, felt right,” Te Whaiti said. “It was a gift from the whale, from the ocean ... our ancestors ... taking care of us.”

Roundworm: Roundworms are common in both dogs and cats. Usually a centimetre or so long, the worms are easy to spot. But it’s the larvae that cause problems in humans, who usually ingest worm eggs by eating vegetables that have not been cleaned properly. Sometimes the eggs may be picked up by the feet of flies and deposited on food. Larvae latch onto the walls of the small intestine. Once developed, they can migrate to many parts of the body, most commonly the liver, lungs, eyes and brain. Symptoms of infestation can include irritability, fever and headaches, weight loss, nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, the results can be blindness, epilepsy, inflammation of the heart and occasionally, death.

The effects of Elephantiasis on a victim in the Philippines. – Photo by Centers for Disease Control. Elephantiasis: The worms to blame for this disease are microscopic in size, but the signs are all too visible – massive and ugly enlargement of the lower limbs. In men, it can result in the scrotum swelling to the size of a basketball. Once common throughout the tropics, the worms responsible for elephantiasis are transmitted by mosquitoes. The worms develop and then take up residence in the lymphatic system – the only place they can survive. The blocking of the lymphatic vessels causes the swelling, though this is aggravated by secondary skin infections. Tapeworm: Tapeworms have an elegant life-cycle. People usually pick these up by eating infected raw meat, particularly the muscles of the animal carrying them. Once inside a human, the worm heads for the intestines and grows. And grows. Some tapeworms can reach 30 metres in length. Surprisingly, many tapeworms cause no discomfort, though some infestations may result in abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea or loss of appetite. One rare type can migrate to the brain causing severe headaches and seizures. As the worm grows, segments of its tail are shed, full of eggs, and leave the body in faeces. They lie in wait for the next cow or pig to eat them, and start

the process all over again. Happily, there are now medicines that can kill off a tapeworm with a single dose. River Blindness: This is major cause of blindness in humans. Strictly speaking, it’s not caused by the worm, Onchocerca volvulus, but by the Wolbachia bacterium that lives symbiotically with the worm. The worms arrive in the proboscis of the blood-sucking black fly, which unknowingly injects it while taking its meal of human blood. The worms burrow down the the lower levels of the skin, where they gradually mature over about six weeks. Then they mate, producing daily up to 1,500 offspring referred to as micofilaria. These head for the surface of the skins where they wait to be sucked up by the next black fly to come along for a blood meal. In the person infected, the bacteria in the microfilaria cause lumps in the skin and skin atrophy – a condition sometimes referred to as lizard skin. Some of the microfilaria may end up in the cornea of the eye. Prolonged infestation can result in the cornea becoming opaque, resulting in blindness. Dracunculiasis: The Guinea worm, as it is colloquially known, is endemic in some African countries, where it starts life inside tiny arthropods that can infest stagnant water. Drink this water and you could be in for a year or more of extreme unpleasantness. In your stomach the arthropods dissolve but the larvae thrive. They find their way into the body cavity and, after about three months, are ready to mate. Afterwards, the male dies and is absorbed by the body, but the female grows. She can reach up to a metre long, burrowing through the connective tissues, typically along the leg bones. Finally, about a year after infection, she creates a blister in the host’s skin, usually in the lower leg or foot. The blister causes a ferocious burning sensation that is relieved by immersing the wound in water. Sensing the water, the worm releases thousands of larvae, which start the cycle all over again. There are only two ways to remove the worm: by surgery or by winding the end of the worm around a match and gradually, over a period of months, dragging it out of one’s body.

A black fly, carrier of the river blindness worm, with the worm emerging from one of its antennae. – Photo by US Department of Agriculture.



Jasmine Hui, left, Julia Cai and Angela Cai from Shanghai China Sport (SCS).

On your marks...

Something fishy happening at BIS T Dr George Hickman, headmaster of BIS.

Bayview Academy team from Karachi in Pakistan.

here was lots of swimming, excitement and plenty of spectators cheering on the various swimmers during the 3rd British International School Phuket Flying Fish Invitational Swim Meet, held in Phuket over the weekend. Over 380 swimmers entered in the competition, which was hosted by the school. Twenty-one teams from seven countries took part.

Sophia Hong, left, Justin Hamilton, centre, and Roxy Arora from the Singapore American School (SAS).

200-metre freestyle champion Mia O’Leary, aged eight.

Above: The Tiger Sharks team from Bangkok Pattana School. Right: Phuket swimmers, from left, Michael Walter from Kajonkietsuksa School, Taweewat Binlateh from Plukpanya School, and Thammaporn Poolsri from Kajonkietsuksa School, entered in the 9-10 years age group.



US sets out cyberspace policy The White House unveiled a set of policy proposals on Monday for international cooperation in ensuring an open and secure internet. “Together, we can work together to build a future for cyberspace that is open, interoperable, secure, and reliable,” US President Barack Obama wrote in an introduction to the 25-page “International Strategy for Cyberspace.” President Obama, who has made cybersecurity a top priority along with diplomatic engagement, wrote that the document “outlines not only a vision for the future of cyberspace but an agenda for realising it. “It provides the context for our partners at home and abroad to understand our priorities and how we can come together to preserve the character of cyberspace and reduce the threats we face,” he wrote. The policy document is short on specifics but provides goals and a framework for international cooperation in promoting the US vision for cyberspace in what it called seven priority areas. President Obama did not personally attend the unveiling of the document but the event drew top members of his cabinet including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Attorney General Eric Holder and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke. White House cybersecurity

US cybersecurity czar Howard Schmidt with President Barack Obama. coordinator Howard Schmidt, Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn and Obama’s counter-terrorism chief, John Brennan, also addressed the gathering, attended by diplomats and leaders of private industry. Mr Schmidt said the document explains “what the US stands for internationally in cyberspace, and how we plan to build prosperity, enhance security, and safeguard openness in our increasingly networked world.”

Ms Clinton said the strategy hinges on seven key policy priorities including promoting internet freedom and economic engagement to encourage innovation and trade while safeguarding intellectual property. “We want to do more together to protect privacy and secure fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly, and association, online as we do offline,” she said. Other priorities include enhancing the ability of law enforcement to respond to

cybercrime and military cooperation to “help our alliances do more together to confront cyber threats,” Ms Clinton said. “It is not a series of prescriptions,” she said. “There is no one-size-fits-all, straightforward route to that goal. James Lewis, a cybersecurity expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said the policy paper was not a “particularly bold document” but was a good first step.

– White House Photo “It’s a continuation of the Obama national security strategy that says the US will engage with people and try to work with them,” he said. “So saying the United States wants to engage and here’s what we’d like to achieve – an internet that’s open and stable and secure – that’s a good thing.” The White House document also calls for a robust response to cyber threats. Mr Lynn, the deputy defense secretary, said Pentagon networks “are probed millions

of times a day and more than 100 foreign intelligence agencies have tried to penetrate our networks or those of our industrial partners.” “When warranted, the United States will respond to hostile acts in cyberspace as we would to any other threat to our country,” the White House said in a fact-sheet. “We reserve the right to use all necessary means – diplomatic, informational, military, and economic – as appropriate and consistent with applicable international law, in order to defend our nation, our allies, our partners, and our interests,” it said. Dean Garfield, president and chief executive of the Information Technology Industry Council, welcomed the White House initiative. “A growing number of governments worldwide are enacting cybersecurity-related laws, regulations, and other requirements that are inconsistent with generally accepted norms and standards,” Mr Garfield said. “This growing policy patchwork not only results in decreased security for nations, but also disrupts global commerce and ignores the borderless nature of the internet. “To date, the international community has lacked the collective willingness to engage in a meaningful conversation on the need for a global approach,” he said. “US leadership is critical to reaching a consensus solution.” – AFP

Asia outpaces world in office recovery Buoyant business sentiment and corporate hiring underpinned the Asia Pacific office leasing market in the first quarter of 2011, according to new research from Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) published in its recent Asia Pacific Office Index. Aggregate net take-up across major Tier 1 markets was at a similar level to the previous quarter, but showed a marked year-on-year improvement of over 30 per cent. Jeremy Sheldon, JLL’s Head of Markets in Asia Pacific, said, “The global comparison shows how the traditional Asian centres have outpaced the world in their recovery. At the same time, we can see a strong re-emergence of Asean as a force in Asia, with Jakarta now topping the table in both rental and capital growth as it reaps the benefits of the recovery. These are exciting times for Asia Pacific Office markets.

“The pace of recovery in Asia Pacific, and the influence of China, is demonstrated by the rental growth being experienced by Hong Kong as companies worldwide strive to locate themselves at the centre of the action. As a result, Hong Kong is now one of the most expensive markets in the world. Continued strong demand combined with a shortage of office stock has pushed Central Hong Kong rents up – although they are still 10-15 per cent below the last peak prior to the global financial crisis,” he concluded. The Japan earthquake has not materially affected occupier market conditions elsewhere in the region. Vacancies are trending down in many cities, and office rentals remained on an upswing across most markets in the first quarter of 2011. Of the 26 featured office markets, 16 saw an increase in net effective rents

during the quarter, while for the remainder, rents stabilised or recorded small residual declines. Aggregate rental growth moderated slightly as a result of weakness in Japan, with an average quarter-onquarter increase across the region of 2.5 per cent. In the fourth quarter of 2010, quarterly rental growth averaged 2.7 per cent. Jakarta recorded the largest quarterly rental growth of 9.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2011 as landlords became more aggressive in raising rents due to strong net take-up and declining vacancy. Rents in Hong Kong followed closely with a further 9.2 per cent increase on the back of a tight supply situation and solid demand by the financial sector. Rents in Singapore grew by 7.9 per cent quarter-on-quarter, underpinned by a temporary shortage of space. Rents in

Shanghai and Beijing grew by 6-7 per cent, with the result for both markets being driven by strong spatial demand from multi-national companies and domestic corporates. In the twelve months to end of the first quarter of 2011, Hong Kong delivered the strongest rental performance, with growth of 36 per cent. Average rents in Australia and New Zealand generally saw moderate movements, both positive and negative during the quarter. Perth recorded the largest quarterly increase of 5.9 per cent. Net effective rentals in Tokyo declined by 1.5 per cent as gross rents continued to fall while rent-free periods remained unchanged following the recent disaster. In a few other markets where tenant demand remained weak, rents have either stabilised (eg Taipei) or are seeing further declines (eg Seoul).

Despite a pick-up in demand in the first quarter of 2011, rents in Bangkok fell slightly by 1.8 per cent. This was due to the strong competition following high vacancies. JLL expects leasing demand to remain solid this year, though vacancies are still set to rise in some markets over the next few quarters due to ample supply additions. Consistent with strong fundamentals, the regional office market is now largely landlord favourable. Rental growth of up to 30 per cent is expected across the region this year, with the strongest growth likely to be seen in supply constrained markets. Tokyo will however see a further delay in recovery and is forecast to record an annual decline of up to 5 per cent in view of the recent events. A few laggards are also likely to see either no growth or some residual rental declines. Investment activity re-

mained buoyant in the first quarter of 2011 and sentiment in the region outside Japan has not been dented by the crisis in that country. Almost all major markets outside of North Asia saw either stable or increasing capital values. The largest quarter-on-quarter increases were recorded in Hong Kong and Jakarta, increasing by 13.1 per cent and 11.0 per cent, respectively. The mainland Chinese cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou were next highest with quarterly increases of 7-8.5 per cent. Across the region, the average quarterly increase in capital values in the first quarter of 2011 was 3.1 per cent, compared with 2.9 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2010. Again Hong Kong outperformed on a year-on-year basis, recording a 42 per cent increase in capital values on the back of strong buying activity, largely by local investors.



SIA sees 300pc rise in profit The Singapore Airlines (SIA) group achieved a net profit of S$1,092 million (B27 billion) for the 2010-11 financial year, an increase of S$876 million (B21 billion), or 300 per cent, from the S$216 million profit in the previous financial year. The company, in its annual report, said group revenue grew 14 per cent to S$14,525 million (B353 billion) as both carriage and yields recovered from depressed levels last financial year caused by the Global Financial Crisis. On the cost side, group expenditure rose a modest five per cent to S$13,254 million (B322 billion). Much of the cost was due to the 26 per cent global rise in aviation fuel prices. All the major companies in the group recorded improved operating results: SIA Engineering – S$136 million (up from $110 million profit in 2009-10); SIA Cargo – S$151 million (compared with a S$145 million loss); and SilkAir – S$121 million (up from S$49 million). The SIA board warned, however, “The year ahead is expected to be challenging for the airline industry.

“The uncertain global economic outlook is manifested by the recent Standard & Poors downgrade of the US debt outlook from stable to negative, and continual fears of a sovereign debt crisis in Europe.” In addition, the report said, concerns over radioactive fallout in Japan following the March 11 earthquake continue to impact air traffic to and from Japan. “These effects are reflected in forward bookings, indicating near-term weakness in load factors.” In addition, fuel prices show no sign of stabilising, let alone falling significantly. “The average price of jet fuel has surged by more than 25 per cent between January 2011 and April 2011, to US$140 a barrel, the highest since the last peak at US$174 per barrel in July 2008. “Jet fuel prices are likely to remain high and volatile in the near term,” SIA said. “The twin challenges of near-term weakness in load factors and high fuel prices will adversely affect operating performance of airlines.”

Asian travel market overtakes America The Asia Pacific (APAC) travel market surpassed the US last year, with a 17-per-cent increase pushing the region to secondlargest travel market worldwide. According to a PhoCusWright travel industry report, the region’s fast growth was due to increased online access and economic recovery fuelling travel in emerging markets such as China and India.Senior research director Douglas Quinby said online travel booked more than US$53 billion (B1.5 trillion) last year while the entire area reached over US$255.8 billion (B7.7 trillion) in travel money.

“But online travel penetration varies widely, reflecting the extraordinary differences among APAC’s individual markets,” Mr Quinby said. “In more mature markets such as Japan and Australia/ New Zealand, online penetration gains are slowing, while emerging online markets like India and China are now driving growth across the region.” However, growth in the region is not expected to slow down in the next two years, with the report predicting online bookings to exceed US$70.6 billion (B2.1 billion) by 2012.

Tiger sees 21pc rise in number of passengers The number of passengers choosing to fly with Tiger Airways in Asia and Australia has increased 21 per cent in the last year to a total of 6.1 million passengers. From May 2010 to April 2011, load factor was up one per cent to 86 per cent. Passengers increased 23 per cent in April this year to 623,000 passengers, compared to the same month last year. The average load factor across Asia and Australia for April was

up four per cent to 88 per cent compared to April last year. Tiger Airways Holdings president and group chief executive Tony Davis said: “We are pleased to report strong passenger numbers in April 2011, the first month of the new financial year. Recording passenger growth of 23 per cent and achieving a load factor of 88 per cent reflects the resilient demand that we continue to see for our low fare product from Singapore and in Australia.”

The Ayara Hilltops Resort at Surin Beach was one of three Phuket hotels that made the Expedia Top 500 Hotels list.

Three Phuket resorts in Expedia Top 500 Hotels in Southeast Asia fill 25 slots in “Insiders’ Select” 2011 list of the world’s top 500 hotels, published by Microsoft’s giant online booking site Expedia. Of the 25, nine are in Thailand, and three are in Phuket. In Phuket, the three are Ayara Hilltops at Surin Beach, Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort, south of Patong, and

the Millennium Resort in Jungceylon, Patong. Elsewhere in Thailand, two hotels in Bangkok made the list, along with one each in Surat Thani, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Cha’am. None of the Thai properties, however, made it into the top 100, which was headed by Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle,

iQ Hotel in Rome and Hotel Antiche Figure in Venice. The Insiders’ Select list is chosen from the 130,000 hotels listed by Expedia, with scores based on a combination of Expedia user reviews, value and “Expedia hotel expert input”. “Southeast Asia has always featured strongly in previous

Insiders’ Select lists, due to its popularity as a travel destination,” Expedia Asia Pacific managing director Dan Lynn said. “This year is no exception and is a clear indication that hotels in the region consistently provide good quality, service and value to travellers, leaving our Asian travellers spoilt for choice.”

Toyota defect case heads to court Toyota, already suffering much reduced production since the huge quake and tsunami in March, received more bad news on Monday when a US judge ruled that plaintiffs alleging a dangerous acceleration defect in Toyota vehicles can proceed with cases against the Japanese carmaker. US District Judge James Selna of the Central District of California threw out Toyota’s motion to dismiss the cases, ruling that there was sufficient evidence for the defect to allow consumers to seek damages. The lawsuits allege that

Toyota knew the vehicles could accelerate unexpectedly but refused to install a brake-override or fail-safe system. The auto giant denies the allegations. “This matter is of critical importance to tens of millions of Toyota owners and we look forward to proving our case in court,” said Steve Berman, an attorney representing the vehicle owners. “We believe – and intend to prove – that Toyota was aware of a defect, and chose not to take action to protect consumers.” Toyota denied the existence of any defect and said

it expected the court to rule eventually in its favor. “The burden is now squarely on plaintiffs’ counsel to prove their allegations, and Toyota is confident that no such proof exists,” the automaker said in a statement. “Plaintiffs’ counsel is still chasing a phantom theory of a defect in Toyota’s Electronic Throttle Control System that they remain wholly unable to identify.” In April. Toyota announced the recall of 54,000 Tundra trucks in the United States and Canada due to a faulty

drive shaft and the recall of 300,000 sport utility vehicles to fix faulty airbag sensors. In February, the company recalled 2.3 million vehicles to fix floor mat and carpet defects that could jam the accelerator. That move brought the firm’s total worldwide recalls to more than 12 million vehicles since late 2009. The recalls have battered the firm’s previously stellar reputation for safety. Toyota has paid US authorities nearly $50 million in penalties related to the recalls. – AFP

Mövenpick takes on second resort Swiss hotel company Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has taken on management of the Palm Beach Club hotel, in Bang Tao, and re-branded it as Mövenpick Residences Laguna Beach Phuket. According to the company

release, the new portfolio addition in Phuket, Thailand features 39 residences including luxurious penthouses and two and three-bedroom suites. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to operate this exclusive retreat and to expand

our presence in Thailand,” said Mövenpick Middle East and Asia chief operating officer, Andreas Mattmüller. “We have plans to operate six hotels in Thailand by 2014.” Guido Karl Wenk, owner

of the property said, “We are delighted to be teaming up with Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. “Their experience in the market will assist our efforts to further promote our property to international levels.”


Top-end property in Phuket shows signs of movement High-end property in Phuket has been showing some signs of movement in recent months, according to the latest report from Phuket-based property consultancy C9 Hotelworks. In his May report Bill Barnett, managing director of C9, said: “As the world crawls out of the dark shadows of the global economic crisis … market demand growth was demonstrated by 16 sales in 2010 … 35 per cent of the transactions were recorded in the price strata of B100 million to B200 million. “Topping the list was a single villa traded at B768 million.” He warned, however, that “the primary segment outlook remains shrouded given a surge in resale listings of premium properties and a shortage of new developments. “Secondary sales are anticipated to remain in the driver’s seat during the year ahead.” According to charts included in the report, the Russians are leading the spending, forking out B1 billion for three villas – about a third of all villa spending on Phuket. However, included in the Russian figure is the purchase

of famed Beyond Villa at Natai Beach in Phang Nga for around US$25 million (the B768 million villa referred to in Mr Barnett’s remarks). This property is unique for its size and astronomical price. Three purchases were made by Hong Kong buyers totalling a more modest B400 million. Two buyers apiece came from Europe, India, Singapore and Thailand, and one each from Australia and China. Mr Barnett makes four predictions: Market conditions favouring buyers will push a short-term trend toward secondary sales; Increasing opportunities in Europe and North America could divert investment away from Phuket; The strong Thai baht will contribute to buyers looking elsewhere or sitting on the sidelines; A gradual rise in new luxury projects planned over the coming year could raise the island’s international profile. Mr Barnett counts 65 highend villas unsold on the island: 44 on the west coast, six on the east coast, 11 in the south and four in the north and Phang-nga.


More flights from China China-based Sichuan Airlines will launch three direct flights per week to Phuket as the mainland Chinese continue to explore outside their home country. Services will begin soon on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Chinese outbound tourist numbers are expected to reach 1.05 million by the end of 2011, the real estate company Castlewood Group of Singapore reports, with large numbers flying out for Chinese New Year. There were 130 flights from China to Thailand during the New Year period, with more than half of those – around 80 flights – going direct to Phuket. More than 130,000 visitors from China landed in Phuket, boosting occupancy rates of

A Sichuan Airlines Airbus A321 at Kunming airport in southwest China. three- to four-star hotels to 90 per cent. Castlewood noted that in a recent poll by the giant Chinese travel website Ctrip, Phuket received seven million votes, making it the sixth most popular holiday destination in the world. Apart from the standard attractions of Phuket – the laid-back

lifestyle, good shopping and smiling welcome – the island scores with Chinese tourists because it is close to their home. Flying from Chongqing, China, to Phuket, for example, takes just over three hours. “Forecasters remain optimistic that Chinese visitors are likely to increase some-

what during the next three to four years with the help of the strong Chinese currency and the country’s economic growth,” Castlewood said. Sichuan Airlines has 55 aircraft – a fleet roughly two thirds the size of Thai Airways International – and has nine more on order.

Vietnam emerging as tourism rival Look out Thailand; Vietnam is attracting increasing numbers of Australians away from the kingdom. The number of Australian tourists visiting Thailand’s regional tourism competitor is on the rise – up almost 130 per cent, according to official figures quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) newspaper.

Vietnam is still a long from overtaking Thailand in terms of total numbers – Thailand receives about 670,000 Australian visitors a year, while Vietnam gets about 280,000 – but the SMH says that many in the industry believe it is becoming the more fashionable destination. For Intrepid Travel – an Australia-based tour company

– Vietnam has been a bestselling destination in recent months, with a 185-per-cent increase in bookings. And it’s not just Australians. Figures released by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO) last week also show 1.9 million foreign visitors arriving in Vietnam in the first four months of this year, marking a 10.5 per cent

increase over the same period in 2010. Visitors are predominantly coming from China, South Korea, the United States and Japan. Islands like Phu Quoc in the country’s south are major draw-cards, and are being set up by Vietnam specifically to lure tourists away from Thailand’s beach destinations.



Above: In the science lab and the new KISP school buildings. Left: Students sing and play guitar at their school music performance.

Local school turns international C

oming from humble beginnings, Phuket’s Kajon kietsuksa School will expand to offer an international curriculum when it opens a new campus later this year. The family of the current school manager, Permkiet Ketkul, originally started the school at another location in Phuket Town some 50 years ago, taking in only a handful of students. But it now houses some 2,400 students in large buildings on Chao Fah West Rd, offering them both Thai and English programmes. This year, the school will expand its English programme by offering British National Curriculum courses for students at its newly-constructed Kajonkietsuksa International School Phuket (KISP). The school is only the third in Thailand to be certified as a Cambridge University examination centre, ensuring that its students’ examination results are accepted internationally.

School students on a class outing to the beach. Mr Permkiet shared his amusement at the requirements specified by the English university for double and triple-locking rooms in which the examination papers are to be kept. An airtight outer room around the first room is also required. It is like storing gold, he said. The new school is located

on 42 rai (72,000sqm) of land off Yaowarat Rd, not far from Tesco Lotus in Phuket Town. The new facilities include swimming pools, football fields, basketball and tennis courts, a large activity field, and both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. The first term at KISP starts on August 22 this year, by which time it is hoped that

100 students will be enrolled. Tuition fees range between B312,000 and 347,000 a year from Nursery through to Year 6. Kajonkietsuksa School started its English programme some 12 years ago, with all classes taught in English by native English-speaking teachers, but still following the Thai curriculum. The family owners of the

A student shows off her martial skills with a flying kick. school realised that, as Phuket became a popular tourist destination, the education of young people needed to respond by meeting the requirement for English speakers. T he school’s cu r rent graduates from the English programme are now being accepted directly into schools and universities overseas without having to undertake

extra studies to bring their English up to scratch. Mr Permkiat said that it was a pity that, unlike other countries such as Malaysia, the Thai government does not fund sending teachers for extended English-language studies overseas, which would enable them to return as betterqualified teachers of English. – Norachai Thavisin

Organic market at PIA

Some of organic vegetables from the Thanyapura farm and a stall at the market.

It was all green and healthy at the Thanyapura Arts and Organic Farmer’s Market, held on Sunday at Phuket International Academy (PIA), Thalang. There were art exhibitions from The Love Art Studio, Cindy Shaw, Naturally Balanced, Earth to Art, Phuket Pottery and local artists. Naturally, organic fruits and veggies grown at the Thanyapura Organic Farm took pride of place.

There was an open house at the new Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club with free access to the fitness centre, kid’s club and the new tennis courts. While parents enjoyed gourmet organic brunch at the newly-opened DiVine restaurant, children had fun in the kid’s club and outdoor with face-painting, games and walking on water, offered by KidzSole.



Expansive modern Chalong home with pool


f you are looking for a sizeable property for good value, this Chalong home could be the place for you. The modern three-bedroom home is located in a quiet central area of the island, and includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms (one ensuite), a lounge, dining room, Western-style kitchen, study/ office, family room, laundry, terrace, balcony, garden and a carport. The two-storey home has a large garden and swimming pool, both of which are fenced off by a high wall. The total ground area is 560sqm, including the house at 270sqm. The Chalong location makes the property very convenient; it is close to bars, beaches, restaurants, shopping centres and a brand new golf course. Phuket Town is also only a 15-minute drive away, as are Rawai and Naiharn. The interior of the house is very well-maintained, with a wide selection of top quality furniture to add comfort and luxury to your lifestyle. The open plan living area is fitted with white ceramic tiled floors and white walls, and the many windows provide natural sunlight. The selection of furniture included

The large swimming pool completes the spacious garden area. with the house includes a comfortable settee, dining and coffee tables and a television connected with cable. The adjoining Western kitchen is fully fitted with modern appliances, including a stovetop, grill, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and a host of dishware and cutlery.

There is also a laundry room with a washing machine. All three bedrooms have double beds plus walk-in or built-in wardrobes. The house is available to buy with a chanote title deed, and freehold or leasehold purchasing terms are available for the B9.8 million home.

New Stoc k


Finance is also available. A buyer can also purchase the property with an existing Thai company. For further information contact Patrick Lusted at Siam Real Estate Tel: 076288908 or email: patrick@ or visit the website at siamreales

The two-storey house is in a quiet part of Chalong.

arriv ed!!


467m2 of luxurious living space located at Boat Lagoon, equipped with 5 bedrooms, a large living area and an exclusive designer kitchen. Secluded 70m2 swimming pool and a terrace with a bar all located in a lush tropical garden. Building C1-C2 Premium Outlet-Gallery Zone, Bypass Rd., Phuket 83000, Thailand Tel: (076) 350-465 Fax: (076) 350-465 Email: Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10 am-5.30 pm Closed: Sunday

Tel: 076

Contact: Tryggve Norin Boat Lagoon Park Residence 2

272 426, 089 045 5116




of the week


eemingly oblivious to the tourism on their backdoor, a small community not far from Phuket Town continues to live a simple life, the way their grandparents did many years ago. Baan Kathu, one of 19 communities under the governance of Kathu Municipality, can be found north-west of Phuket Town, near the three famous golf courses – Phuket Country Club, Loch Palm Golf Club and Red Mountain. One resident, 66-year-old Amporn “Mia” Thipwong, supports her family by creating brooms from dried red grass flower stems. Making the brooms used to be additional work for Baan Kathu residents during the tin mining era. It was started by a great-great grandfather of Mia’s neighbour, who used to take the flower stems, and tie them tightly with wire and rattan string. These days, only four families in Kathu continue to make the brooms. The work is hard and the materials used to make them are becoming scarce. “We used to have red grass in our area, but now I have to order it from a dealer in Ranong, who buys it from Naan province in the north,” Mia said. “Also, the rattan string that I use to tie the broom up is difficult to find; the rattan I use now is from Indonesia and the cost is quite high.” Making brooms looks so easy. But looks can be deceiving. It requires strength and a lot of energy to make the broom tight. Using the knife can be dangerous, and the rattan string can cut your skin if you’re not careful. The brooms are very popular though, and many people come from far and wide to purchase them. Mia said she receives many orders from hotels, schools, golf courses and even some foreign tourists come to buy them from her house. It’s hard to keep up with demand. Mia is the only one in her family who makes the brooms. She makes 20 brooms per day, and sells them for B55 each. “I’m now doing it for pleasure, not for money. I can stop to rest or travel anytime I want, but I want to continue making brooms until my body is not able to do it anymore,” she said with a smile. Another resident keeping busy with crafts is Watana “Ko Tid” Suptawee, 60, a retired teacher at Phuket Wittayalai School. He spends his retirement years knitting ramie string (from the ramie plant) into various pot and vase decorations.

Crafts galore in Baan Kathu

Security Tips Some basic rules for staying safe Security company SGS specialises in all types of security work. Over the next few months, owner Barrie Buck will highlight some basic safety tips for property owners. Home: 1. If you are away for the evening, leave some lights on inside the house. 2. If you are away from your house for some time, ask a friend to look over the house every day, preferably not at the same time of day. 3. Ar range for the house to appear to be lived in, make sure the garden is not overgrown, junk mail or newspapers are cleared or cancelled, and put a timer on an internal house light. 4. Only inform people you trust that you will be away. 5. Do not leave windows open during the night.

One of the old buildings in Baan Kathu, just north-west of Phuket Town.

Personal: 1. If you are putting expensive jewellery on, be careful about what area you are in, and always have photographs of each item for insurance. Try not to rub people’s noses in it. 2. Get insurance; medical, home, vehicle. 3. Leave a direction trail: tell someone you trust where you are going, your ETA, or duration of the journey, then let them know when you arrive. 4. When in a crowd move your wallet to your front pocket. 5. When in a crowd hold your bag tightly in front of you.

on the left. There is also a sign that says “Papa’s Coffee House” – Mia’s house can be found about 200 metres further along the road, at the bend.

Vehicle: 1. Drive within the laws, use helmets, drive on the correct side of the road, obey traffic lights and speed limits etc. 2. Leave the vehicle locked when you are away from it. 3. When going on a journey make sure you have enough fuel. 4. Always know the area you are driving to and how to get there (consult Google Maps or Google Earth) 5. Check your lights, indicators and tyres (including the spare) daily.

For more information, contact the Kathu Municipality PR office tel: 076 321 500, 076 322 140.

If you have any questions on any of the above please feel free to contact Barrie direct by calling: 08 9057 1672.

Mia demonstrates how to make a red grass flower broom.

Ko Tid shows how to do string knitting.

Ko Tid said he’s happy to teach those who are interested in learning the string knitting. His house, with the village coffee shop in front, is also a private museum where he collects items that were once used for tin mining. Ko Tid’s string knitting products, Aunty Mia’s brooms,

are all worth a visit. To get to Baan Kathu, head west from Tesco Lotus along Pra Phuket Kaew Rd. Turn right at the first set of traffic lights and go along Wichit Songkram Road, until the Kathu Municipality Office. Ko Tid’s house is located about 500 metres further on,

and other local products such as batik clothes and mulberry paper works have become Kathu’s pride. But this area is also worth visiting for its natural beauty. Places like the Kathu Waterfall, Kathu Shrine (both on Wichit Songkram Rd) and the Kathu Tin Mining Museum



Taking a wider green view Dr Robert Mather has been in the green business for decades. He’s worked to save gibbons, elephants and tigers. He started the World Wildlife Fund’s Thailand chapter with help from one other person and grew it by 2004 to a highly active organisation with 60 people involved. He spent four years in Laos trying to raise environmental awareness and then, in 2008, joined the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the only environmental organisation to have permanent observer status at the United Nations. These days he is based in Bangkok working, among other things, on building coastal resilience in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. At a meeting of the International Business Association of Phuket (IBAP) at Indochine recently, Dr Mather reviewed Thailand’s environmental record, comparing it with neighbouring countries. For those who feel despair at the country’s attitudes to green affairs, he delivered some good news. Thailand’s mangrove forests, which halved in area between the

Robert Mather, left, compares environmental concerns with friend and local eco-warrior John “Caveman” Gray. 1970s and 1980s as trees were hacked down to make room for prawn farms, are recovering. Half of the lost area has now been replaced by community action. He also praised initiatives around Phuket to attempt to phase out plastic bags, promote beach clean-ups and

the creation of artificial reefs. His concerns now are wider, however. The IUCN coastal resilience project, for example, involves the three countries along the east coast of the Gulf of Siam – the Thai provinces of Trat and Chantaburi, Koh Kong and Kampot in Cambodia and Lien Giang,

Soc Trang, Ben Tre and Can Gio in Vietnam. The aim is to attempt to minimise the impacts of global climate change by “avoiding the unmanageable and managing the unavoidable”. The IUCN is working with local authorities along the coastline to build local

capacity to deal with a rise in sea level and with increasing – and increasingly violent – storms that could have drastic effects on unprepared coastal communities. After explaining some of the problems in tackling the effects of climate change, and the conflicting interests

of various groups, Dr Mather then presided over a lively Q&A session with IBAP members, many of whom are involved in the tourism industry and therefore have a very personal interest in helping to tackle the effects of global climate change on Phuket. - Alasdair Forbes

Sea turtles swim free Some dozen luck y sea turtles were released into the surf by Aleenta Resort and Spa staff in Phangng a p r ov inc e la s t week, after a cocktail party at the resort to farewell them. The young turtles came from the nearby turtle sanctuary, funded by the resort, where 200 hatched leatherback , olive ridley, hawksbill and green turtles have been reared. The four endangered species are all found in Thai waters.

Meet the natives E ach week T he Phuket News introduces an animal or plant that is found on the island of Phuket. Tel: 0 7 6 3 8 4 6 6 4

- Mob: 087 898 8647

This young elephant was sadly tied to a tree on a chain that was too short, at an elephant camp near Kathu, while its mother and father were busy carrying tourists on their treks in the forest. T h is you ngster is a member of the species of Elephas maximas – the

Asian Elephant – an introduced native to Phuket, no doubt brought down originally from central or northern Thailand. T he Asian Elephant is classified as a highlyendangered species with not many left in the wild, its habitats having been mostly taken over by humans. This youngster can expect to live up to 60 years, most of those as a beast of burden for its human masters. It spent 22 months in

its mum’s womb and, when born, it already weighed some 90 kilograms and stood one metre tall. As an adult, it will need to eat some 140 kilograms of roots, bark, fruit and grass a day, making quite a dent in its habitat. Like all elephants, this young jumbo loves to play in water and to use its long trunk to suck and spray water and to pick up the tiniest fruit with the little finger at the end of that trunk.



Street Fashion Jiraporn Manjai, Administrator.

Her shirt cost B450, her shorts were B350 and shoes B350. Jiraporn’s watch was B3,800 from a shop in Krabi province. She bought her bag (B1,800) from Had Yai in Songkla Province.

Nastya Bakshaeva, tourist from Russia.

Nastya’s dress (B1,000) and her shoes (B1,000) were bought in Russia. Her necklace was a gift from her mother.

The one piece swimsuit is back


Simple lines: Dramatic retro one-piece from Vitamin A Swimwear via

race yourself girls – colours, prints and the classic one-piece swimsuit are back in style. Usually anything goes while basking on a Phuket beach. Many opt for a string bikini to get a good all-over tan, but those wanting to embrace fashion this year should prepare for the return of the one-piece. It’s flattering, elongates your body and legs, and won’t fall off when you get caught in a big wave. It also provides more support for those bigger ladies out there. Those wanting to stick with the string bikini should consider purple. Fuchsia and related hues are in this season and look stunning against the backdrop of the blue ocean. Prints – including animal prints – and metallic “jewels” are still popular. Cut-away one pieces are out – women around the globe are sick of the mismatched tan lines, and let’s be honest, the style only really suits stick-thin women. Geometric styles are in and are eye-catching if done right. Pick a style where the design flatters your body shape, and you’re sure to look hot on the beach over the next few months.

Must haves




1 Bikini B350 2 Shoes B1,800 3 Bracelet B1,200

Accessories from Silk Closet on Rat-U-Thit, 200 Pi Road, opposite to Jungceylon, Patong Beach.



Lucky few sample Penfolds top wines

In the foreground, the ever-popular steamed seaw bouy (pork dumpling), left, and deep fried seaw bouy, right, along with some of the many other choices of dim sum.

Sampling Penfolds best: Sean Power (left) of the Siam Supper Club, along with freelance human being Peter Tkac, Paresa GM Scot Toon, Giuseppe ‘Pepe’ Viva of Indochine, Paresa chef James Stanton, Supper Club GM Philipp Seigelt and (half-hidden) Michael Earle, editor of Modern Design magazine. Sean Power admitted he was a bit nervous about opening the Siam Supper Club during the day. “It’s a historical event,” he said. “It’s the first time we’ve ever opened before dark. It’s a bit like giving you a peek at my underwear.” Thankfully, Sean’s underwear was not on show, and his upscale restaurant and bar – with its reputation as a haunt for movies stars, rock stars and other glitterati – looked pretty spiffy in the daylight. The reason for the unprecedented early opening on May 12 was the worldwide launch of the new Penfolds wines from Australia, including the winemaker’s top wine, the 2006 Penfolds Grange. The launch was done live via the internet to a swath of countries from Australia to the UK. It was evening in the former and morning in the latter. For Thailand that meant an afternoon tasting Penfolds new “Icon and Luxury” releases. The 20 or so who attended surprisingly didn’t seem to find this a great chore. Ron Batori of Bangkok

Beer & Beverage – which organised the tasting with Bart Duykers of the Andaman Wine Club – said getting hold of the sought-after wines required tough negotiation. “It was truly a nightmare, but also a great honour,” he said. He described the Grange, which is 98 per cent Shiraz with a couple of teaspoons of Cab, as “the Kobe beef of wine, the most massaged and manipulated wine. It’s made in the winery, not the vineyard. It’s soft as a baby’s bottom.” But before anyone got to taste the Grange, we were introduced, via the wonders of the internet, to the Penfold experts, headed by Chief Winemaker Peter Gago, who walked us through the other six wines in serious detail. These were the 2008 Yattarna Chardonnay, now made with 90 per cent grapes grown in Tasmania; the 2009 Reserve Bin 09A, another Chardonnay but with grapes from the Adelaide Hills and using purely wild yeast; the 2007 St Henri Shiraz, regarded by some as the equal of the

Grange; the 2008 Magill Estate Shiraz, the only wine in the collection tied to a single vineyard; the 2008 RWT Shiraz; the 2008 Bin 707, the only Cabernet in the collection. A great deal of the discussion between Gago and his colleagues revolved around barrels, with all agreeing that French oak is best for most wines. Certainly, there was an oakiness to all the wines on show. My personal favourites: the Grange and the 707, if only because they were less strongly oaky than the others. Wine taste is plainly developed through nurture, not nature. The Australians in attendance loved all the wines; there was slightly less enthusiasm among the Europeans. Don’t expect to see these wines in Tesco-Lotus any time soon. At the end of the presentation, Ron Batori warned, “Because of the Thai tax structure it’s very difficult to get these wines. Top Penfolds are hard to find in Thailand. If you want them you probably have to try Singapore or Australia.” – Alasdair Forbes

Delicious dim sum delicacies Street eats Dim sum is a Chinese word meaning “as you like”. The result is that you will never be short of delicious dishes to choose from. It normally includes various steamed delicacies prepared from pork or shrimp, served in a small bowl or plate – each portion just big enough for a mouthful. Given its Chinese influence, dim sum remains a popular breakfast in Phuket, usually served with tea or coffee. There are literally

Ratchadaporn “E” Joonlanon prepares for the morning rush.

dozens of dim sum restaurants scattered across town, each with their own recipes. Of course some are better than others though. One of the more recommended ones can be found on Vichit Songkram road, in Phuket Town. It belongs to Ratchadaporn “E” Joonlanon, who has refined her dim sum and sauce recipes for more than 10 years. The restaurant is called “Taa Tum” (her son’s name), but you may be forgiven for missing it – there is no sign on this non-descript little eatery. The only real giveaway is the scores of Phuket locals that flock there each morning. The shop is open from five to eleven every morning, and is closed only during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival for about 10 days. Mrs E provides a wide range of home-made dim sum options, including seaw bouy (pork dumpling), har gow (shrimp dumpling) and ba jang (steamed sticky rice with roast red pork, salted egg yolk and lotus seed). Dim sum is usually eaten with sweet and sour sauce, but in Phuket it will often be

Dim sum: best served with tea or coffee.

How to find Taa Tum for excellent dim sum. accompanied with a sweet and spicy sauce made from red chillies and kidney beans. The price of dim sum will depend on the plate you have chosen; B8 for the dishes on a plastic plate, B10 for the one’s on a stainless steel plate, and B15 for those on a ceramic plate. You will have a full selection of dishes presented on your table, but you will only be charged for what you eat, so just avoid the ones you don’t like. Then you are free to order other breakfast items like noodle or rice soup. Recommendations: Must try are the pork spare-ribs in Chinese herbal soup and seaw bouy (pork dumping).



Kata says ‘howdy partner’ Clint Eastwood would have felt right at home at Two Chefs restaurant in Kata last Thursday night. The restaurant held a cowboy evening with a special all-you-can-eat Tex-Mex buffet and toe-tapping entertainment from resident band members Megan and MJ.

Charles Gorder, from Naiharn.

Two Chefs assistant supervisor Prasat ‘Ae’ Haujaipech performing to Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire.

Jon Sjolin and Myo ‘Sa’ Sandar from Two Chefs.

Two Chefs resident band members Megan Haban and Mary-Jean Regidor kept the packed restaurant thoroughly entertained.

Partygoers on the dance floor at Famous in Patong.

Thanaphan Mahayot and Michael Sorensen, from Naiharn.

- Photo: Angel Eyes Image

Krafty DJ delights Patong partygoers Martin Reeves, aka Krafty Kuts, brought his funky upbeat electro sound to Patong last Thursday night. Performing in front of a large crowd at Famous, the highly regarded DJ was in Phuket as part of his Asian tour. Reeves

pumped out a vast number of his original mixes that were well received by partygoers. After Phuket, Reeves was heading for Shanghai then Singapore. He is originally from Brighton in the UK.





Fast and Furious 5

Run Time: 130 minutes Rating: 15+

The Minfong Ho collection

by Minfong Ho Marshall Cavendish, 2010, paperback, 397 pages. This hefty collection comprises award-winning Chinese-American author Minfong Ho’s three most cherished novels. Set against the historical backdrops of rural Thailand and Cambodia, these stories speak of hope, love and growth despite the most adverse circumstances. The stories are: Sing to the dawn: Dawn is a bright young girl, living in a village in Thailand, who meets opposition to her going to study in the city. Rice without rain: A courageous young Thai girl witnesses the massacre of student protesters in Bangkok. The clay marble: The trials of young Dara and her family as they flee the Cambodian civil war for safety on the Thai border.

Drive cars. Fight. Steal money. Now that you know the entire plot of this film, save yourself two hours and don’t see it. What can you do instead? Try staying at home and beating your head against a wall – it will probably be more satisfying. Yes, as if producers didn’t feel that movie number four wasn’t beating a dead cash-cow already, that brawny, brainless bunch from the Fast and the Furious are back for yet another installment of mindless, ill-contrived violence with a little bit of driving thrown in for good measure. This time with a difference though; the franchise

Fleet Foxes

Helplessness Blues Sub Pop (2011) The beauty is skin-deep on the second album from Fleet Foxes. With its gleaming acoustic guitars and warming choral harmonies, Helplessness Blues is vocalist-songwriter Robin Pecknold’s dazzling evocation of early-Seventies rock Eden: the Sunflower-era Beach Boys and the spaced-cowboy romance of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. But the mood is darker and more uncertain than their previous release, adding shade to their gold-hued sound, as well as grappling head on with a sense of uncertainty that permeates Pecknold’s lyrics. The album shows off the band’s expanded range and demonstrates some successful risk-taking, while retaining what so many people fell in love with about the group in the first place. And once again, a strong sense of empathy is at the heart of what makes Fleet Foxes special.

abandons its original premise of being primarily soft-core car porn in favour of adopting a more Ocean’s 11 style heist plot. Unfortunately, it lacks the class, cleverness or acting talent that makes the Ocean’s series watchable, and Fast 5 falls short in every way. Ultimately, unless you enjoy seeing overgrown steroid junkies getting sweaty and wrestling each other, there is probably no other reason to see this movie. Indeed, once

you find out that the film is set in Rio, you can probably guess the entire script, word for word, from there. The plot, the direction and the entire film for that matter, are utter rubbish. And with a budget of US$125 million (B3.8 billion) and a painfully long run time of 130 minutes, it is rubbish of the most extravagant variety. That budget obviously wasn’t spent on acting lessons for the cast. Performances range between abysmal and cringe-worthy, and amount to being overwhelmingly dull. The appearance of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does add some comedy to the mix though, even if it is simply because his character is so comically bad. Indeed it’s clear that most of that money went on the action sequences, but in the end, they’re just kind of boring. They are predictable, completely absurd, and fail to

create any sense of tension or drama. But, given this is primarily a movie about cars and car thieves, there should be a lot of thrills in there for rev-heads, right? Well, not exactly. In fact, there are very few car sequences in the movie, which means there is really nothing for anyone to take from this film. The final chase scene is fairly well shot, and makes some of the previous two hours of torture somewhat worthwhile. But it just can’t escape the fact that this is a terrible film. It is boring, predictable, cliched; basically summing up everything that is wrong with Hollywood franchise films. Rumour has it that a sixth installment has already been planned. God help us... – Dane Halpin

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. For up-to-date information, visit tinyurl. com/4qgutm, or phone the cinemas: Phuket 076 209 000 and Patong 076 600 555.

AT SFX COLLISEUM PHUKET THIS WEEK Fast and Furious 5 (English) [15+]  Fast and Furious 5 (English/French sub) [15+] Fast and Furious 5 (Thai) [15+]  Jugalan (Thai/Eng sub) [15+]  Ladda Land (Thai/Eng sub) [18+]  Thor (English 3D) [15+]  Thor (Thai) [15+]

19:00, 21:40 18:00, 20:40 17:10, 19:50, 22:30 17:45, 20:00, 22:15 19:10, 21:50 19:25, 22:00 18:30, 21:00

AT SFC JUNGCEYLON PHUKET Fast and Furious 5 (English) [15+]  Jugalan (Thai/English sub) [15+]  Ladda Land (Thai/English sub) [18+] Something Borrowed (English) [15+]  Thor (English) [15+]

11:15, 13:40, 16:20, 19:00, 21:40 11:15, 13:15, 15:30, 17:45, 20:05, 22:20 11:50, 14:20, 16:50, 19:20, 21:45 12:15, 14:40, 17:05, 19:35, 21:55 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00

STRETCH YOUR BRAIN 20. Fill to the brim Across around quiet flood. (5) 1. Gravity permits  deadly apparatus. (7) 21. Flappers tangled up ensign. (8) 4. Quiet air follows northeastern god. (7) 23. Can tenth men mess up spelling? (11) 8. Creeper takes six 17. In 49AD, I created directions. (4) saga. (5) 9. Felt pain right in shack. (4) 29. Adjust air. (4) 10. Racket I get in part 30. Thump snail’s of the face. (5) relative. (4) 12. They love sugared 31. Girl men transform body parts. (11) into evil imp. (7) 14. Works in the theater. Down (8) 1. Might this 17. Continental, like Ian.(5) government official

Solutions to last week’s puzzles 2 4 8 6 5 7 3 9 1

9 3 6 8 4 1 7 2 5

5 1 7 3 2 9 8 6 4

7 8 4 1 3 6 9 5 2

6 5 3 4 9 2 1 8 7

1 9 2 5 7 8 4 3 6

3 7 1 9 6 5 2 4 8

8 6 9 2 1 4 5 7 3

4 2 5 7 8 3 6 1 9

Puzzle by

limit revolutions? (8) 2. Parts of road have three ways to Los Angeles. (5) 3. Sink a coal container. (7) 4. Crazy Margaret is a spicy one! (6) 5. Kitchen demigod, perhaps. (3) 6. Parts of United Nations information technologies. 7. Rise from electronic

9 3 1 8 5 5 6

5 6 4 7 3 8 4 1 1 7 6 9 7 2 3 4 2 1

2 4

Puzzle by

combining of companies, perhaps. (6) 11. Nitpicking is quiet Edward’s trick. (8) 13. Quit, but joined up again. (8) 15. Sixth sense is feature of Blithe Spirit. (3) 16. Whack a fool. (3) 18. Jolson and I are greatest ombination. (3) 19. Transport turn in time zone is like a

snail. (8) 22. Dead letter smelled bad, they say. (7) 23. Arguing on the river? (6) 24. Carnivore may damage 10. (6) 25. Banishment to a former island, it’s said. (5) 26. Payments for bell-ringing? (5) 28. Pulse in mushed alligator. (3)



Achieving beauty from the inside out Yoga is a popular activity for those living in Phuket, for a healthy body and healthy mind. The Phuket News caught up with ashtanga yoga teacher, Tarik van Prehn, originally from Brazil. Mr van Prehn is teaching yoga at Sukko Cultural Spa, Phuket Town, until June 1. Tell us a bit about your background in yoga teaching? I have been practising yoga for the past 16 years. I started ashtanga yoga in 1998, having practised other forms since 1994/95. My first trip to Mysore, South India, was in 2001. I have been teaching internationally since 2003, mostly in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia, but I have also been teaching in New York, Australia, Hawaii, Africa and Indonesia. Most recently I have been teaching in Norway and now Thailand. I was formally authorised to teach in 2004. What are some of the benefits of doing yoga? The purpose of yoga is to calm the mind, and to find selfrealisation. There are many benefits for your health and body, but those are additional and are not the main objective of practising yoga.

Tarik van Prehn. Practising yoga only with the intention of having a good looking and beautiful body will limit this ancient art to a form of “exotic gymnastics”. The benefits of yoga for anyone who practices ashtanga yoga for many years is to control the mind, to overcome fear, to accept death as part of life, and to know that our human condition is limited, but the soul is eternal. The body will perish; yoga is a life time practice – you can only have a flexible, strong and light body for some time. Everyone will turn old, and even yogis (practitioners of yoga) will have their health decreased with time, that is how nature works. The difference is that the yogi knows and accepts that life is like that, normal people want to stay young forever. The yogi keeps the mind healthy and young even with age.

Tarik van Prehn, originally from Brazil, is teaching yoga at Sukko Cultural Spa, Phuket Town, until June 1. My guru, Sri K Pattabhi Jois, passed away when he was 94 years old, and he was always smiling the way that a child does. Do you have formal qualifications in yoga? Formal qualification to teach yoga is a new concept. Traditionally the guru “blesses” his student to teach once the student has a good understanding of what yoga is about, after many years of dedication.

Today people want to become a teacher before going through the process of being a student. You cannot teach what you have not experienced directly from your own practice. It is sad to see so many teacher training organisations that are only focused on making money. The relationship between the guru (teacher) and the disciple (student) is so important. I was “blessed” by my teachers in 2004.

How would you encourage people to try yoga? Yoga practiced with the correct teacher and the correct intention can transform your life in ways that you cannot even start to imagine. A ny thi ng is possible for the yogi – anything you want will be given to you. Inner beauty is greater than external beauty. Believe me, I worked as a fashion model for more that 10 years.

Yoga cultivates beauty from the inside out. As long as you know and feel beautiful inside, you can better accept the inevitable changes in your body. But no matter what, you will be more beautiful until later in life if you practice ashtanga yoga everyday. – Ashtanga yoga is a type of yoga that involves synchronising the breath with a series of postures.



These couples were recently married on Phuket Island.

Birgit Nimmrichter and Mario Gutierrez, from Germany, were married on Mai Khao Beach on March 15. - Photos: Coral Seekers Phuket

Yvonne Funke and Thomas Lang, from Germany, were married at Karon Beach on March 31st. - Photos: Coral Seekers Phuket

Klaus Brandl and Alexandra Lochner, from Germany, were married on Khao Lak Beach on April 1.

- Photo: Coral Seekers Phuket



Above: Mhaad Hutsanee, owner of the first homestay in the area, shows how to feed the oysters. Below: Fishing is the main occupation of people of the village and boats are a way of life.

Grilled shrimp makes for a simple and delicious snack.

Experience life as a local in Bang Pat I

n Phang-nga province, an entire community built on stilts has emerged from the mangrove trees. Bang Pat, situated an hour and a half north of Phuket, is connected to the mainland by a 300-metre-long bridge. Boats are a necessity, and a way of life for the community. During low tide, fisherman walk on the mud flats between the stilt houses, and the mangrove trees look like they have been planted on land. When the tide comes up high, the stilts disappear, and the tree roots are back under the water of the Andaman Sea. The community’s aim? Mangrove tree conservation. Every month a family plants another mangrove tree, ensuring the rejuvenation of the forest. The people here are

By Sukunya Phoonpong (Beau) REPORTER

mostly fisherfolk, and many are Muslim. They have hearts of gold and are more than happy to share their knowledge with fellow travellers. The first time I arrived here and met the people of Bang Pat, we were immediately friends. “Good morning, how are you kids?” they asked my friend and I. The kindness kept coming. “Tired? Have you eaten yet?” We hadn’t, but we were soon introduced to some delicious food. The first man who discovered Bang Pat was Duan ButLaeb, from Krabi province. He came to the area temporarily

for fishing in the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until 1953 that Phang-nga resident Masen Supparos settled in the village permanently, and many others soon followed because of the abundance of fish. These days, there are about 80 families living here, in the fishing village built on the water. Bang Pat used to be called Baan Bang Ling, meaning monkey, because of the large number of them in the area. Now, people have replaced the monkeys, who scrambled off into the forest once development occured. The name event ually changed to Bang Pat, which translates to “developed”. Because Bang Pat is far away from Phang-nga city, the members of the community

are largely left to their own devices without much help from the government, so must develop the area themselves. There are 12 homestays here now to welcome visitors. The Hutsanee family set up the first one many years ago. Mhaad Hutsanee told me that one day a family arrived in the area at midday and the children were hungry. They asked his mother where they could buy food, or if there was a restaurant around, but there was nothing. So his mother cooked fresh seafood for them for free, and then word of mouth spread about the beauty of Bang Pat. Soon, Mr Mhaad’s mother was running a business selling cheap food, and eventually he and his wife Aree Hutsanee decided to open a restaurant

with a homestay, called Bang Pat Homestay. The homestay is not just a restaurant or a place to sleep. Mr Mhaad provides many activities for visitors who want to learn about the Bang Pat way of life, including mangrove planting, fishing or cooking. He said he wants visitors to know exactly how the people of Bang Pat live, how they work, and what it is like to be a part of the community. After I had eaten a big fresh seafood meal, Mr Mhaad took me on a boat trip to see the abundant mangroves around his home, and let me plant a tree myself. While he showed me how to do it, he told me: “I’m quite afraid about becoming popular. I just want people to know about Bang Pat, and keep

the area the same as we have it now. I want them to save our resources, especially the mangrove forest – to save it and not destroy it.” I have learnt so much from experiencing life like a Bang Pat local – living and doing activities as if I live in the village myself. Mr Mhaad has reminded me there is a big difference between being a tourist, and being a traveller. For more information about Bang Pat Homestay, tel: 086 274 4557 (Thai only) Getting there: Drive north on Highway 4 until you arrive at Baan Khao Thao. Turn right and follow the road for another 10 kilometres, until you find a concrete bridge that leads to the village.

Above: Bang Pat, the fishing village on stilts in the Andaman Sea. Left: The morning sun greets the village.



What’s on in Phuket MAY 20 NZ VS AUSTRALIA WINE DINNER Six-course ‘NZ vs Oz’ Wine Dinner at Paresa. Enjoy Kiwi- and Oz-inspired dishes matched with two wines per course! An Aussie and a Kiwi wine. A fun evening of enjoying and comparing these two great wine-making countries to see who truly is the best! Contact 076 302 000.

MAY 22 SOI DOG FOUNDATION BRUNCH Support the ongoing efforts of the Soi Dog Foundation and join us for a fabulous brunch at Evason’s Into the Beach. Tickets are B 2,000 and all proceeds go directly to the charity. Free flow drinks, delicious cuisine, plenty of entertainment, great company and all for a worthy cause. See you there! Contact Cristy on 084 054 4367.

MAY 22 INDOCHINE DJ NORMAN JAY At IndoChine Surin Beach Club:Stereolab. DJ Norman Jay, MBE (Member of the British Empire) of West Indian parents born in London brings his eclectic mix of jazz, blue beat, ska, rock, reggae and R&B influenced by Sly Stone, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and James Brown et al. Party start 10 pm. Pepe 081 956 2742, Bennie 081 895 1440.

MAY 27-29 13TH PHUKET HEINEGEN RUGBY 10S We are just a few short weeks away from the 2011

Overgaard Phuket International Rugby Tens tournament which is now in it’s 13th year. One of the highlights of the Asian amateur circuit, the tournament will once again take place over three days and feature 36 teams in two competitions for the open and the veterans titles. Karon Stadium, Karon beach. Free entr y. For more information visit www.

MAY 28 INDOCHINE DJ FRANK RICHARDS At Indochine Surin Beach Club & Stereolab. DJ Frank Richards from Las Vegas, Nevada. He has held exclusive residencies and music director positions at the infamous club Utopia, Red Dragon at China, Grill at Mandalay Bay Resort, rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel Pool, Ice Meta Club and a 41/2-year residency at one of the world’s most elite and sought after nightclubs on the planet, “Pure” at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. Party start 10 pm. Pepe 081 956 2742, Bennie 081 895 1440.

JUNE 01-25 KALIM KINETIC ART FAIR Brush presents Kalim Kinetic Art Fair featuring kinetic art pieces & balloon art by local artists and students of all ages with a kick off WAVE party on May 14th. The art fair is free and opens from June 1st-25th at Brush. Local schools are welcome to get involved. Fair will end with a finale event on June 25th @ Brush featuring all pieces made along with show, dance and performances as well as interactive pieces to help stimulate your mind and creativity. For more information 085 889 9930.

JUNE 12 BRAZILIAN SOCCER SCHOOLS/RPM Come and join an afternoon of Brazilian Soccer Schools action in aid of Japan. Events will include: shooting, juggling, balancing and a beat-the-goalie competition. There will be a question-and-answer session with the BSS Phuket coaches. We will host a free 30-minute fun coaching BSS session. The afternoon will round off with Family Friendlies 3 v 3 matches. All proceeds made on the day will be donated to the Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake Relief Fund. Contact Martin Hill on 085 331 0295.

JUNE 17 PHUKET PROPERTY DOT COM PRO AM INVITATIONAL Phuket’s first charity pro am golf event was launched in 2010, and following its success, will take place again in 2011 at Laguna Phuket Golf Club. Play with the Pros - up to 30 touring pros from the Asian Tour and OneAsia tours will be taking part. A great day of golf followed by a Gala Dinner at B-Lay Tong Resort. Book your place now. For more information visit www.ProAm-


List your events on our website and here for free the public at Laguna Summer Family Festival. There are many reasons to go on holiday. One is to enjoy new culture and to gain new experiences for you and your children. We are offering you that chance, to create memories to last a lifetime and to try something new and unique with your entire family. Classes are open to all ages at all times. Great for families, BDAY parties, and corporate events. Be in the iFLY Fantasy Fly Show. Call 084 837 5726,

JULY 02 INDEPENDENCE DAY PICNIC Navy League Phuket is sponsoring an American Independence Day picnic at Headstart International School across from Makro. Free admission to the public. Hamburgers, hot dogs, American beer/soda will be sold. Live band, jumping castles, games for kids, watermelons & fireworks. Bring your Thai friends to see an American picnic. Last year over 900 attended. Tents provided in case of rain. Contact David Rucker 087 266 7514 for further details or sponsorship.

JULY 15 ASANHA BUCHAA (ASALHA PUJA) DAY This is the anniversary of the day that the Buddha delivered his first sermon, over 2,500 years ago. The day is observed by donating offerings to temples and listening to sermons. It is a public holiday.

JULY 16 BUDDHIST LENT (WAN KAO PANSA) “Learn to Fly” on Asia’s only Mini Flying Trapeze open to

This is the beginning of Buddhist Lent, and occurs from mid to late July, on the full moon of the eighth lunar month. This is the traditional time of the year for young men to enter the monkhood for the rainy season. All monks live in a monastery for three months. This tradition coincides with the rainy season, because the men do not tend to the rice fields. It commemorates the Buddha’s f irst sermon, when Buddhist monks were not permitted to travel from place to place and must stay at a designated temple. D ur ing t his t ime t he monks should learn and

practice religion. Only after the three months were over should the monks again be permitted to travel, thus giving birth to the Khao and Auk Phansa traditions. It is a public holiday.


The IBAP (International Business Association of Phuket) business fair is back. The exhbition will feature exhibitors from all industries in Phuket and beyond. As well as local exhibitors, this year the show will also feature celebrity appearances, lots of prizes and free giveaways and much more. Spaces are limited. For more infomation contact Events Thailand on

AUGUST 12 HM THE QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY. Commemorates the birthday of Queen Sirikit, also observed as National Mother’s Day ( Wan Mae Haeng Chat). It is a public holiday.

AUGUST POR TOR FESTIVAL Ethic Chinese in Phuket believe that Por Tor Kong is a God of Devil. During the seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar, is believed to be the period when spirits are released. The gates are opened and spirits released to wander or revisit homes. This is the fresh market on Ranong Road under the Office of Phuket City. Residents here held the Por Toror Hungry Ghost Festival to make merits and offerings to their ancestors. People spend a few days attending this festival. The significance of this event is that it’s another occasion for local ethnic Chinese to pay gratitude to the deceased. During the festival, during the day and evening, the area is filled with people who bring food and nicely decorated fruits to make offerings to Por Tor Kong to pass on to those spirits.

An essential offering for the festival is red turtle shaped cake, large or small. They believe that turtles symbolise longevity. The auspicious red turtle shaped cake is believed to pass on the blessing to Tor Kong God of Devil. Then God can bring fortune and success to worshippers. The Por Tor Festival not only illustrates people’s strong belief, but it also reflects gratitude and unity of people in the community. It is similar to the Thai Buddhist Sart Festival. The Phuket City’s fresh market is not the only location to hold the festival, as it is organised in many communities in Phuket city. Each location begins at a different date but within the seventh lunar month or around August each year.

NOVEMBER 26 AND 27 - 9TH PHUKET INTERN. SOCCER 7S The one and only Phuket Soccer 7s will celebrate its ninth anniversary this year. This tournament has developed into one of the largest 7s tournament in Asia with over 80 teams from 20 countries that will compete during two weekends. Also with the 6th Andaman International Soccer 7s on December 3-4 there is a lot to look forward to this year. Register your team now on, www. Or call direct on 086 999 8839.


The Phuket King’s Cup Regatta is Asia’s largest regatta comprising five days competitive racing in the tropics, with six nights of some of the best regatta parties to be found anywhere. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the regatta regularly attracts over 100 boats and 1000+ participants from all corners of the globe. The jewel in the crown of the Asian Yachting Circuit, the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta has become “the one to win”.



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Twinpalms. 12-3pm (from B1,190++ per person). Call 076 316 577.

TUESDAY Beach BBQ Enjoy a beach BBQ at Catch Beach Club (from B1,190++ per person). 7pm-10pm. Reservations call 076 316 567, book@

SOUTH FRIDAY Curry Fridays at Navrang Mahal Alternate Fridays, all you can eat authentic Indian curr y buf fet B449 nett per person. Draught beer B50. 7pm-11.30pm. Call 076 266 464.


Friday Beach BBQ

Sunday Brunch

Enjoy a beach BBQ at Catch Beach Club, Surin (from B1,190++ per person). 7pm-10pm. Call 076 316 567, or book@catch

At Pacifica Restaurant. B1,800 net per person inclusive selected wines and cocktails, B1,500 net per person for food only. Call 076 396 139.

Free Tai Chi on the beach


Enjoy a relaxing session of Tai Chi on the beach from the talented and inspiring Rick Attix at Skylas Beach House. 082 519 3282.

SATURDAY Free Tai Chi on the beach Enjoy a relaxing session of Tai Chi on the beach from the talented and inspiring Rick Attix at Skylas Beach House. 082 519 3282.

SUNDAY Champagne Brunch at Trisara Every Sunday, the beachfront bar becomes a celebration of fine wines, exquisite tapas, live cooking stations and Phukets best dessert, featuring the cool sounds of a jazz trio. Come and indulge on Roederer Champagne or a wide variety of wines and the kids club welcome all children with complimentary snacks. Reservations on 076 310 100, guest@

Northern Chicky Brunch May is the social network for women in Thailand. The Northern monthly brunch, May 29, will be at Gitano’s, Thalang.

Sunday Brunch Enjoy the original Sunday brunch in Phuket at

Salsa Class Rawai Salsa Class in a studio, back of Green Man Pub, For more information visit

WEDNESDAY Wicked Wednesdays in May Delish-ous selection of cakes with your favourite coffee or tea only B99 at Delish cafe, Viset Rd, Rawai, 150m past Tesco.

THURSDAY Colin Hill (solo) @ Enigma Bar Aussie expat, Colin “Illy” Hill plays solo at Enigma bar, Rawai. Time 9pmmidnight. Call illy on 089 777 3063.

Rawai Ballroom and Latin Dance Near Chalong circle. More info o n ht t p: //p Hope to see you on the floor.

EAST FRIDAY Indian Night at Royal Phuket Marina “Indian Feast” at “Les Anges”. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine from 7-10pm. Home-made Indian buffet food will be prepared and served by Phuket’s finest Indian Chef Padam Kahtri. The best home - made authentic Indian food on the island. B495 net per person. Call Khun Murat

on 081 797 3364 or Chef Pascal on 081 968 0738.

SATURDAY Saturday Family Brunch

At Club Yamu by Twinpalm. Noon till 3pm. Enjoy delicious pasta, BBQ, Thai home cooking. Call for reservations on 076 310 557 or w w w.cluby

SUNDAY Family Brunch on The Boardwalk Les Anges at Royal Phuket Marina Introduces “Family Brunch on the Boardwalk”. Each and every Sunday, starting 11am-3pm. Mums and dads dine on the sumptuous buffet, including one complimentary welcome cocktail, while the kids can enjoy all their favorites including pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs and homemade ice cream.

Restaurant. Millennium Resort. B1,200++ per person. One free bottle of wine for four paying adults. Call for reservations 076 601 704 or fnb@millen

20% off all Pizzas At Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Call 081 891 4381.

SUNDAY Sunday Roast Buffet B350 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Reservations call 081 891 4381.

MONDAY BBQ Buffet Only B295 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick Patong/ Kalim call 081 891 4381.

Steak Buffet Night

Road, Patong. Free pick up Pato ng and K alim area. Please call 081 891 4381.

Italian Buffet Night At The Bistro. Millennium Resort Patong. B 595++ per person. Reservations, 076 601 704 or fnb@mil

WEDNESDAY BBQ ribs Only B250 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong/Kalim 081 891 4381.

BBQ Seafood Buffet By the pool at Level Four restaurant. Millenium Resor t Patong. B1,200++ per person. One free bottle of wine for four paying adults. Reservations please call 076 601 704 or fnb@millenniumresort

Live Music in Kamala

B795++ Adults, include one glass of house wine, 50% discount. Children under 12 and five yearsold eat for free. For reservations call 076 360 803.

By the pool at Level Four restaurant, Millennium Resort Patong. B790++ per person. Call 076 601 704, fnb@millenniumre

Live music in the Kamala Magic Garden. See more details on www.phuket. ag/mg.

Sunday Family Brunch



At Club Yamu by Twinpalm. Noon till 3pm. Enjoy delicious pasta, BBQ, Thai home cooking. Reservations call 076 310 557 or

20% off all Pizzas

Cheap Charlie’s

At Shakers. Rat-U-Thit

Rooftop BBQ all you can

eat and live entertainment B150 per person. Nanai R o a d b e t w e e n R oya l Crown and Soi Banzaan. 082 221 2922.

European Buffet Night At The Bistro restaurant, Millennium Resor t Patong. B595++ per person. Reservations 076 601 704 or fnb@millenniumresort

SATURDAY BBQ Buffet B295 at Shakers, Rat-UThit Road Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas call 081 891 4381.

Live Music in Kamala Live music in the Kamala Magic Garden. See more details on www.phuket. ag/mg.

DAILY Escentika Spa Special Promotion Millennium Resor t Patong. A very special promotion, 50% discount for all massages and 30% discount for all treatments from “a la carte menu”. Advance bookings are reccommanded. Call 076 601 944.

WEDNESDAY Salsa Class RPM S a l s a c l a s s at Roya l Phuket Marina from 7.309pm. For more info on

WEST FRIDAY Steak Buffet Night By the pool at Level Four Restaurant, Millennium Resort Patong. B790++ per person. 076 601 704, fnb@millenniumresortpa

Fillet Friday Enjoy the best steak deal in Phuket. Fillet steak, salad, potato and a beer for B250. From 6-9pm at 5!5! Bar OTOP shopping centre. Call 086 786 5501.

BBQ ribs Only B250 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Reservations call 081 891 4381.

SATURDAY BBQ Seafood Buffet By the pool at Level Four



Pet of the Week New Mazda is no joke My Car

Seven-year-old Sabrina Franck loves Polly the three-year-old, who was bred in Krabi. A student at the British International School, Sabrina also swims for the school swimming team when she’s not playing with Polly. Send us a photo of you and your pet. Each month the best photo will win a prize. Email:

Puthapong “Joke” Kitpakornsanti, manager of Phuket Imperial Stainless Co Ltd on Mae Luan Road, Phuket Town, recently bought a Mazda MX5 and is loving every bit of it. He bought the car last November, with a price-tag of B2.7 million. The roof can be opened in just 12 seconds, making it a perfect fit for Joke, who loves fresh air and nature. He owns several other cars, but the MX5 is his latest purchase and the one he drives to work regularly. In the past, Joke used to modify his cars to improve speed and performance, but now believes there is no need to reach such high speeds in town. The MX5 has not been modified, but still packs plenty of power with its 2.0L 125kW engine. “The best thing is to do nothing – just leave it the same and this car is as responsive as riding a motorbike, but with the luxury of air-con!” he said. Joke’s favorite trip in the

small roadster was one he did to Chiang Mai, only a month after he bought it. The scenery was spectacular and the windy mountain roads perfect for testing out the new car. He now plans to drive to Malaysia with a friend next month. Above: A front view of the sleek third generation MX5. Right: Puthapong “Joke” Kitpakornsanti at the wheel of his new toy.



Passing on the musical dream P

rofessional musician Colin “Illy” Hill, a Britishborn Australian, long ago achieved his dream – turning his hobby, music, into a profession, and helping others to do the same through his teaching. Illy, who lives in Phuket, said he has always wanted a career in which he could work for himself and make his own decisions. “Now I combine both my main skills of teaching and music into one job,” says the professional guitarist/vocalist, who performs acoustic and electric classic rock/blues with an emphasis on guitar skills. Illy has spent 35 years in the music industry as a professional. He also completed a Diploma of Education, and holds an Australian Teachers’ Certificate. Now he works as a freelance performer, tutor, recording artist, composer and musical producer in Phuket. Illy says that working on

his own, having the freedom of flexible hours and giving people the enjoyment of music, whether he is performing live music or teaching guitar, are the best parts of his job. “I have also produced two professional DVDs that contain all my teaching methods for people who can’t afford private tuition, or live away from the areas where I teach. This way, they can learn at home at their own pace and email me if necessary for any questions they have, making quality guitar tuition affordable and accessible. I also have free lessons on my website for those interested in learning.” The road to becoming a professional musician is not easy, Illy says. There are many musicians in the world but very few, he believes, are able to make a career out of music. “It involves a lot of compromise and you have to be very adaptable and be willing to be

versatile to make a living out of it. For instance, I perform in many modes: solo, duo, and with a band. “I also back up other musicians and act as a fill-in or ‘sideman’ player when other artists require a musician at very short notice. Quite often I have to play musical styles I don’t like much, but performing out of your own comfort zone makes you a better musician and quite often I learn a lot from it. “There are no real qualifications to be a musician other than being good at your chosen instrument, and then having the skills to present that to the general public. “Teaching music, however, requires a different skill set; obviously the necessary qualifications but, more importantly, the manner in which you provide the information and keep the student motivated to learn,” Colin ‘Illy’ Hill performs on stage during this year’s Phuket International Blues Rock he said. Festival. – Photo by Dan Miles


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Talent/Performer For Event Company Event company is looking for bands, singers, dancers and any kind of single or group performers. hr@phuketeventcompany.

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Maid/Nanny Live in maid/nanny wanted. Must speak English, like kids, use initiative and swim. Excellent deal. Text Andrea 080 208 7454.

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Spa Manager Thai, age not more than 40 years. 2 years experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@

The Phuket News is looking to add to its ever growing team of professionals and seeks:

Sales Representatives (Immediately) Responsibilities:

- Reaching sales target - Developing and following up new sales leads - Self discipline in developing and managing sale volumes - Preparing regular sales activities report to sales manager


- Excellent communication and negotiation skills both in Thai & English - Self driven and motivated with a positive attitude - Work well under pressure and highly achievement oriented

Sales Manager (Immediately) Responsibilities:

- Reaching sales target - Developing and following up new sales leads - Self discipline in developing and managing sale volumes - Preparing regular sales activities report to sales manager


- Excellent communication and negotiation skills both in Thai & English - Self driven and motivated with a positive attitude - Work well under pressure and highly achievement oriented

Tele Sale Executives (Immediately) - Good command of English & Thai - Able to work to deadlines - Experience in sales or telesales would be an advantage - Thai National

Royal Phuket Marina is Asia’s most sophisticated and high-tech yachting haven, a world-class destination combining luxury waterfront living with a state-of-art marina. It has been awarded the prestigious “Marina Five Gold Anchors Award’ by the British Marine Federation is now looking for enthusiastic and motivated candidates in the following position :

MARINA OPERATIONS MANAGER The successful candidate will be primarily responsible for the general administration and day-to-day operation of the marina operation. The role will include staffing, training, operations & maintenance. The candidate must be able to exhibit the flexibility required to handle all segments relating to the marina business, which includes a Marina Basin with 90 wet berths and a working hard stand with the capacity for 40 yachts.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Primary point of contact for all Marine related issues Ensure that the Marine Service staff have the proper training and operating procedures in place to optimize the smooth running of the daily operation Coordinate and maintain the safe & continuous operation of all supporting marine equipment.

QUALIFICATIONS: The same or similar experience in Marine related business Strong familiarity with boats and marina operations Advanced knowledge of boat maintenance procedures Computer literate Boat operation licenses is highly desired Interested candidates please sent fully detailed CV, recent photo, current and expected salary with other related documents to:

HR DEPARTMENT Royal Phuket Marina 68 Moo.2 Thepkrasettre Rd, Kohkaew, Muang, Phuket Tel : 076-360833-38 Fax : 076-360840 Email :



To advertise in our classifieds visit CONTENTS Accommodation- Available....................34 Animal Care................34 Apartments &- Villa Rentals...............34 Articles for Sale.........34 Audio & Video Equipment.................34 Boats & Yachts..........34 Building Suppliers....34 Business- Opportunities.......34-35 Business- Services....................35 Cars for Rent............35 Cars for Sale..............35 Cars Wanted..............35 Clubs &- Associations.............35 Computer- Sales-Repairs............35 Diving Sales &Equipment.................35 Diving Services....35-36 Jewellery &- Accessories..............36 Landscaping- Services.....................36 Motorbikes- Sales & Rent...............36 Motorbikes Wanted..36 Personal Services....................36 Pets for Sale...............36 Property & Concierge- Services.....................36 Property or Rent..36-37 Property for Sale..37-38 Trade Directory..........38

ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE Alanta Villa Koh Lanta A luxurious villa in Koh Lanta, Krabi, with the most attractive price and full of facilities. Call 084 187 0666.

Two Bedroom House

internet and jacuzzi. Call Ari 086 595 8512, 081 970 4638. 5 minutes walk to Kata beach.

month, fully furnished for rent weekly, monthly in Phuket Town near “Supercheap” dealer. Call 082 420 3134.


Guesthouse Sukhumvit Upmarket guesthouse on Sukhumvit Road, Bang kok. Clean, Convenient and very reasonable pric es. Check our website for rates www.mhc-guest


Andaman Cove Condos


Three luxury condos for rent inside the Evason Phuket. View www.anda for more details.

THE PLAZA, SURIN TEL: 076 271 629 076 270 055 WWW.SOULOFASIA.COM


Fishing Gear For Sale 2 Penn 130 Senator reels/ rods/lines including 30 new repella lures. Call 081 892 0960.

Chaofah Pet Hospital 8/28–29 Moo 9, Chaofah East Road. 076 283 365, 083 501 8488.

Carpet for Sale 120 sqm. light brown, excellent condition in condo at RPM, cheap to clear. Call 089 054 4354.


Complete Contents Looking for a house to rent long term in Phuket? Call today on 089 646 8563.

High end traditional furniture as new. At RPM condo. Must sell now. Call 089 054 4354.

Happy Home Apartment (Rawai)

2.2 Carat Diamond Watch

Apar tment for rent at Saiyuan 15, Rawai. Fully furnished, swimming pool, free WiFi. Start B6,800 per month. Call 081 893 2165.

Invicta Lupah Pave´2.2 carat diamond watch with steel bracelet. Must be seen, bought 2003 price B400,000, now B150,000. Call 080 362 6531.

Superb two Bed Apartments Kata

Panasonic TV

A variety of superb 1, 2 bedroom apartment, penthouses with pool for rent, also long term.

Big Panasonic TV for sale. Top condition and nice, call 080 718 1686.

Assets to Cash

Apartments in Chalong

One air-con. internet, hot water, two TV, DVD, two fridges. From May or June to September. Must take 3 months, B12,000 per month, call 087 280 1721.

Furnished studios for rent. Rooms 30-55sqm. Rooftop pool. From B9,000 per month. www.chalonga

Cheapest Rooms Condo Rental

Nice Apartments Kata Beach

Cheap rooms. B2,500, B2,800, B3,000 per

Nice, B500, clean, 1BR. kitchen, air-con. cable TV.

South Thailand Auctions is receiving goods now. Turn your unwanted assets into cash. Contact Gordon 081 892 4804 or Lucky 087 276 0529.

Full Leather Sofa 100% cream leather. Lshape, 2x2 metre. Foot/ storage stool included. Ver y good c ondition.

Sale, Rent, Profit Sharing All Billiard & Snooker accessories and services. w w w . p h u k e t p o o l t a b l e s . c o m Call us: 0818 234 627, 0857 821 200 Email us:


Electrolux dryer, model EDE606A, June 2009. Use less than two weeks, price B26,000 (Kitchen studio) asking B18,000. Call 089 045 5116.

Scott F/S Mountain Bike Scott Aspect 15 (Dec 2008) with LCR Genius remote rear suspension, disc brakes, Shimano X T drive, Stella seat. B45,000, 081 273 1740.

Panasonic PABX 1 year old (K X-TEM 824BX) with reception/6 a d d i t i o n a l ex t e n s i o n phones. B10,000 (New B25,000) Contact Rob on 081 084 1730.

Zee Zee Interior Big Sale Old Java Funiture On Sale. Grey collection and old Java brown. 30% Discount off old Java items. Contact 076 620 095.

Rac crus. 3 cabins, Isuzu 85 RK, many sails, Avon dingy plus 3PK outboard,

New Power Catamaran for Sale All f ibreglass with f ly bridge. Almost completed with teak decks. Requires only interior fit out. Tony on 081 891 2688 or tony@

Jeanneau 52.2 This beautiful blue Jeanneau 52.2 looks to be in ver y good condi tion, US$440000. kwan boatshedphuket@hotmail. com.

Beneteau 50 These Beneteau 50’s share the same Bruce Farr hull as the Beneteau First 53f5 and sail really well. Call 084 842 6146.

LodeStar Canoe For Sale

SkyHigh the unique boat in Phuket. www.dream

Stand Up Paddle Phuket’s first and only SUP dedicated shop. Visit www.standuppaddlethai. com. Call Mam on 081 9 8 5 2478, jimsupthai

BUILDING SUPPLIERS Phuket Pro-Built Construction, renovation, electrics and shop fitting. Call 089 909 8604,

Casa Nine Co.,Ltd Mosaics, tiles, stones, wall plaques, hand-made, c er amic s, de c o r at ive items. Call 081 514 8547, or

KV Southern Waterproof flooring. Engineering, product architectural, product repair system. Call 081 828 2457.


LodeStar canoe for sale 3 pax size, B25,xxx. One year-old and used a few times only, yellow. HP 081 985 2478.

GoPro HD Hero Camera

Hans Christian 38T Traditional

Extreme Sports Camera Cheap, rugged, with endless mounts for car, bike, helmet, surf, wakeboardSurf Shop 076 271 050.

For more info on this Hans Christian 38T and other great yachts for sale, please see www.

TV and DVD Player Sale

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2

Sale big TV Panasonic and DVD Pioneer top Condition B8,000. Call 080 718 1686.

With four double cabins plus saloon. Great sailing per formance great familly cruising boat. www.

Building with 3 luxur y apartments close to entertainment venues for sale at B18.5 Mio. info@

Wharram Tiki 30

Amazing Business Opportunity!

All Contents of Disco for Sale Sound, lightings, effects systems of a disco from the best imports factory for sale. Used a few hours during 6 months only. Call 082 420 3134.

Thai registered 2009, Wharram Tiki 30 cruising catamaran, ready to sail, sleep 6 in 3 bunks B1,999,000. Contact Eric on 086 001 5641.


Siam Cooling System

LW100E New Compressor Unused, can run 3 different versions 400V, 3 phase, 220V, single phase, gasoline engine, 200 and 300 bar switch. Make an offer. 087 280 1721 or

Marine air-conditioning, Koh Keaw. Contact Stephane on 081 891 9442, or

SkyHigh New Amazing Boat Choose the style and difference, cruise with DreamCruiseAsia on

Water Proof Phuket Waterproof, water stop and water swell. Design, construction for factory and home structure roof.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Apartment Investment Patong

Opportunities like this do not come everyday! A fully established, very successful Phuket based business for SALE. Very profitable and easy to manage, yet NON-TOURIST related! High expansion potential. Interested? Contact db1@ for full details.

Beachfront Resort B17.5 Mio 8 rooms luxury beachfront pool resort for sale. 20 metre private beach. info@

Guest House Restaurant/Bar

Soi Palai

To Chalong

Jomthong Courtyard

Baan Nabon School

chaofa East Rd.

To Laguna To City

1 Phuket Pool Table Chalong Branch


Route 4008

Mission Kwang Rd.

g Po ol

Dryer for Sale

L. Davidson 55 S/Y for Sale

10 rooms plus “studio” residence for owner, huge restaurant-bar, main road frontage. B21.5 Mio. info@



B30,000 or nearest offer. Call 086 278 0007.

To Airport

To Pakok

Sriroonthorn Rd.

Phuket Pool Table Cherngtalay Branch


To City

Permsap Villas Wat Manik

Luxury Bungalow Resort Kamala Beautiful pool resort with 12 luxury bungalows and large pool. Price B55 Mio freehold and f inance.



To advertise in our classifieds visit BUSINESS OPPTN. CON. Luxury Detox & Hotel Karon Incredible business investment. Price reduced from B55m. Now only B 3 0 m. info @ t hailand

Sea View Hotel For Lease Kata hotel with 14 rooms, restaurant and rooftop 200 sq.m. penthouse with private pool. info@thai

Shop & Guest House for Sale Shop house and guest house minimart next to Water Ski in Kathu and Palazzo. Many opportunities. special for Korean people, B2.7M. Contact 081 535 0177.

Bar For Sale Bangla Soi Gonzo Bar at front of soi. All the key money paid with 4 years to run on contract. Only B10,000 rent per month. B2.9 million. 088 440 9324.

Unique Business Opportunity Partner for new business in the south of Thailand. Auctions Phuket, investment one million baht. Covering the whole of southern Thailand. Contact Gordon on 081 892 4804 or gordon_asia@

Restaurant-PizzaBar Sale/Rent Sale/Rent B2.8 million or B20,000 per month for large, nice and busy restaurant, pizzeria, lounge Bar in Naiharn, Rawai. Call 08 2420 3134.

Coffeeshop and Restaurant for Sale In Kathu. Completely setup. Price B450,000. Monthly rent B16,000. Call 087 271 1627.

Shop for Sale Fish Spa Patong Possibilities to add or set up a different business in the same premises. Two storey, 55sqm. Price B2.5M. Call 081 956 1042 or visit w w

BUSINESS SERVICES Wheelchair Rentals w w w.buddy wheelchair Wheelchair rentals B200 per day. B2,000 deposit. Retained until product is returned. 086 279 5838.

Programmable LED Signs Perfect advertising for

your business LED signs. One metre long comes with software and USB. contact Chris on 084 377 2526.

free deliver y, special price for short and long term rental. Call 083 690 9159. or sornin_s@ya

model. Automatic. Only 18,000KM. All the extras. Excellent condition. B 1.39 mil. Call for more details on 086 278 0007.

Tile It

Phuket New Car Rent

Toyota Vios Dec 2004

For availability and rates contact 080 991 3366 or booking@phuketnewcar w w w.phuket

Black, A /T, CD player, Insured, foreign owner, very good condition. Urgent sale B350,000. Call 081 891 6375.

Thalang. Wana Park on Srisoonthorn Rd. Phuket’s Quality Tile Boutique. Tiles for interior, exterior, residential, commercial. Contact 076 620 168 or 081 424 2828.

ASEAN Hotelworks H ospit alit y solutions, asset management and project marketing services for resorts, estates, condos. www.asean-ho

Get exposure Add your business to our directory for free and get reviews. www.Hotin

Coco Magical Productions Ltd. Introducing Coco the magical clown. A oneman show 30 years experience in magic, balloons, comedy. www. Call Mr.Coco 083 648 0521, magicumbrellaman@

Suanluang Wedding & Studio One-stop wedding. Providing a wonderful party including gowns, wedding cakes, engagement rings, decorations, limousines. Call Ball on 076 221 976.

Take One Display Box Simple, effective, inexpensive way to promote your local business in P h u ke t . w w w.t a ke o 081 084 1730.

South Thailand Auctions Phuket Turn your unwanted assets into cash, collecting goods now for our May auction. Gordon 081 892 4804.

Amarin Design

Fine 9 Design Fine living arcade, design and decoration. Call 081 337 7682 or finenine99@

Auditing Services by CPA Auditing and business advisory services by certified public accountant (CPA). Call for more info on 089 688 0020.

TwinTech (Thailand) Hospitality technology systems. POS system for F&B, spa and retail businesses. Hotel and property reservation systems. Networking and system design. www.twintech. info.

Retirement Visa for Thailand Retirement visa for German nationals. No proof of c apital (B8 0 0,0 0 0) necessary! We take care of all formalities. Contact Tim on 084 065 8036.

Sawasdeesign Studio Construction, renovation, architectural, interior, graphic and lighting designs. Best work and maximum satisfaction. Call for details on 084 059 5656.

Global Services Agent

Service includes feasibility study, master plan, architectural, Interior, landscape and conceptual design. 081 626 6393.

Daily tour, bespoke travel, accommodation, business travel, visa runs. More information please visit on www.holidayslax. com, call 086 266 0484.

Property Care Services

Maximum Security for Hotels

Complete cleaning solutions for villas, apartments, schools, hospitals and more, 076 376 557.

Aquatira Zen Interior, furniture design, fitted and loose furniture packages, project management, professional photography. www.aquati

We c an instr uc t your security chief in the development of the most sophisticated precautions specific to your facility. Call 089 896 5600.

CARS FOR RENT New Mazda2 & New Vios For Rent First class insured with

English Computerman Sales, service and repair. Hardware/Software. WLAN a speciality. Free telephone advice. 084 625 7744.


Phuket Car Rentals

2005 BMW 323I

Motor bikes and fullyi n s u r e d c a r s a t ve r y reasonable prices. Visit www.phuket-car-rentals. de. Contact Rudi on 076 288 808.

Silver, 91,000km. Expat owner. Excellent condition, dealer ser viced. B1.2M. 086 272 2810.

Bauer Jr. Compressor as new. B110,000. Call 081 892 0960.

Diving Gear For Sale

Naiharn Car Rent

Nissan 12 seat Minivan E x tra c ondition. New paint, low profile tyres & B40,000, mags. CD player, air horn, driving lights and more B220,000 ONO. Call 081 607 2805.

2 sets diving gear. Bottles and regulators, great condition. Call 081 892 0960.

Toyota Yaris For Sale

Big compressor, 250 litre per minute only B85,000. Phuket/Rawai. Call 080 718 1686.

Cars and motorbikes for rent. The best prices. Call for more details on 081 539 3399 or hiinternet

Parn Car Rent M oto r bike fo r rent in Phuket Town opposite Royal Phuket City Hotel. Contact Parn on 081 979 7805.

Island Tour and Car Rent The island’s cheapest car rental. For more information go to, or call 076 522 039-41.

MV Motor Motorbike, bike, car for rent. For more details visit or call 083 390 8847.

Cabrio Rental Phuket All kinds of cars for rent. Contact Ronald on 089 971 5664 or cabriorental

CARS FOR SALE 2010 Mercedes 250E Coupe Pearl White 7,000 KM as brand new, electric everything. Cost over B5.0 Million, will sell for B4.2 Million. 086 757 1362.

Volvo S80, D5 Year 2006, 2.4 Lt, Diesel, top options, top conditions, price B930,000. Or Make an offer. Call 086 846 3266.

Isuzu D-Max 4DR For Sale

Model 1.5G A/T in metallic grey, year 2007, 29,800km price at B400,000. Contact

CARS WANTED Small Car Wanted Looking for a foreign owned small car, for girlfriend, manual or auto send details to picharly@


DIVING SERVICES Diving Trip & PADI Open Water

Phuket Sport and Tennis Club

Oceanic Dive Center PADI 5* IDC

Tennis, beach valley ball, petanque, pool, dar ts, table tennis, fishing lake, bar and more. Everyone welcome. w w w.phuket

Friendly, professional dive centre in Kata. For all your diving needs training, daytrips and live aboard. 076 333 043.

Singapore Club Phuket Calling all Singaporeans in Phuket to join “Singapore Club Phuket”. Contact Robin 081 803 7189, 076 303 500.

Akido of Phuket

Jeep For Sale


Top of the range 2010

Used dive gear including 2 pairs fins, one Mares regulator, one US Divers regulator and male lg shorty, prices negotiable, 086 272 2810.

The Rawai Progressive International School. A private school for children 3-12, offering Montessori education. 076 383 201.

Top of line 2005 D-max 3.0 litre, diesel turbo, 4WD. Bridgestone tires, iPod/USB/CD Stereo. B460,000. Call 089 195 4005.

Nissan 250 V6

Assorted Dive Gear

One or three day trips, liveaboard to Similan: B20K (B25k reg. price) 10 dives (8/day, 2/night), PADI open water: B13K (B15k reg. price). Call 086 951 8560.

Rawai International School

Martial arts for adults and children. Classes Mon. Wed. Fri 5-6pm and 6.307.30pm. School break classes and seminars. David 086 007 4010.

2.0 LT, gasoline, Nissan engine, 5 speed manual gears, price B165,000. Or best offer. 087 892 9675

Dive Compressor for Sale

Lot Computer Equipment Sale Only B3,500. Ask for list. Call 080 718 1686, max

Phuket Scuba Club PADI 5 Star Centerhalf day, daytrips, Liveaboards & diver education. Phuket’s only dive club! www.phuket-scu

All 4 Diving 5/4 Sawatdirak Road, Patong Beach. For more info call 076 344 611 or



To advertise in our classifieds visit DIVING SERVICES CONT. Paradise Diving Asia All courses and diving trips. Boat charter and individual Tours. www. Contact 076 328 278.

One Stop Dive We supply products from Akona, Genesis, Sherwood, Feel free, Ikelite, H PRC, A peks, L&W Compressors, Halcyon and others. For more in formation call on 075 637 926-7.

tope condition. Look like new, B32,000. Call 080 718 1686, maxphuket@

Honda Wave 125R 2003-Just basic reliable Wave. If you want new and fancy don’t bother. Green book and current reg. B15,000. Call 081 958 3695.

PERSONAL SERVICES Bon Cafe Phuket A producer of premium coffee blends and powdered mixes as well as selling, maintaining, servicing and repairing all major brands. Contact 076 355 600-1.

Triumph Bonneville 100T For sale B475,xxx. Only 15 months old and only 9,000km. Call for photos 081 985 2478.

Phuket Pearl Gem

LANDSCAPING SERVICES Chateau Sabai Villa Cherng Talay area. Profes si onal design and care. Call 076 318 266 for more details.

Phuket Home Services We design and build salas, pergolas and decks. We can also offer custom design and build water features and ponds. 076 324 400, www.phuketho

Terra-Cotta Arts Phabaramee road. Authentic Khmer and Thai reproductions in terracotta. Call 076 321 773.

MOTORBIKES SALES & RENT 1997 Harley Davidson Dyna lowrider. The best in Phuket, according to Scottie. B400,000. Call 081 892 0960.

Yamaha TY 250 For Sale Yamaha TY250 off road bike. Must sale so open to offers. Contact Shaun 083 969 8331.

Honda Air Blade for Sale Three year-old, 27,000K.M. New frontback tires, tax, insurance. B28,900. Call 083 647 3509.

Honda Wave 125 i Honda Wave 125 i sale

DN Dental Clinic Neqr Tesco Lotus Phuket Town. Ser vices: dental implants, root canal treatment, dental prosthesis, periodontal treatment. Call Khun Ubon on 076 612 699. Specialises in hand-made item, woven cotton and silk clothing, scarfs, jewelry, bags and other unique Thai items. 076 211 563.

One day beginner courses up to pro level. Professional and friendly. Contact 089 873 2205 www.

Brand new, genuine quality Phuket pearls. 100 styles, perfect gift, online store. www.phuketpearl

Phuket International Tuition Assignments IGCSE grade 1-12 IB++ qualified Englishspeaking teacher British International. Call 084 192 4975.

Ban Boran Textiles

Island Divers


Phuket Private Tutor

Phuket Visa We offer consulting and s e r v i c e s o n c o m p a ny registration, work permit, visa, accounting, auditor, legal advice. Please c all 0 81 8 9 2 9 9 6 0.

Honda CB 750 Chopper Re c e nt l y h a d m a j o r overhaul and re-spray black, kick and electric start. This bike is a real head turner. Nice and loud has green book so all legal. Get ready for bike week 2012. Only B145,000. Call 087 267 8602.

Guitar/bass lessons beginner to advanced. Personal one on one or by DVD. Diploma of Teaching (Aust) Degree. Call 089 777 3063.

Southern Big Bike Chopper Shop

Live Music By Colin Hill

All your chopper needs, located on the hill before Safari heading south from Patong. Get ready for bike week 2012. Call 076 292 079 or Khun Bang on 087 382 2494.

Popular expat pro musician (guitar/vocals) with work permit. Can perform solo, duo or band. www., call 089 777 3063.

For Sale Honda Phantom 200cc For Sale. 2005 Honda Phantom 200cc 18,730 kms. Excellent condition, new spark plugs, green book, one year insurance. B46,000. Contact Jesse on 085 477 1129.

Cheap Motorbike/ Scooter Hire Motorbike/scooter hire from B150 a day, in Pat o n g , P h u k e t To w n , Karon, Kata, etc. Free deliver y. w w

MOTORBIKES WANTED Yamaha Fino Wanted for Rent

Guitar Lesson By Pro Player

Learn Thai Via Skype Visit the website if you are interested in learning Thai: .Teaching both online (via Skype).

Deep tissue Sports therapy Trigger points structural intergration. 14 years experience. Rid headaches stiff shoulders etc. Can come to you. 085 889 7758.

House Keeping Middle aged couple. European/ Thai, teacher/ housekeeper. Take care of your property when you are abroad. Thalang area, 085 798 9432.

Kata Hot Yoga

Havana Cigar Shop Opposite HomePro Village Chalong. Khun Vasanh 081 956 2024. vinoltds@hot

Phuket Salsa and Latin Dance Rawai. Thai and English 0 8 4 0 51 74 5 5 (A nna). French and English 084 306 2016 (Didier).

The Cashewy Phuket Cashew apple juice, the sole manufacturer of Cashewy healthy beverage in Asia. 076 272 925-8.

Chalong Language School Professional language instruction, translations, and education visa. English, Thai, German and French. 081 607 6765.

Phuket Guide Travel ID:33/04498 we operate all group tours to PP islands, Phang-nga Bay, Similan Island. Ticket reservation, car rental. 081 970 2628.

Phuket Dental Cosmetic Established in 2004 by three dental surgeons focusing on aesthetic work. Call 076 236 823.

Private Yoga Instruction

Wanted a Yamaha Fino for rent, 2 helmets. Maximum B3,000 per month. Longterm. Call 087 330 6245 or

M o s t p o p u l a r Yo g a for men and women in Phuket. 4 classes every day. Kata Yoga It works!, 076 605 950.

By fully-qualified, amiable, “Yoga Alliance” San Fran teacher. From B1,000/hour. 089 800 4845.

Second Hand Scooter Wanted

Image Editor

International private school for ages 3-12, offering Montessori education. www.

Wanted to buy a second hand scooter for runabout for woman. Must be roadworthy and good price. Call 086 690 2720.

Top quality image editor (see my site at http://www. can do excellent work on any image work you need. Call 084.690.2217.

Rawai Progressive School

Dedon Member of Chanintr Liv-

ing. For more infomation please call 089 471 7707,

Naturopathic Chiropractor More than “just a chiropractor” Specialising in “pain relief”, www. naturo Contact Dr Richard 080 530 9555.

Sawan Anda Boat Charter Enjoy individual boat trips to some islands near Phuket with our boats, Wally Tender and White Turtle. Call 081 956 8611.

Monkey Jungle Cruise River Rovers Tours Co Ltd. Contact Gordon for bookings on 089 875 8691 or go to www.river

Pet Hotel Dog Walker We are happy to take care of your pets while you are away, short and long term. 084 440 7482.

Lanna-Wedding Professional Wedding service, gowns, suits, Thai dress and Muslim. Professional make-up artist 081 539 9608.

Air Ticket & Tour Service PR Travel and Tours-Air ticket, tours, taxi, minibus services, car rental, city tour. 087 265 8865.

from Japan. Sales, design, and care for all your “Koi” needs. Only one in Phuket. 086 691 2120.

PROPERTY & CONCIERGE Project-Asset Management We provide project design input, project marketing services: resort, estate, asset management. www.

Interior Decorator Home furnishing, re-upholstery, interior renovation, bespoke interior fitted furniture, zhunaumann@

Resort-Estate Management Provide individual, property management and rental services for villas, estates etc.

My Storage Secure Self-Storage A wide range of storage spaces are available for weekly or monthly rentals. Visit at www.mystora

PROPERTY FOR RENT Two Bedroom Ocean View Patong

Lamont Handmade designs, accessories, furniture, lighting, framing, sculptures. Surin Plaza. 076 271 621.

The Royal Spa & Health Club One Stop Service for Thai Spa Business including Spa products, Spa academy, Spa development, Spa retreat. 076 236 663.

Canal Village Laundy Professional dry cleaning for your important garments. Laguna entrance. 076 271 313.

Chinese Translation English to Chinese, Thai to Chinese translation. Chinese translation by native translator. Contact

PETS FOR SALE Why buy a pet? Soi Dog Foundation have over 300 beautiful dogs and puppies available for adoption. Fully-vaccinated and sterilised. 087 050 8688,

Niigata Koi Farm

Fancy carp fish, imported

Situated on a quite residential estate in Patong is a fully furnished house with air conditioning in all rooms. Both bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and fitted kitchen. Full use of large communal pool and terrace gardens. Contact us 087 888 4770 or 081 536 5657.

House for Rent B12,000 per Month Three bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, garden, carpark, wireless internet, washing machine, private and quiet area. eight minutes to Laguna. Call 083 690 9159, or sornin_s@

Kamala Resort 5,000sqm. land with seven villas only B49 Mio. Description go to www.phuket. ag/sale. Call 089 291 7733.

Studio Apartment for Rent On the beach, Chalong. Studio apartment/office can convert to Cafe, close to the Light House. Call 081 892 0960.



To advertise in our classifieds visit PROPERTY FOR RENT CONT. Superb, 1 and 2 Bed Apartments Large one and two bed 115-180m2. Apartments and pool penthouses in Kata. Full kitchen, two pools, gym, parking. kata

Three-Bedroom House for Rent N i c e t h r e e - b e d r o o m, two- bathroom, one aircon. detached house with small garden and communal pool. 089 475 3220.

Superb, Large One, Two Bed Aparts Large one, two bed. 115180m2 apartments and pool penthouses in Kata. Full kitchen, common pool, gym, parking. www.

Cheap Room Patong Long term. B10,000 per month for six months or more, renovated, fullyfurnished. 084 442 6144.

Furnished Two Bed Pool Villa Furnished, air-con. 2 bed 2 bath pool villa in Rawai area, 500m from Tesco Mall on quiet private road. 081 968 3546.

Home-Office For Rent Saiyuan main Road. 5 m. front x 20m at B9,500 per month. for pix and details. Stefan 084 111 3977.

Patong Hotel Lease 30 years 20 rooms plus shop. 50 metres from the beach. Price B25 million. Contact info@thailandphuketprop

Three Bedrooms House for Rent Nic e three beds, t wo baths, 1 air-con. partially furnished detached house for rent, small garden, large communual pool. 089 475 3220.

Three Bedroom Pool Villa near BIS Three bedroom, three bathroom pool villa. 5/6 already sold. Check for details at www.theoasi

Lake View Apartment Rooms and houses for rent in Kathu, (the way to Kathu Chinese temple). Quiet area. 089 196 8449.

Affordable Office for Rent Office for Rent at Royal Phuket Marina. Space

from 40-200sq.m. A/C, car park, CCTV and 24 Hrs. security. Khun Koi 081 810 3328.

details send email to info@

details on 081 968 0899.

Two Houses in Kamala for Sale


Both houses are fully furnished and priced at only B8,600,000. More details on

Beach front land one to 24 Rai, small or big project. Beautiful views. Call 086 541 3629 or terapi@post.

Golf View Land 17 rai in Kathu, connects to main road, Nor Sor 3 Gor. B 75 million. Contact 089 724 7211. info@

The Sands Condominium Naiharn. 150sqm foreign freehold, two bedroom, swimming pool, G RG FLR, lake view, 150M to Nai Harn Beach. Price B9.8M. 089 875 4173.

Baan Saiyuan Villa E xc lusi ve V illa B aan Saiyuan. Tropical homes in a secluded environment. Contact by centu

Modern Guesthouse

Land/Villa/Condo by Owner Land 470 sqm. up B2M. Villa B33M on two rai. Condo B12.8M a dream. www.ste for pix and details 084 111 3977.

Condo in Luxury Hotel for Sale 131 sqm. two bedroom, two bathroom. Serenity Resort and Spa. B12.8M, with rental income, top furniture.

Phanason Park View Located in Kathu area which is a very convenient location, It is 480 sq.m. Call 076 355 688.

Land for Sale

Luxur y guesthouse is newly constructed. Good for investment. Call 076 355 688.

Rawai land, cheap various plots from B2 million. For more details visit www.

Beachfront Land from 1.5 Mio

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FC Phuket slump to home defeat FOOTBALL A dismal first 45 minutes, in which the home side conceded two goals, was enough to condemn FC Phuket to a first home loss of the season. The defeat could have serious repercussions for their chances of gaining back-to-back promotions and a place in the Premier League. Goals in the 31st and 42nd minutes from Kanisso Camara and Sama Alpha respectively inflicted the Southern Sea Kirin’s first home league defeat since 2009 when they were in the lower reaches of Division Two South. The result leaves FC Phuket eighth in Division One, trailing top-of-the-league BBCU FC by 15 points with the result of one game to be decided and a game in hand. The previous two home matches had seen crowds of more than 5,000 file through the gates at Surakul Stadium, but with Manchester United’s impending coronation as Premier

League champions taking place at a similar time, a smaller-than-hoped-for crowd turned out to see the match between the seventh and eighth ranked teams. Those who did come to support the home side were rewarded with the worst first half performance since 2009, the club’s first year of existence. Surachai Jirisirachote’s side was already shorn of injured key men Sarach Yooyen and Thawin Butrasombat, and the coach’s decision to not start with defender Suphat On-Thong and midfielder Abdul Couilibaly had disastrous consequences. Suphat’s replacement Wiratroj Chanteng suffered a torrid time on his return and without the calming influence of Coulibaly in midfield, the home side were often overrun. The visitors made the brighter start to the match and created several good chances in the opening 20 minutes; only some desperate FC Phuket defending kept the score 0-0.

Thanyapura chosen as legends venue FOOTBALL The second of two matches in the Legends of Liverpool Fundraising Tour 2011 between the former stars of England’s most successful club Liverpool FC and the Thailand Legends, will now take place at Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club (TSLC) in Thalang in June. The Thailand Legends are a team made up of former Thailand international football players. The match on June 18 was originally scheduled to be played at Phuket Town’s Surakul Stadium, the home of FC Phuket, before problems with the venue forced organisers North Scoreboard Co Ltd to move the fixture to the new location. “The opportunity to showcase our facilities at this stage of our development with such an internationally famous group of players being present is one we have proudly taken,” said Dave Roberts, vice president of operations at TSLC. The Liverpool legends will arrive in Phuket on June 16 following the first match against the Thailand Legends for the Prime Minister’s Trophy in Bangkok the previous day. The second match will take place on the Saturday before the players conduct a community football clinic day on Sunday, June 19, from 11am until 4pm, also at TSLC, for children aged between 10 and 15. The 15-man Liverpool side is being led by two-time European Cup winning goal scorer Alan Kennedy, a patron of the Youth Football Home in Thalang which will benefit

The home side also struggled to find any rhythm up front and seemed content to play aimless long balls to the ineffective Kone Adama, all of which were comfortably dealt with by the Saraburi defence. With 31 minutes gone the visitors scored the first of two goals in 11 minutes, both from ghastly defensive errors. For the first goal, the home side failed to clear their lines on several occasions before the ball found its way to the unmarked Camara who made no mistake from 12 yards. FC Phuket almost equalised moments later but soon found themselves 2-0 down when Wiratroj made another defensive blunder to allow Alpha to double Saraburi’s advantage. Coach Surachai must have torn into his side during the interval for they came out for the second half looking like a team that had won its previous home game 6-1. A decision must have been made to revert to FC Phuket’s usual quick passing and move-

ment style of football and soon they were on the front foot, carving out a succession of chances, but were unable to make any of them count. Nirun Panthong forced the ’keeper to tip a 25-yard shot round the post, Nenebi Tra Sylvestre headed inches wide after 56 minutes, and Nithirot Sokuma hit the bar with a brilliant free kick which had the goalie beaten before Nenebi had a header cleared off the line. That was the closest the home side came to scoring and Saraburi held firm much to the delight of their travelling supporters. FC Phuket: Theerawat; Ronnachai; Wiratroj; Nenebi; Rappepan; Choi; Seksit (Coulibaly, 73); Nirun; Nithirot; Adama (Watcharapong, 51); Tameesee (Renato, 66). The Phuket News Star Man: Choi Jae-Won. An industrious performance that many of his team mates would be well served copying. Next Fixture: Saturday, May 21 v Chantaburi FC (a).

Top snooker players head for Phuket SNOOKER Four of the top 100 snooker players in the world are expected to play in the upcoming Sangsom Phuket Cup 2011, in the grand ballroom of the Royal Paradise and Spa hotel in Patong from June 6 to 11. Topping the list of players the organisers hope will

take part is Stuart Bingham, currently ranked 17th in the world, along with fellow Britons Jimmy “Whirlwind” White (55th) and Alfie Burden (57th), and Thailand’s top player James Wattana (67th). Dr Jirachai Amornpirot, GM of the hotel and president of the Patong Hotels Association, which is co-hosting the event with the Patong

Municipality and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said this year’s contest would be another attractive event for Phuket. Last year, he said, there was good feedback from both tourists and local fans of snooker, adding that the contest would add to Phuket’s reputation as an international centre of sports.

Robbie Fowler, of Liverpool, will be one of the many legendary football players to visit Phuket in June. from the tour, and will be managed by Phil Thompson, a former European Cup winning Liverpool captain. The squad is set to include the likes of European Cup winners Phil Neal and Bruce Grobbelar, league winners John Barnes and Jan Molby, as well as 1990s stars Robbie Fowler (pictured), Jason McAteer and Steve McManaman. Cris Rosenbergs, director of North Scoreboard and the owner and creator of the Football Legends Tour concept, said the events would raise money for the Phuket Youth Football Home Foundation, a charity that provides education and training for young boys.

The match against the Thailand Legends, led by Khun Piyapong Pue-On and Zico – two of Thailand’s greatest players – kicks off at 6pm and will be shown live on TrueVisions’ TrueSport 2. Tickets for the match start at as little as B200 for seats behind the goal, up to a maximum of B900 for premium seating. Tickets can be bought from HomePro outlets on Phuket, from Thanyapura, or online at For those keen to meet the players, special premium packages are available for purchase through North Scoreboard at



Local racer looks for support from Phuket Young in action during last month’s first JK Racing Asia Series event in Kuala Lumpur.

For many, Formula 1 is the world’s most glamorous sport. Races take part in some of the most exotic destinations on the planet – Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Monaco – and drivers live a life beyond comprehension for mere mortals. Current Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton, for example, is 26 years old, is dating Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussy Cat Dolls and earns in excess of £50 million a year (B2.5 billion). With all the trappings that come with success, it’s not hard to imagine why so many people are keen to follow in the footsteps of these men. But for every Hamilton there are hundreds of drivers who work desperately hard to reach F1 and ultimately fail. Many don’t falter because of a lack of talent, far from it, but because they’re unable to meet the heavy financial burdens that motor racing brings. Take Alex Yoong, the first Malaysian to reach F1. He had to beg, borrow, steal and ultimately plunge himself into vast debt to secure his dream of racing in Formula 1. Having the talent is only part of the battle, finding sponsors is the other, often significantly, more difficult part. This need to generate income is the challenge currently facing Phuket’s own up-and-coming racing star Dylan Young.

Motor Sport Earlier this year, Young raced at the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend in the major open wheeler support races to Formula 1, the JK Racing Asia Series, finishing 15th and 13th despite having limited time with his car beforehand. On May 27, Young is hoping to return to Kuala Lumpur for the 2nd event of the sixevent series as part of the Asian Festival of Speed. He is yet to secure the funds he needs to confirm his drive and avoid a repeat of 2010 where he had to wait until the Singapore GP weekend in September to race again. With time running out before the May 24 deadline for the upcoming event, he spoke to The Phuket News about his ongoing battle to secure sponsors. “For each event I need to bring a minimum race budget of around 15,000 euros to my team (B650,000),” Young said. “Some drivers are lucky enough to be fully-funded and usually this is through big corporations who have come in to brand a team” Getting to the track is just one part of the battle; if Young wants to be able to compete on a level playing field, he needs to raise extra funds. “Ideally our budget would be higher so I can maximise

Phuket’s Dylan Young hopes to secure enough funds to enable him to race next weekend. the available testing opportunities and make sure I have the best equipment for each race. How much testing you do prior to each event depends on your budget. It’s one of the only sports where it costs you a lot of money just to practice.” “What many people don’t realise [with F1 drivers] is the effort it took to get there and

the budgets the drivers had to meet as they were rising up the ranks. Ninety per cent of this sport is spent in meetings, on the phone and in front of the computer trying to raise enough funds to compete. The challenge facing Young has been eased thanks to the generosity of some investors and his team, Atlantic Racing.

“I have some private benefactors who have agreed to fund a generous amount per event if I’m able to find the rest in sponsorship,” he said. “A lso my tea m have worked tirelessly to bring the budget down and have generated some support from their team sponsor. “At the end of the day I still need to bring a minimum of B650,000 to each event. This covers everything from the registration fees, engineering services, team mechanic wages, tyres, all consumables – fuel, oil, brake pads etc – insurance, wear and tear on the car, equipment, and freight to the event.” For people who are interested in supporting Young achieve his goals, the rewards are tangible. “People can become official sponsors or part of our support group. I’m chasing corporate sponsorship but we’re trying to develop ways to get anyone involved in experiencing what motor racing is all about,” he said. “The first major benefit is brand exposure. This is based on 14,850 minutes of television coverage worldwide across 252 programmes. There’s the potential to reach a worldwide TV audience of over 1.3 billion people not to mention the thousands of people at the live events themselves. “In Asia, the series is

broadcast on ESPN Star Sports. Each event is featured in a dedicated one-hour program with two repeats, equating to roughly 1,620 minutes of exposure in Asia alone. “We are releasing corporate packages from full title sponsorship down to packages that enable smaller business owners to still get great exposure at a smaller budget. There are also some great unique packages for individuals who want to become part of our support group, getting a behind-the-scenes look at motor racing which is not available through normal ticket agencies.” “What we want to do though is get the sponsor much more involved. We can organise exclusive corporate hospitality, make them part of our team and get them right up close to the action. We can even arrange corporate days for sponsoring guests to go down to the Malaysian F1 circuit and drive the race car.” “At the F1 events we can also get them into the pit lane for an hour during our races; no one else has the opportunity to be in there for so long.” For those interested in sponsoring Young or becoming a part of his supporters group email info@ or visit


Hayne, Idris left out of NSW Origin team

The NSW Blues face a tough task of stopping a Queensland Maroons side containing the likes of (from left to right) Ashley Harrison, Ben Hannant, Cameron Smith, Petero Civoniceva, and Sam Thaiday.  – Photo by Peter Byrnes

INTERNATIONAL SPORT 41 STATE OF ORIGIN Australian National Rugby League stars Jarryd Hayne and Jamal Idris were surprise omissions from the New South Wales (NSW) team named last Sunday for the opening State of Origin game against Queensland in Brisbane on Wednesday, May 25. Parramatta’s Hayne, who was acclaimed as the Rugby League International Federation’s world player in 2009, missed out to debutant fullback Josh Dugan and was not even considered for a place on the wing despite being among the Blues’ best players in their recent unsuccessful years in Origin encounters. Giant Canterbury centre Idris was another big name missing from next week’s game despite making his Test debut against New Zealand a week ago and starring at left centre when Greg Inglis was injured. NSW coach Ricky Stuart unveiled the first line-up of his second reign, saying picking players in position was the key to his selections. Penrith’s Michael Jennings grabbed the left centre position, with Manly’s Jason King a surprise starter at prop. There are seven St George Illawarra players in the 17, including Origin debutants Jamie Soward, Trent Merrin and Dean Young. Stuart said Canberra’s Dugan, 21, fitted into his system better than Hayne. “I think Josh Dugan plays more of a style of game that I want to coach,” Stuart said.

“You would love to have both players (Hayne and Idris) in the team. I just believe it would be unfair to the others in regards to just putting them in another position.” Fijian winger Akuila Uate will also get his chance at Origin level after impressing with the Newcastle Knights this NRL season. Back in charge of NSW for the first time since 2005, Stuart said he had the side to beat Queensland in game one in Brisbane this coming Wednesday. “We have to be the best at what this team is going to be about,” he said. “We will not beat Queensland by trying to play like Queensland.” Queensland have won the last five Origin series and made a clean sweep of last year’s three-match series, their first since 1995. NSW (1-17) - Josh Dugan, Brett Morris, Michael Jennings, Mark Gasnier, Akuila Uate, Jamie Soward, Mitchell Pearce, Jason King, Michael Ennis, Kade Snowden; Beau Scott, Greg Bird, Paul Gallen (capt). Interchange: Ben Creagh, Trent Merrin, Tim Mannah, Dean Young. Queensland (1-17) - Billy Slater, Darius Boyd, Dane Nielsen, Willie Tonga, Jharal Yow Yeh, Darren Lockyer (capt), Johnathan Thurston, Matt Scott, Cameron Smith, Petero Civoniceva, Sam Thaiday, Ashley Harrison, Nate Myles. Interchange: Cooper Cronk, Corey Parker, Jacob Lillyman, Ben Hannant. – AFP

Footie star ‘rushed’ gun-wielding Phuket strip club owner Former Fremantle and St Kilda AFL player Heath Black has revealed on the popular Australian television programme The Footy Show how he “rushed” a strip club owner who pulled a gun on him during an end-of-season trip to Phuket in 2008. Black admitted on the show that the night almost three years ago was the scariest point in his battle with depression, an illness that has afflicted a number of professional athletes. Having just retired from the game he had played professionally for nine years between 1997 and 2008, Black told The Footy Show that he came to Phuket with the intention of “totally destroying myself in any capacity,” adding that he “wasn’t a drug taker but was a heavy drinker at that point”. The incident in question with the strip club owner took place on the first night of the trip.

AFL Black said that he had gone to the club and had been rude to one of the dancers before he was confronted by the gun-wielding owner. “Her husband was the owner and lo and behold, he had me taken out the front, down a little alley way where he pulled a gun on me,” Black said. “Instead of what any normal person would do – run away – I rushed him and tried to get the gun off him, which was pretty scary.” After the run in with the owner, Black continued his night out and ended up drinking with a group of locals. “I [woke up] on a mattress the next morning with 20 other people around me, no shirt on, no shoes, just shorts,” he said. “I had no idea how I got there.” Black revealed that while the night in Phuket

was his most extreme behaviour while suffering with depression, his lowest ebb came when he was caught drink driving a year later, adding that he wanted to go to jail and rot in a cell after the incident. The former midfielder who played for the Dockers and the Saints a total of 192 times used the show to urge current players to confide in their team-mates if they are suffering with depression. “We tend to hide these things, but what I’m trying to say is, come out [among] your peers,” he said. “You feel a hell of a lot better, it’s too hard to do on your own.” During his final year at Freemantle, Black said he confided in a couple of his team-mates that he was on medication and was surprised by their response. “Lo and behold, they were too, so it’s funny how it works,” Black said. – Dan Ogunshakin


Cookery star Delia Smith got caught up in the moment once again as she slurred in front of 40,000 Norwich City fans who had gathered to celebrate the club’s promotion back to the Premier League. Smith, a majority shareholder with the Norfolk outfit, led fans in a chant of, “Come on, let’s be havin’ you” which she became notorious for shouting on the Carrow Road (Norwich’s ground) pitch while trying to gee up the crowd at half time during a game against Man City. Rather than stopping there, Smith added, “We haven’t gotta go in the frigging play-offs next year.” A club spokesman refused to confirm whether or not Smith had been drinking at the reception.

Liu ends Oliver run

Athens 110m hurdles gold medallist Liu Xiang ended American David Oliver’s 20-race unbeaten run with a fine performance at the Diamond League meeting in Shanghai, China. The Chinese superstar, testing out a new start where he takes one less stride to the first hurdle, flew out of the blocks on his way to recording 13.07 in taking the win, with Oliver trailing behind in second after hitting four hurdles. Liu was the poster boy for the 2008 Beijing Olympics after roaring to success in Greece four years earlier but an ankle injury forced him to withdraw from the event before the first round began, much to the disappointment of the Chinese public who had turned out in their thousands to watch him compete.

Stoner reigns in France Australian rider Casey Stoner won an incident-packed French MotoGP to claim his second victory of the season, moving him into second place in the world championship standings. Stoner’s Repsol Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa of Spain crashed out and broke his right collarbone after clipping Italian rider Marco Simoncelli’s back wheel, before the Italian was forced to do a drive-through penalty which cost him a place on the podium. Simoncelli’s penalty allowed compatriots Andrea Dovisioso and Valentino Rossi through to take second and third respectively.


Super Serb sets sights on Paris TENNIS After back-to-back clay-court tournament wins in Madrid and now Rome against Rafael Nadal – the five-time and current French Open champion – Serbia’s Novak Djokovic now has a first French Open title at Paris’ Roland Garros firmly in his sights. The world number two dispatched Nadal in straight sets 6-4, 6-4 to lift his seventh title of an already incredible season and is now many people’s favourite to lift the men’s singles title at the French Open when it gets underway on Sunday. The Serb, who is now unbeaten in his first 37 matches this season and 39 in total, had already beaten Nadal in three finals in 2011 – Indian Wells, Miami and Madrid – and never gave his opponent a chance as he produced some scintillating tennis to brush the Spaniard aside. As well as Nadal’s French Open crown, Djokovic now has John McEnroe’s 42-match unbeaten start to the season record within his reach, while Guillermo Vilas’ all-time winning streak of 46 matches is also looking under threat. With seven matches stand-

Maria Sharapova is likely to start as favourite for the women’s title in Paris. ing between the Serb and the French Open crown, Djokovic can complete half of the Grand Slam of all four major tournaments – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and

Novak Djokovic, now unbeaten in 37 matches.

US Open – surpass McEnroe and equal Vilas by June 5. It could, however, been oh so different had Britain’s Andy Murray taken his chances when he was serving needing just two points to win in Saturday’s semi-final. Murray, uncharacteristically, produced two doublefaults in succession to allow Djokovic back into the match and the Serb never looked back. Few, least of all Djokovic, will be writing off the challenges of the likes of Murray, Nadal and Roger Federer, the latter seemingly tennis’ forgotten man at present. Nadal and Federer have a total of 25 Grand Slam titles between them including six at Roland Garros. After two straight defeats, Nadal will be hurting and a trip to the French Open where he has been so dominant in recent years will be the perfect tonic.

With 16 Grand Slam titles to his name, Federer is the game’s most successful player and, although the French Open has never been his favourite event, he was won there before and has the game to do so again. In the women’s game, Maria Sharapova’s long climb back to the top of world tennis appears to be gathering momentum and her win in Rome last weekend should see her start as on of the favourites when the French Open gets under way this Sunday. Sharapova overcame Aussie Sam Stosur in straight sets 6-2, 6-4 to win her first title in a year. The American-based Russian also toppled world number one Caroline Wozniaki of Denmark in the semi-final, adding to the growing belief that she can lift her first ever title at Roland Garros. Sharapova is likely to face stiff competition from Woz-

niaki, reigning champion Francesca Schiavone of Italy, Li Na of China, and Belgian Kim Clijsters, the reigning US and Australian Open champion, who is returning to competition after straining ankle ligaments at her cousin’s wedding in April. Clijsters has never won the French Open but has made the final twice. The Williams sisters Venus and Serena will not be competing after both pulled out of the season’s second Grand Slam tournament with injuries. Venus hasn’t played since withdrawing from the third round of the Australian Open in January, while Serena hasn’t been on court since cutting her foot on broken glass in July last year. The French Open runs from Sunday, May 22 – Sunday, June 5. – Dan Ogunshakin

Former ’bok has ‘serious’ neural disease Former Springbok skipper and Rugby World Cup-winning scrum-half Joost van der Westhuizen has been diagnosed with a serious muscle-related neural disease and is receiving treatment. The diagnosis was made after the 40-year-old’s doctor noticed that the 1995 world champion was having problems with his arm and ran a series of tests. “Van der Westhuizen also consulted two neurologists and has begun immediate treatment. The symptoms are serious and vary from person


to person,” said the former Springbok’s publicist Bridget van Oerle in a statement. Doctor Henry Kelbrick told that the disease affected the entire body and that few treatment options were available but said the ex-player was “functioning at 100 per cent at the moment and is in good spirits”. “He was complaining that he had no power, a weakening of the muscles in his arm,” said Kelbrick who is also a close family friend.

“We ran a number of tests, including scans on the brain, neck and other areas, as there was a chance it could have been from an old rugby injury. “We immediately found the cause and I referred Joost to a top neurologist... where the diagnosis was confirmed.” Afrikaans daily Die Beeld on Friday quoted Kelbrick as saying he had noticed the arm weakness over the Easter weekend when at a holiday resort with the ex-player. “I said nothing, but kept a close eye on him. On the Thursday afternoon I realised

his tongue was slurring a bit and he also mentioned to me that it sometimes happens out of the blue. That’s when I realised there was trouble,” he said. “It still remains a mystery in the medical field as to why people get this type of disease. It is not drug, stress, or alcohol-related,” Kelbrick told the newspaper. Van der Westhuizen shares the record as leading try scorer for South Africa at 38 with winger Bryan Habana, and also captained the 1999 World Cup team before retir-

ing after playing in the 2003 tournament. His family have asked for the former player’s privacy to be respected and said they will not be available for interviews. England cricketer Kevin Pietersen said his thoughts were with his South African compatriot. “Joost has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease. I’m sure he’ll fight it just as hard as he fought to win on a rugby field,” said Pietersen on his Twitter account. –AFP




England Premier Team Man Utd Chelsea Arsenal Man City Liverpool Tottenham Everton Stoke City Bolton Fulham Newcastle Sunderland WBA Aston Villa Blackburn Birmingham Wolves Blackpool Wigan West Ham

P 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36

W 22 21 19 19 17 14 12 13 12 10 11 11 11 10 10 8 10 9 7 7

D 10 7 10 8 7 14 15 7 10 15 11 11 10 12 9 15 7 9 15 12

L 4 8 7 9 12 8 9 16 14 11 14 14 15 14 17 13 19 18 14 17

GF 73 67 69 55 59 51 50 46 49 45 51 41 52 45 42 36 41 49 36 41

GA 34 30 39 33 41 45 44 44 50 41 52 53 68 58 56 54 62 71 59 64

Points 76 70 67 65 58 56 51 46 46 45 44 44 43 42 39 39 37 36 36 33








34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34

23 20 19 19 18 13 13 12 13 13 11 12 10 11 9 10 9 8

6 8 8 3 4 8 7 9 5 5 10 6 11 7 11 6 7 5

5 6 7 12 12 13 14 13 16 16 13 16 13 16 14 18 18 21

67 64 81 49 52 47 48 46 41 47 50 60 47 38 43 48 31 35

22 44 40 45 39 45 51 52 50 62 50 59 61 44 48 65 49 68

75 68 65 60 58 47 46 45 44 44 43 42 41 40 38 36 34 29

Italy Serie A Team AC Milan Internazionale Napoli Udinese Lazio AS Roma Juventus Palermo Fiorentina Genoa Catania Parma Cagliari Chievo Cesena Bologna Lecce Sampdoria Brescia Bari

P 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37

W 24 22 21 20 19 17 15 17 12 13 12 11 12 10 11 11 11 8 7 4

D 9 7 6 5 6 9 12 5 14 9 10 12 8 13 10 12 8 12 10 9

L 4 8 10 12 12 11 10 15 11 15 15 14 17 14 16 14 18 17 20 24

GF 65 66 57 65 51 56 55 57 47 42 39 38 43 35 36 35 44 32 32 23

GA 24 41 37 43 37 51 45 60 42 45 49 46 50 39 47 48 62 46 50 56

Points 81 73 69 65 63 60 57 56 50 48 46 45 44 43 43 42 41 36 31 21


(Times in Thailand) Sunday May 22 Aston Villa v Liverpool 22:00 Bolton v Man City 22:00 Everton v Chelsea 22:00 Fulham v Arsenal 22:00 Man Utd v Blackpool 22:00 Newcastle v West Brom 22:00 Stoke v Wigan 22:00 Spurs v Birmingham 22:00 West Ham v Sunderland 22:00 Wolves v Blackburn 22:00 Sunday May 29 (CL) Man Utd v Barcelona




35 36 36 35 36 35 36 36 36 36 35 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36

19 18 16 15 15 15 12 12 12 9 10 9 12 11 10 10 11 8 7 2

12 12 12 13 11 7 13 12 11 19 15 17 8 11 13 13 9 17 14 11

L 4 6 8 7 10 13 11 12 13 8 10 10 16 14 13 13 16 11 15 23

GF 62 58 59 53 36 55 45 44 32 43 40 41 34 44 35 30 37 35 35 19


(Times in Thailand) Friday May 20 Raiders v Bulldogs 16:45 Saturday May 21 Tigers v Panthers 16:30 Sunday May 22 Warriors v Rabbitohs 11:00 Roosters v Knights 12:00 Monday May 23 Eels v Sharks 16:00 Wednesday May 25 State of Origin game one Queensland v NSW 17:00

Super 15 draw Week 14 (Times in Thailand) Friday May 20 Blues v Stormers


Saturday May 21 Crusaders v Chiefs Waratahs v Lions W Force v Brumbies Cheetahs v Rebels

14:35 16:40 19:05 22:05

Sunday May 22 Sharks v Bulls


Bye: Hurricanes, Highlanders & Reds

AFL (Aussie Rules) (Times in Thailand) Friday May 20 Carlton v Geelong

GA 32 35 40 37 30 40 44 44 40 39 40 38 36 49 41 46 48 38 53 67

Points 69 66 60 58 56 52 49 48 47 46 45 44 44 44 43 43 42 41 35 17


Saturday May 21 St Kilda v Demons 11:10 Port v Freemantle 11:40 Lions v North Melb 16:40 Richmond v Essendon 16:40 Sunday May 22 C’wood v Adelaide Swans v Hawthorn Eagles v Bulldogs

France Ligue 1 Lille Marseille Lyons PSG Stade Rennais Sochaux Lorient Saint-Etienne Montpellier Auxerre Bordeaux Valenciennes Toulouse Caen Stade Brestois Nice Nancy Monaco Lens Arles Avignon

England Premier League Fixtures

Australian NRL Round 11

Germany Bundesliga Team B’sia Dortmund Leverkusen Bayern Hannover Mainz Nürnberg Kais’lautern Hamburg Freiburg Köln Hoffenheim Stuttgart Werder Bremen Schalke Wolfsburg B’sia M'gladbach E’cht Frankfurt St. Pauli

May 20-29

Bye: Gold Coast

10:10 11:10 13:40

Ferrari have been improving after a sluggish start to the F1 season.

Alonso hoping to reign in Spain FORMULA 1 Following a disappointing start to the 2011 Formula One season, Ferrari driver and double world champion Fernando Alonso will head to his home Grand Prix in Spain this weekend hoping to build on his podium position in Istanbul two weeks ago. During pre-season testing, the legendary Italian manufacturer appeared to have produced a car for 2011 that looked capable of challenging the flying Red Bull RB-7 but in the first three races of the season – Australia, Malaysia and Shanghai – the Ferraris looked decidedly off the pace. This surprising loss of speed was the exact mirror opposite of British team McLaren, whose car was sluggish and unreliable in testing but arrived in Melbourne with sufficient race pace to challenge the 2010 constructors champions Red Bull. Ferrari suddenly found itself further down the pecking order as Renault Lotus picked up podium positions in first Melbourne and then Kuala Lumpur.

Super 15 Rugby Table after Week 13 Team Reds Blues Stormers Crusaders Sharks Waratahs Highlanders Bulls Chiefs Cheetahs Hurricanes W.Force Brumbies Rebels Lions

P 12 12 11 12 11 11 12 11 12 12 12 11 11 12 12

W 10 9 8 8 7 7 8 6 5 4 3 3 2 3 2

D 0 1 0 1 0 0 4 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0

L 2 2 3 3 4 4 0 5 7 8 8 7 9 9 10

Points 50 49 44 44 43 40 39 36 29 29 25 25 22 19 19

Can Spaniard Fernando Alonso win at his home track in front of his biggest fans? In Istanbul, however, it appeared that Ferrari had gotten its act together and found some pace. This was highlighted when the twotime champion roared past Red Bull’s Mark Webber into second place behind leader Sebastian Vettel. Unfortunately for the Scuderia, it didn’t last; the Australian passed the Spaniard to regain second place and secure a first one-two of the season for Austrian-owned Red Bull. Alonso will have been encouraged by the team’s improvement, however, and will hope that it continues when he takes to the track this weekend in front of his adoring public. The Spaniard trails championship leader Sebastian

Vettel by 52 points after four races, with 2008 champion Lewis Hamilton in second place and Vettel’s team-mate Webber in third. In F1 news, the FIA – motor racing’s governing body – has announced a clampdown on engine management systems that give teams a significant aerodynamic advantage. Constructors championship leaders Red Bull are one of a number of teams that have employed a blown diffuser exhaust system that keeps exhaust gases flowing through rear diffusers even if the drivers are not on the throttle. The new rules will come into immediate effect, starting with this weekend’s Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.



No Cup tribute for Severiano

Despite facing overwhelming public pressure to award the 2018 Ryder Cup to Madrid as a tribute to Severiano Ballesteros, the legendary Spanish golfer who died of cancer on May 7, France’s Le Golf National course was chosen by the European Tour. Off icials at t r ibuted France’s winning bid to the country already having a first-class facility built and being ready to host the event. The stunning and challenging course on the outskirts of Paris was chosen ahead of rival bids from Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands and, of course, Spain. The 2018 Ryder Cup will be the first time that France has hosted the prestigious biennial event between the best golfers from Europe and the United States of America. It is also only the second time that the three-day competition has been held on


mainland Europe. The only previous time was in 1997 when Europe, captained by the late Ballesteros, pipped the United States at Valderama in Spain to lift the Cup. With the facilities already in place, France had been the early favourite to win the right to host the Cup. But the death of Ballesteros, one of the figureheads of the Madrid bid, appeared initially to have swung the vote in favour of the Spanish capital. The five-time major winner is one of the reasons why the Ryder Cup is still going strong today, seemingly gaining in popularity with each passing event. But while the Seve factor was strong, the European Tour decided that prudence should win the day. “France’s bid was excep-

tional. They have a first-class tournament venue already built,” said European Tour ch ief exe cut ive George O’Grady. “In these tough economic times we can see where we are going. We are leaving nothing to chance on building a new course. “The plans for the new courses in Portugal and Spain are absolutely superb. “Seven and a half years sounds a long time but developing new areas with all the hotels, offices and roads is a big ask in that time. That is why I think their time will come.” To help fund the French bid, every registered golfer in France donated one euro (B43) to the cause and organisers hope that securing the 2018 Ryder Cup will boost the development of golf in the country. – Dan Ogunshakin

Europe Ryder Cup player Graeme McDowell poses for pictures with the Ryder Cup after Europe beat the US by 14 1/2 points to 13 1/2 points on the final day of the 2010 Ryder Cup golf competition at Celtic Manor golf course in Newport, Wales.  – Photo AFP

Manchester celebrates double triumph Stormers stars still

Manchester City’s Argentinian footballer Carlos Tevez (centre) celebrates with the FA Cup after his team beat Stoke 1-0 during the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Stoke City at Wembley Stadium in London, on May 14.  – Photo AFP United and City both gave the English city of Manchester reason to celebrate on Saturday as both clubs picked up major trophies on a day that will live long in the hearts and minds of both sets of supporters. In one of the day’s early kick-offs, Manchester United, as expected, secured the point they needed to clinch a record breaking 19th league title to stand alone as English

ball’s most successful club in domestic competitions. Then, just a few hours later, City ended 35 years of hurt by beating Stoke City at London’s Wembley Stadium to lift the club’s fifth FA Cup. City went into the game as heavy favourites after overcoming neighbours United in the semi-final and boasting a squad that cost vast sums of money to assemble, compared

FA CUP with some of the bargain buys that Stoke’s Tony Pulis has built his team with. City fans, players and officials alike knew that United had already made their own headlines in breaking Liverpool’s record. But rather than let their more famous neighbours hog all the limelight, City were

determined to bask in their own share of glory. The Citizens started the game positively and the passing and movement from the likes of Carlos Tevez, David Silva, Yaya Toure and Mario Balotelli proved to be too much for the Potters, who were lucky to go into the half time break level and indebted to goalkeeper Thomas Sorenson. Perhaps knowing that they

had been let off the hook, Stoke began the second half with renewed vigour and began to get a toehold in the game but just as they were starting to threaten, City pounced. A City attack caused mayhem in the Stoke box and the ball broke kindly to Toure – scorer of the winning goal in the semi – who smashed the ball past Sorenson to give the Blues the lead. Stoke had no response to the City goal and the team from Manchester lifted the trophy in front of their ecstatic fans. Earlier in the day, United had recovered from a first half deficit to secure the point they needed to be crowned Premier League champions for the 12th time since the competition began in 1992, making it their 19th overall league title. Brett Emerton had given Blackburn Rovers the lead after a mix-up in the United defence, and the Red Devils appeared to be on course for another away day defeat before being awarded a controversial penalty. Wayne Rooney duly dispatched the spot kick before the game ended in farce as both sides were happy with a point and felt no need to chase the win. United players and officials celebrated on the pitch and now have the luxury of resting players in Sunday’s match with Blackpool before the Champions League final.

in doubt SUPER 15

South African Super 15 side and reigning champions the Western Stormers are likely to be without Springboks Jacque Fourie and Peter Grant ahead of this weekend’s clash with New Zealand conference leaders the Auckland Blues. Fourie was forced to leave the field with a hip injury during the Stormers 30-23 loss to the Waikato Chiefs, the South African side’s second defeat in a row. Coetzee has backed his team to bounce back against the Blues after they allowed the Chiefs back into the match. Grant only returned to the side against the Chiefs after being out injured the week before but picked up an ankle injury in the match. With Fourie out, Stormers coach Allister Coetzee is expected to start Juan de Jongh and Lionel Cronje could get a start in Grant’s place. The game between the Blues and the Stormers sees the leaders of the South African and New Zealand conferences go head-to-head. Having lost their last two games, the South Africans are just one point in front of the Sharks and the result could go a long way to deciding June’s first round play-offs fixtures.


phuket newspaper, localnew

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