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Friday, May 6 – Thursday, May 12, 2011

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NFL: League urges court to uphold lockout

P43 Phuket prison officers Suwit Srisangthong, left, and Somsak Chuachareon, patrol the fence from outside the prison in an effort to reduce items being thrown over it.

CRACKDOWN ON PRISON DRUGS The public road beside the prison wall.

Phuket prison officers are intensifying their patrols in an effort to clamp down on suspected drug networks operating inside the facility. This comes after the arrest of two men last Friday by Muang police with more than B1 million worth of methamphetamine (ya ba) and crystal methamphetamine (ya ice), which was traced back to a mysterious drug trafficker

By Janyaporn MorelJornjarun (Yo) SENIOR REPORTER

operating inside Nakhon Sri Thammarat prison (see page 3 for full story). While there is no indication at this stage that the problem in Phuket is as significant, strong suspicions have already been aroused that the prison is being used for various illegal

activities, according to Phuket Provincial Prison Director Rapin Nichanont. Mr Rapin told The Phuket News that prison officers had found evidence of drugs being bought and sold over the prison wall. He said they became particularly concerned after more than 20 mobile phones were discovered inside the prison Continued page 2

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Above: The sharpened metal rod used in the attack. Left: Phuket man Apirak Sae-iao, 23, admitted a brutal drugrelated murder last Friday. Two other associates, pictured in the background, cannot be identified for legal reasons.

‘No remorse’: killer A man apprehended by police last week along with two teens over a brutal drug-related murder said he would “never feel sorry for the victim”. Thalang police announced the arrest of the three Phuket locals last Friday (April 29) at a media conference. One of the men was identified as 23-year-old Apirak Sae-iao. The other two are 16 and cannot be named for

legal reasons. Apirak confessed to murdering Thawatchai Maelanon, 15, with a home-made knife on the evening of March 19. Speaking exclusively to The Phuket News, Apirak said “I killed him because I was so angry at what he did.” He said he was in a fit of rage and could not control his actions, but “When I calmed down, I knew what I’d done.”

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Continued from page 1 in April, while another 20 were also found in March. The phones were thrown over the fence from the outside, and it was assumed they were being used for illegal activities, since the prisoners already have access to public telephones. Mr Rapin said he has now ordered officers to work more intensively to patrol the prison, and charge any prisoners caught in possession of a mobile phone. “Apar t from mobile phones being thrown over the wall, we have also discovered phones being sent in the mail by being inserted inside books, and in more extreme cases we’ve found them inserted inside the stomach of a rat and thrown over the fence,” he said. “They also fill shampoo bottles with contraband, and many other methods are being used to evade our officers. But we are catching these people and sending them to the police to determine whether they are involved in the drug trade.” Although Phuket prison has only about 1,300 inmates, about 80 per cent of them are being detained for drug-related offences.

“Prisoners in Phuket are just the small dealers though, while the prisoners in Nakorn Sri Thammarat prison are the big-time drug dealers. There are about 5,000 prisoners over there, so that it could be difficult for the officers to search all of them,” Mr Rapin said. While there’s no concern that those prisoners could be in touch with Phuket inmates, Mr Rapin added that intensive patrols were being added around the outer wall to deter attempts at hurling telephones in from the outside. But the problem will get a permanent fix in the foreseeable future. Mr Rapin said that he recently had a meeting with the DirectorGeneral of the Department of Corrections, and noted that the Phuket facility will soon emulate Khao Bin Prison in Ratchaburi province where mobile telephone signals are jammed. “Our work right now is to investigate and isolate those major dealers in the prison and send them on to Khao Bin. However the policy to block telephone signals will be also eventually be implemented in all prisons across the country.”

Despite police reports that the murder was motivated solely by a failed drug transaction, Apirak said he and the victim had a long history of conflict. “I will never feel sorry for what I did. That man has done a lot of bad things to me.” He said the morning of the murder, he had given the victim B5,000 to buy 20 yaba (methamphetamine) pills.

When Thawatchai failed to buy the pills or return the money, Apirak and his friends decided to take revenge. They initially tried to shoot Mr Thawatchai with a home-made gun. When the gun missed fire, Apirak stabbed him repeatedly with a sharpened metal rod. The attack occurred only half a day after Apirak handed over the money.

The body of Mr Thawatchai was discovered on March 26 dumped on the side of a road in Baan Sakoo in the Thalang district. He had five stab wounds in his chest. The police traced the murderers from the the deceased’s mobile phone, which Mr Apirak had stolen from the body of the victim and given to his friend. – Paritta Wangkiat

All quiet as US navy ships in There were no signs of taxi trouble last weekend as the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and other warships in the carrier’s strike group anchored off Phuket Deep Sea Port. The ships, which stayed in Phuket from three to five days, dropped off most of their thousands of crew members for shore leave. The majority headed straight for Patong. There were concer ns ahead of their arrival that there might be a repeat of the recent blockade against passengers aboard the Silver Spirit passenger liner. During that incident, taxi drivers protesting against competition from tour buses and demanding they be given a 50-50 share of business, prevented passengers getting off the ship. There were no such de-

mands of the US Navy, however, as business boomed for taxi and minibus drivers. While a free bus shuttle service was organised by Glenn Defense Marine Asia – which resupplies the US Navy when it is in port in Asia – most sailors questioned by The Phuket News said they preferred to make their own arrangements in order to avoid the long wait for the shuttle service. Most also seemed happy with the prices they were being quoted, even if they were a little above par. One group of five sailors paid B800 one-way to Patong, making it B160 each for the 30-minute trip. That fare came with a catch though; The Phuket News overheard their driver scheduling a mandatory stop at a souvenir shop, where he could claim a commission.

by the propeller blades as her tour boat came to pick Japanese tourist up the group of divers. The woman has been named as killed A young Japanese tourist 22-year-old Hitomi Hibada. has died after being hit by the propeller of a tour boat Pirate raids net 11 Wednesday morning (May 4). vendors Miss Hibada was diving About 10 0,0 0 0 pi r at e d off Racha Island, about 12 DVDs and CDs worth over kilometres south of Phuket, B5 million (pirated price) when her head was struck were seized from 11 shops in


Taxi drivers negotiate their fares with US sailors. Another group of four sailors said they were paying US$40 (B1,200) each for a driver to escort them for three days. And despite Phuket being awash with sailors, there were no reports of any trouble. “The navy behaved well. There was no problems at all while those guys were hanging around Patong,” said Rune Hyll Krantz, Supervisor of the Phuket Tourist Police Vol­unteers. Patong on Wednesday. The raids were conducted by National Police Deputy Commander Pansiri Praphawat, who heads the national centre for suppression of copyright infringement. The shops were situated along the beach road and OTOP Plaza. The items would have carried a legitmate retail value of about B20 million.



Mixed opinions over taxi trouble Phuket’s recent taxi conflict could be resolved by next month when a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is written by the Chief of Marine Office is signed, though not everyone is convinced it will work. A month ago, passengers on board the Silver Spirit cruise liner – one of the top 10 luxury liners in the world – were unable to get off the ship at the Phuket Deep Sea Port while taxi drivers argued with the tour company, Sea Tour Travel Agency, over their right to transport passengers around the island. The parties agreed on a 50-50 share of the passengers,

but this was only viewed as a short term solution by the tour operators. Phuket Government officials met with the travel agency on Wednesday, and plans to meet with taxi drivers before the end of the month. Phuket’s Chief of Marine Office, Phuripat Theerakulpisut, said he would write a MoU and discuss it with the local taxi driver leaders to try and find a solution by the end of May. Orachorn Saisrithong, general manager of Sea Tour Travel Agency’s southern Thailand division, said a 50 per cent share of business between the taxi drivers and the tour opera-

tor was not practical because many passengers had already paid for transport when they bought a cruise package. Ms Orachorn was convinced the MoU would not work. “A local tour operator like us just takes requests from the cruise liner and organises buses and taxis for the passengers. They’re like a VIP guest. They demand a high standard of service. The cruise liner can’t let them just drive with local taxi drivers – any of the taxis could be illegal,” she said. Mr Phuripat said about half of all the cars and vans being used as taxis were personal vehicles, and not registered

as taxis, which can also create insurance concerns for passengers if they are involved in an accident. Destination Asia branch manager Ekkon Wanviros suggested that Phuket’s local taxi drivers establish a co-operative or taxi association – something legal which tourists could trust. Logistics company Glenn Marine Group representative Komsan Boonpang said that local taxis had a history of ripping off customers, charging B2,000 to take tourists from the port to Bangkok Hospital in Phuket, which was massively overpriced. “Tourists will prefer to pay for the tour operator instead of

the local taxis because the cost of the local taxis is as high as paying for the tour package. “Another thing that we need to organise is for all taxi drivers to offer a fixed fare.” Wichit Municipality representative Chairat Koomban, which overseas the Phuket Deep Sea Port area, said the municipality would try to make every taxi legal. “We should give the locals some opportunity to survive,” he said. “Phuket Deep Sea Port sits on their ancestral land, so they should be involved in local business.” – Paritta Wangkiat


IN BRIEF Study to target transport B25 million has been set aside for a study of how transport and logistics systems may be improved to support tourism growth in the five provinces along the coast of the Andaman Sea. The study, funded by the Office of Strategy Management for the Andaman region, will be carried out by SPAN Consultants Co. It will cover trade and travel links among the five Andaman provinces – Phuket, Phang Nga, Ranong, Krabi and Trang. The company will also come up with recommendations for development plans targeting three main issues: tourism, transport and the economy in general. The study is scheduled for completion by the beginning of next year.

Illegal TV cable? Cable TV operators in Patong on Tuesday asked the Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority (PPEA) to investigate the suspicious laying of fibre optic cable in the area by unknown operators, as that activity could impact on their cable service. Managing Director of PA Business Phuket, Kampanath Tantivit and Utsadakorn Sridokbuab, from the Cable TV Association Region 8, met PPEA manager Somchai Kruaepetch, who said that his officers will look into the matter.

Above: Crew members from the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier were on land on Wednesday to help paint the Muang Phuket School gym. Right: Chalong resident Keith MacKay, a member of the Navy League Phuket community group, joined crew members from the USS Ronald Reagan to help paint the school gym.

US sailors give back to Phuket Apart from having an enjoyable time on Phuket Island, some sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan also devoted their free time to helping out the local Muang Phuket School in Rawai by painting the gym. The community relations exercise was co-ordinated by the Rotary Club of Patong Beach, and the

Navy League Phuket, with about 60 sailors taking part. Rotary club member Boon Pongchiboon said the club provided the equipment and materials, and the US Navy provided the man-power. The painting took place from Monday to Wednesday this week, with about 20 volunteer sailors helping

out each day. “We have pretty much done community work in most of the places we have been,” said USS Ronald Reagan crew member Chris Chinery, 33. “Sometimes we pick up rubbish, or sometimes we paint like this. “It make us feel good that we can do something beneficial for locals.”

ICEC gets hurry-up

Police operation nets record amphetamine haul

Aram, left, confessed to being paid B20,000 per delivery of ya ba and ya ice. Jamnong ,right, ordered large quantities of the drugs before being caught by Phuket police.

Two Thai men were arrested last week with methamphetamine ( ya ba) and crystal methamphetamine (ya ice) worth more than a million baht. The two men, both accused of distributing large quantities of narcotics, were arrested by Muang police last Friday (April 29) during a sting operation outside the Tesco Lotus parking lot. Phuket Police Commander Major General Pekad Tantipong made the announcement during a press conference the following day, noting that it was the largest single haul of

ya ice on record. The initial lead for the bust came following the arrest of Miss Pitchaya Sutthikiatsuk, 22, with 4.4 grams of ya ice. Police were able to trace that sale back to Mr Jamnong Chumplab, who was subsequently caught in possession of 10 ya ba pills which he said he ordered by phone from a prisoner in Nakorn Sri Thammarat prison, named “Parb”. Mr Jamnong also told police he had ordered 2,000 ya ba pills and 197.14 grams of ya ice from “Parb”, which was being delivered to Tesco

Lotus by a courier. Mr Aram, or Piak Oryaem, 48, from Ranong province was then netted with the drugs when he arrived at Tesco Lotus to make the exchange. Police also seized a black Toyota Vigo pick-up truck and a Nokia mobile phone as evidence. Mr Aram said he turned to the drug trade after the collapse of his fruit plantation, and received a fee of B20,000 per transaction. Maj Gen Pekad said police are now working on identifying “Parb”.

Phuket’s planned International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) must be completed six months earlier than initially planned, after the Thai government decided the construction period was too long. Const r uction of the building, originally targeted for completion by May 2014, must now be finished by November 2013. Thamrong Thongtan, chief of Phuket Provincial Treasury Office, announced on Tuesday that the government decided to shorten the deadline to get the centre up and running earlier. The ICEC had a long gestation period – some 10 years – before the government finally allocated budget. Now Bangkok wants it finished pronto. The B2.6 billion initially allocated by the government does not include surrounding infrastructure or the equipment to be installed in the centre.




Phuket Detailed Weather Forecast

Friday May 6

Day: +32° Night: +27° Wind 29 kmh

Saturday May 7

Cartoonist Iskander Walen and students Jainjira Hue, left, and Jessika Ludecke.

Cartoonist visits PIA

Day: +27° Night: +27° Wind 32 kmh


Sunday May 8

Day: +27° Night: +27° Wind 32 kmh

Monday May 9

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Tuesday May 10

Day: +27° Night: +27° Wind 29 kmh

Wednesday May 11

Art assistant teacher Luxsana Charernsri shows her cartoon.

artooning is a slightly different way of looking at the knowledge that you already have and making fun of it. But that means that you already have to understand the knowledge first. So making a cartoon about any subject will give you a better undertanding of the subject.” So said Iskander Walen,

Union: get tough on foreign workers One of Phuket’s strongest labour unions has urged the government to get more serious about foreigners working illegally in the province, and has demanded a slew of improvements to working conditions and the province in general. Vichit Dasantat, president of the Phuket Federation of Hotel and Service Workers, presented the union’s demands to V/Gov Weerawat Janpen on May 1 – Labour Day – as the vice-governor was presiding over a job fair. The fair, at the Phuket HomeWorks mall on the bypass road, had the theme “Phuket workers unite for the environment and against drugs”. Mr Vichit called for strict enforcement of labour laws,

including checks on foreign workers, regardless of nationality, to see whether they are working as defined in their work permits. He urged authorities to expel immediately any foreign worker from the country if they are found to be here illegally, or are breaking labour laws or regulations. The union made four other demands: ● A rise in the minimum daily wage to counter the rising cost of living in Phuket, despite the fact that the current minimum wage in Phuket is B221 a day, the highest in Thailand; ● Pricing controls on household essentials; ● Improved standards of public health; and ● Allowing entertainment

venues to stay open after 2 am in tourist areas in order to generate more income for the country. Mr Vichit added that the union would also like to see improvements to Phuket’s utilities, such as water and electricity supply; better management of transport, both public and private; better management of garbage; and beautification of the province by landscaping more areas. Finally, Mr Vichit said that, if possible, he would like the government to consider giving Phuket special administrative province status. Such a move would be practical, he said, given Phuket’s special position as a prime regional tourist destination.

Pisarn’s got the need for speed Day: +27° Night: +27° Wind 29 kmh

Thursday May 12

Day: +27° Night: +26° Wind 29 kmh

This new Ducati Diavel boasts a massive 140hp from its 1200cc engine. One of only two such bikes on Phuket, this one is pride and joy of Pisarn Trangkasombat, owner of the O2 Beach Club at Kao Lak, Phang-nga Province. Made for the American market but designed in Italy, the Diavel is Ducati’s first ever power cruiser, and was only released onto the market at the end of last year. Less than 10 of the bikes have been sold in Thailand since. “I bought it because of its appearance and the design concept of the bike,” Mr Pisarn said. “It’s designed with a nice combination of cruiser and sports bike characteristics.” The bike cost a cool B1.2 million.

a cartoonist from Holland but based in Singapore, who was visiting the Phuket International Academy (PIA) for two cartooning workshops with the school’s students and also members of the public this week. Inside a spacious room of the PIA’s Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club at Thepkasattri in Thalang, the car-

toonist was busy explaining the quality of lines to his class of young students who were having fun drawing funny faces and bodies in different poses. Iskander was also impressed in particular by Luxsana Charernsri, or Nok, an art assistant teacher at the school, who was obviously very good at drawing cartoons.


Blood donation drive for Red Cross Day A week-long drive for blood donations will begin in Phuket from Sunday (May 8), which is World Red Cross Day. Titled “Discover the Volunteer Within You”, the drive is being organised by the Phuket Chapter of the Thai Red Cross Society in conjunction with the Phuket Regional Office of the National Blood Centre. Donations will be used to help patients not only in Phuket but also in Ranong, Phang Nga, Krabi, Trang and Satun provinces. People with O-negative blood in particular are encouraged to donate. O-neg blood is much more rare among Asians than it is among Caucasians. As an incentive, donors will each receive an official World Red Cross Day pin engraved with the words, “Saving Lives, Changing Minds”. For those who can’t make it to the new Blood Bank on Rattanakosin 200 Pi Rd during the week-long campaign, a mobile blood collection unit will accept donations at the following locations and times:

Phuket Town: May 9, 1-4 pm: IT City Phuket, Thepkrasattri Rd; May 15, 2-7 pm: Tesco Lotus, bypass road; May 23, 7 am-3 pm: Phuket Vocational College, Phuket Rd; May 27, 10 am - 5 pm: Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Yaowarat Rd; May 28, 1-4 pm: Mercedes Benz Showroom, Thepkrasattri Rd; May 29, 4-7 pm: Big C Supercenter, bypass road; and May 31, 7 am 3 pm: Phuket Wittayalai School, Thepkrasattri Rd. Elsewhere in Phuket: May 4, 11 am - 4 pm: Phuket FantaSea, Kamala; May 11, 1-4 pm: Katathani Phuket Beach Resort, Kata Noi; May 12, 10 am - 3 pm: Banyan Tree Resort, Laguna, Cherng Talay; May 20, 12-5 pm: Homepro Village, Chalong; May 24, 11 am - 6 pm: Jungceylon, Patong; and May 26, 1-4 pm: JW Marriott Resort and Spa, Mai Khao. For more information contact the Provincial Red Cross Chapter of Phuket (Tel 076 251 178) or the blood centre at 38/193, Rattanakosin 200 Pi Road, Talad Nua, Muang, Phuket Tel 076 251 178.



Beach lifeguards stay on patrol Phuket’s 106 lifeguards will remain at their 33 posts around the island for at least another year after a contract was renewed between the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation (PPAO) and the Phuket Life Guard Service. The PPAO, the body responsible for providing lifeguards for the island’s beaches, signed the B20 million contract with contractor Phuket Life Guard Service, who provide the staff and safety equipment. The new contract came into effect on April 2 and will run through until April 1 next year. Vitanya Chuayuan of the Phuket Lifeguard Service said the new contract will improve services. She said the company has increased the patrol points around the island from 28 last year to be 33 this year, and staff have been bolstered from 83 last year to 106. Zoning for lifeguards has also been divided into three areas of responsibility this year instead of the usual two. Lifeguards on zone one will take responsibility for Ya Nui Beach with one station for two lifeguards; Naiharn Beach with two stations for six lifeguards, one supervisor and one captain; Kata Noi Beach with one station for three lifeguards; Kata Beach with two stations for six lifeguards, one supervisor and one captain; and Karon

Beach with six stations for 16 lifeguards, one supervisor, and one captain. For zone two there will be five stations for 14 lifeguards and one supervisor at Patong Beach; two station for seven lifeguards and one captain at Kamala Beach; and one station for three lifeguards at Laem Sing Beach. In zone three there are two stations for six lifeguards and one supervisor at Surin Beach; four stations for 14 lifeguards, one supervisor and one captain at Bang Tao Beach; two stations for six lifeguards and one supervisor at Nai Thon Beach; two stations for four lifeguards and one captain at Nai Yang Beach; and two stations for five lifeguards and one supervisor at Mai Khao Beach. Ms Vitanya warned that the most dangerous beaches on the island are Karon, Naihan beach and Naithorn beach, especially Karon beach where eight tourists died last year. “The main cause of drowning is being caught in rip currents, which can be unpredictable. Our lifeguards keep checking the currents all the time and warn tourists by putting up a red flag with the words ‘no swimming’. “So we would like to warn tourists to respect the warning signs and flags, and also listen the lifeguards.” She added that if anyone finding themselves struggling

nervous as promises were made to apprehend them. A police officer at Muang Surat Thani police station took the call last Thursday that a house in Moo Baan Pecth Villa had been broken into by thieves while the owner was away.

Police nab ya-ba courier

Beauties bound for Phuket

Anupong Suebton, left, and Chaninthorn Nareepen, right, life guards at Naiharn beach. in a rip current should remain calm and swim parallel to the shore until reaching safety. According PPAO statistics, from April 26 last year to Feb-

ruary 25 this year, lifeguards rescued a total of 1,738 tourists, both Thai and foreign, around the island. There were also 15 fatalities.

Since the implementation of the new contract on April 2, 137 tourists have been rescued around the island; 60 were Thais and 77 were foreigners.

One stage of the Phuket International Airport upgrade will be completed by September to make it easier for increasing numbers of passengers to navigate their way around the building. Details of the airport expansion plan was announced during last Friday’s (April 29) Airports of Thailand Pbl Ltd (AOT) board meeting, held behind closed doors. Phuket International Airport (PIA) Acting Director Passakorn Surapipith presented the airport expansion plan to those at the board meeting. Media were not able to attend but the company re-

leased a press release about the upgrade. The upgrade includes changing the layout of the international departure area, changing and increasing the number of chairs in the departure lounge and improving the baggage conveyer belt. Also included in the upgrade is the aero bridge, the docking guidance sign, the terminal’s sanitary system, and security system. It is part of a wider longterm project which is expected to cost B6 billion. This will mean the airport can host 12.5 million tourists until 2014. During the meeting,Wing

Cmdr Passakorn said this particular part of the project was expected to be completed by September because of the increasing number of passengers to the airport. Wing Cmdr Passakorn said that the number of tourists visiting Phuket from October 2010 to March 2011 had increased by 14 per cent compared to the same time the previous year. Incoming and outgoing flights had increased by 19 per cent over the same period. PIA now has 36 airlines using its infrastructure. Of those, 32 airlines are running regular flights and five airlines are chartered operators.

Brazen thieves hit Phuket Police Commander’s home It was either an act of brazen fortitude, or just sheer stupidity. Either way, the men who robbed the Surat Thani home belonging to Phuket Police Commander Maj Gen Pekad Tantipong will be more than

IN BRIEF A Surat Thani drug dealer was arrested in Phuket last Wednesday, carrying 2,000 ya-ba pills. Police arrested 27-yearold Tianchai Chiaochan, a resident of Surat Thani province, as he got off a bus in Phuket Town. They found him carrying 2,000 amphetamine pills hidden in milk cartons. Mr Tianchai confessed to transporting the drugs from Surat Thani province to Phuket several times, which he said earned him B5,000 per trip.

Stage of airport upgrade to be completed by September

The Phuket International Airport will undergo a series of upgrades to make it easier for increased passenger numbers arriving on the island to navigate the building.


It was later revealed that the house belonged to the Phuket commander, with thieves gaining entrance by breaking the rear window and cutting through iron security bars. Miss Aesanee Tantipong, the commander’s niece, said

the house was usually occupied by the commander’s son, Mr Theerawit. At the time of the break-in, Mr Theerawait was visiting his father in Phuket. Several highly valuable items were taken including an

iPhone, a notebook computer, and personal belongings of Maj Gen Pekad, his wife and his son, rumoured to be worth in excess of B1 million. Police are investigating, and believe the thieves knew the house very well.

Phuket will host the inaugural Miss Euro Asia 2011 beauty contest in October, open only to women of mixed Thai-foreign parentage aged 18 to 25. The ‘half-Thai’ pageant has the support of the Governor Tri Augkaradacha, the Phuket Provincial Office and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The winner will represent Thailand in two international beauty pageants: Miss Italia nel Mondo, to be held in Italy; and the Miss International beauty contest in the USA.

More lifeguards on western beaches Phuket’s west coast beaches have been free from drownings since lifeguards began patrolling at the start of April. Phuket lifeguards have just started a new 12-monthperiod contract from April 2, 2011 to April, 2012. Now there are more lifeguards – 106 lifeguards in total – patrolling 13 west coast beaches with more jet-skis and other equipment. Of t he 16 4 rescues performed by lifeguards during April this year, 89 involved foreigners.

Flying again in Phuket To help promote the Asian Beach Ga mes 2014 i n Phuket, the Phuket Paragliding Club will hold a fun fly event from June 23-26. The event, which was held for the first time last year, will take place at Windmill View Point, Promthep Cape, and on the hill behind the Royal Phuket Yacht Club Resort, Naiharn. As well as paragliding, the games feature many sports like water skiing, surfing, jetskiing, sailing and surfing.




IN BRIEF Operation for royal patient Doctors at Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital have inserted a tube into HM King Bhumibol’s spinal cavity to drain excess fluid, the Bureau of the Royal Household said. The procedure was part of a spino-peritoneal shunt performed by doctors on Monday night to treat His Majesty’s walking problems. A medical check-up on Tuesday showed that His Majesty’s general condition was good and his appetite for food is also normal, the Bureau said.

Not terrorist target Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said on Tuesday that Thailand was in no danger of being targeted by Al-Qaeda as part of expected reprisals for the killing of Osama bin Laden by US forces on Monday. “We’re not the target of any terrorist network, but we’ll still have to take precautions, especially along the border areas, as bin Laden’s network may plan to smuggle things through our country,” he said. He said no special orders had been issued, as security agencies were already doing their job well. “There have been no reports that any terrorist group is using Thailand as a throughpassage,” he said.

Muslim nurses for the South

A plan to create 3,000 new civil service positions for Muslim nurses in the South has created a “double standard” in the Public Health Ministr y’s recr uitment process, according to some critics. The project was initiated in 2007 during the term of the interim government installed by the military, when Dr Mongkol Na Songkhla was public health minister. It was aimed at solving a chronic nursing shortage after many nurses left the south because of the ongoing insurgency there. In 2007, the ministry offered about 3,000 local Muslim students from Narathiwat, Pattani, Satun, Songkhla and Yala provinces a chance to study at 25 nursing colleges nationwide. They received government scholarships to pay for their studies on the condition that they work as nurses at government hospitals in the South after graduation.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva greets wellwishers during a visit in the restive southern province of Narathiwat on April 30. Two troops died and nine were injured in bombings just hours before a visit by the prime minister.  – Photo AFP

US group slams crackdown A leading human rights watchdog on Tuesday accused Thai soldiers of “cold blooded acts of murder” during political violence last year in Bangkok that left more than 90 people dead. New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said the army used snipers and crushed civil disobedience with disproportionate force during the April and May 2010 rallies staged by the anti-government “Red Shirt” movement. “In plain view government forces shot protesters and armed militants shot soldiers, but no one has been held responsible,” HRW Asia director Brad Adams said. Troops fired “repeatedly and indiscriminately” into the Wat Pathum Wanaram temple - a supposedly safe zone where several people were killed - from a vantage point on the tracks of the capi-

tal’s elevated train network, HRW said. “The fact is that they did do it and these were, as far as we are concerned, coldblooded acts of murder,” Mr Adams said. At least one fatality inside the temple and two outside were caused by the army, he said. “When a soldier looks through his sniper at someone who is not armed and pulls the trigger, that is murder even if they are acting on government authority.” In the report, titled Descent into Chaos, the group also criticised the government’s use of the term “terrorist” to describe protesters, as well as the designation of certain areas as “live fire zones”. “This was not a theatre of war. It was an area of severe civil disturbance,” Mr Adams told a news conference in Bangkok.

Well-armed “mercenaries” in the protest movement, known as the “Black Shirts”, also attacked troops with assault rifles and grenades, fanning the violence and chaos, he added. Nearly 1,900 people were injured in clashes between the army and demonstrators during the two-month rallies. Most of the casualties were civilians. Thailand, which is soon to hold an election, remains deeply-divided following the bloodshed. “It is clear that both sides still have very raw feelings about what happened last year... The campaign period is going to exacerbate this problem,” Mr Adams said. The report slammed government efforts so far to establish the circumstances of the deaths. Mr Adams said a Truth and Reconciliation Commission set

up to analyse what happened during the unrest was not set to report for at least another six months, which he said was “entirely too slow”. The Department of Special Investigation (DSI), tasked with the criminal probe into the protests, “looks very political and looks like it is controlled by the government”, Me Adams said. “It doesn’t appear that the DSI investigation is likely to lead to major new facts being published,” he added. Gove r n me nt spoke s man Panitan Wattanayagorn stressed the independence of the official investigations and urged observers to wait for their conclusions. “We hope that these reports, once completed, will be able to shed more light onto what happened,” he said, adding that the HRW report will be taken seriously. – AFP

Website warns of ‘Thai travel dangers’ The parents of a young New Zealand woman who died mysteriously in Chiang Mai three months ago have set up a website to warn people about the dangers of visiting Thailand. Sarah Carter, 23, died of heart inflammation in February while holidaying with two friends at the Downtown Inn. Her death was initially blamed on food poisoning, but Miss Carter’s father, Richard, be-

Sarah Carter. lieves a cover-up took place. Six other people have

died in Chiang Mai in recent months in similar circumstances. Thai officials have said the deaths were merely coincidental. The website,, was set up this month by Mr Carter. It already contains 15 horror stories from other travellers about scams, illness, jellyfish stings, and other mysterious deaths. Mr Carter said the website

had been set up because of the difficulties the family experienced in dealing with Thai authorities, and because of what he suspected was a cover-up after his daughter’s death. “All travellers from New Zealand and even from any other countries who have experienced a disaster in the way of severe food poisoning or even fatalities should list their experiences,” he said.

Four die in south attack

Four Muslim villagers were shot dead, including two teenagers, at a tea shop in the south of Thailand, police said Wednesday. Up to five attackers posing as government troops arrived on a pickup truck and opened fire at people sitting at the roadside shop in Bannang Sata, in the Yala province on Tuesday evening. The deceased included a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. Thirteen villagers were injured, eight of them critically, police said. “The motive for the killings is under investigation because I cannot question witnesses as they are practicing funeral rituals,” said local police commander Colonel Suwat Wongpaiboon. More than 4,50 0 people, both Muslims and Buddhists, have died in regular attacks since insurgents launched an uprising in the south in early 2004. The attacks have become more brazen in recent months with a string of car bombs and attacks on military outposts. -AFP



Bin Laden unarmed when shot dead: US The United States revealed on Tuesday that Osama bin Laden was unarmed when US commandos shot him dead, and that Pakistani authorities had been kept in the dark because they might have tipped off the Al-Qaeda leader. Unusually frank remarks from the CIA chief portrayed the extent of the distrust between the US and Pakistan, a nuclear-armed ally and key partner in the war against the resurgent Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan. “It was decided that any effort to work with the Pakistanis could jeopardise the mission,” Leon Panetta said. “They might alert the targets.” US officials, meanwhile, debated whether to scotch conspiracy theories by releasing a “gruesome” photo of the dead bin Laden, conscious that such an image would likely inflame strong passions in some Muslim countries. The White House gave the fullest account yet of the dramatic and momentous raid on Sunday night that killed the architect of the September 11, 2001 attacks and sparked scenes of relief and joy around the Western world. But officials did not clearly explain why bin Laden was shot dead and not captured given that he was unarmed, fuelling speculation that the elite Navy SEAL team had been ordered on a kill mission. “In the room with bin Laden, a woman – bin Laden’s wife – rushed the US assaulter and was shot in the leg but not killed,” White House spokes-

man Jay Carney said. “Bin Laden was then shot and killed. He was not armed.” When pressed further, Mr Carney said there had been significant resistance, a “volatile firefight,” and insisted: “We were prepared to capture him if that was possible.” The fact that, after a long manhunt, bin Laden turned up in an fortified compound in Abbottabad, home to the Pakistani equivalent of the West Point and Sandhurst elite military academies just two hours’ drive north of Islamabad, has been greeted with incredulity. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari rejected as “baseless” charges that his country extends safe haven to extremists, but outraged US lawmakers are calling for billions of dollars in aid to be cut back or dropped entirely. US analysts were scouring documents and computer files seized from bin Laden’s hideout for evidence after top counterterrorism official John Brennan said it was “inconceivable” he had not had some kind of support network in Pakistan. In the operation, which lasted less than 40 minutes, Navy SEALs approached in two helicopters and stormed bin Laden’s compound, which stood out from other properties because of its towering perimeter walls and heavy security. In addition to the bin Laden family, two other families resided there: one on the first floor of the main residence and another in a second building. “There was concern that

IN BRIEF Three killed in Australian siege Two men and a woman were killed following a siege at a house in Adelaide, Australia, last Friday. A teenage boy was also injured and a police officer was shot in the face. Police have since arrested the man, who they spent the morning negotiating with after he barricaded himself inside a house in Montacute Road at Hectorville.

Michael Jackson trial delayed The manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor has been delayed until September at the request of defence attorneys, who want more time to find and prepare expert medical witnesses. The trial of Dr Conrad Murray was expected to start on May 9. Prosecutors said last week they would be calling an additional medical expert, and Murray’s lawyers said they needed more time to prepare to cross-examine the new witness.

World population grows A Pakistani man reads a newspaper with the front page displaying news of the death of Osama bin Laden at a stall in Lahore on May 3.  –Photo AFP bin Laden would oppose the capture operation and indeed he resisted,” Mr Carney said. He noted that two AlQaeda couriers and a woman were killed on the first floor of the building, while bin Laden and his family were found on the second and third floor. The fifth person killed in the raid was believed to be one of the

Al-Qaeda leader’s sons. US officials have revealed how the trail for bin Laden had gone cold for years until August 2010, when the CIA tracked a courier and his brother to the large compound in Abbottabad, north of Islamabad. After months of top-secret planning, the operation came

down to a simple command delivered by Obama on Friday – “it’s a go.” The US says bin Laden received Muslim rites before his body was “eased” into the Arabian Sea on Monday so no one could turn his grave into a shrine. Muslim leaders have condemned the sea burial.  – AFP

Bin Laden’s daughter ‘saw father shot dead’

Pakistani media personnel and local residents gather outside the hideout of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden following his death by US Special Forces in a ground operation in Abbottabad.  -Photo AFP


Osama bin Laden’s young daughter has told Pakistani officials that she saw her father shot and killed by armed Americans, an official with Pakistan’s spy agency said on Tuesday. The official, who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the subject, said the daughter, who he described as being 12 or 13-years-old, was one of eight or nine children in the house when a team of US Navy SEALs stormed the complex by helicopter early on Monday. “We have no independent confirmation of Osama bin Laden being there or dying there except what we got from the daughter,” said the official, a member of Pakistan’s Inter-

Services Intelligence agency. The official said that based on interviews with the daughter and others in the house, Pakistani authorities now believe that bin Laden had been living in the Abbottabad compound for “some months”. Local residents said the two men who built the house identified themselves usually as Arshad and Tariq Khan, though they also went by the names of Rashid, Ahmed and Nadeem. They were ethnic Pashtuns from near Peshawar, Pakistan, residents said they were told. Most people who live in Abbottabad are not Pashtun. The two men explained the compound’s unusually thick walls by saying they were involved in a violent

feud in their home village – something not unusual in that region – and that they needed to prevent their women from being seen in accordance with strict Islamic custom. Residents here said the two were friendly, and often could be seen with children buying soft drinks and candy at a nearby shop. Though they didn’t socialise with locals, they did take part in the local custom of visiting neighbours to offer condolences for a death or celebrate weddings and births, residents said. Residents confirmed US officials’ claims that the house was built in 2005. Rasheed said the wall was at least four metres tall and topped with barbed wire.

United Nations population experts project the number of world’s people will grow to 9.3 billion by 2050 and 10.1 billion by 2100. The projections released on Tuesday are used by the United Nations to create and fund programmes for problems ranging from climate change to maternal mortality. The global population is projected to hit 7 billion later this year.

China hotel blaze kills 10

A hotel fire in north-eastern China killed 10 people and injured 35 others on Sunday, while lightning sparked several forest fires in another part of the country, it was reported. The agency said the fire at a hotel in Tonghua city in Jilin province was put out after half an hour. Reports said three of the injured were in critical condition and that 150 people were evacuated from the seven-story building. About 140 firefighters were deployed to the site. Building fires are common in China because of lax safety codes and unsafe construction work.




One dead after NZ tornado One person is dead and 14 injured, including several children, after a tornado cut a path of destruction through Auckland, New Zealand, on Tuesday afternoon. Auckland City Council’s civil defence controller Clive Manley confirmed one person had died in the tornado, which had winds averaging 200km/h. Benedict Dacaya n, a 37-year-old a construction worker, died of his injuries

on the way to hospital. The Filipino father was married with two young children. Waitemata DHB spokesman Paul Patton said about eight adults and children had been taken to North Shore Hospital. A further at least four had been sent to Waitakere Hospital, while two people were transferred to Auckland Hospital. The tornado touched down at around 3pm in Albany on

Royal newlyweds return Prince William and his bride Catherine Middleton were settling down to normal life on Tuesday at their secluded home, before they leave for their honeymoon. The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now returned to Anglesey, northwest Wales, where William will resume his day job as a search and rescue pilot with the Royal Air Force (RAF). It has been reported, the couple will leave for their honeymoon sometime in the middle of May. They plan to stay in an exclusive island villa in the Indian Ocean. Life back on the rural island will seem a world away from

The royal wedding was held on Friday. Friday’s fairytale wedding in Westminster Abbey, which was watched by an estimated one million people on the streets of London and two billion on television around the world. The couple are due to visit Canada from June 30 to July 8 for their first official overseas visit. – AFP

Auckland’s North Shore and then moved south to Birkenhead, briefly touching down again in the Waitemata Harbour, before heading west to Pt Chevalier. It lifted roofs, uplifted trees and left a 5km trail of debris around the area. The worst damage is believed to have occurred at the Albany Megacentre, where the roof collapsed and cars in the shopping mall carpark were

tossed aside. Emergency services reported a tree smashed through a house, at least one vehicle overturned and damaged roofs around Glenfield. Chatswood resident Marion Price said it was “very intense”. She said she could hear the wind coming and felt her ranch slider doors vibrating. The twister also uprooted a large tree outside her house.

A tornado in Auckland, New Zealand, has killed one person and injured 14 others.

Tobacco-hooked China faces ban China launched a ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and other indoor public spaces last Sunday, but few expect it to have much of an impact. China is known as a tobacco-hooked country, with more than 300 million smokers. The nationwide prohibition is designed to bring China more in line with health regulations in developed countries, but it faces a tough test in a nation where tobacco is deeply ingrained in the culture. The ministry of health guidelines say smoking will be banned in “indoor public spaces” and that cigarette vending machines cannot be located in public places.

However, state press reports have said offices and factories will not be covered by the ban, and it remains unclear whether it will be adequately enforced in bars, restaurants, and public transport. Lighting up in elevators, buses or even in hospital waiting rooms is routine in China, highlighting the lack of public awareness about the health risks of smoking. Many health experts have warned that China, the world’s largest producer and consumer of tobacco, faces a ticking health time bomb unless it curbs smoking, and the ban marks a significant move for the Chinese government.

“We can inform them about the regulation but if they insist on smoking we can’t do anything,” Tian Rongrong, a waitress at a small restaurant, said. But she believes Chinese people will gradually get used to the new rule. “I think Chinese people will slowly change their way of thinking. More and more customers ask for no-smoking areas,” she said. Tobacco kills more than a million people each year in China, where some brands can be purchased for as little as three yuan (B13). Chinese and foreign experts say the number of smoking deaths could triple by 2030.

Experts point to the state monopoly on the tobacco industry, which accounts for nearly a tenth of national tax revenue, as one of the biggest obstacles to anti-smoking efforts. Beijing dragged its feet in adopting the ban - it takes effect four months after the expiration of a deadline set by the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which China signed five years ago. So far, there has been no major nationwide public awareness campaign to promote the ban and enforcement issues and penalties also are not clearly spelled out in the regulations.





Editor’s viewpoint

Soon, all Phuket’s turtles may be made of concrete; the real ones will be gone. Mai pen rai?

Mai pen rai?

Paying a genuine homage to a Labour Day hero.

Q&A: Travelling

like the locals

We all know Phuket roads can be manic, and getting tuk-tuks or taxis can range from expensive to down-right extortionate. But there are some other options available to get around if you know where to look. What is the best way? Public transport options on the island are pretty limited, and most operate with Phuket Town as their central hub. So if you want to get from Patong to Rawai for example, you’ll probably have to go through Phuket Town. But if you are already in town, there are 16 pink wooden minibuses operated by Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation (OrBorJor) along two comprehensive routes. There is also a designated airport bus, and

Sim Phai Rd – Kra Rd – Phun Phon Rd – Bangkok Rd – King Rama IX Park (Suan Luang Park) – Chao Fah Rd – Sakdidet Rd – Phattana Thong Thin Rd – Vichit Sanitation – Chao Fah Rd and stops at the fruit market. The airport bus leaves from the central bus station, opposite the Royal City Hotel. Buses to Patong, Rawai, etc. can be taken from the Phuket Fresh Market (Talaad Sod). How do I know what to look for? The buses around town are bright pink wooden songthaews; pretty hard to miss. Airport buses are bright yellow, but are a more modern looking minibus. And the cross-island buses are blue open-air buses, usually also

buses that link the other major centres around the island. Where can I get them from? For the OrBorJor buses: Route 1: From Big C shopping mall – Tesco Lotus – Vachira Hospital (Yaowarat Rd) – Phuket Wittayalai School – Phutthamongkolni­ mitr School – Mae Luan Rd – Vichit Songkram Rd – Jui Tui Shrine – Ranong Rd – Down Town Phuket Food market – Di Buk Rd – Clock Tower circle – Phuket Rd and stop at Phuket Vocational college. Route 2: From Super Cheap shopping mall – Phuket Rajabhat University – Damrong Rd – Phuket District Non-Formal Education Centre – Phuket City Hall – Surin Rd – Morning market – Ong

the old wooden style. How much will it cost? OrBorJor buses cost B10, or free for students in uniform, no matter how far you want to go (which can make a pretty cheap scenic tour around Phuket Town). The airport bus is B80 per person one way. Other buses cost around B50 one way, depending on where you want to go. How often do they leave? OrBorJor buses leave every 10 minutes, though they can be less than reliable. Airport buses leave every hour or so, and have a fixed timetable available on their website. The cross-island buses leave around four times an hour, but again can be unreliable, and it will depend on your destination.

Thai Public holidays It’s that time of year again in Thailand where there seems to be no such thing as a full working week. Here’s a guide to this month’s public holidays. May 13: Royal Ploughing Ceremony and Farmer’s Day (Wan Phuet Mongkhon)

Ceremonies giving blessing to the country’s farmers are held on this day. Officially known as Wan Phra Ratcha Phithi Phuet Monkhon Lae Charot Phra Nangkhan Raek Na Khwan. May 17: Visakha Bucha Day.

Falls on the full moon of the sixth Thai lunar month (May). A Buddhist observance commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. On this, the holiest Buddhist holiday of the year, you

will find the temples full of devotees receiving blessings and giving offerings. All government and public sector business will be closed. Many bars will also be closed, too, and some restaurants will not serve alcohol, or will do so discreetly.

The Thai phrase “Mai pen rai” (it doesn’t matter) can take care of a lot of things, from glossing over events and incidents so that no-one loses face, to hiding our feelings of hurt that we don’t wish to share. A lot of the time the saying works. As well as keeping face, it also saves unnecessary stress. But when it comes to the pressing issues of our environment and the earth, Mai pen rai, we suggest, needs to be drastically revised. It was a lovely Sunday morning on the beach at Rawai. The sea was rolling in, gently rocking the moored fishing boats. Boat operators were sitting under trees, enjoying the view, and only half-caring whether they were going to be hired by tourists to go island-hopping that peaceful morning. But around them was debris and the remains of rubbish from Saturday night on the esplanade. Empty beer bottles and cans and little Red Bull bottles had been discarded. Plastic bags and white foam were on the sand and in the sea. You would have never seen a dirtier beach in Thailand, well, except maybe at Pattaya.

Our boat operators sat in the middle of all this, blissfully ignoring the mess. Passers-by skirted around piles of rubbish being blown about. Mai pen rai. If everyone on that otherwise beautiful beachfront that morning stopped to pick up the mess around them, it would have taken them less than half an hour to collect it all. If there had been rubbish bins, emptied regularly by the local authority, there would have been less to clean up in the first place. A rare leatherback turtle was recently found dead and floating because it had swallowed too many of our plastic bags that had been washed out to sea. Mai pen rai. Poor thing, but too bad. How can we make people realise the gravity of this irresponsibility? Western countries, as well as Hong Kong and Singapore, have succeeded eventually through public education, fines and by putting bins everywhere. Will we change our thinking? In this matter of protecting our environment, can we remove the Mai (not) and just keep the Pen rai (does matter)? Pen rai, Pen rai, Pen rai.

Letters to the editor Has Jayjay failed to see all the other bike problems? It’s amazing how Mr Jayjay is still shocked by bikers not wearing helmets, the lack of which can be the cause of death. Has he maybe not noticed 10-year-old kids driving? Or motorbikes with a family of four or five on board? Or bikers driving at 20 km/h, looking around and scared of everything? Isn’t a proper licence more important than the usual “stupid rules”? Marco Lonardi Rawai

Have your say We welcome letters to the editor. Letters must be under 250 words. You can email editor@thephuket or fax your contribution to 076 612 553. Please include your name, address and contact telephone number.



Phuket Town’s seedy secret Grandpa’s yarns


n the depths of their memories, my Grandpa and his friend see three small shop-houses standing at the end of a small alley, hidden from the eyes of the prying public. Several thick iron bars cordoned off the doors, the diameter of each about as thick as a man’s arm. The occupants looked like they were in a cage, an inescapable space where no one could smell the air of freedom. “The prostitutes were brought from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan,” Ar-Hok, an old friend of Grandpa’s said. “Some were forced to come here to earn their living on Soi Rommanee.” The customers were mostly labourers from nearby mining camps (who swelled the male population to greater than the females), travellers and businessmen who stopped in Phuket’s Old Town. “Soi Rommanee couldn’t exactly be called a brothel,” Grandpa said. “Actually, those three shop houses were more of a hotel, but customers had

A far cry from its former days, Soi Rommanee was crowded during the Chinese New Year Festival 2011. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Phuket Town. the extra option of calling for the service of a prostitute if they wanted to,” Ar-Hok said. Dancing women were also available on demand, and could end up in a customer’s room with a simple request. But there was also a story of tragedy in Soi Rommanee’s

sleazy past. One of the alley’s top grade prostitutes committed suicide after giving her services to a beggar pretending to be a rich mine owner. One of the lady’s competitors had conspired against her, and the next morning, a group of beggars danced and sang

the name of the imposter in front of the hotel. Filled with humiliation and shame, the woman leapt into the well and ended her life. Though the Thai word “rommanee” means pleasure and fun, the meaning was

probably only true for the patrons of the alley’s establishments. Many of the working girls there were trapped within those small cages, forced into a life of moral ambiguity and consequently ostracised from the ordinary Thai community.

“Even though today Soi Rommanee has turned into a tourist spot,” Ar-Hok said, “I can still hear women calling for help from behind the doors of houses while I delivered newspapers in the morning. “It was certainly not the ‘rommanee’ that it is called.”

Enjoying all things the way they are Urs Aebi

General Manager, Serenity Resort and Residences How long have you lived on the island and why did you move here? I’ve been here since 1999, and came down from Hua Hin where I was working in another hotel. What is best thing about living here? The workload is the same as it would be in any hotel in Europe or another destination. What is more enjoyable is the environment and the opportunity to unwind during my free time in a tropical setting, that has reasonably good infrastructure and a good social scene. Most of the local people on the island are also very friendly and that makes it easier to work and live here. In addition, I have my family here, and the kids are growing up in Phuket, so we have no desire to go anywhere else. What do you do to relax? Spend time on the golf course or with my family. Sometimes I go out with industry friends and we talk about our businesses or private stuff. I never get bored.

What hobbies or sports are you interested in? Golf mostly. Favourite food or dish? I like Japanese food and Thai food, of course. No particular favourite dish. What kind of music are you into? I listen to rock music but have been re-discovering the latest pop tunes recently. Mostly because of my kids, so I am fairly up to date! The person you admire the most and why? My wife Khun Sasithorn because she is extremely good at balancing the management of�������������� her own business (Phuket Art Advertising) and taking care of the kids and the rest of her family. I have not figured that one out quite yet. Plus she plays better golf than I do! What is the best tip you have for people moving to Phuket? Enjoy things the way they are. You are not going to be the one

Exposed to change the mentality of the people or the island. Do get involved in community work and other stuff by all means, but do not expect to change the world as it is. Accept it or leave it. Keep a fairly low profile. Let others grab the spotlight. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while living on the island? A recent conversation at my hotel: Guest: We would like to go to Phi Phi island Hotel manager: Sure, no problem, it takes about 60 to 90 minutes by boat. Guest: That is too long. Can we hire a car instead and drive there by car? Hotel manager: ????? If you could come back as any other person who would it be and why? Some rock star or maybe a successful professional golfer (and I don’t necessarily mean Tiger Woods by that!).



Life on board Floating city: The USS Ronald Reagan anchored off the Phuket Deep Sea Port.


fter the USS Ronald Reagan, the largest aircraft carrier in the world, anchored off Phuket Deep Sea Port last Sunday, life on board was brief ly revealed when The Phuket News had a quick chat with Petty Officer 3rd Class Kyle Carlstrom, 24, who joined the US Navy six years ago. “It’s not like living on land,” PO Carlstorm said. “The way I like to describe it, it’s like a Hummer. The Hummer is not built for luxury, it’s very long, it’s built for real power and we are kind of the same way. We are all power. We are like the Hummer of the navy.” That said, the crew of the

By Paritta Wangkiat (Mai) REPORTER

Ronald Reagan are not without their creature comforts. The huge ship has plenty of facilities to make the sailors feel as much at home as possible while crossing the world’s oceans. A lot of events are organised on board, including karaoke nights, comedy nights and sometimes even live bands. There are also stores that sell the things from back home that the crew members miss, such as candy bars and soda. “There are a lot of sea stories. [In the old days] you

would have to write a letter to your family about them. But it’s different now, we have internet and telephone on board as well,” PO Carlstrom said. In exchange for all these goodies, the crew must hone highly technical skills in order to carry out a variety of missions. The last mission before the ship anchored off Phuket was to help people in the tsunamistricken area of Japan. The carrier refuelled Japanese helicopters, and some of the ship’s own choppers even helped to tackle the radiation problem at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant. Though the USS Ronald

The main hangar below the flight deck of the USS Ronald Reagan.

Reagan is like a floating city that contains whatever it needs to be called home, it can’t replace the picture of real home in the sailors’ minds. “Everybody here always misses home, their friends and their family,” PO Carlstrom said. “But we’re out here and we have decided to sacrifice ourselves to try our best to make a difference.” The ship, which stayed in Phuket with three others from the carrier strike group, remained anchored off the island for five days. Crew members took turns to go to shore, with the majority heading straight for Patong, which provides certain services not found on board.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Kyle Carlstrom talks with The Phuket News reporter Paritta Wangkiat.

The flight deck of the carrier covers an area equivalent to 10 rai (16,000 sqm).

Some of the crew members were busy working even as others went ashore to play.




On the wall of the painting studio at the British International School, these students’ studies of shells tempt one to take a closer look. Done fairly quickly using different techniques, the drawings invite interpretations. What do they say to you? As usual with artwork, one can simply enjoy the aesthetics of lines and washes, and the negative white spaces that are left by the sweeps of the brush. The young artists liked the different natural markings found on the shells and followed these to make their

own marks in their work. We can see how the lines in one work are more confidently and boldly drawn, others are more hesitant and carefully marked. The smudges, accidental or intentional, can be read as comment, say, on our treatment of the sea and its creatures. Other drawings aim for more stylised designs, summarising the pleasing order and regularity of the natural design of the shells themselves, while also admiring nature as the greatest designer of all.

MAKING Manit Sriwanichpoom Performance artist Manit Sriwanichapoom explains the origins of his Pink Man performance. “The idea … came to me when I was out shopping at the newest mall in town. “Lots of buyers were tirelessly enjoying filling their trolleys with goods and then getting into long queues to pay – like going to an amusement park. To what extent has consumerism brainwashed us, That life values are measured by the material [goods] one possesses?”


The Pink Man continues to poke fun at our rampant, mindless consumerism, currently with an exhibition of Pink Man photographs at the g23 Gallery at Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok until June 11. Works being shown were created between 1997 and 2007 and were exhibited at the Singapore International Photography Festival last October. Manit says Pink is considered tasteless and vulgar by some high-class Thais, so “I intentionally use pink in order to subvert the aesthetics of local art.”

Streetart this week comes from the cor ridor of the main administration building at the British International School. Among the very good student artwork selected to hang everywhere in the building was this work, by Peem Thuagsuban, that was


hanging with other still life works, perhaps made in the same class session. There is a strong otherworldly quality to it. That pale face is mysterious and disturbing. And what is the relationship between the oddly reclining figure and the beautiful pattern of the

background cloth or curtain? And the luminous f lowers in the vase? The folds of the dress, of the figure or a puppet, draw in the gaze. Next to it is a pitch-black background of night – or possibly death. It’s an unusual vision from young eyes.



The Soi Dog Foundation, pictured in happier times, could face closure if B5 million is not found by October.

Soi Dog’s financial crisis P

huket’s volunteer animal shelter Soi Dog Foundation faces closure or relocation if money cannot be found to purchase the land the shelter is on. About B5 million is required by October this year to secure the organisation’s future. Soi Dog Director John Dalley said the future of the Soi

Dog Foundation is in “serious trouble” if the shelter is not paid for by October, because most of its critical care facilities are located there. About 250 dogs are housed in the shelter, which is located in Mai Khao, northern Phuket. The news comes as the government dog pound also revealed it is in trouble due to

budget cuts and full capacity. The Soi Dog Foundation is encouraging organisations and members of the public to donate money to help the situation. The foundation purchased half the land on which the shelter is located on in 2009, but now must pay for the other half by October. Mr. Dalley said the Soi Dog

Foundation had to make a choice between using general funds to secure the shelter, or prevent the “tragic deaths of countless animals through our mass vaccination programme”. This was caused by an outbreak of canine distemper, a viral disease, which increased operating costs over the last six months. Faced with that stark

choice, Mr Dalley said: “We made the choice to help the animals.” A fundraising brunch will be held on May 22 at Evason Phuket and Bon Island. The event will cost B2000 per head and includes a buffet, drinks and entertainment. All proceeds from a raffle and auction will go to the foundation.

The Soi Dog Foundation current employs four full time vets and 15 other staff members. For tickets and more information about the brunch contact Cristy on 084 054 4367, or email If you wish to donate to the Soi Dog Foundation contact Mr Dalley on 087 050 8688.

Tsunami fundraiser for Japan Serenity Resort General Manager Urs Aebi speaks during the Rawai-Naihan South Coast Experience fundraiser for Japan at the Da Vinci Italian restaurant in Naiharn. The event attracted more than 350 people and raised more than B150,000 for the tsunami/earthquake relief effort.

From back/left; Kittisak Pattamasaevi, Anthony Lark, Achira Asswadecharit, Poonsri Pattamasaevi, Narong Pattamasaevi, Chawin Chalisarapong, Dolpiti Kongviwatanakul, Dr. Nopanand Chanorathaikul (front on right), Phapimol Yoovidhya, Thitichaya Leelayana and Puripat Paesaroch.

Charity Piano Recital Dinner Trisara hosted a charity piano recital and dinner last Saturday night which showcased the country’s most talented classical pianists. Six young musicians entertained a small

crowd who were treated to masterpieces by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Debussy and Prokofiev. Guests then enjoyed a four course dinner.

Proceeds raised from the night were matched by the Niyom Pattamasaevi Foundation and donated to the Japanese Consulate for the benefits of Japan tsunami orphans.

Back row, from left: Managers of the five members of the Rawai-Nai Harn Business Association, Chris Kunchorn (Vijitt Resort), Hajo von Keller (The Mangosteen Golden Tulip Resort), Michael Massey (Atmanjai Wellness Centre), Urs Aebi (Serenity Resorts) and Mark Norris (DaVinci Italian Restaurant). In the front row, Ying and Rose from the Mangosteen.

14 BUSINESS BRIEFING Bin Laden’s death lifts US currency The dollar strengthened against the euro in Asian trade Tuesday as markets revelled in the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, analysts said. One euro bought $1.4790 in morning Asian trade compared to $1.4824 in New York on Monday. Both currencies weakened against the yen, with the euro trading at 119.95 yen from 120.30 a day ago and the greenback changing hands at 81.09 yen from 81.10. “News of the demise of Osama bin Laden gave a lift to the US dollar today,” US-based forex research firm DailyFX said in a report. US President Barack Oba­ ma announced in a televised address Monday that the mastermind of the World Trade Centre attacks had been killed in an operation near Islamabad. However, DailyFX analysts warned that the fragile nature of the US economic climate would resume eating into the greenback’s strength in the near term. “The dollar’s move lacked conviction and the greenback is likely to see further weakness,” the firm cautioned. - AFP


AFTA an opportunity to invest, says NTC The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is encouraging local businesses to invest more in the telecommunications sector to capitalise on business growth when the Asean Economic Community (AEC) opens as a single market under the Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA) in 2015. N TC member Sutham Yoonaitham recently met with Phuket press and encouraged local Thai and expat investors to seize the potential opportunity in telecommunications development. He said that Phuket was a perfect location to be promoted as a hub of telecommunications because it already has a lot of demand for usage due to tourism. He also noted that a new telecommunications law has been amended to be more open and support the growth of businesses across Asean countries. “ NTC foresees st rong growth in telecommunications in Phuket, and we are preparing to support the investment of private businesses such as

internet service providers, television, radio, telephone service and any other media and communication related business,” Mr Sutham said. “We think it would be good if we have more local participation. Phuket has a lot of potential; there are a lot of property investors, which can be a good opportunity to provide telecommunications facilities. “It could be good for the entire business community on the island.” Mr Sutham added that in 2012, the National Telecommunications Societies will hold a conference in Phuket, which could attract more big investors to the island. “We have to be ready to compete with the other Asean countries. If we don’t do it [invest in telecommunications], our neighbouring countries certainly will, and that’s a huge potential benefit that we would lose,” he said. On April 28, Commercial Deputy Minister Alongkorn Polabut said during a seminar that Phuket should also be

NTC member Sutham Yoonaitham would like to see more local investment in the telecommunications sector. promoted as hub of tourism the network with the countries around the Bay of Bengal. in Asean. He also suggested that there With 2015 being the year that the AEC opens, he said that should be a proper logistics Phuket should have a business development plan to support plan and do more aggressive the growth of tourism busimarketing including tagging nesses in Phuket.

Elite card is finally buried That Thai Elite Card has finally been declared dead and is scheduled to be buried within two months – after it has been decided who will foot the bills and how. The card was the brainchild of exiled former PM Thaksin Shinawatra. While still in power in 2003, Thaksin pushed through the establishment of the card with the aim of attracting high-net-worth individuals to stay for long periods in Thailand, and raise a chunk of money. Each card, initially priced at B1 million for a lifetime membership, later rising to B1.5 million, supposedly conferred a wealth of perks on its holder. These included fiveyear visas, fast-track immigration clearance, and discounts at resorts, golf courses and spas. There were suggestions that holders might be allowed freehold ownership of land, but this never happened. Thaksin’s aim was to sell cards to one million

people. In the event, just 2,565 were sold. At t e nt ion h a s now turned to ways to compensate the card holders. The Tourism and Sports Ministry, ultimately in control of the Thai Premium Co Ltd, has asked the government to set aside B 2.5 billion to compensate members and staff once the company shuts down. The cabinet has nixed that request, but asked the ministry to table details for consideration next week. Then there is the question of who ends up dealing with the reported B1.4 billion debt run up by TPC. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has to come up with B500 million to cover overdue registered capital. This would pave the way for TPC to be shut down. It reportedly plans to request this amount from the Budget Bureau – ultimately, the tax-payer. Prakit Chinamourphong, president of the Thai Hotels Association, said the project should have been shut down a long time ago.

‘Restraint’ hammers Japanese tourism

More than half a million room bookings have been cancelled across Japan since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, reports. Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) commissioner Hiroshi Mizohata told Japan’s Upper House land and transport committee that while the disaster itself had hurt tourism, cancelled events and limited operation hours for attractions had also impacted tourism across the nation. Statistics showed that 390,000 hotel cancellations were for rooms booked in the heavily damaged Tohoku and Kanto areas, but another 170,000 other cancellations were because of the Japanese people’s “self restraint” Mizohata said. “The consequences are extremely serious,” he added. Tokyo Disneyland was among the attractions limiting their operating hours. It shortened its opening times by four hours a day. Kyoto has also been affected by “self restraint” with events scheduled in the cities of Uji and Fukuchiyama during March and April cancelled “one after another”. An official of the Kyoto Tourism Federation said, “People’s restraint from tourism is dealing a hard blow. We don’t know how long the self-restraining sentiment will last.”

JAL, too, sees big drop in passengers JAL has released its passenger traffic forecast for the Japanese Golden Week vacation that spans 11 days this year from April 28 to May 8. It foresees a huge drop in traffic. In a bid to profitability, the airline will reduce capacities this year on international and domestic routes by 24.2 per cent and 23.8 per cent compared with last year. Reservations on JAL’s international flights are presently 208,486 and on domestic flights 820,474 –declines of 32.8 per cent and 26.1 per cent respectively against the same period last year. It’s not all bad news, however. International flights are expected to be more than 95 per cent full at the peak of Golden Week, thanks to JAL’s dynamic saver fares for short-haul and long-haul sectors, as well as business class travellers from Japan.



ADB warns Asian governments to keep inflation under control

Sir Richard Branson. 

Photo: David Shankbone.

Branson puts off putting on skirt For a second time, the much awaited appearance of Virgin Airlines boss Sir Richard Branson in a bright red stewardess uniform, serving passengers aboard an AirAsia flight, has been postponed. Branson was originally scheduled to make the trip earlier in the year, but damaged himself skiing. The red-dress flight was postponed to May 1. But organisers then discovered that there would be a shortage of hotel rooms and other facilities in London – start-point for the long-haul flight to Kuala Lumpur – because of the royal wedding on April 29. It is now scheduled for July 4. Branson’s own walk up the aisle – and down, and up and down – came about when he lost a bet with AirAsia founder Tony Fernandez. Each owns a Formula 1 team, and the bet was about whose team would come out ahead in the 2010 racing season. Fernandez’s Team Lotus beat Branson’s Virgin team.

Fernandez clearly relishes the prospect. “He’ll have to work the whole flight. He’ll have to serve, he’ll have to clean, he’ll have to clean the toilets,” said Fernandes. He added, “As an AirAsia flight attendant, Richard will have to comply with our grooming standards, and that includes shaving his legs. “Rather than shave him myself, Richard and I thought we could have a bit of fun, engage with our guests and raise more money for charity if we opened up the opportunity to the highest bidder. It’s the first time we’ve both agreed on anything, so that in itself is worth the price of the opening bid.” Fernandez plans to bring 250 of his closest friends on the flight, leaving room for 160 paying passengers at about B110,000 a head. Those proceeds, along with money from sales of tickets to charity parties in London and KL, will go to Branson’s charity, Virgin Unite.

AirAsia sees 7.7pc rise in load factor AirAsia Berhad recorded a year-on-year increase of 7.7 per cent in passenger load factors in the first three months of this year compared with the same period of 2010, the airline has announced. It added that the load factor for the quarter was 81 per cent of capacity. The total number of passengers carried – 7.23 million – was up by 19.3 per cent while the Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) went up 12.5 per cent

and Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK) 25.9 per cent. Malaysia AirAsia had a strong first quarter of 2011, with load factor up 8.6 per cent, ASK up 7.2 per cent and RPK up 23.3 per cent. Indonesia AirAsia saw a load factor increase of 8.8 per cent and a huge 33.1 per cent surge in RPK. Thai AirAsia trailed, recording a load factor increase of 4.6 per cent.

Asian governments must keep a tight rein on inflation and may need to consider controls on capital flooding into the region, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) chief said Tuesday. “Inflation will need to be carefully managed using a mix of policy measures – especially given the harder impact of inflation on the poor, which in Asia still number in the hundreds of millions,” ADB president Haruhiko Kuroda told a news conference at the start of the bank’s annual meeting in Vietnam. The Manila-based bank, which aims to reduce regional poverty, said last week that governments had already moved to soften the

Italian chain to be reborn under Thai owner Thailand’s cash-rich Central Retail Corporation has offered 250 million euros (B11 billion) for Italian retail chain La Rinascente in the sole bid for a historic brand which traces its roots back to 1865, sources said on Tuesday. Maurizio Borletti, a descendant of La Rinascente’s owners since 1917, said he had “launched an appeal” for Italian bids, but a source said he will not be able to block the sale. The offer from Central, which came in before Monday’s bid deadline, would include 45 million euros (B2 billion) in La Rinascente debts. The Italian group, which has its headquarters and a flagship department store in Milan’s central Piazza Duomo, has 11 shops across Italy. The company became one of the symbols of Italy’s postwar economic miracle and was at one point owned by iconic auto giant Fiat. It has since sold its food outlets and closed down several major department stores. It now sells mainly wo­ menswear and high-end cosmetics and accessories. The company’s name means “She who is reborn”, the name chosen by Senatore Bor­letti when he bought the ailing company from its founders, Luigi and Ferdinando Bocconi in 1917. – AFP

impact of food inf lation through measures including tax cuts for food, setting price controls and introducing subsidies. But it said more needed to be done in the region, which has rebounded rapidly from the 2008 global economic crisis. The bank warned soaring global food prices threaten to push tens of millions of Asians into extreme poverty and cut the region’s economic growth this year. Domestic food inflation in developing Asian nations hit 10 per cent at the start of this year, with double-digit rises in the price of wheat, corn, sugar, edible oils, dairy products and meat. At the same time, global

oil prices have also soared. “Rising food and oil prices have been stoked by the unexpected upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa, while the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan have created further global unease,” Kuroda said. While battling inflation, Asia’s governments are also dealing with inflows of capital which Kuroda said might need to be controlled “in some cases, in some countries, on some occasions”. But he said such controls should not be a regular policy tool. “Capital controls are really complicated policy tools, not so easy to implement, and in the long run

capital controls could create distortions in the capital market,” Kuroda said. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) last week said flows of money into Asia’s surging economies remain a “key concern” for policymakers already battling inflation. Those f lows are “extraordinarily large” in some countries, including China, Indonesia and the Philippines, the IMF said. Several countries – including South Korea, Indonesia and India – have tightened monetary policy to try to head off huge inflows of capital from investors seeking better returns on their money than in the sluggish West. – AFP

Fairfax cuts profit forecast, sends shares tumbling Australian publishing giant Fairfax Media on Tuesday slashed its profit outlook and said sub-editing for its largest mastheads would be outsourced, sending its shares plunging. Fairfax, whose major titles include The Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age and The Australian Financial Review, said that revenue since January 1 was down by 4.5 per cent, due to a fall in advertising. It does not expect market conditions to improve enough to recover the decline before the end of the financial year on June 30. The publisher forecast a 6.5 per cent drop in full year earnings to A$600 million (US$654 million). “The overall softness (in advertising revenues) is consistent with trading conditions

reported by major clients and reflects poor consumer sentiment,” chief executive Greg Hywood said in a statement. “Revenues have also been directly affected by the flood conditions experienced in key markets early in the second half and the continuing impact of the Christchurch earthquake.” He was referring to devastating floods in Queensland in January and the massive earthquake in New Zealand in February that claimed more than 180 lives. The company announced a restructure that will see subbing duties on The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Sun-Herald, and The Sunday Age no longer carried out in house. Instead, they will be handed over to Pagemasters, a subsidiary of the Australian Associated Press news agency.

Hywood said the changes would result in A$25 million worth of redundancies. “Yes, there will be cost reductions – but the strategic driver for those savings is reinvestment in the parts of Fairfax that will determine the future success of the company,” Hywood said in a staff memo. “While the changes I am announcing today carry some pain they represent a necessary step forward in creating a sustainable and successful Fairfax.” Hywood said the move will allow Fairfax to focus more on quality journalism by recruiting new high-quality reporters while investing in multi-media training and equipment. Fairfax shares dropped more than eight per cent in response.  – AFP



Indians shoot documentary Elisha Kriis, a popular Mumbai-based actress, model and TV show presenter is to host a documentary about Thailand, aimed at the Indian travel market. The documentary, currently being shot, will be aired on the Indian Sky TV channel. Phuket will be highlighted for its beaches, its welcoming culture and its outdoor activities, such as jet skiing off Patong Beach and the bungee jump in Kathu. Ms Kriis said she was impressed with Thailand, and with Phuket’s beauty. “Indian people will absolutely love Thailand,” she said. “When they see the film, they will get the idea where they should go [for a holiday]. “I found Phuket has Elisha Kriis and the team of film makers shot scenes for good options for shopa documentary at Patong Beach. ping and leisure,” she said.

Mumbai-based actress, model and TV show presenter Elisha Kriis about to go on a jetski in Patong. Jet skiing is presented as one of the best things to do in Phuket.

“People here have nice smiles that make me feel warm.” The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is backing the programme with a remarkably small budget. “We allocated about B200,000 to bring a team

of film makers from India,” said Bancha Chunprapanusorn, the TAT’s Assistant Marketing Director for Asian and the South Pacific. “It’s a good deal; it’s a good PR for Thailand tourism, and we don’t need to spend much money.

“The television channel will also get good ratings from the beautiful images of Thailand that will appear in the film.” He added that the number of Indian tourists coming to Thailand has grown fast in recent years.

Tourist Strategic Airlines looks for partners flights take off Four new sightseeing trips operating out of Phuket hope to lure high-end tourists high in the sky. Skyview Thailand, a tourism business, has been operating plane flights out of Phuket International Airport and Krabi International Airport since February. From Phuket airport, tourists can fly over Phuket circle, James Bond Island, Krabi and Phi Phi islands. From Krabi airport, flying routes to Phi Phi islands are offered. Flights are targeted toward high-end tourists, and prices vary depending on the route. Company director Visessak Pratoomratana has a passion for flying and is a nature lover. He says the company’s trips will give people the chance to see the Andaman landscape from a bird’s eye view. Skyview Thailand has been operating since 2002, mainly as a company which trains commercial pilots in Thailand and Asia. Tourists will travel in a private aircraft Cessna 172 and Diamond DA42 which have two seats, or the Piper Seneca ll aircraft with 3-4 seats. In the future routes to see the Trang Sea, Similan and Surin islands will be offered.

Rapidly expanding Strategic Airlines is in advanced codeshare talks as it plans to extend its global network to more international destinations. The ambitious carrier is seeking partnerships to use Phuket, from where it already flies to Australia, as a base to offer onward destinations. Strategic is planning similar alliances to enable it to reach mainland US cities. It is widely expected to begin flights to Hawaii later this year after applying for capacity from the International Air Services Commission (IASC). But the carrier admitted the “bigger picture” was sewing up deals with airlines to reach the mainland “at some point in time”. But expansion from Phuket appears to be Strategic’s first goal, with chief commercial officer Damien Vasta revealing

Strategic Airlines wants to use Phuket as a base for expansion into the wider international market, and is already in advanced codeshare talks. to Travel Today that talks are “quite well advanced”. “Phuket is considered something of a hub port for South East Asia, so we are talking with partner airlines

about how we may offer through services into other parts of Asia and Europe,” he said. “Talks are quite well advanced and I would probably

expect to announce something in the next couple of months about who we’ll be working with.” Discussions are also taking place with carriers over

potentially placing Strategic’s code on flights into cities on the US mainland. “We will look to formalise partnerships that will allow us to fly from one point to the many attractive destinations that Australians love in the US,” Vasta said. “There is a range of options we are considering.” He said interline, codeshare and alliances were all in the mix. While Strategic will remain focused on the point to point leisure market, the “next phase of our development” was also at front of mind, he said. With the limited fleet it currently operates, building business to onward destinations through partnerships was an “inevitability”, Vasta said. Strategic is expected to reveal its first US destination in around six weeks.

ANA revenue up – airline back in the black The ANA Group of Japan has reported consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ended March, 2011. Traffic growth and the expansion of services from Haneda airport in Tokyo contributed to an increase in both revenues and a return to profits during the year. Operating revenues at ¥1,357.6 billion (B504 billion) were up by 10.5 per cent on the previous year while

operating income recovered to ¥67.8 billion (B24 billion) (compared with a loss of ¥54.2 billion (B20 billion). Recurring profit was ¥37.0 billion (B14,000 billion) compared with a loss of ¥86.3 billion (B31 billion) and net income for the period was ¥23.3 billion (B8.5 billion) compared with a loss of ¥57.3 billion (B21 billion). The dividend per share will be 2 yen.

Shinichiro Ito, President & CEO of ANA, said: “2010 was a year of business growth and improved operational performance by enhancing competitiveness and improving cost structure. We expanded our international business during the fiscal year with the addition of new services and increased capacity. At the same time we maintained a tight control on costs in line with the plan

set out in ANA’s FY2010-11 Group Corporate Strategy. As a result, our air transport business achieved an increase in revenue and improved profitability compared with the previous year when ANA’s performance was affected by the global recession. “Looking forward, however, future prospects for the Japanese economy are unpredictable given substantially

higher oil prices, the uncertain outlook for global business, fluctuations in exchange rates and the impact of the March 11 earthquake. Although our Sendai operation was suspended after the earthquake, ANA played an important role in helping support recovery efforts by operating relief flights to Fukushima and Yamagata, and providing transport of relief supplies and relief workers.”



THE BIG LIST Brazen and brainless

Okay, so not everyone is dumb enough to get picture evidence of their crime permanently inked on their skin (see left), but there are plenty of would-be criminals out there who could have conquered the world were it not for one simple fact: they’re incredibly stupid. Here are just a handful. Playing dead: In 2008, a burglar broke into a funeral home in Burjassot, a small town just outside Valencia. When police arrived he tried to fool them by playing dead, but two things gave him away. First, he breathed. Second, he wore grungy clothes rather than the Sunday best of those settling in for eternal rest. Doing his homework: In 2008, police charged Daniel Glen, 40, with robbing a convenience store in Windsor, Ontario, after he called ahead to ask the clerk how much money was in the cash register before going to “collect” it. Glen was already a suspect in two similar incidents where the thief called ahead to make sure the clerk had the money bagged and ready for him.

Killer Anthony Garcia’s tattoo of a crime scene on his chest lead to a murder conviction. - Photo:

Tattoo gives a fatal clue L

os Angeles Sergeant Kevin Lloyd spent four years investigating the murder of gang member John Juarez before finally coming across the killer – a man with the crime scene tattooed on his chest. Mr Juarez, 23, was gunned down in 2004 in a Los Angeles Hispanic neighbourhood. After four years with no leads, when Mr Lloyd came across the mug shot of Anthony Garcia, aka “Chopper”, he knew he had the missing link to solve the crime. Garcia was photographed

by police after he was arrested at a routine traffic stop. His tattoo featured a helicopter firing guns at the victim, and featured a street sign and Christmas lights – components of the murder scene. Garcia was arrested for attempted murder and was placed in a holding cell with two undercover police officers posing as older gang members. It didn’t take long for Garcia to brag to the police officers about his tattoo and the story behind it. His confession was captured on

hidden microphones the officers were wearing. Garcia, 25, was convicted of first degree murder for Mr Juarez’s murder earlier this month. He is facing between 65 years to life imprisonment when he is sentenced May 19, 2011, in Norwalk Superior Court. In Los Angeles gang members are routinely asked to remove their shirts for photographic purposes. This helps police identify signature tags that many criminals uses when tagging. - Story from:

Chinese man a real dog lover For former chef Li Zongwen, a man’s best friend is really his dog, as he looks after more than 140 strays in his home in China. Mr Li, 59, has become a dog’s best friend after adopting a number of stray and abandoned pooches. Walkies must be a nightmare and dealing with the poop almost unimaginable because Li takes care of over 140 of the animals in his home in China. Rescued from the streets on the outskirts of the city of Wuhan, they are given a roof over their heads and a meal to eat. The rescued animals

Signing the deed: Peter Addison made it easy for police to track him down – by scrawling his name on a wall at the crime scene. The 18-year-old wrote “Peter Addison was here” with black marker pen as he and friends raided a campsite for underprivileged children and went on a drunken wrecking spree. And when police tracked him down he did them another favour, by wearing a T-shirt he had stolen from the site, proving they had the right man. Falling on his own sword: A man running from a western Michigan store with stolen hunting knives hidden in his pants tripped, fell and stabbed himself in the stomach. Going in circles: An armed robber held up a petrol station in Vancouver and then returned to ask the cashier for directions. The 22-year-old man was chased by cops at 100mph after holding up staff at knife point, but got lost and so pulled into a petrol station for help, unaware it was the one he had just robbed. A real blinder: Germany’s dumbest criminal was jailed for four years after he attempted to rob a bank wearing a mask that he couldn’t see out of. He had to lift up his mask so he could demand money from the cashier, allowing cops to identify him from CCTV footage. Drop everything and run! Two men tried to pull the front off a cash machine by running a chain from the machine to the bumper of their pickup truck. Instead of pulling the front panel off the machine, though, they pulled the bumper off their truck. Scared, they left the scene and drove home. With the chain still attached to the machine. With their bumper still attached to the chain. With their vehicle’s licence plate still attached to the bumper. Say cheese! A man successfully broke into a bank after hours and stole the bank’s CCTV camera. While it was recording. Remotely. Let’s do a little math: A man walked into a Circle-K (similar to a 7-11), put a $20 bill on the counter and asked for change. When the clerk opened the cash drawer, the man pulled a gun and demanded all the cash in the register, which the clerk promptly provided. The man took the cash from the clerk and fled – leaving the $20 bill on the counter. The total amount of cash he got from the drawer? Fifteen dollars. You mean me? A pair of Michigan robbers entered a record shop nervously waving revolvers. The first one shouted, “Nobody move!” When his partner moved, the startled first bandit shot him.

Mr Li takes care of more than 140 stray dogs. like to sit and watch as the former chef rustles up their grub in a big cauldron using a garden spade. Ta k i ng ca re of more than 140 stray canines is no small task and the dog

lover couldn’t do the job without support. The dogs have been living with him in his house since 2009 and Mr Li even eats his dinner surrounded by his canine friends.



These couples were recently married on Phuket Island.

Rachel Marshall and Paul Gleeson from Australia were married at Laguna Phuket’s Chapel-on-the-Lagoon on April 3. - Photo: Laguna Chapel Wedding Planner.

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Year 8 art class students were taught different techniques including life drawing.

Art teacher lets creativity flow


very single invention in the world comes from a creative thought and it’s very difficult to teach creative thinking. The best way to do it is through the visual arts. That’s where people can take risks, try something new, and think outside the box,” said Elsie Evans, who was last week’s artist in residence at the British International School. While the Year 8 art class took a break, Evans told her story of being self-taught in painting and being able to make enough of a living from art to support four sons through their education, after the death of her husband earlier on. Evans lives in Bangkok,

but was in Phuket for one week during her visit. Coming from a family of teachers in Scotland, she had vowed not to teach. But from her Attic Studios in Sukhumvit Soi 31, near the home of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, Evans is busy teaching a constant stream of students of all ages, along with doing her own painting on top of all that. Like this week, the artist also teaches at international schools around the country. Evans holds great faith in promoting youthful creativity. She feels that the way art is taught here produces an uninspired uniformity that can not contribute to raising the general standard of Thai art today. So she teaches techniques of draw-

ing and painting and encourages the free flow of creativity in her studios. When students could not come to their lessons because Red-shirt protesters had blocked her street in the recent street violence, the artist painted the demonstrators themselves from her studio window. She then put the small paintings on Facebook and sold a lot to international buyers. Having lived in Thailand since 1987, with a break in Jakarta, Evans says she wouldn’t live anywhere else. When her sons are independent, she is planning to sell up and move to Phuket, just to dive and paint. Her work can be seen at – Norachai Thavisin

Class of the week

Elsie Evans, artist in residence at BIS talks with some of the students.

What will I be? Jakob Klaic, Chara Revett and Yemin Yoo, pictured above, were among 30 students who enjoyed an informative evening at the Phuket Orchid Resort conference room on Saturday night. Ten career professionals volunteered to teach the students about the different

career paths available. Jakob is interested in interior design, Chara wants to work in media and Yemin Yoo aims to study international relations either in the United States or Canada so she can become a diplomat. Students circulated around different tables during the

evening to talk to advisors in their fields of interest. Rotary Club of Patong Beach/QSI Phuket Parents Support Group Career Night 2011 was organised for the Rotary Club by Brad Kenny and QSI school by Rachel Geary, and open to all students.

Year 8 students of the British International School take a break from their morning art class which is being taught by visiting artist Elsie Evans. If you would like a class from your school to appear here, please email a photo file, of at least a megabyte in size for good printing, to



A royal occasion The wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton was celebrated in style at IndoChine, in Kalim, on April 29, with guests dressed in their best royal attire.

Above: Noi Rino, customer director of Not Salon, Rosena Bhirombhakdi, with Mike Phillips, bottom left, Devere Group senior consultant, and Andrew Galway, Sovereign Trust (Singapore) PTE Ltd development manager.

Lady Pie owner Susan Usher and Australian wine marketer Sharon Martin.

IndoChine executive director Sue Ma, Tech Worx Projects director Kay O’Higgens, IndoChine events planner Marilyn Clark, and Big Red Energy managing director Huseyin Kavak.

Above: Supachai Sangpunya and his Beetle.

Beetles on display at Naiharn Supachai Sangpunya, Dean of Faculty of International Studies of the Phuket campus of the Prince of Songkhla University, was obviously pleased to be showing off his well-kept, early-model grey Volkswagen Beetle. His car was in good company among some 30 other shiny old Beetles at the gathering of the Phuket Volkswagen Club. The meet was held on the island in the lagoon at

Members of the Phuket Volkswagen Club sell goods on the island at Naiharn Lagoon.

the back of Naiharn Beach over the Labour Day holiday weekend. Goods were spread out on the grass to sell and a large singer with long wild hair had started to sing. Some members had spent the night in tents and waited for the food tents to serve their fund-raising barbecue dinner. The “people’s” cars looked well-pampered, their vintage polish gleaming.





Naiharn villa private and secluded T he modern L-shape design of this threebedroom pool villa was created to envelope the pool from every angle of the property. The excellent views and landscaped garden, alongside the luxury furniture, are the dominating features of this classy home. The entire land area of this pool villa is 410sqm, with 215sqm internally. The spacious garden is surrounded by a perimetre wall that offers the utmost in privacy and seclusion, with the added bonus of 24-hour estate security. The garden is very neat and tidy, with a large lawn area that overlooks the fantastic 32sqm Infinity Edge swimming pool. You can access the openplan living area directly from poolside, through tall patio doors. What is so great about this property is that every room in the house can be accessed through patio doors. Gleaming white ceramic tiled f loors r un through the entirety of the property and add a contemporar y feel to the surroundings. The sleek furniture package ensures you will live comfortably with elegance and luxury. The house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a

lounge, dining room, western kitchen, a laundry room and a utility room, ideally used for storage purposes. Added features for you to consider are, a bathtub, estate security, cable/satellite TV, telephone lines and an internet connection. The house is available to buy with Chanote title deeds, and freehold or leasehold purchasing terms for B11.5 million, reduced from B13.9 million. The location at Naiharn is very desirable, within a short Tel: 0 7 6 3 8 4 6 6 4


distance to one of the island’s finest beaches. A wide choice of bars, restaurant and shopping facilities are all located nearby. Naiharn is situated on the southwestern coast of Phuket, with a considerable expat community, so making new friends will be very easy. For further information contact Patrick Lusted at Siam Real Estate Tel: 076288908 or email: patrick@ visit the website at www.siamrealestate. com.

This three-bedroom pool villa is for sale at Naiharn. Mob: 087 898 8647


467m2 of luxurious living space located at Boat Lagoon, equipped with 5 bedrooms, a large living area and an exclusive designer kitchen. Secluded 70m2 swimming pool and a terrace with a bar all located in a lush tropical garden.

Tel: 076

Contact: Tryggve Norin Boat Lagoon Park Residence 2 272 426, 089 045 5116

Building C1-C2 Premium Outlet-Gallery Zone, Bypass Rd., Phuket 83000, Thailand Tel: (076) 350-465 Fax: (076) 350-465 Email: Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10 am-5.30 pm Closed: Sunday



Planting for the future Sea pine and mangrove trees were planted at Saphan Hin Park, Phuket Town, last Thursday (April 28) in part of an ongoing campaign to combat the impacts of global warming. Members of the Phuket Municipality and other community members planted the 99 trees as part of a project by the Department of Local Government. When the 10-month project finishes on November 30 this year, 999,999 trees will have been planted around Phuket. The project is happening this year to celebrate the 84th birthday of His Majesty the King, which is the beginning of the seventh cycle of his life according to Thai culture. Phuket City Deputy Mayor Tavorn Jirapattanasopon, on right, plants a sea pine to increase green space in Phuket.

Helping make Phuket clean T

he Keep Phuket Clean programme kicked off again last Friday, following the success of the Summer in Phuket campaign last year and a community initiated island-wide waste management scheme. Storms a month ago dramatically increased the amount of litter on western beaches, so the clean-up on April 22 was much needed. The aim of the campaign is to help keep Phuket and our beaches clean over the summer season, between April and November.

Clean-up teams are working along the west coast, and information about the litter collected is being sent to Bangkok for a study by Ocean Conservancy. Litter on the beach has been dumped or blown into the Andaman Sea and has been washed back onto the coastline. This year it appears beach litter has reduced in volume, and people appear to be more proactive in trying to keep the beaches cleaner year-round. If you wish to help in the cleanup, please keep these dates in your diary (if it rains,

the cleanup will take place the following day): Every Thursday on May 19 (World River Clean Up is May 14), June 17, July 15, August 19, September 16 (World Clean Up Day is September 19), October 20, November 15, and December 15. Wear light clothes, bring a hat and biodegradable garbage bags, gloves and preferably a rake. Don’t wait for others but make a start, anywhere. For more information, contact: Nick Anthony 089 873 2042 or visit

IN BRIEF Tackling pollutants

The fifth conference of the parties to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, held on April 25-29, could bring to 22 the total number of internationally-agreed forbidden pollutants. Alternatives to DDT one of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) used in the fight against malaria - are gaining popularity, but its complete ban is not on the agenda. “POPs are the worst substances man has ever created. They give toxic legacy to future generations. “They are persistent in the environment, remain intact for many years and move up

across the globe. “You can detect them even in the Arctic, where they have never been used,” Björn Beeler, international coordinator of the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN), told International Press Service.

Banning coca? Is coca a dangerous drug that should be tightly regulated, or an essential part of Andean indigenous people’s cultural and medicinal heritage? Or perhaps both? In the coming months, diplomats at the UN body will face the thorny issue of how to address the production and use of coca plants

in the Andes region of South America. The US and some of its European allies contend that coca leaf is a narcotic substance and that its production must be banned in accordance with the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. The Bolivian government strongly disagrees, and for the past two years has been calling for an amendment to article 49 of the UN antinarcotics treaty that considers coca production unlawful. President Evo Morales has repeatedly stressed that, “Coca is not cocaine” in a bid to convince the international community to legalise the use and production of coca.

Meet the natives


ach week The Phuket News introduces an animal or plant that is found on the island of Phuket.

This week’s Phuket native could barely move after swallowing a whole pig for lunch. The giant python in this old photo, taken at the Jaroon Mine in San Klong area in Phuket in 1962, was likely to have been an Asiatic reticulated python (Python reticulatus), commonlyfound in Southeast Asia. Adult snakes can grow to over 8.7 metres in length but normally are an average of seven metres. They are the

world’s longest snakes and the longest reptiles, but not the most heavily-built. Like all pythons, they are nonvenomous constrictors and are normally not considered dangerous to humans. Although large specimens are powerful enough to kill an adult human, attacks are only occasionally reported. An excellent swimmer, it has been reported far out at sea and has colonised many small islands within its range. The specific name is Latin meaning net-like, or reticulated, a reference to the complex colour pattern. That it can survive in the suburbs is remarkable, given its conspicuous size. An occasional full meal of pork helps, of course. This snake was captured in 1962 with a large pig in its stomach.

- Photo: Sangjan Limlohasakul



THE CROSSWORD – CRYPTICALLY YOURS Across 1. Assault weapon joins fingers with rag. (13) 9. Tree-dweller the French put against the wall. (5) 10. Dour ruse five used to confuse lush. (9) 11. Urinals employed by the narrow-minded. (7) 12. Bit of film behind truck. (7) 15. Wall fixing in stable? (4) 16. Muslim scholar’s informal dress. (5) 17. Eastern photo saga. (4) 20. Only a bit of boot. (4) 23. No sort of nut is in debt. (5)

24. I’ll be surrounded by water, it’s said. (4) 26. A pose Diana’s in – looks fatty. (7) 27. Pat sits by Scottish river and a city. (27) 28. Disown rude ape – it’s out! (9) 29. She’s after a pile of burned dust. (5) 30. Forethought before deep contemplation. (13)


2. Anesthatise headbone, you idiot! (9) 3. Round 101: the Catholic and the Parisian. (6) 4. Gulliver’s body part. (5) 5. Subordinate is lower than fish. (9) 6. Pest in school period, note after it. (7)

Solutions to puzzles of April 29 issue

4 1 3 7 9 8 5 2 6

7 8 2 5 6 4 9 1 3

5 6 9 3 2 1 4 8 7

3 2 5 8 1 6 7 4 9

8 9 4 2 7 3 6 5 1

1 7 6 4 5 9 8 3 2

2 4 7 6 3 5 1 9 8

6 5 1 9 8 2 3 7 4

9 3 8 1 4 7 2 6 5

Puzzle by

YOUR STARS ARIES (March 21-April 19) You go out of your way to get mental perspective. No one can accuse you of missing the forest for the trees. You’ll see the trees, the forest, the continent they are on and the curve of the planet. A new romance is looming, and attention will come your way from someone you have admired from a distance. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You’re not sure how far to take an idea. There are expenses involved, and you’re not sure whether it would be worthwhile to incur those expenses. The answer is: not yet. Don’t put your money into this until you are certain. GEMINI (May 21-June 21) Staying on course will be a

challenge. Your mind fires in many directions at once. Your social interaction may feel unfocused. Yet your whimsical mood produces bits of creativity that turn out to be both interesting and lucrative. CANCER (June 22-July 22) There’s something you could do better if you had formal instruction in it. The training is not as difficult to get, time consuming or costly as you think it will be. Go for it! Take care around family members as someone may take something you say the wrong way.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) There is a person who goes in after you clean, polish and present all the work you’ve done. Honour and praise this often-

7. Lies, lips out, to get three points. (8) 8. Odd rats in Kremlin. (4) 13. Two ens I put together for recording label. (1,1,1) 14. Attach a very loud one to vote. (5) 16. Good light for making hooch. (9) 18. Confused, I hoist cap. That’s nuts! (9) 19. Ass after five put it in Indian fissure. (8) 21. Strangely uneven. (3) 22. Support eastern husband. (7) 25. Waterway seems to have no bends. (6) 26. To partner after a hairdo. (4) 27. Fold answer to temperature. (5)

5 7

3 4 8 1

7 2 2

1 3 7 8

1 9

7 6 3 4 9 8 5 2 9 7 1 8 1 1 5 8 3 4 2 4 Puzzle by

it. The response you receive will be directly correlated to the number of times you put yourself out there.

unsung helper. Make your appreciation widely known. For those in a relationship pay more attention to your other half this week.

bubbles up and then recedes just as quickly. Enjoy life, this is a week for singles and your dating life could become very busy over the next few days.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) If you have thoughts that are inappropriate or prejudiced, keep them to yourself and don’t worry too much. This is only a sign that you have let down your guard and are in a highly creative mode. Be careful around your co-workers as someone has it in for you this week.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21) You might take certain shortcuts when you’re walking alone, but you wouldn’t bring others down the same potentially treacherous path - too risky. You’re full of interesting and intense energy this week. You’re actually creating it, with your cultured, magnetic charm. You’re even a little dangerous.

CAPRICORN. (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You infuse your activities with the qualities that make you shine: attitude, vision and creativity. A little nuisance project could be the start of a huge enterprise. Your warmth and acceptance make your friends feel great, and they want to return the favor. Why not let them?

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) What a bit of fun you’ll get into this week. Some might even call it trouble, and they wouldn’t be far off, either. But it’s the kind of fun/trouble that

SAGITTARIUS. (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) You’ve worked hard to achieve a certain standard in your work, and now you need to work just as hard to market

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You’ll have double the energy this week, so don’t let it go to waste. Go beyond what you did last week. If you walked

a mile, walk two. If you read an article, finish the whole magazine. You could help friends or co-workers hash out an issue they’re having, or zero in on someone nearby in need of your help. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You’ll benefit by trying to see the other side of an equation. For instance, maybe it’s not the people involved in a problem who are to blame for it, but the situation and environment they are in. Routine can be comforting because you know what to expect, even if it’s not exactly what you want. But it’s all too easy for you to get stuck in a relationship or situation that doesn’t serve you, simply because it’s easy and you’re used to it.




Where good ideas come from

By Steven Johnson Penguin, 2010, hardback, 336 pages. Steven Johnson, one of our most innovative popular thinkers, explores the secrets of inspiration. The author has spent 20 years immersed in creative industries, was active at the dawn of the internet and has a unique perspective that draws on his fluency in fields ranging from neurobiology to new media. Why have cities historically been such hubs of innovation? What do the printing press and Apple have in common? And what does this have to do with the creation and

evolution of life itself? Johnson presents the answers to these questions and more in his infectious style, using examples from thinkers in a range of disciplines - from Charles Darwin to Tim Berners-Lee - to provide the complete, exciting, and encouraging story of inspiration. He identifies five key principles to the genesis of great ideas, from the cultivation of hunches to the importance of connectivity and how best to make use of new technologies.

Everyone loves you when you are dead

By Neil Strauss Harper Collins, 2011, paperback, 304 pages. You can tell a lot about some-

Wickedly illustrated throughout with sketches by artist Sian Pattenden, Strauss’ first-ever collection of rock journalism is equally raw and revealing.

Twitter tips, tricks and tweets

body in a minute - if you choose the right minute. As a journalist (for Rolling Stone, the New York Times and elsewhere) and bestselling author, Neil Strauss considers it his job to hang around celebrities, rock gods, porn queens, up-and-coming starlets, and iconic superstars long enough


Scream 4 Sidney Prescott, now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey and Gale, who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill and her Aunt Kate. Unfortunately, Sidney’s appearance also brings about

the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town of Woodsboro in danger.

mans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. Directed by Kenneth Branagh.

- whether it takes moments or months - to find that minute, the one when the curtain finally falls away and the real person is revealed. In this new collection, Strauss offers up 120 of those singular, hit-you-in-the guts, perception-altering, revolutionary minutes, as only he can

an interview with Jerry (Jeff Goldblum) - who is desperate to hire a producer for the struggling show Daybreak. Becky accepts the job and it proves to be more difficult than even she might be able to handle. She has to fire the sexist co-host, then try to convince egotistical news reporter, Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), to take the job, and then try and get him to actually do the job, properly. And she has to do this while falling for handsome Adam (Patrick Wilson), and trying to save the show from plummeting ratings.

Morning glory

Source code

The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst hu-

Becky (Rachel McAdams) is a hard-working morning TV show producer, or at least she was until she got fired. Desperate to get a job, she finally gets

An action thriller centred on a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find a bomber.

sibly care less about trying to sound young? In a word, no. That’s the kick of Hot Sauce – the Beasties sound exactly like themselves, cutting loose without straining to fit anyone else’s idea of relevance. Adam “MCA” Yauch, Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “AdRock” Horowitz originally

scheduled Hot Sauce for release in 2009, until the project was derailed by MCA’s battle with cancer. Now cheekily retitled Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, it’s their first album in seven years, unless you count 2007’s stoner-funk instrumental throwaway, The Mix-Up. It’s also a return to

classic Beasties chutzpah; on Hot Sauce Committee, they’re not sweating to impress anyone except one another.


- with total honesty, deadpan wit, and unmatched style. Among the game-changing moments collected here are interviews with: Tom Cruise; Snoop Dogg; Madonna; Johnny Cash; Cher and Dave Navarro; Oasis; Julian Casablancas of The Strokes; Brian Wilson; Eric Clapton; and, Hugh Hefner.

By Paul McFedries John Wiley & Sons, 2010, paperback, 288 pages. Maximise your fun and boost your productivity with this updated, full-colour guide to tantalising Twitter tips. Whether you’re looking to learn how to set up an account for the first time or are on the prowl for some cool third-party Twitter apps, this guide will boost your entire Twitter experience. –

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. For up-to-date information, visit, or phone the cinemas: Phuket 076-209-000 and Patong 076-600-555.

AT SFX COLLISEUM PHUKET THIS WEEK Jugalan (Thai/English subtitle)  13:15, 15:30, 17:45, 20:00, 22:30 King Naresuan 3 (Thai/English subtitle) [S]  13:45, 19:15 Ladda Land (Thai/English)  11:20, 12:15, 14:45, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15 Scream 4 (English) [18+]  14:05, 19:00 Scream 4 (English/French subtitle) [18+]  12:20, 17:10, 22:00 Thor (English/3D) [15+]  11:40, 14:20, 17:00, 19:40, 22:20 Thor (Thai)  13:30, 16:00, 16:50, 18:30, 21:00, 22:35 World Invasion (English) [13+]  11:30, 16:20, 21:20 World Invasion (English/French sub) [13+]  14:40, 19:30

AT SFC JUNGCEYLON PHUKET Jugalan (Thai/English sub) [15+]  Ladda Land (Thai/English) [18+]  Morning Glory (English) [13+]  Rio (English) [G]  Source Code (English) [15+]  Thor (English) [15+]  World Invasion (English) [13+ ]  Source Code (English) (15+) World Invasion (English) (13+): 

13:15, 15:30,17:45, 20:00, 22:10 11:45, 14:15, 16:45, 19:15, 21:45 13:30, 19:50 12:00, 15:50 17:50, 22:10 12:15, 14:45, 17:15, 19:45, 22:20 14:00, 16:30, 19:00, 21:30 16:10, 18:15, 20:20, 22:25 14:45, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15

MUSIC Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams Reprise Stevie Nicks built her legend on the California-Babylon chronicles she perfected in the seventies with Fleetwood Mac, and in the eighties on underrated solo gems like The Other Side of the Mirror. But she still has that eternal edge-of-17 tremor in her voice. The gypsy queen is in royal form on In Your Dreams – it’s not just her first album in 10 years, it’s her finest collection of songs since the eighties.

Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 Capitol Could the Beastie Boys pos-

Metronomy The English Riviera Atlantic/Big Beat/Because Almost all of the songs on

The English Riviera sound great, yet few of them really emotionally or physically involve the listener, and there’s little to take away besides an appreciation of that effortlessly attractive sheen. Metronomy deserve a ton of credit for so quickly and satisfyingly mastering a sound that’s so

disparate from the band’s origins. However, the group hasn’t quite figured out how to animate its precise creations with personality or passion, suggesting they’d be best served by not immediately leaping to another sonic identity with their next release. 




Sunday morning tranquility on the Krabi esplanade.

The luscious green road to Krabi O

ne of the pleasures of driving to Krabi, on the other opposite coast of the Andaman “bay” from Phuket, is the scenery. Following route 401 on the way to Surat Thani, you are soon amongst the limestone mountains of Phang-nga province which rise straight up from ground level all around towards the sky. The road winds around the grey and white lime structures, which are covered mostly in wild vegetation. Dark green is a common colour on the route – particularly around the rubber and oil palm plantations along either side of the road. Complete silence reigns in the plantations and even seems to exclude bird songs. At the half-way point, the Ta Phut market on the highway roadside bustles with morning customers. It’s a good place to have a break

from driving and enjoy some coffee and snacks. From Phang-nga, the road turns south, heading towards the coast of Ao Luk and Krabi. The provincial centre of Krabi greets visitors with its relaxed and slow-paced existence, some 176 kilometres from Phuket Town. West of the town is a long esplanade and boat pier. The green shop front of No 7 Guesthouse stands out on Khongkha Rd. Two very friendly female owners, one wearing Muslim headdress, welcome you to their cool and spotless place. Here, a spacious air-conditioned double room with ensuite bathroom and balcony, and a glimpse of water view, costs only B450 a night. It’s Saturday night. By following the sound of off-key singing and swarm of people heading into the nearby mar-

ket square, we soon see how the locals amuse themselves. On the big stage among food and clothing stores, performances are going full-blast. Hordes of kids bounce and slide on inflated castles next to the stage. A troupe of dancing transvestites in ostrich feathers and wild headdress, following on from teenage break-dancers, soon wakes up the show. One of them gyrates among the table to collect donations for their performance, sweat glistening on his or her bare limbs. The next day, dawn breaks to the soft sounds of a boat motoring. Old Chinese residents are already out on the park at the esplanade, stretching and dancing soundlessly. Women in an exercise class chat as they stretch around a pond amid strange, painted cement sculptures of seas creatures.

The road to Krabi is scenic through oil palm and rubber plantations. On the mangrove mudflat waiting in the morning tide, amphibious mud skippers slip and slide but a heron spears one for its breakfast. Then unexpectedly on Sunday morning, ceremonial chanting and drum beats float in the from the sea. Three long wooden boats, laden with

colourful villagers, pull up to the pier with the celebrants wearing their best whites and silk sarongs. The man at the centre of this ceremony steps sedately gets the boat. He sits on the shoulder of men who take turns to carry him, as the procession heads for a temple

on top of a hill where he will be ordained a monk. Drummers beat and chant and women dance on ahead. The monk-to-be looks ahead, already focused elsewhere. Krabi – it’s a place to relax, see the sights, and is well worth the drive. - Norachai Thavisin

Above: Collecting donations, transvestite-style.



Street Fashion Tania Nicholson, Administrator.

Her shirt (B350) and Fox denim short (B1,000) were bought at Jungceylon. Her earrings (B100) and City Beach sandals (B700) were bought in Australia. She bought her Frendi sunglasses (B17,000) from Singapore.

Jariya Davidson, Housewife.

Her Top Shop dress (B5,300) and her short coat (B2,000) were bought in UK. Her shoes (B299) were bought at Jungceylon. She bought her bag (B3,000) from Mirror. Her sparkling cap (B199) was bought on Soi Bangla.

Must haves 1



1 Cotton shoes B350 2 Handmade earring B85 3 Handmade ring B75 4 Funky watch from B450

to B750 Accessories from Neung shop at 61 Soi Bangyai (the small street behind Big C) in Phuket Town.




Sad saga of government’s excess excise on wines Chile is regarded by most wine consumers in Thailand as providing the best value-formoney wines on the market. It’s a hard-won plaudit that, unfortunately, has lost at least some of its lustre over the past few years. In a hard-fought battle for market share, importerdistributors have pleaded with suppliers for lower-priced wines. While that accords with the good old capitalist spirit, it is skewed by Thailand’s oppressively unfair excise tax on wines and a worldwide oversupply of wine. Chile entered the international wine scene like a rocket in the 1980s, following years of internal political upheaval. European and American wine experts saw potential in helping revive and update Chile’s centuries-old wine tradition, so invested money and expertise with local partners. Low land and labour costs, coupled with ideal growing conditions, resulted in a steady stream of quality varietal wines at irresistibly modest prices. As demand grew, major suppliers such as Concha y Toro expanded production and many new wineries opened.

Fine Wine Powerhouses like Mondavi in the US and Mouton-Rothschild in France got involved. While the Mondavi venture imploded because of bad management decisions, Mouton-Rothschild’s, Lurton’s and many other producers’ projects flourished, adding new labels at nearly all price points. However, in an attempt to remain competitive, aided by imprecise definition and enforcement of labeling laws, many wineries started using terms like “reserve”, “special reserve” or “grand reserve” on wines of questionable quality. This mix of ingredients has resulted in a dilution of quality and trust in many Chilean wines, once revered as best buys in Thailand. “Caveat emptor” has become the watchword for local consumers as major brands such as St Helena, Santa Alicia and even Concha y Toro supply wines, often under secondary labels, that are barely drinkable. While the premium wines of these and other respected companies continue at the

same quality as years ago, their “second sons” are sullying family reputations and losing the support of consumers in Thailand. There is plenty of blame to go around for this sad degradation of once reliable quality, but the lion’s share rests with the Thai government’s ludicrous tax imposts on wine. A bottle of wine is taxed under a complex formula at 285 per cent of the winery wholesale price. Once margins are added by distributors and retailers, a bottle of wine that would sell in most countries, including China, for B300, ends up costing B1,200 in Thailand. A bottle of Johnny Walker Black sells for about B1,000 and a bottle of lao kao for about B 120, both taxed at about 65 per cent. Small wonder, then, that those B375 bottles of barely drinkable Chilean wine on retail shelves taste so bad – the bottle probably cost more than the plonk that’s in it. – By R. James Mullen For more information call the Andaman Wine Club, Tel 076-620-101 or visit

Phuket pork sausages, left, and sticky rice sausages, served with cucumber and chillies.

Phuket’s very own sausage Street eats


ausage comes from the Latin word Salsus that means curing meat with salt as a method of preservation. The German word is wurst, defining grounded meat mixed with spices and salt then filled into the skin of pork intestine. But not all sausages are in Germany. Thailand has a few good-tasting regional ones. In the northeast Isarn region, there is the famous and delicious Isarn Sausageor Mham, made from ground pork or beef mixed with salt, seasoning for saltiness and lime for its characteristic sour taste. In the north, a similar sausage is called Sai Aua, made from pork, salt and is more spicy than the Isarn one. Not to be left behind, Phuket has a traditional sausage which is unfortunately not that easy to find these days, and is more familiar only to the older generation. There are t wo t y pes: grilled sweet pork sausage and a spicy sticky rice sausage, eaten with Yum Pla-Naem (spicy shredded fish mixed with slices of pork skin) and also with vegetables, such as

Yum Pla-Naem, the side dish that decreased the greasy of sausage. sliced cucumber, to temper the sausage’s greasiness. One shop at 25 Ratsada Rd boasts having used original unique recipes to make their sausages for more than 100 years, when a Chinese woman called Jao cooked and sold them in front of her house. The fourth generation family A map showing the location members still cook and sell of the old shop. this sausage in the same shop. Premanee Hongwong- B30 for a pack of three pork Phaisan and his two younger sausages, B20 for a pack of brothers, Sudkhet Tanavorn and three sticky rice sausages and Sith Hongwong-Phaisan, each B20 for Yum Pla-Naem. At times Phuket sausage day prepare about 10 kilograms can be found at Chamcha of pork and two kilograms of sticky rice to make this snack. market (Lor-Rong market) on They put out the sausage to Ranong Rd and the morning sell at 10 am and it is usually market on Ong Sim Phai Rd sold out by about 4 pm each near Robinson Department day. They also do catering Store, made from the unique recipe of great-grand mom Jao. orders for special events. It’s an inexpensive meal at – Sukunya Phoonpong



What’s on in Phuket MAY 07 INTO THE BIG BLUE


pieces to help stimulate your mind and creativity. For more information 085 889 9930.

At the Andaman ballroom at the Sheraton Grande Laguna guests will enjoy free flow bar, canapes, a sumptuous four course gala dinner and fabulous entertainment.

Falls on the full moon of the sixth Thai lunar month (May). A Buddhist observance commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. Also observed as National Tree Day.


On this, the holiest Buddhist holiday of the year, you will find the temples full with devotees receiving blessings and giving offerings.

Phuket’s first charity pro am golf event was launched in 2010, and following its success, will take place again in 2011 at Laguna Phuket Golf Club.

All government and public sector business will be closed, including most bars and pubs.

Play with the Pros - up to 30 touring pros from the Asian Tour and OneAsia tours will be taking part.


A great day of golf followed by a Gala Dinner at B-Lay Tong Resort.

Throughout the night there will be fantastic auction and raffle prizes on offer. To attend make a donation to Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation of B3,500 per person, or sponsor a table of 10 for B35,000. Contact Chantal on 089 874 2942 or chantal.fer

MAY 10 ANTINORI WINE DINNER AT MARE Antinori Wine Dinner at Mare Italian Restaurant of Centara Grand. An exclusive wine dinner will be headlined by the leading Italian producers of fine quality wines of Antinori winery presented by Mr Jacopo Pandolfini. At 7 pm at Mare restaurant of Centara Grand Beach Resort. The menu is created by Fabrizio Crocetta. Italian Chef. B1,900++ per person. For reservations please contact 076 201 234 ext 1400.

MAY 13 ROYAL PLOUGHING CEREMONY AND FARMER’S DAY (WANPHUET MONGKHON) Ceremonies giving blessing to the country’s farmers are held on this day. Officially known as Wan Phra Ratcha Phithi Phuet Monkhon Lae Charot Phra Nangkhan Raek Na Khwan. This day is also observed as Farmer’s Day. Each year’s date is astrologically-determined and announced by the Bureau of the Royal House Hold. A government holiday only, this ceremony revives an ancient blessing of the plants and ceremonial start to the new growing season. The action takes place on Bangkok’s Sanam Luang in front of the Grand Palace.

Just a few short weeks away from the 2011 Overgaard Phuket International Rugby Tens tournament which is now in it’s 13th year.

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The IBAP (International Business Association of Phuket) business fair is back. The exhbition will feature exhibitors from all industries in Phuket and beyond. As well as local exhibitors, this year the show will also feature celebrity appearances, lots of prizes and free giveaways and much more. Spaces are limited. For more infomation contact Events Thailand on

NOVEMBER 26 AND 27 - 9TH PHUKET INTERN. SOCCER 7S The one and only Phuket Soccer 7s will celebrate its 9th anniversary this year. This tournament has developed into one of the largest 7s tournament in Asia with over 80 teams from 20 countries that will compete during two weekends. Also with the 6th Andaman International Soccer 7s on December 3-4 there is a lot to look forward to this year. Register your team now on, www. Or call direct on 086 999 8839.


The Phuket King’s Cup Regatta is Asia’s largest regatta comprising five days competitive racing in the tropics, with six nights of some of the best regatta parties to be found anywhere. Celebrating its 25th anniversar y, the regat ta regularly attracts over 100 boats and 1000+ participants from all corners of the globe. The jewel in the crown of the Asian Yachting Circuit, the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta has become “the one to win”. For more information, go to:

One of the highlights of the Asian amateur circuit, the tournament will once again take place over three days and feature 36 teams in two competitions for the open and the veterans titles. Welcome back both champions, old friends from Melbourne the Moorrabbin Rams, and Carel Schutte and his team of Kriel Roosters all the way from somewhere near Zimbab we. Also along with teams from the UAE, Australia, Vietnam, Singpaore, Hong Kong and Japan. Karon Stadium, Karon beach. For more information visit w w w.phuketr ugby10s. com.

JUNE 01-25 KALIM KINETIC ART FAIR Brush presents Kalim Kinetic Art Fair featuring kinetic art pieces & balloon art by local artists and students of all ages with a kick off WAVE party on May 14th. The art fair is free and opens from June 1st-25th at Brush. Local schools are welcome to get involved. Fair will end with a finale event on June 25th @ Brush featuring all pieces made along with show, dance and performances as well as interactive



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NORTH FRIDAY Friday Beach BBQ E n j oy b e a c h B B Q a t Catch Beach Club, Surin (from B1,190++ per person). 7pm-10pm. Call 076 316 567, or book@catch

Free Tai Chi

on the beach

Enjoy a relaxing session of Tai Chi on the beach from the talented and inspiring Rick Attix at Skylas Beach House. 082 519 3282.

SATURDAY Free Tai Chi on the beach Enjoy a relaxing session of Tai Chi on the beach from the talented and inspiring Rick Attix at Skylas Beach House. 082 519 3282.

Facebook 101 Seminar How to set up a Facebook presence for your company, charity, club or organisation.Sign

Northern Chicky Brunch May is the social network for women in Thailand. Our Northern monthly brunch, May 29, will be at Gitano’s, Thalang.

Champagne Brunch at Trisara E v e r y S u n d a y, o u r beachfront bar becomes a celebration of fine wines, exquisite tapas, live cooking stations and Phukets best desser t, featuring the cool sounds of our jazz trio. Come and indulge on Roederer Champagne or a wide variety of wines and our kids club welcome all children with complimentary snacks Reservations on 076 310 100,

Sunday Brunch Enjoy the original Sunday brunch in Phuket at Twinpalms. 12-3pm (from B1,190++ per person). Call 076 316 577.

TUESDAY Beach BBQ E n j oy b e a c h B B Q a t Catch Beach Club (from B1,190++ per person). 7pm-10pm. Reservations call 076 316 567, book@

SOUTH FRIDAY Curry Fridays at Navrang Mahal Alternate Fridays, all you can eat authentic Indian curry buffet - THB 449 nett p.p. Draught beer THB 50. 7pm-11:30pm.Phone: 076 266 464

SUNDAY Sunday Brunch At Pacifica Restaurant. B1,800 net per person inclusive selected wines and cocktails, B1,500 net per person for food only. Call 076 396 139.

TUESDAY Salsa Class R awai Salsa Class in a studio, back of Green Man Pub, For more information visit

WEDNESDAY Beach BBQ Buffet Enjoy live cooking stat i o n, H awaiian danc e and fire show. Price at B750++per person, 50% discount for kids under 12 years-old. 076 602 500.

Wicked Wednesdays in May Delish-ous selection of cakes with your favourite coffee or tea ONLY B99 at Delish cafe,Viset R d , R a w a i ,15 0 m p a s t Tesco.

THURSDAY R awai Ballroom L atin Dance


N e a r C h a l o n g c i r c l e. More information on Hope to see you on the floor.



Indian Night Royal Phuket Marina

“Indian Feast” at “Les Anges”. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine from 7-10pm. Home-made Indian buffet food will be prepared and served by Phuket’s finest Indian Chef Padam Kahtri. The best home - made authentic Indian food on the Island. B495 net per person. Reservations call Khun Murat on 081 797 3364 or Chef Pascal on 081 968 0738.

Monthly networking meeting. Next meeting May 13 at Indochine. For more details please visit http://ibap Contact Denny on 089 973 3483, or treasurer@

WEDNESDAY Salsa Class RPM S a l s a c l a s s at Roya l Phuket Marina from 7.309pm. For more information visit http://phuket-dance. com.



Steak Buffet Night

Saturday Family Brunch

By the pool at Level Four Restaurant, Millennium resort Patong. B790++ per person. 076 601 704 fnb@ millenniumresortpatong. com.

At Club Yamu by Twinpalm. Noon till 3pm. Enjoy delicious pasta, BBQ, Thai home cooking. For reservations please call on 076 310 557 or www.

SUNDAY Family Brunch on The Boardwalk Les Anges at Royal Phuket Marina Introduces “Family Brunch on the Boardwalk”. Each and every Sunday, starting 11am-3pm. Mums and dads dine on the sumptuous buffet, including one complimentary welcome cocktail, while the kids can enjoy all their favorites including pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs and homemade ice cream.

FRIDAY International Business Association of Phuket (IBAP)

cious pasta, BBQ, Thai home cooking. For more details and reservations call 076 310 557 or www.

B795++ Adults, include one glass of house wine, 50% discount. Children under 12 and five years-old eat for free.For reservations please call Les Anges on 076 360 803 Or Chef Pascal on 081 968 0738.

Fillet Friday Enjoy the best steak deal in Phuket. Fillet steak, salad, potato and a beer for B250. From 6-9pm at 5!5! Bar OTOP shopping centre. Call 086 786 5501.

BBQ ribs Only B250 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Reservations please call 081 891 4381.

SATURDAY BBQ Seafood Buffet By the pool at Level Four Restaurant. Millennium Resort. B1,200++ per person. One free bottle of wine for 4 paying adults. 076 601 704 fnb@millen

20% off all Pizzas

Sunday Family Brunch

At Shakers. Rat-U-Thit road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Call 081 891 4381.

At Club Yamu by Twinpalm. Noon till 3pm. Enjoy deli-

SUNDAY Sunday Roast Buffet B350 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Reservations call 081 891 4381.

Italian Buffet Night At The Bistro. Millennium resort Patong. B 595++ per person. Reservations, 076 601 704 or fnb@mil

WEDNESDAY BBQ ribs Only B250 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit road, Patong. Free pick up Patong/Kalim 081 891 4381.

BBQ Seafood Buffet By the pool at Level Four restaurant. Millenium Resort Patong. B1,200++ per person. One free bottle of wine for 4 paying adults. Reservations 076 601 704 or fnb@millenniumresort

Live Music in K amala Live music in the Kamala Magic Garden. See more details on ht tp://w w w.

THURSDAY Cheap Charlie’s Rooftop BBQ all you can eat and live entertainment B150 per person. Nanai R o a d b et we e n R oya l Crown and Soi Banzaan. 082 221 2922.

European Buffet Night At The Bistro restaurant, Millennium Resort Patong. B595++ per person. Reservations 076 601 704 or fnb@millenniumresortpa

SATURDAY BBQ Buffet B295 at Shakers, Rat-UThit Road Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas call 081 891 4381.

Live Music in K amala Live music in the Kamala Magic Garden. See more details on ht tp://w w w.



BBQ Buffet

Escentika Spa Special Promotion

Only B295 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit road, Patong. Free pick Patong/ Kalim call 081 891 4381.

Steak Buffet Night By the pool at Level Four restaurant, Millennium resort Patong. B790++ per person. 076 601 704 fnb@ millenniumresortpatong. com.

TUESDAY 20% off all Pizzas At Shakers. Rat-U-Thit

road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim area. Please call 081 891 4381.

Millennium Resort Patong. A very special promotion, 50% discount for all massages and 30% discount for all treatments from “a la carte menu”. 076 601 944, www.escen

Belgian Suomi Steakhouse

Happy hour from 2 pm till 7 pm on all our local beers and cocktails, and all day daily specials at B260. Call 084 900 2287.



Herbal remedies: providing options T

raditional herbal medicine has been a part of life and culture in many countries, like Thailand, long before the advent of modern Western medicine. A trend towards these more traditional herbal remedies is now happening in the United States and Europe, where they are used as alternative medicine to supplement modern treatments. Here, industrial production of the herbal remedies is common, but must be registered with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). A traditional Thai medicine clinic on Dibuk Rd in Phuket Town, run by Dr Boontherm Pajantabutra (Dr Therm) and his family, has taken care of patients for nearly 50 years. Residents of Phuket know the doctor well, as he is kind and his treatment is inexpensive, costing only about B20-200 a visit. Dr Therm takes care to diagnose all patients before prescribing treatment because not all illnesses can be healed with herbal medicine. “Many herbs can be used as medicine with different healing properties. It is usually easier to put them into capsules or bottles for patients, instead of giving them herbs to boil themselves which can be difficult.” Properties of the herbs, as defined in Thai pharmacopoeia, are usually accepted without the need for scientific proof. Also accepted is the wisdom of ancestors who have passed down their working

A now healthy Apichon Chaiyakul.

By Sukunya Phoonpong (Beau) REPORTER knowledge of many generations. The Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine, within the MoPH, works to guarantee the safety of herbal medicines. Certificates are issued by the institute for authenticity. Users can of course ingest fresh herbs or boil them first. Boiling is a convenient processing method to extract the essence of the herbs, but takes a long time. The resulting brews are normally very bitter and need to be consumed immediately. Dr Somchai Huchleelaha, Director of Join & Coin Corporation, is another doctor who specialises in traditonal herbal medicine. He lives in Bangkok and has been making herbal medicines from over 30 Chinese herbs for the last 10 years. Apichon Chaiyakul was a patient of Dr Somchai and is now president of the Andaman branch of the company. He has been using Chinese herbal medicine for six years, and believes it has helped with gastrosis, haemorrhoids and migraines. “This is another choice for patients. The role of herbal medicine is to nurture, heal and prevent illness. I have a new life after using herbal treatment,” he said. For more information on these alternative remedies, contact Khun Nuch on 085-888-0502.

Dr Boontherm Pajantabutra, a traditional herbal doctor in Phuket Town. 

Traditional medicine can also be produced in more convenient forms.



Crew members welcomed

IN BRIEF Into the Big Blue This elegant gala dinner will be held in the Ball Room of the Sheraton Grande Laguna tomorrow night (May 7). For a donation of just B3,500 guests will enjoy a free flow bar, canapes, a delicious four course gala dinner, fabulous entertainment and music they just have to dance to. All money raised on the night will go to the Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation, who are changing the lives of children in Phuket. For further information phone Chantal Fernandes Phone 089 874 2942 or email chantal.

Live Irish band

The Navy League threw a welcome party for crew members from the USS Gridley at the BBQ Hut Smokehouse in Patong last Friday night. Around 50 crew members, local bar and restaurant owners and Navy League representatives attended the event. Pictured above: The official welcome by BBQ Hut’s “Maew”, The Honkey Tonk’s John Butler, White Orchid Restaurant’s Angela, Navy League’s Jimmy Madigan and Irish Times Bar’s Tommy Corley.

Pictured left: Famous Nightclub’s Sila and Navy League’s Stan Bailey.

- Photos: Alien Dan

Phuket’s popular Irish band, The Roaring Bhoys, will be playing live at the Irish Times pub in Jungceylon, Patong on May 14. These guys really know how to get the crowd going with a good variety of classic Irish folk songs to pop/rock covers - there’s something for everyone.

Third Salsa Night A third Salsa Night will take place at the Royal Phuket Marina on May 21. Everyone is invited to attend to dance the night away on the Boardwalk outside Les Anges. The night kicks off at 8pm, entrance is free and dress is colourful. There will be a South American snack buffet available from 8-10pm at a cost of B350++ per person. For reservations and inquiries, please contact Anna or Didier on 084 051 7455, or Khun Murat, Events Manager at RPM, on 081 797 3364.

DJ Norman Jay at Stereolab IndoChine Surin Beach Club: Stereolab presents DJ Norman Jay, MBE (Member of the British Empire) playing on May 22. Born in London, DJ Norman Jay will bring his eclectic mix of jazz, blue beat, ska, rock, reggae and R&B influenced by Sly Stone, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and James Brown to Surin.

DJ Frank Richards at Stereolab IndoChine Surin Beach Club: Stereolab presents DJ Frank Richards from Las Vegas, Nevada on May 28. DJ Frank Richards has been a mainstay of house music in his hometown since 1992 and a major force in Vegas night life. He has played around the world, including Bangkok’s Q Bar.



Foreign cuisine J

ames Christopher Stanton’s inspiration for becoming a chef stemmed from when his mother used to read the book Zeralda’s Ogre to him when he was young. “Zeralda had to cook for the Ogre to stop him eating children. The book were full of amazing drawings of food that Zeralda had cooked. This was what appealed to me from a young age - beautiful food that made me always wanted to be a chef. Crazy me!” Mr Stanton said. “When I was growing up my family didn’t have huge amounts of money, so going to a restaurant was real treat. I loved seeing the chef in his big white hat, the atmosphere, the sounds and the smells. It was really exciting to me. I wanted to be a part of it,” he said. Mr Stanton has been the food and beverage director at Paresa Resort in Kamala Beach, Phuket, since November 2009. He is a Londoner but grew up in Australia. He is a fully-qualified chef with a commercial cookery degree from the Regency Park Hotel School in Adelaide, South Australia. He has over 20 years experience in the chef profession from working in hotels, resorts

and restaurants throughout Australia, Europe and Asia. He began his apprenticeship at the College Arms Hotel in Adelaide in 1990,which include Rydges Capricorn International and Wilson Island Resort in Queensland, Strahan Village Resort Tasmania, Breathtaker All Suite Hotel and Spa Mt Buller Victoria, Stamford Plaza Hotel and the National Wine Centre of Australia in Adelaide. “My international experience has taken me to hotels and resorts in countries including England, Austria, France, Greece, Andorra and Cyprus. My Asian experience involved two years as executive chef at Amankila Resort in Bali Indonesia. I also have worked in some of the world’s finest hotels, ski and tropical islands resorts too,” Mr Stanton said. It has been a long and tough road for Mr Stanton to reach this level in his career. He started off collecting glasses in a nightclub when he was 14 – something that wasn’t really legal but was good for some extra money. “I got to stay up late, listen to loud music and see beautiful girls. What 14-year-old could ask for more? I also washed dishes in the

hotel kitchen - that was not so much fun,” he said. Nothing makes Mr Stanton happier than giving people pleasure and comfort through his food. His favourite experiences have included catering for up to 1000 people, and having cooked on a tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef with only 12 guests. He also used to cook on an offshore oil rig in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where he fed 100 people. “My cooking style is taking the best possible ingredients, cooking them with care and integrity and presenting them beautifully with love and passion,” he said. Mr Stanton enjoys his current position now at the Paresa Resort in Phuket. “I am very excited to be at Paresa Resort in Phuket and hope to make my mark on the culinary landscape of Thailand, as I am sure Thailand will leave its culinary mark on me. “I was trained classically in modern Australian, French and Italian cuisine and I have now added all the influences I have been exposed to through travel to my repertoire of dishes,” he said. He now concentrates on all the operations involved with


James Stanton has worked as a chef in Phuket since November 2009. running a food and beverage department in a five-star hotel. He gets to work in the most amazing places in the world. “The best part of my job is you can create something new every day - some sort of dish that no one has ever tried before. Good food, good wine, good service makes people happy and I like making people happy,” he said. Just like any other job,

Mr Stanton said one of the difficulties in his job is that no-one can be happy all of the time. “This includes guests, staff and your bosses or owners as well,” he said. His favourite foods include Italian dishes, pasta or spaghetti. He loves cooking anything that makes others happy, and likes cooking intercontinental food and European dishes.

Although he loves cooking, at home he prefers eating his fiancee’s dishes, which he taught her. So what is Mr Stanton’s advice for those who want to become a chef like him? “If people are interested in hospitality as a career I suggest take a job in a hotel or restaurant. Start at the bottom if you have too, work hard and follow your dreams,” he said.

To advertise in our classifieds visit Spa Manager

Floor Supervisor

Thai, age not more than 40 years, two years’ experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Thai, age nor more than 35 years, two years experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Training Manager

Temporary Lanscape Attendant

Thai, age not more than 35 years, two years’ experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Thai, age not more than 35 years. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Financial Controller

In-room Dining

Thai, age not more than 40 years, three years’ experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Thai, age not more than 35 years, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Sales Coordinator (Bangkok)

Age not over 35 year. Base in Bangkok, two years’ experience in field. jobs.

Cook Helper Thai, age not more than 35 years, one year’s experience in field. Contat jobs.

Cook-House Manager

Single female, live-in, own apartment in RPM. Good Englis. For single expat business man. Please send photo and CV to bggvirgo@

Engineering Maintenance Thai, age not more than 35 years, one year’s expereice in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Live in Nanny

Looking for an English/Thai speaking live in nanny for my one-year-old and 10month-old son. Please call 084 065 8036.

Maid Urgently Wanted

Punctual, working six days a week, Sunday off. Good wage for the right candidate. Call 076 350 465.

Reggae Musicians Looking for musicians to form cool new reggae band in Phuket. Contact Idren 087 895 7284 or movida

Cleaning Person

English-speaking, part time Thai cleaning person, available in Phuket Town/Kathu. 085 068 9626.

Talent/Performer For Event Company

Event company is looking for bands, singers, dancers and any kind of single or group performers. hr@ phuketeventcompany.



To advertise in our classifieds visit CONTENTS Accommodation- Available....................34 Animal Care................34 Apartments &- Villa Rentals...............34 Articles for Sale.........34 Audio & Video Equipment.................34 Boats & Yachts..........34 Building Suppliers....34 Business- Opportunities............34 Business- Services....................34 Cars for Rent............35 Cars for Sale..............35 Cars Wanted..............35 Clubs &- Associations.............35 Computer- Sales-Repairs............35 Diving Sales &Equipment.................35 Diving Services....35-36 Jewellery &- Accessories..............36 Landscaping- Services.....................36 Motorbikes- Sales & Rent...............36 Motorbikes Wanted..36 Personal Services....................36 Pets for Sale...............37 Pool Tables- Sale & Rent.................37 Property & Concierge- Services.....................37 Property for Rent.......37 Property for Sale..37-38 Trade Directory..........38

ACCOMMODA TION AVAILABLE Guesthouse Sukhumvit Upmarket guesthouse on Sukhumvit Road, Bankok. Clean, Convenient and very reasonable prices. Check our website for rates

Two Bedroom House One air-con. internet, hot water, two TV, DVD, two fridges. from May or June to September. Must take 3 months, B12,000 per month, call 087 280 1721.

Cheapest Rooms Condo Rental Cheap rooms. B2,500, B2,800, B3,000 per month, fully furnished for rent weekly, monthly in Phuket Town near “Supercheap” dealer. Call 082 420 3134.

Andaman Cove Condos

Three luxury condos for rent inside the Evason Phuket. View www.anda for more details.


disc brakes, Shimano X T drive, Stella seat. B45,000, 081 273 1740.

Chaofah Pet Hospital


8/28–29 Moo.9 Chaofah East Road. 076 283 365, 083 501 8488.

APARTMENTS & VILLA RENTALS Happy Home Apartment (Rawai) Apar tment for rent at Saiyuan 15, Rawai. Fully furnished, swimming pool, free WiFi. Start B6,800 per month. Call 081 893 2165.

Superb two Bed Apartments Kata A variety of superb 1, 2 bedroom apartment, penthouses with pool for rent, also long term.

Nice Apartments Kata Beach Nice, clean, safe apartments for rent in Kata beach, all with air-con. cable TV, kitchen, fast internet. Ari 086 595 8512.

Apartments in Chalong Furnished studios for rent. Rooms 30-55sqm. Rooftop pool. From B9,000 per month. www.chalonga

Patong House Short Term

Just now available. Two bedrooms in hear t of town. Air-con. cable etc. Self-contained and private B12,000 per week. Laurie on 081 984 1562.

ARTICLES FOR SALE 2.2 Carat Diamond Watch Invicta Lupah Pave´2.2 carat diamond watch with steel bracelet. Must be seen, bought 2003 price B400,000, now B150,000. Call 080 362 6531.

Dryer for Sale

Electrolux dryer, model EDE606A, June 2009. Use less than 2 weeks, price B26,000 (Kitchen studio) asking B18,000. Call 089 045 5116.

Furniture for Sale Complete contents of large c ondo in Royal Phuket Marina. High quality to liquidate. Call 089 054 4354.

Panasonic TV

Big Panasonic T V for sale. Top condition and nice, call 080 718 1686.

Nern Khoa Guest House

Scott F/S Mountain Bike

And Sanit bungalows for rent in Kamala. WiFi inter net service. 076 385 766.

Scott Aspect 15 (Dec 2008) with LCR Genius remote rear suspension,

Sur f boards select of f the rack or custom order starting B13,000. Saltwater dreaming surf shop 076 271 050, open 7 days.

All Contents of Disco for Sale Sound, lightings, effects systems of a disco from the best imports factory for sale. Used a few hours during 6 months only. Call 082 420 3134.

Full Leather Sofa 100% cream leather. Lshape, 2x2 metre. Foot/ storage stool included. Ver y good c ondition. B30,000 or nearest offer. Call 086 278 0007.

Assets to Cash

South Thailand Auctions is receiving goods now. Turn your unwanted assets into cash. Contact Gordon 081 892 4804 or Lucky 087 276 0529.

Panasonic PABX

1 year old (K X-TEM 824BX) with reception/6 a d d i t i o n a l ex t e n s i o n phones. B10,000 (New B25,000) Contact Rob on 081 084 1730 or jo ema

Gaui Quad Flyer 330X Can make aerial photos, with accessories and spare parts only B23,000. More detials go to www.

Zee Zee Interior Big Sale Old Java Funiture On Sale. Grey collection and old Java brown. 30% Discount off old Java items. Contact 076 620 095.

Olympus Camera and UW Housing

The set is two years old, still in very good conditions. With two batteries and recharger. B6,000. Call 080 145 5925.


Extreme Sports Camera Cheap, rugged, with endless mounts for car, bike, helmet, surf, wakeboardSurf Shop 076 271 050.

Panasonic TV and DVD Pioneer

Sale Big Panasonic TV and DVD Pioneer, all top condition, for all B8000, call 080 718 1686.

All Contents of Disco for Sale Sound, lightings, effects systems of a disco from

the best imports factory for sale. Used a few hours during 6 months only. Call 082 420 3134.

BOATS & YACHTS L. Davidson 55 S/Y for Sale Rac crus. 3 cabins, Isuzu 85 RK, many sails, Avon dingy plus 3PK outboard,

Fortress Anchor For sale, never used. Fortress G-23 aluminium anchor in original canvas case, for boats 24-41 ft. price B3,000. Call 086 272 2810.

LW100E New Compressor Unused, can run 3 different versions 40 0V, 3 phase, 220V, single phase, gasoline engine, 200 and 300 bar switch. Make an offer. 087 280 1721 or jessicacrazy@

New Power Catamaran for Sale All f ibreglass with f ly bridge. Almost completed with teak decks. Requires only interior fit out. Tony on 081 891 2688 or tony@

Jeanneau 52.2

This beautiful blue Jeanneau 52.2 looks to be in very good condition, US$440000. kwan b o at s h e dp huket @ h ot

Beneteau 50

These Beneteau 50’s share the same Bruce Farr hull as the Beneteau First 53f5 and sail really well. Call 084 842 6146.

LodeStar Canoe For Sale LodeStar canoe for sale 3 pax size, B25,xxx. One year-old and used a few times only, yellow. HP 081 985 2478.

New Speedboat 35 ft, 2x200hp

New fibreglass speedboat 2x200 yamaha, GPS, radio, stereo, 25+2pass, 4 month. only 2.4MB. www. htm.

Hans Christian 38T Traditional For more info on this Hans Christian 38T and other great yachts for sale. Please see www.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 With four double cabins plus saloon. Great sailing performance great familly cruising boat. www.

LW100E New Compressor

Contact info@khanom

Unused, can run 3 different versions 40 0V, 3 phase, 220V, single phase, gasoline engine, 200 and 300 bar switch. Make an offer. 087 280 1721 or jessicacrazy@

Kata hotel with 14 rooms/ restaurant and rooftop 200 sq.m. penthouse with private pool. info@thai

Siam Cooling System

Shop & Guest House for Sale

Marine air-conditioning, Koh Keaw. Contact Stephane on 081 891 9442, or

Shop house and guest house minimart next to Water Ski in Kathu and Palazzo. Many opportunities. special for Korean people, B2.7M, call 081 535 0177.

Wharram Tiki 30

Thai registered 2009, Wharram Tiki 30 cruising catamaran, ready to sail, sleep 6 in 3 bunks B1,999,000. Contact Eric on 086 001 5641.

Siam Cooling System Marine air-conditioning, Koh Keaw. Contact Stephane on 081 891 9442, or

SkyHigh New Amazing Boat Choose the style and difference, cruise with DreamCruiseAsia on SkyHigh the unique boat in Phuket. For more details go to www.dream

Stand Up Paddle

Phuket’s first and only SUP dedicated shop. Visit www.standuppaddlethai. com. Contact Mam on 081 985 2478 or jim sup thai

BUILDING SUPPLIERS Phuket Pro-Built Construction, renovation, electrics and shop fitting. Call 089 909 8604,

Casa Nine Co.,Ltd Mosaics, tiles, stones, wall plaques, hand-made, ceramics, decorative items. Contact 081 514 8547, or info@casa

KV Southern

Waterproof flooring. Engineering, product architectural, product repair system. For more details call 081 828 2457.

Water Proof Phuket Waterproof, water stop and water swell. Design, construction for factory and home structure roof.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Beachfront Resort B17.5 million 8 room luxury beachfront pool resort for sale. 20 metre from private beach.

Sea View Hotel For Lease

Bar For Sale Bangla Soi Gonzo Bar at front of soi. All the key money paid with 4 years to run on contract. Only B1,0000 rent per month. B2.9 million. 088 440 9324.

Unique Business Opportunity Partner for new business in the south of Thailand. Auctions Phuket, investment one million baht. Covering the whole of southern Thailand. Contact Gordon on 081 892 4804 or gordon_asia@

Restaurant-PizzaBar Sale/Rent Sale/Rent B2.8 millions or B20,000 per month of a large, nice and busy restaurant, pizzeria, lounge Bar in Nai-Harn, Rawai. Call 08 2420 3134.

Coffeeshop and Restaurant for Sale In Kathu. Completely setup. Price B45,000. Monthly rent B16,000. Call 087 271 1627.

Great Business Opportunity Established, successful and very profitable. Non tourist related. contact

Shop for Sale Fish Spa Patong Possibilities to add or set up a different business in the same premises. Two stories, 55sqm. Price B2.5M. Call 081 956 1042 or visit

Teach in Thailand or anywhere TEFL TESOL teacher training now ready for the New year. Many jobs, ED Visa, stay one year and learn Thai. www.ttt-tefl. com for more infomation.



To advertise in our classifieds visit BUSINESS SERVICES

rior, graphic and lighting designs. Best work and maximum satisfaction. Call for details on 084 059 5656.

Tile It Thalang. Wana Park on Srisoonthorn Rd. Phuket’s Quality Tile Boutique. Tiles for interior, exterior, residential, commercial. Contact 076 620 168 or 081 424 2828.

Global Services Agent

Programmable LED Signs Perfect advertising for your business LED signs. One metre long comes with software and USB. contact Chris on 084 377 2526.

ASEAN Hotelworks Hospitality solutions, asset management and project marketing services for resorts, estates, condos. www.asean-hotelworks. com.

Get exposure Add your business to our directory for free and get reviews. HotinPhuket. com.

Accounting & Business Services A++ Accounting-for all your business needs, specialising in book-keeping, accounting and software for SME companies. Contact Khun Noon or Khun Carol on 089 474 4647.

Wheelchair Rentals

Amarin Design Service includes feasibility study, master plan, architectural, Interior, landscape and conceptual design. Call for further details 081 626 6393 con

Property Care Services Complete cleaning solutions for villas, apartments, schools, hospitals and more, 076 376 557.

Aquatira Zen Interior, furniture design, fitted and loose furniture packages, project management, professional photography. www.aquati

w w w.buddy wheelchair Wheelchair rentals B200 per day. B2,000 deposit. Retained until product is returned. 086 279 5838.

Fine living arcade, design and decoration. Call 081 337 7682 or finenine99@

Coco Magical Productions Ltd.

Auditing Services by CPA

Introducing Coco the magical clown. A oneman show 30 years experience in magic, balloons, comedy. www. Call Mr.Coco 083 648 0521, magicumbrellaman@

Suanluang Wedding & Studio One-stop wedding. Providing a wonderful party including gowns, wedding cakes, engagement rings, decorations, limousines. Call Ball on 076 221 976.

Take One Display Box Simple, effective, inexpensive way to promote your local business in Phuket. 081 084 1730.

South Thailand Auctions Phuket Turn your unwanted assets into cash, collecting goods now for our May auction. Gordon 081 892 4804.

Fine 9 Design

Auditing and business advisory services by certified public accountant (CPA). Call for more info on 089 688 0020.

Rijira Semi- commercial and commercial kitchen equipment, spare parts and service. Contact 076 221 013 or

Twintech Hospitality technology systems. POS systems for food and beverage management, hotel and porper ty booking systems. Call 081 270 6565. or

Retirement Visa for Thailand Retirement visa for German nationals. No proof of capital(B800,000) necessary! We take care of all formalities. Contact Tim on 084 065 8036.

Sawasdeesign Studio Construction, renovation, architectural, inte-

Nissan 250 V6 Top of the range 2010 model. Automatic. Only 18,000KM. All the extras. Excellent condition. B 1.39 mil. Call 086 278 0007.

Toyota Vios Dec 2004

Daily tour, bespoke travel, accommodation, business travel, visa runs. More information please visit on or, call 086 266 0484.

Black, A/T, CD player, Insured, foreign owner, very good condition. Urgent sale B350,000. Call 081 891 6375.

Maximum Security for Hotels

Volvo S80, D5 for Sale

We can instruct your security chief in the development of the most sophisticated precautions specific to your facility. Call 089 896 5600.

Year 2006, 2.4 LT, Diesel, top options, top conditions, Price B930,000. Or Make an offer. 083 647 3509.


2.0 LT, gasoline, Nissan engine, 5 speed manual gears, price B165,000. Or best offer. 087 892 9675

Phuket New Car Rent

Jeep For Sale

2005 BMW 323I

For availability and rates contact 080 991 3366 or booking@phuketnewcar w w w.phuket

Silver, 91,000km. Expat owner. Excellent condition, dealer ser viced. B1.2M. Call 086 272 2810.

Phuket Car Rentals

Nissan 12 seat Minivan

Motorbikes and fully-insured cars at very reasonable prices. Visit www. phuket- Call Rudi on 076 288 808.

Naiharn Car Rent Cars and motorbikes for rent. The best prices. Call for more details on 081 539 3399 or hiinternet

Parn Car Rent M otor bike for rent in Phuket Town opposite Royal Phuket City Hotel. Contact Parn on 081 979 7805.

Island Tour and Car Rent The island’s cheapest car rental. For more information go to www.tour, 076 522 039-41 or suksavat@ho

MV Motor Motorbike, bike, car for rent. For more details visit or call 083 390 8847.

E x tra c ondition. New paint, low profile tyres & B40,000, mags. CD player, air horn, driving lights and more B220,000 ONO. Call 081 607 2805.

Toyota Yaris For Sale Model 1.5G A/T in metallic grey, year 2007, 29,800km price at B400,000. Contact

CARS WANTED Small Car Wanted Looking for a foreign owned small car, for girlfriend, manual or auto send details to picharly@

CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS Phuket Sports & Tennis Club Tennis, beach volleyball, petanque, pool, dar ts,

table tennis, fishing lake, bar and more. Everyone welcome. infwww.phuket

Rawai International School The Rawai Progressive International School. A private school for children 3-12, offering Montessori education. 076 383 201.

Phuket Sport and Tennis Club Tennis, beach valley ball, petanque, pool, dar ts, table tennis, fishing lake, bar and more. Everyone welcome. w w w.phuket

Singapore Club Phuket Calling all Singaporeans in Phuket to join “Singapore Club Phuket”. Contact Robin 081 803 7189, 076 303 50 0. rob inb

DIVING SALES & EQUIPMENT Dive Compressor for Sale Big compressor, 250 litre per minute only B85,000 B. Phuket/Rawai. Call 080 718 1686.

Assorted Dive Gear Used dive gear including 2 pairs fins, one Mares regulator, one US Divers regulator and male lg shorty, prices negotiable, 086 272 2810.

Gast Brand Hookah Compressor PCD ten. rated eight cu. ft per min. at seven bar, oil less with tank and water trap, hoses, two regs and more B20,000 ONO. 081 607 2805.


Akido of Phuket Martial arts for adults and children. Classes Mon. Wed. Fri 5-6pm and 6:307:30pm. School break classes and seminars. David 086 007 4010.

COMPUTER SALES-REPAIRS Lot Computer Equipment Sale Good computer equipment for sale, lot thinks all only B3,000. Call 080 718 1686.

USB Ethernet Adapter Looking for a USB Ethernet Adapter, running on windows VISTA. Please contact 087 330 6245.

English Computerman Sales, service and repair. Hardware/Software. WLAN a speciality. Free telephone advice. 084 625 7744.

Apple iMac Mouse Brand new Apple iMac mouse for sale. B900. Call 081 892 5538 na

Phuket Scuba Club PADI 5 Star Centerhalf day, daytrips, Liveaboards & diver education. Phuket’s only dive club! www.phuket-scu

All 4 Diving 5/4 Sawatdirak Road, Patong Beach. Call 076 344 611.

Paradise Diving Asia All courses and diving trips. Boat charter and individual Tours. www. Contact 076 328 278.

Diving Trip & PADI Open Water One or three day trips, liveaboard to Similan : B20K (B25k reg. price) 10 dives (8/day, 2/night), PADI open water: B13K (B15k reg. price). 086 951 8560.

Cabrio Rental Phuket All kinds of cars for rent. Contact Ronald on 089 971 5664 or cabriorental

CARS FOR SALE Isuzu D-Max 4DR For Sale Top of line 2005 D-max 3.0 liter, diesel turbo, 4WD. Bridgestone tires, iPod/USB/CD Stereo. B460,000. Call 089 195 4005.



To advertise in our classifieds visit DIVING SERVICES CONT. Oceanic Dive Center PADI 5* IDC

6245 or

Second Hand Scooter Wanted

Friendly, professional dive centre in Kata. For all your diving needs training, daytrips and live aboard. Contact 076 333 043.

Wanted to buy a second hand scooter for runabout for woman. Must be roadworthy and good price. Call 086 690 2720.

One Stop Dive


We supply products from Akona, Genesis, Sherwood, Feel free, Ikelite, HPRC, Apeks, L&W Compressors, Halcyon and others. 075 637 926-7.

Island Divers One day beginner courses up to pro level. Professional and friendly. Contact 089 873 2205 www.

JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES Phuket Pearl Gem Brand new, genuine quality Phuket pearls. 100 styles, perfect gift, online store.

LANDSCAPING SERVICES Chateau Sabai Villa Cherng Talay area. Professional design and care. Call 076 318 266.

Phuket Home Services We design and build salas, pergolas and decks. We can also offer custom design and build water features and ponds. 076 324 400, www.phuketho

Terra-Cotta Arts

deliver y. w w

Honda Air Blade for Sale Three year-old, 27,000K.M. New frontback tires, tax, insurance. B28,900. Call 083 647 3509.

125 i Honda Sale To p c o n d i t i o n l o o k like new, Honda 125 i, B32,000. Call for more details on 080 718 1686.

Honda Wave 125R 2003-Just basic reliable Wave. If you want new and fancy don’t bother. Green book and current reg. B15,000. Call 081 958 3695.

Triumph Bonneville 100T For sale B475,xxx. Only 15 months old and only 9,000km. Call for photos 081 985 2478.

Southern Big Bike Chopper Shop All your chopper needs, located on the hill before Safari heading south from Patong. Get ready for bike week 2012. Call 076 292 079 or Khun Bang on 087 382 2494.

For Sale Honda Phantom 200cc

Kata Hot Yoga The most popular Yoga for men and women in Phuket. 4 classes every day. Kata Yoga It works! 076 605 90

Honda CB 750 Chopper Re c e nt l y h a d m a j o r overhaul and re-spray black, kick and electric start. This bike is a real head turner. Nice and loud has green book so all legal. Get ready for bike week 2012. Only B145,000. Call 087 267 8602.

PERSONAL SERVICES Bon Cafe Phuket A producer of premium coffee blends and powdered mixes as well as selling, maintaining, servicing and repairing all major brands. Contact for more info on 076 355 600 -1 or visit at www.

Bee & K Laundry Service Located at the Pro manade (Nanai Road) Patong and Kathu (drop off). Express service, pick up and delivery available. Good rates and open 7 days a week. Call 085 819 8524.

English lessons Improve your English one on one or in a small group with lessons by TEFL certified teacher. Call 089 886 8576 for information.

Phuket Private Tutor Phuket International Tuition Assignments IGCSE grade 1-12 IB++ qualified Englishspeaking teacher British International. Call 084 192 4975.

DN Dental Clinic Near Tesco Lotus Phuket Town. Ser vices: dental implants, root canal treatment, dental prosthesis, per iodont al treatment. Khun Ubon 076 612 699.

Image Editor Top quality image editor (see my site at http://www. can do excellent work on any image work you need. Call 084.690.2217.

Ban Boran Textiles Specialises in hand-made item, woven cotton and silk clothing, scarfs, jewelry, bags and other unique Thai items. 076 211 563.

Chinese Translation

Phuket Visa

English to Chinese, Thai to Chinese translation. Chinese translation by native translator. Contact

We offer consulting and s e r v i c e s o n c o m p a ny registration, work permit, visa, accounting, auditor, legal advice. Please c all 0 81 8 9 2 9 9 6 0.


For Sale. 2005 Honda Phantom 200cc 18,730 kms. Excellent condition, new spark plugs, green book, one year insurance. B46,000. Contact Jesse on 085 477 1129.

Yamaha Fino Wanted for Rent

Cheap Motorbike/ Scooter Hire

Sports therapy Trigger pionts structural intergration. 14 years experience. Rid headaches stiff shoulders ect. Can come to you. 085 889 7758.

Wanted a Yamaha Fino for rent, 2 helmets. Maximum B3,000 per month. Long-term. Call 087 330

motorbike/scooter hire from B150 a day, in Pat o n g , P h u k e t To w n , Karon, Kata, etc. Free

Middle aged couple. European/ Thai, teacher/

Phabaramee road. Authentic Khmer and Thai reproductions in terracotta. Call 076 321 773.

housekeeper. Take care of your property when you are abroad. Talang area, 085 798 9432.

Deep tissue

House keeping

Phuket Dental Cosmetic Established in 2004 by three dental surgeons focusing on aesthetic work. Call 076 236 823.

Teaching English and Italian TEIFL teachers (Teaching English and Italian as foreign language) are available for lessons and courses, books provided. Call James or Mino on 084 851 8099.

Phuket Herbal Sauna Offers good value for money and is one of the better herbal saunas on the island. 076 280 910.

Phuket Language School Tired of visa runs? Get a student visa and study Thai for free. Visit 084 008 5673.

Nazmee Tour Daily tours and ticket service. Rimhad Road, Kamala beach. Contact Phan on 083 102 7218, phan_mahsuritour@hot

One To Go Phuket Tours, Hotel reser vations and tickets. Call 076 364 082 or www.onetog

Naturopathic Chiropractor More than “just a chiropractor” Specialising in “pain relief”, www. Contact Dr Richard 080 530 9555.

Sports Therapy Deep tissue 14 years strucural intergration. Alleviating chronic pain in all trigger points total rejuvenation, 085 889 7758.

Havana Cigar Shop Opposite HomePro Village Chalong. Khun Vasanh 081 956 2024.

Phuket Salsa and Latin Dance Rawai. Thai and English 084 051 7455 (Anna). French and English 084 306 2016 (Didier).

The Cashewy Phuket Cashew apple juice, the sole manufacturer of Cashewy healthy beverage in Asia. 076 272 925-8.

Queen Air Booking Center World-wide air tickets and hotel booking and visa runs. Call 076 340 250.

Chalong Language School Professional language instruction, translations, and education visa. English, Thai, German and French. 081 607 6765.

Phuket Guide Travel

Phuket with our boats, Wally Tender and White Turtle. Call 081 956 8611.

Monkey Jungle Cruise River Rovers Tours Co Ltd. Contact Gordon for bookings on 089 875 8691 or go to www.river

Private Yoga Instruction By fully-qualified, amiable, “Yoga Alliance” San Fran teacher. From B1,000/ hour. 089 800 4845.

Lamont Handmade designs, accessories, furniture, lighting, framing, sculptures. Surin Plaza. 076 271 621.

The Royal Spa & Health Club One Stop Service for Thai Spa Business including Spa products, Spa academy, Spa development, Spa retreat. 076 236 663.

Rawai Progressive School International private school for ages 3-12, offering Montessori education.

I Am Flower We are an exclusive florists in Phuket, operated by professional staff. Contact 083 110 3302.

Power Print Printing company offering digital printing solutions. 076 304 131, pow

Pet Hotel Dog Walker We are happy to take care of your pets while you are away, short and long term. 084 440 7482.

Lanna-Wedding Professional

ID:33/04498 we operate all group tours to PP islands, Phang-nga Bay, Similan Island. Ticket reservation, car rental. Call 081 970 2628.

Wedding service, gowns, suits, Thai dress and Muslim. Professional make-up artist 081 539 9608.

Fine Art Photography

Enjoy fresh hot cross buns baked at Delish Cafe. Fruity and spicy-taste the difference. 076 384 680.

Award-winning photographer Christopher Swift ( offering excellent works of fine art. Call 084 690 2217.

Dedon Member of Chanintr Living. For more infomation please call 089 471 7707,

Sawan Anda Boat Charter Enjoy individual boat trips to some islands near

Fresh Hot Cross Buns at Easter

Air Ticket & Tour Service PR Travel and Tours-Air ticket, tours, taxi, minibus services, car rental, city tour. 087 265 8865.

Canal Village Laundy Professional dry cleaning for your important garments. Laguna entrance. 076 271 313.



To advertise in our classifieds visit PETS FOR SALE Why buy a pet? Soi Dog Foundation have over 300 beautiful dogs and puppies available for adoption. Fully-vaccinated and sterilised. 087 050 8688,

Niigata Koi Farm Fancy carp fish, imported from Japan. Sales, design, and care for all your “Koi� needs. Only one in Phuket. 086 691 2120.

POOL TABLES SALE & RENT Phuket Pool Tables

Resort-Estate Management Provide individual, proper ty management and rental services for villas, estates etc.

Interior Decorator H ome f ur nishing, re upholstery, interior renovation, bespoke interior fitted furniture, zhunau

Live with the View The Quarter Condo spectacular sea view over looking Bantao bay. Prime location. www.surinhill. com.

My Storage Secure Self-Storage

Your No.1 billiard supplier in Phuket. Sales, rentals and profit-sharing of the finest pool tables available. All billiard accessories and services. Visit www.phuketpooltables. com or contact on 088 384 6655.

A wide range of storage spaces are available for weekly or monthly rentals. Visit at www.mystora


Three-Bedroom House for Rent

Project-Asset Management We provide project design input, project marketing services: resort, estate, asset management. www.


N i c e t h r e e - b e dr o o m, two- bathroom, one aircon. detached house with small garden and communal pool. 089 475 3220.

Land for Sale Rawai land, cheap vari-

ous plots from B 2 Million. for details.

Home-Office for Rent Saiyuan main road, 5 m. front x 20 m. B9,500 per month. Visit www.stefan. asia for pix and details. Call Stefan 084 111 3977.

Big Home near BIS and Boat Lagoon Fully-furnished. Internet, yard, gated community, 6 BR, 2 living rooms and kitchen. 5 min. to Boat Lagoon and BIS. Contact Lung John 076 239 435.

Home-Office For Rent Saiyuan main Road. 5 m. front x 20m at B9,500 per month. for pix and details. Stefan 084 111 3977.

Patong Hotel Lease 30 years 20 rooms plus shop. 50 meters from the beach. Price B25 million. Contact

Cheap Room Patong Long term. B10,000 per month for 6 months or more, renovated, fullyfurnished. 084 442 6144.

Three Bedroom Pool Villa near BIS 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Pool Villa. 5/6 already sold. Check for details at www. theoasi

3 Bedrooms House for Rent Nice 3beds, 2baths, 1 aircon. partially furnished detached house for rent, small garden, large communaul pool. 089 475 3220.

Superb, Large One, Two Bed Aparts Large one, two bed. 115180m2 apar tments and pool penthouses in Kata. Full kitchen, common pool, gym, parking. www.kata

Lake View Apartment Rooms and houses for rent in Kathu, (the way to Kathu Chinese temple). Quiet area. 089 196 8449.

House Near Chalong Circle Two bedroom townhouse with cable TV, air-con. and Internet. Call Jon on 089 652 1473.

Affordable Office for Rent Office for Rent at Royal Phuket Marina. Space from 40-200sq.m. A/C, car park,

CCTV and 24 Hrs. security. Khun Koi 081 810 3328.

Land-Pasak Soi 13 for Rent Land 280sq. wah at Pasak 13 (80m. from Baandon- Cherngtalay main road). Negotiable. 083 619 0836.

PROPERTY FOR SALE Beachfront Land from 1.5 mio Wonder ful beachfront land for sale from 1.5 mio THB/rai. Great investment opportunity. Email: info@

Two Houses in Kamala for Sale Both houses are fully furnished and priced at only B8,600,000. More details on

Kamala Resort 5000 sqm Land Very nice mountain resort in Kamala, seven Thai Bali style villas with 14 apartments. www.phuket. ag/for_sale.

Rose Villa Chergtalay Soi Pasak 8, for rent or sale. Charming pool villa in a quiet location with three large beds, all en-

suite, western kitchen and oven, fully-furnished. Long term rental B60,000 per month. For sale with chanote title B9.75m. Call 087 089 2084.

Koh Sukorn Beach front land one to 24 Rai, small or big project. Beautiful views. Call 086 541 3629, terapi@post.

Modern House at Indy Modern house in The indy project, three beds three baths with privete garden. Only B4,800,000. More details on 081 968 0899.

Rawaii Condo Rawaii Condo small unit on corner 3rd story up close to beach B500,000 with air-con. and cable. 085 889 7758.

Luxurious Apartments for Sale Two Luxurious apartments (two bedrooms) and penthouse (two bedrooms) with rooftop pool at Kata Noi. Freehold. 081 970 9196.

Patong Townhouse Three beds, three bath, 15 0 s q m , s i x - y e a r- o l d modern townhouse, Nanai Rd. area, fully-furnished, with swimming pool. B5.9 Million. Call 082 498 0872.



To advertise in our classifieds visit PROPERTY FOR SALE CONT. Patong Condo for Sale Two studio apartments located 300m from the beach. Freehold, B2 million each. Fully-furnished and newly- renovated. Contact 084 442 6144.

Surin Beach Apartment for Sale Surin beach studio apartment only 400 metres to the beach. Only B1.88M. For more informantion on www.SurinBeachApart

Land and House Park Phuket L and and H ouse Par k Phuket for sales 82 sqw, 3 beds,2 baths Chalong, B 4.7M. 087 9 07 40 0 4,

New Condo For Sale Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen, three air-condition with furnished, key-card security, swimming pool centre. 089 471 3535.

Surin Beach Apartment for Sale Studio apartment only 400 metres to the sand of Surin

Beach. 90-year lease for B1.99M. Photoss. www.Su

Seaview Land Plots Bangtao Seaview and water fall views. Plots from B5-10.5 million. Secure private community, underground utilities. Call to view on 086 267 0157.

Single house near Laguna B2.1M Two beds with air-con. two baths on 220 sqm. in Baandon. Furnished, phone, ADSL, garden, chanote. Call Tay on 086 280 4734,

Land/Villa/Condo by Owner Land 470 sqm. up B2M. Villa B33M on two rai. Condo B12.8M a dream. www. for picture and details 084 111 3977.

Three Beds Near Golf Course For Sales Three beds, two bath, small garden in the front and backyard, phone line, air con, with a fully-equipped kitchen, partially-furnished, gated community of Anupas Golf Ville. Located in nice and quiet area, dead end street, five minutes to Central, 10 minutes to

Patong. Close to few golf courses and BIS. 081 747 6554, or mtanarak@ya

One Bedroom Pool Villa Land 125 sqm. Building 83 sqm. Fully-furnished with private pool 3x5 m. Quick sale B5.5m. Long term rent B35,000 per month. Call 081 979 3369.

Condo in Luxury Hotel for Sale 131 sqm. two bedroom, two bathroom. Serenity Resort and Spa. B12.8M, with rental income, top furniture.

Happy Hour? Quiz Night? Live Music? Live Sport? Free Food? Spa Promo? Brunch? Dinner? Games? List here for




Phuket Home Services

Phuket Home Services

We have been installing and servicing commercial and residential air-conditioning systems since 2001. All brands. Call 076 324 400, or

We specialise in domestic and commercial electrical wiring installations, telephone, internet and security systems. Our services range from wiring / re-wiring through 3 phase upgrades to lighting, AC and safety inspections. We can work to IET 2050 or IEE BS 7671 Standards. Call 076 324 400 or go to www.phukethome

Kerati Air 2 71 Ya o w a r a t r o a d , Phuket Town. Air-con centre, call 076 214 033.

C.P. Engineering Service Supply and install both commercial and residential air-con. units to satisfy your cooling needs. 076 321 562.

Mana Air Specialises in the installation and maintenance of air-conditioning ventilation and electrical services. 076 215 506, manaair@


Phuket Sound System Rental Having a party? Check out our website for your sound system needs. We have three sizes to choose from. Contact 089 587 1841.

J-SAT Communication The leader of a communication system in Phuket. Service fire alarm, CCTV system, PABX system, TV system. 076 258 200.

day. Wind and solar at down to earth prices. 076 263 717.

HARDWARE STORES Phaisan Makita Paint All types of paints, colours for home and more. Find us at MaeLuan Road, Phuket Town, entrance to Rang hill 076 355 664.

HOME IMPROVEMENT Pro Carpeting & Wood Work Thepkrasattri Rd., Boat Lagoon. Home, office, bar, renovations, rebuilds and repairs. 076 238 947,

Phuket Home Solutions Cherng Talay. Providing a solution for all your home requirements. Call 076 270 854.

Phuket Home Services

Tile It

German Standard

Thalang. Wana Par k on Srisoonthorn Road. Phuket’s quality tile boutique. Tiles for interior, exterior, residential, commercial. Contact 076 620 168 or 081 424 2828. info@

Homeworks. Enhance your home and office with a genuine German standard floors. Call for more detail on 076 608 000.

May Curtain and Decor

The best for curtains. Visit for more information or call 076 304 304.

Canvas Creations Boat Lagoon. Deluxe awnings and covers for your boat. For more information call on 076 238 946.

Phuket Awnings Service Making an alliance with the sun. Contact 076 612 870 for more details.

DWF Home Services Built-in bars, counters, pools, kitchens, ponds, etc. Call Noi on 081 606 5746. DWF_ho meservices@hot

Plus nanny services, English-speaking, qualified babysitters and nannies, short or long term. www. phuketbaby

UK-approved electricians available to advise on all electrical issues. Contact for a quote on 081 691 9907.

We of fer high - qualit y building, contracting and refurbishment work in Phuket and the surrounding region. We build houses, renovate apartments and homes, fit out shops and offices. Call 076 324 400 or visit www.phuket


Cooling Technician

Stonearth Luxury Bathrooms

Bangtao. High-end teak doors and windows with German technology. Call us on 086 281 1264.

All commercial, kitchen needs, fridges and cooling systems. Good, reliable and honest. Service all over Phuket. Contact Tammarat 086 310 3870.

The highest quality luxury natural wood and stone bathrooms for your villa, hotel, condo develop ment. w w w.stonear th.

Thalang Restoration, sealin g, m ainte nanc e an d cleaning. Call 087 282 4930. or visit w w w.the

AVC Engineering

Phuket Home Maintenance

Phuket Baby Sitting

Asia Marine Ltd.

Parts supply, refits, repairs, project management yacht delivery. Call 076 239 111.

C & C Marine (Thai) Marine Engineering Services. Call 076 273 247.

Dan Marine Limited Koh Kaew. Yacht interiors, maintenance and management. Call for more info on 081 271 742.

AAA Phuket Electrician

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing to international standards. 076 615 810.

Mono Sun Technology Phuket solar, tomorrow’s technology, working to-

Renovations, house repairs, painters, electricians, plumbers and construction workers. Fluent English-speaking manager. Free quotes. 084 139 5124.

Shades (Thailand) Awings, shade sails, tension fabric structures.Call 076 367 566, www.shade

Contex Phuket Co.

The Stone Doctor

AdisakTrading Co. Bypass Road. We have the largest selection of TOA paint. 076 261 420.

Fletcher Aluminium Thalang. Premium window and door systems. For free quotes call 076 275 278.

Buildersmart Public Thalang area. Treated pine, Thai gypsum, shera, weber, and watty. Call 076 275 221.

REMOVAL SERVICES Numchai Ocean Transport Phang-nga Road, Phuket Town. Contact for more details on 076 225 444.

Siam Pickpack B oat L ag o o n. G l o bal transportation services. 076 238 791, www.siam

Global Logistics Asia Thalang area. We have the knowledge, networks and technology to answer your needs. Call 081 797 2753.

Phuket Universal Services Co., Ltd. Worldwide household removal services. Warehousing and pac k ing ser vic es. w w w.phuke

South Services M ontr i Road, Muang, Phuket. We specialise in air/sea freight, Transport etc. 076 211 447.

Bigmove Phuket One-stop service for all your removal and shipping needs. Contact 076 263 987.

Advance Interfreight Express Chaofah (East) Road. Moving and shipping. Better services, better prices. 076 376 677.

SAIL REPAIRS Rolly Tasker Sails (Thailand) Chaofa Road, Wichit. Sails, rigging, covers harken and etc. Call for details 076 521 591 or go to www.rollytasker .com.

WATER SYSTEMS Phuket Home Services Phuket home ser vies plumbing has been repairing, designing and installing plumbing systems since 2001. We can offer a range of qualified in-house plumbing engineers, plumbing installation teams and plumbers. Call 076 324 400, or visit www.phukethomeser

The Mobile Pool Doctor Srisoonthorn Road, all areas of Phuket. 076 620 193 or visit www.mobilepooldoc

Environmental Solutions Chalermphrakiat Road, Rassada. Call for more information on 076 304 278, 089 724 5617.

Phuket Water Supply Water filtration systems for home and pool. Thepkrasattri Road, Rassada area. Call for detials on 076 215 681.

Chai Choochuay Hot Water Air- con and solar water hearing sales and ser vice. 076 321 562.



Italian all-stars take Far East title A team of Phuket-based Italians swept to victory in the masters section of the 29th Far East Football Tournament in Bangkok over the Easter weekend, with a 2-1 victory over the German All Stars Bangkok. Known as the Phuket International Italians (PII), the team fought off competition from 10 other sides to claim the title at the popular annual event, played at the Bangkok Patana School ground. PII progressed to the final after securing a comfortable 3-0 win against Taipei Red Lions in the semis. In the final, up against the German All Stars – the team heavily backed to win – PII sealed victory with goals from Alberto Mancuso and Allessandro Murga. The Phuket Lions, the island’s only other entrants, were eliminated at the quarter-final stage on penalties and went on to finish the tournament in fifth place.

The Phuket International Italians beat off the challenge of 10 other sides in the 29th Far East Football Tournament in Bangkok.

Thai Honda hit for six

By Dan Ogunshakin FC Phuket ran riot in last Sunday’s home fixture against Thai Honda FC, scoring six times despite missing a firsthalf penalty when the score was just 1-0. Goals from Nenebi Tra Sylvestre and Thawin Butrasombat before half time, plus second half strikes from Abdul Coulibaly, Choi Jae-Won, and Kone Adama (two goals) helped FC Phuket to the biggest win in their two-year history. Thai Honda grabbed a consolation goal through striker Asafor, but the only thing that damped celebrations was the news that striker Thawin had broken his ankle in giving the home side a 2-0 lead right on the stroke of half time. FC Phuket had conceded five goals to Bangkok FC the previous weekend in a match that had to be abandoned because of torrential rain, so the

Thai Division 1 League Table Team


Buriram FC BBCU Raj Pracha FC Phuket Chainat Saraburi PTT Rayong Songkhla Bangkok Utd Air Force Utd Suphanburi Chanthaburi Rangsit JW Customs Utd Chiang Mai Thai Honda Bangkok RBAC Mittraphap

11 11 11 9 11 11 10 10 11 10 11 11 10 11 11 11 9 11

W 8 8 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 3 2 3 2 0

good crowd who filed into Surakul Stadium on a balmy Sunday night in Phuket Town were hoping for a robust comeback from the team. They got it. FC Phuket’s home form has carried the side in Division One this season, and the memories

D 3 3 1 2 2 5 4 4 4 3 4 2 5 1 4 0 1 2

L 0 0 4 2 4 2 2 2 3 3 4 6 3 7 5 8 6 9

F 20 13 14 19 21 10 11 12 16 15 12 10 9 9 8 13 9 2

A 3 4 14 6 14 9 5 9 14 13 11 15 11 15 16 24 17 23

Points 27 27 19 17 17 17 16 16 16 15 13 11 11 10 10 9 7 2

of the previous weekend’s humbling were banished inside the first three minutes when Nenebi opened the scoring. The home side won a corner and Sarach Yooyen’s delivery found the Ivorian unmarked in the box and he headed past the

Thai Honda goalkeeper. Buoyed by the early goal, FC Phuket pushed forward in search of a second and efforts by Adama and Nithirot Sokuma came close to doubling the advantage. With 25 minutes on the clock, Nenebi had a great chance to make it 2-0 when the home side was awarded a penalty for hand-ball; the Ivorian struck his penalty well but it was brilliantly kept out by the Honda ’keeper diving to his left. More chances came and went before the home side got the second goal their play deserved, right on the stroke of half time. Adama, showing a level of commitment not before seen in a green shirt, seized on a defensive error and found Sarach. The diminutive midfielder’s cross-field ball found Nirun Panthong who squared

for Thawin to sweep the ball in. The striker injured himself in the process and was taken by ambulance to hospital where it was later revealed he had broken his ankle. Brazilian striker Paulo Renato came on for the departed Thawin and seven minutes into the second half, Coulibaly made it 3-0 when he was found unmarked in the box by Nirun, heading the ball home. Striker Adama had the bit between his teeth and Thai Honda were unable to deal with his power, pace and direct running. Adama’s brilliant first touch made the fourth goal possible, taking him clear of the visiting defence before squaring for Choi who made no mistake. Thai Honda grabbed a consolation goal when Asafor headed in after an initial chance was pushed onto the bar by goalkeeper Theerawat

Pindpradub, but 10 minutes later Adama restored the fourgoal cushion, sweeping in a left-wing cross from Nithirot to get a well deserved goal. The rampaging Ivorian added some extra gloss to the result in stoppage time when he outstripped the Honda defence for pace, beat the onrushing ’keeper to the ball and calmly rolled the ball into the empty net to cap off a memorable performance. FC Phuket: Theerawat; Ronnachai, Suphat, Nenebi, Nithirot; Coulibaly, Sarach (Nives, 66), Choi, Nirun (Suthee, 77); Adama, Thawin (Renato, 45). The Phuket News Star Player: Kone Adama – a destructive performance in the manner of compatriot Didier Drogba. Next match: Customs United v FC Phuket: May 8.

Stacks of sport in Phuket in next two months The Phuket sporting calendar is a hectic one with international cricket, rugby and football tournaments all being staged on the island, as well as world-class regattas, triathlons, golf events and more. The coming months will be no exception as Phuket braces itself for the return of the award-winning Overgaard Phuket Rugby 10s, the 6th Laguna Phuket International Marathon, the Phuket Dot Com Pro Am Invitational golf

tournament and the Legends of Liverpool Fundraising Tour 2011. First up is the 13th Overgaard Phuket Rugby 10s, returning to Karon Stadium from May 27 to May 29. Teams from Thailand will be joined by opponents from 10 different countries for the rugby festival that will once again raise money for the Asia Center Foundation. Following the rugby is a jam-packed June,

starting with the Laguna Phuket Marathon on June 12. 2011 marks the sixth staging of an event which has grown year after year and is again set to break records. International interest is up 20 per cent and 2011 should see entries surpass last year’s 4,600 from 45 countries. Hot on the heels of the marathon is the second Phuket Dot Com Pro Am Invitational, also at Laguna. The Pro Am on June 17 will

see up to 30 touring professionals from the Asian Tour and the One Asia tour join 90 amateurs raising money for the Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation. Rounding off these two busy months is the Legends of Liverpool Fundraising Tour 2011, with former Liverpool FC stars travelling to Phuket to face a Thai Legends all-star team on June 18 and conduct a football clinic on June 19 in aid of the Youth Football Home.

40 INTERNATIONAL SPORT McIlroy moves above Woods Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy moved up one place in golf’s world rankings to number six, relegating former number one and 14-time major winner Tiger Woods to seventh. It is the first time that the 21-year-old from County Down has ranked higher than the American. Neither player was in action last week and Woods will be absent from the Wells Fargo Championship which McIlroy won last year when it was known as the Quail Hollow Championship. England’s Lee Westwood remains on top of the rankings after his victory in Indonesia ahead of Germany’s Martin Kaymer and compatriot Luke Donald. Bubba Watson of America has moved into the top 10 for the first time after winning the Zurich Classic in New Orleans.

Fraser looking to bounce back Jamaica’s Olympic and world 100m champion Shelley-Ann Fraser will return to competition this weekend when she competes in the Jamaica National Invitational, a meet that will include all of the Caribbean nation’s big athletes minus the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. Fraser, who took gold in Beijing in 2008 and in Berlin in 2009, tested positive for a banned substance at the Diamond League meeting in Shanghai in May. The fleet footed Jamaican star took a pain killer which contained a banned substance to treat a severe case of toothache and was subsequently banned for six months. Fraser, who married her long-term partner Jason Pryce earlier in the year, will look to defend her world crown in Daegu, South Korea in August.

Smit retained as captain Springbok hooker Juan Smit has been confirmed as South Africa’s skipper for the TriNations and the ’bok’s World Cup defence in 2011. It was rumoured that the 33-year-old, who has led South Africa 76 times, might be replaced by veteran lock Victor Matfield or Bismarck du Plessis. Matfield, who has captained the side 15 times in Smit’s absence, will remain as vice captain. Smit made his debut for the two-time world champions in 2000 and was named captain by then coach Jake White in 2004. Smit led the Springboks to the world title in 2007, when his South Africa side overcame England 15-6 in Paris.


Djokovic extends 2011 winning run Serbian world number two Novak Djokovic continued his remarkable unbeaten start to 2011 by winning the Serbian Open in Belgrade, his fifth tournament success of the year. The 23-year-old overcame Spaniard Feliciano Lopez in straight sets 7-6, 6-2 to take the title in front of his adoring home fans and stretch his run to 27 matches in 2011 and to 29 overall. The 2011 Australian Open champion went through the tournament without dropping a set, aided by a first round bye and a semi final walkover, but was made to work hard

in the first set by the battling Spaniard. With the scores tied at 5-5, Djokovic had to save a break point which, had he lost, would have given Lopez a chance to serve for the set. But having upped his game in 2011 and moved ahead of Switzerland’s Roger Federer into second place in the rankings, the Serb held his nerve before blowing Lopez away in the tie-break. The second set was much more one-sided as Djo­ko­vic broke his opponent twice on his way to finishing the match. It was a sweet victory for

the world number two who won the inaugural tournament in 2009 but had to withdraw from last year’s event, which is organised by his parents, early because of illness. Elsewhere, Russia’s Nikolay Davydenko completed his preparations for the upcoming Madrid Masters ATP 1000 event by winning his second BMW Open, beating Florian Meyer of Germany 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 last Sunday. With the match finely balanced at one set all, the Russian broke his opponent twice in the final set to cruise to his 21st career title.

2011 Australian Open champion and world number two Novak Djokovic extended his unbeaten run in 2011 to 27 matches with his win against Spain’s Feliciano Lopez 7-6, 6-2.

Boxing mourns ‘Our ’Enery’ British heavyweight boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper, 76, died last weekend at his son’s home in Oxted, Surrey. Cooper famously floored Muhammad Ali – then known as Cassius Clay – in a nontitle fight in London in 1963 but went on to lose the fight. In a statement released to the press, Ali said he would miss his “old friend” and added that he was a “great fighter and a gentleman”. The man known affectionately as “Our ’Enery” by legions of fans and the British media was a former British, European and Commonwealth champion and became the first boxer to be knighted when he received the honour from Queen Elizabeth II in 2000. Although he never won a world title, he is considered to be one of Britain’s greatest heavyweight boxers along with Lennox Lewis, Frank Bruno and Tommy Farr. Cooper, from Kent, England, was admired by people the length and breadth of the

Henry Cooper in deep conversation with fellow boxing legend Muhammad Ali in 2009. – Photo AFP United Kingdom and won the respect of many fellow boxers around the world for the way he conducted himself in and out of the ring. After a stint as an amateur boxer which included representing his country at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, Cooper turned professional

at the age of 20. He went on to lift the British, European and Commonwealth titles, defeating a number of wellknown heavyweights before retiring at the age of 36 after being beaten by the up-andcoming Joe Bugner. Cooper never quite reached the summit of his sport; he

was always hampered by his tendency to cut easily and bleed profusely, but he will always be remembered as the man who floored Ali, considered by many to be the greatest. The two first clashed in 1963 and in the dying moments of the fourth round,

Cooper unleashed a devastating left hook, known as “’Enry’s ’Ammer”, almost knocking Clay out cold. The American would later admit that Cooper had hit him so hard his “ancestors in Africa felt it”. As the bell rang, Clay’s t r ai ne r A ngelo D u nde e jumped into the ring and guided his man back to his corner where he noticed a tear in his glove which he worsened, buying extra time for Clay to recover. The American subsequently did and stopped Cooper in the fifth round. Tributes from the boxing world poured in for Cooper with Britain’s current heavyweight champion David Haye posting on Twitter about the man who would have turned 77 on Tuesday. “One of Britain’s greatest sportsmen Sir Henry Cooper passed away today. A true warrior and great human being. Rest in peace,” Haye posted on his page.

Higgins crowned champ again

John Higgins: Victory from behind.

A thrilling come-from-behind victory by snooker world number one John Higgins sealed a fourth world title at Sheffield’s Crucible theatre on Monday. Higgins, who previously won the title in 1998, 2007 and 2009, overcame the challenge of snooker’s hottest property, Bristol’s 21-year-old Judd Trump, 18-15 after four sessions of intense play at the famous Sheffield venue. With his four world titles, Higgins, dubbed the ‘Wizard of Wishaw’, now sits in fourth place in the modern era, two victories behind Steve Davis and Ray Reardon and a further one behind Stephen Hendry, who has seven.

Snooker’s world championship final is contested over two days, and it was the young Bristolian who took the spoils on day one, compiling two century breaks to hold a 10-7 overnight lead. The 21-year-old, fresh from winning his maiden tour title in China, played with a level of confidence and exuberance rarely seen in one so young, and soon lead 12-9 at the mid-session interval of the first session of day two. Sensing his opponent could get away from him, Higgins then rallied to win the next five frames before Trump picked up the next two to level at 14-14. In the final session of an en-

thralling tournament, Higgins edged 16-15 in front before rattling off the next two frames to seal a memorable victory. This year marks a 180 degree swing in fortunes for Higgins. At this stage of the 2010 tournament, snooker was rocked by match fixing allegations levelled at Higgins. The talented Scot was banned for six months for not reporting an approach from a tabloid newspaper asking him to throw frames, before returning to the sport in November. The four-time champion lost his father in February to cancer and was emotional after becoming world champ again, collecting the trophy with his wife and children.


Bahrain GP deadline extended Formula 1 bosses have given Bahraini authorities until June 3 to decide whether or not the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix will be held later this year. The small Gulf sheikhdom was scheduled to be the venue for the opening race of the 2011 season but authorities were forced to call off the race due to anti-government protests at the time. Upon reviewing the trouble in his country at that stage, Bahrain’s Crown Prince decided to cancel the race, a move backed by F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, 80. Bahrain is currently still under martial law after a month of protests which saw hundreds of people detained and four people sentenced to death for the killing of two police officers. The situation in the Gulf state is said to be improving and should the race be able to go ahead, it is believed that it could become the penultimate race of the season, sandwiched between the Abu Dhabi and Brazilian Grand Prix. Should this happen, the latter could be moved back a week from its original date of November 27 to the first weekend in December.


Vettel still the man to beat The excitement generated by Lewis Hamilton’s thrilling win at Shanghai’s Chinese Grand Prix three weeks ago must have left many Formula 1 fans feeling as though they have been holding their breath for a lifetime. The McLaren driver’s victory breathed new life into this season’s championship after the first two races, in Australia and Malaysia, left many followers and pundits fearing that the 2011 season was going to be a procession for the 2010 champion Sebastian Vettel, who easily won both races. Based on the evidence of the Australian and Malaysian races, that may have been a fair assumption, but it would have been folly to rule out 2008 champion Hamilton, 2009 champion Jenson Button, Mark Webber, Felipe Massa or Fernando Alonso, especially given the unpredictability that the new Pirelli tyres have created. Despite that, Vettel still remains the man to beat. After three races, the young German has 69 points, 21 clear of second-placed Hamilton. The reigning champion’s RB-7 car is blisteringly quick and Vettel seems capable of dominating qualifying seemingly at will. In all three races this year,

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber leading the pack. Both will be hoping history does not repeat itself in Turkey. – Photo by Morio he has started from pole position, and in China qualified more than seven tenths of a second clear of Button, in second place on the grid. Despite that huge gap, the McLarens have proved that he is not invincible. Button beat Vettel off the start in Shanghai, passing him at the first corner before Ham­ilton reeled Vettel back in as the champion’s tyres began to lose grip. Button might well have won

the race himself had he not made a basic error during his first pit stop, where he stopped in Vettel’s zone rather than his own, allowing the German to exit ahead of him. This weekend in Turkey, team-mates Vettel and Webber will be praying there is no repeat of last year’s race, when the two, battling for the lead, collided. Vettel retired and Webber dropped to third place. Whatever happens in Turkey this weekend with its

fabulous turn eight – one of the longest and fastest in F1 – sadly it could be the last time that F1 is seen at Istanbul Park. Crowds at the circuit have not lived up to expectation and it is thought that the Turkish government is baulking at the fee being demanded by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone for the 2012 race, said to be in the region of £15.5 million (B770 million) – double this year’s price. In more positive news, Renault driver Robert Kubica

left hospital this week after spending 70 days recovering from severe injuries suffered while rallying in Italy. Crashing into a church during the Ronde di Andorra in February, Kubica broke an arm and a leg and it was feared he might lose the use of his right hand. The Pole had to undergo four separate operations and faces a year away from F1 – if he can find a team that will take him once he is fully fit.

Pedrosa closes gap on Lorenzo with Estoril win

Spaniard Pedrosa closed the gap on compatriot and championship leader Jorge Lorenzo with the win in Portugal, his first of the season. - Photo by Fizal Runner up in the 2010 MotoGP, Dani Pedrosa of Spain, moved to within four points of compatriot Jorge Lorenzo, the 2010 champion, after a fine tactical ride in Estoril, Portugal last Sunday. The diminutive Pedrosa, who stands at just five feet, two inches, moved up from his starting position of third and stayed on the tail of the Spanish championship leader until four laps from the chequered flag. The 25-year-old then roared past the Yamaha rider and never looked back for his first win of the season. Pedrosa’s Repsol Honda team mate Casey Stoner

of Australia completed the podium positions taking third, while Italians Andrea Dovizioso and Valentino Rossi were fourth and fifth respectively. After three races, reigning champ Lorenzo leads the way on 69 points, four ahead of Pedrosa in second with Stoner a further 20 behind. Lorenzo looked the favourite to extend his lead at the top of the championship after posting the fastest time in Saturday’s qualifying session to take pole. Pedrosa qualified third fastest on the grid behind Italian Marco Simoncelli but the aggressive Italian crashed

out on the first lap, leaving Lorenzo and Pedrosa out in front and pulling clear of Aussie Stoner in third. Despite recent shoulder surgery to remove a steel plate, Pedrosa showed no signs of being hampered and doggedly stuck to his task of pursuing Lorenzo, the winner of the past three Portuguese MotoGPs at the Estoril circuit. Lorenzo was unable to shake off his countryman and with four laps remaining, the Repsol Honda rider surged past and put three seconds between himself and the MotoGP leader by the time he got to the chequered flag, sealing a memorable win.




England Premier Team Man Utd Chelsea Arsenal Man City Liverpool Tottenham Everton Bolton Fulham Stoke City WBA Newcastle Aston Villa Sunderland Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool Wigan Wolves West Ham

P 35 35 35 34 35 34 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35

W 21 21 19 18 16 14 11 35 10 12 11 10 10 10 8 10 9 7 9 7

D 10 7 10 8 7 13 15 12 15 7 10 11 11 11 15 8 8 14 7 11

L 4 7 6 8 12 7 9 10 10 16 14 14 14 14 12 17 18 14 19 17

GF 71 66 68 53 54 50 48 13 43 43 51 49 44 39 35 41 48 35 38 40

GA 33 28 36 31 39 43 43 48 36 43 65 51 57 52 52 55 70 58 61 63

Points 73 70 67 62 55 55 48 48 45 43 43 41 41 41 39 38 35 35 34 32








32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32

22 19 17 18 16 13 13 12 10 11 11 11 9 11 8 9 9 8

6 7 8 3 4 8 5 7 10 7 7 6 11 5 11 7 5 5

4 6 7 11 12 11 14 13 12 14 14 15 12 16 13 16 18 19

64 62 71 45 47 45 41 44 47 36 43 57 43 43 39 30 45 33

19 43 38 42 37 40 47 50 46 39 48 56 58 61 45 44 64 58

72 64 59 57 52 47 44 43 40 40 40 39 38 38 35 34 32 29

Italy Serie A Team AC Milan Inter Napoli Lazio Udinese Roma Juventus Palermo Fiorentina Genoa Cagliari Chievo Parma Catania Bologna Cesena Sampdoria Lecce Brescia Bari

P 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35

W 23 21 21 18 18 17 15 15 12 12 12 10 10 10 11 9 8 9 7 4

D 8 6 5 6 5 8 11 5 13 9 8 12 11 10 10 10 12 8 10 9

L 4 8 9 11 12 10 9 15 10 14 15 13 14 15 14 16 15 18 18 22

GF 61 62 55 46 61 55 53 53 45 38 42 33 37 35 34 33 30 40 31 22

GA 23 39 34 33 42 49 42 58 38 40 44 35 46 47 47 47 42 61 47 52

Points 77 69 68 60 59 59 56 50 49 45 44 42 41 40 40 37 36 35 31 21

France Ligue 1 Team Lille Marseille Lyonnais PSG Rennais Lorient Sochaux Bordeaux Saint-Etienne Montpellier Toulouse Brestois Valenciennes Monaco Auxerre Caen Nice Nancy Lens Arles

P 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33

W 17 17 15 15 14 12 13 10 11 11 12 10 8 8 7 10 9 10 6 1

D 12 11 11 11 10 11 7 15 12 11 6 11 15 15 18 9 12 8 12 11

L 4 5 7 7 9 10 13 8 10 11 15 12 10 10 8 14 12 15 15 21

GF 59 51 55 50 33 42 48 40 41 29 34 34 38 33 37 40 27 32 32 16

England Premier League Fixtures (Times in Thailand) Saturday May 7 Aston Villa v Wigan Bolton v Sunderland Everton v Man City Newcastle v B’ngham West Ham v Blackburn Spurs v Blackpool

21:00 21:00 21:00 21:00 21:00 23:30

Sunday May 8 Wolves v West Brom Stoke v Arsenal Man Utd v Chelsea

18:00 20:05 22:10

Tuesday May 10 Fulham v Liverpool


NFL: League urges court to uphold lockout

Australian NRL Round 9

Germany Bundesliga Team Dortmund Leverkusen Bayern Hannover Mainz Nürnberg Freiburg Hamburg Hoffenheim Schalke Kaiserslautern Stuttgart Werder Cologne Wolfsburg E’cht Frankfurt B’sia M'gladbach St. Pauli

May 6-13

GA 31 30 33 34 26 39 40 35 40 36 35 37 37 33 38 47 41 45 51 63

Points 63 62 56 56 52 47 46 45 45 44 42 41 39 39 39 39 39 38 30 14

(Local Times) Saturday May 6 A’tralia v New Zealand 19:30 Broncos v Storm 19:35 Sunday May 7 Titans v Warriors Dragons v Cowboys Eagles v Raiders

14:00 15:00 19:00

Round 9 Byes: Bulldogs, Panthers, Roosters, Eels, Rabbitohs, Sharks, Tigers, Knights

Super 15 draw Week 11 (Times in Thailand) Friday May 6 Hurricanes v Blues Rebels v Reds

14:35 16:40

Saturday May 7 Lions v Cheetahs Chiefs v Highlanders Waratahs v Force Stormers v Crusaders

00:10 14:35 16:40 22:05

Sunday May 8 Sharks v Brumbies


Bye: Bulls

AFL (Aussie Rules) (Times in Thailand) Friday May 6 Port v Hawthorn


Saturday May 7 Bulldogs v Swans Cats v N Melbourne Richmond v Dockers Gold Coast v Lions

10:10 11:10 13:10 16:10

Sunday May 8 Es’ndon v Eagles Demons v Crows

10:10 11:10

Monday May 9 Saints v Carlton


Bye: Collingwood

New England quarterback Tom Brady and his fellow professionals have been unable to use team and league facilities due to an owners lockout over sharing the league’s US$9.1 billion annual revenue. The NFL labour battle continued last Monday as the league filed papers seeking to have their lockout of players upheld. The NFL filed a brief with the 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis, arguing

Super 15 Rugby Table after Week 10 Team Blues Stormers Reds Crusaders Highlanders Sharks Waratahs Bulls Hurricanes Brumbies Chiefs W.Force Cheetahs Rebels Lions

P 10 9 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 10 10 10 10 10

W 8 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 3 2 3 3 2 3 1

D 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0

L 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 7 6 8 7 9

Points 43 42 40 40 35 34 32 27 23 22 21 20 20 19 14

that US District Judge Susan Richard Nelson shouldn’t have jurisdiction to lift the lockout. On April 25, Nelson had responded to a request by players for an injunction to lift the lockout by issuing an order to end the work stoppage. But a three-judge panel of the appeals court last week put that order temporarily on hold and the NFL owners again locked players out of team and league facilities. The league’s lawyers say the Norris-LaGuardia Act, a Depression-era law, bars federal courts from interfering in labor disputes on either side. The NFL say that lifting the lockout would result in irreparable harm to the league “by undercutting its labour

law rights and irreversibly scrambling the eggs of playerclub transactions”. The appeals court must decide whether to declare a more permanent stay until the appeals process is completed. Billionaire owners and millionaire players have been unable to agree on how to divide $9.1 billion in annual revenues from America’s most popular spectator sport, touching off the NFL’s first labour shutdown since 1987. Court-ordered negotiations are set to resume on May 16 but thus far have produced little headway as owners seek more money and a longer season, while players want to maintain the status quo. –AFP



Blues face resurgent Wellington Super 15 league leaders the Auckland Blues face a tough assignment this weekend when they travel to meet a rejuvenated Wellington Hurricanes in the first match of round 12. In week 11, Pat Lam’s side moved to the top of the Super 15, displacing the Queensland Reds, thanks to a hard-fought 15-10 win against fellow New Zealanders, the Highlanders. Luke McAllister kicked all 15 points for the Blues, shooting five penalties from six attempts before being forced to quit the field with an ankle injury. McAllister may still play this weekend despite coach Lam saying he is not under any pressure from the All Black hierarchy who are looking for a suitable replacement for star fly-half Dan Carter. Carter will miss this weekend’s clash with the Stormers because of hip and hamstring niggles. One All Black who will feature is Blues captain Keven Mealamu. The hooker will lead his side against the Hurricanes despite having played in all 10 Blues fixtures to date. With a huge Tri-Nations and World Cup season coming soon, there have been calls for him to be rested. The Blues come up against a Hurricanes side now in a confident mood after sealing a thrilling last-gasp win over the Reds last weekend. A last-minute penalty from Aaron Cruden led the Hurricanes to a 28-26 victory that saw them climb back up the table. As the teams get towards the end of the season, it is unlikely that the Hurricanes can reach the playoffs given their poor form this season, but they will hope that they can derail their compatriots’ title bid with a win. For mer table-toppers Queensland Reds face a Melbourne Rebels side in need of a pick-me-up after a tough week that saw them slump to a 28-9 defeat against the NSW Waratahs. The Rebels face the high flying Reds, who will once again feature star backs Quade Cooper and Will Genia after coach Ewan McKenzie revealed the Wallaby pair will take to the field. McKenzie has rotated his squad throughout the Super 15, but Genia and Cooper have yet to be rested; a pattern that looks likely to continue. Wallaby tighthead prop James Slipper is in doubt for the Reds but loosehead prop Ben Daley and winger Digby Ioane are both expected to play.

Barcelona players celebrate victory over Real Madrid by tossing defender Eric Abidal in the air.

– Photo AFP

Destination Wembley It’s Barcelona vs Manchester Utd Following their victories away from home in the first leg of the Champions League semi finals, Barcelona and Manchester United, as expected, will face each other at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, May 28, in a replay of the 2009 final which saw Barca lift the famous trophy for a third time. The Catalan and Manchester giants both held two-goal advantages over their opponents Real Madrid and Schalke respectively and never looked like throwing away their leads; Barcelona and Real drew 1-1,

while United beat Schalke 4-1. Despite the feeling of inevitability, any match between Barcelona and Real is an eagerly anticipated affair and a storm over Barcelona’s famous Camp Nou stadium added to the sense of the occasion. The Barcelona fans created their own storm inside the ground as both sets of players emerged to a wall of sound in support of the home team. Having gotten his tactics wrong in the first leg, Madrid coach Jose Mourinho knew his side had to go on the of-

fensive and the visitors made the brighter start, playing at a high level of intensity. However, they were unable to keep up the fast tempo for long, and Barcelona soon fell into their passing groove. Only the brilliance of goalkeeper Iker Casillas kept Madrid in the tie, thwarting chance after chance. In the second half, Barcelona came out strongly but it was Madrid who had the ball in the net first; Gonzalo Higuain’s goal was controversially ruled out after the referee blew for a foul in the build up.

When Pedro scored for the home side moments later, the tie appeared over but Marcelo equalised to give Real a glimmer of hope. A comeback was never likely, however, and the Spanish champions closed out the match in impressive fashion. Manchester United scored four times at Old Trafford on their way to a 6-1 aggregate win against Schalke, a team many had expected to put up more resistance after they had disposed of reigning champions Inter in the previous round.

Goals from Antonio Valencia and Darren Gibson in the first half and a brace from Anderson after the break saw United cruise through to the final. Jose Manuel Jurado scored a consolation goal for the Germans, who were well beaten over the two legs. Now Barcelona and United return to the scene of their respective first European Cup triumphs on May 28 for a showdown the whole world will be watching. – Dan Ogunshakin

It’s all or nothing for O’Driscoll Brian O’Driscoll has promised to pull out all the stops when his Leinster rugby union side face Northampton in the final of the European Cup at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium later this month. O’Driscoll was a try-scorer in the Irish province’s 32-23 semi-final victory over defending champions Toulouse on Saturday, but insisted that reaching the final meant nothing if the game was lost. “Just making it to the final

doesn’t mean anything,” the Ireland centre said, adding that Leinster, the 2009 champions, will have their “work cut out” against Northampton, comfortable 23-7 winners over Perpignan in Sunday’s second semi-final. “It’s going to be another huge day to look forward to. Of course we are happy with the result but we will have to up our performance in the final. “The intensity out there is so close to test match level.

There are a lot of international match-ups on the field and it takes an awful lot to reach a semi-final of this competition. Teams are certainly not going to roll over.” Northampton captain Dylan Hartley said discipline had been “crucial” in his side’s win over Perpignan, their eighth straight victory in European club rugby’s showpiece tournament. “Before the game, we all knew what was up for grabs,”

said the England hooker who was part of a Saints pack which outclassed their much-vaunted Perpignan counterparts. “We’re just happy to go to Cardiff. We know what knock-out rugby is all about. I’m pretty confident we can turn up for any job.” England full-back Ben Foden said the Saints were “delighted to be the last English team” left in the tournament. “We know we’ll be up against a good Leinster team.”

The final, he said, “is a one-off but we have massive belief in ourselves”. Leinster No 8 Jamie Heaslip acknowledged that his side wanted to create a lasting legacy after reaching a second European final in three years. “Winning things builds the legacy of a squad,” said Heaslip. “We’re trying to build an organisation that is successful and we’re constantly producing really good players.”


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