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NAÏVE COLLECTIVISM   IN  INDONESIA   (from  the  viewpoints  of  two   though?ul  obnoxious  individuals)   (might  be  offensive  to  some  people)  

according to  Wikipedia.   Collec&vism  is  any  philosophic,  poliMcal,  religious,   economic,  or  social  outlook  that  emphasizes  the   interdependence  of  every  human  being   Exists  as  the  reverse  of  individualism  in  human  nature   Ver&cal  collec&vism  →  based  on  hierarchical  structures  of   power  and  moral  and  cultural  conformity,  and  is  therefore   based  on  centralizaMon   Horizontal  collec&vism  →  collecMve  decision-­‐making  among   relaMvely  equal  individuals,  and  is  thus  usually  based  on   decentralizaMon  

the first  signs  of  collecMvism  

lending a  helping  hand  

People in  collecMve   cultures  are  group   oriented.   Self-­‐idenMty  is  directly   related  to  their  group   or  groups  of  reference.  

Naïve collec&vism:   Following  the  herd  for   the  end  not  for  the   means  

collecMvism and  social  media   Social  media  offers   unlimited  possibiliMes  for   individualism   If  you  want  a  revoluMon,  go   out  and  do  it;  find  like-­‐ minded  people  and   make  it  happen.  

Social media  grows  faster  in  collecMvist  socieMes.     Indonesians  are  mostly  loyal  collec&vists.  

you’d already  knew  these,  but  yeah…   •  Indonesia  is  the  fastest   adopter  of  Facebook  in   SE  Asia  –  simultaneous   launch  of  cheaper   internet-­‐capable  mobile   phones  

People use  Facebook  as   shallower  but  wider  network   building.  

•  Indonesia is  the  3rd   highest  number  of   TwiZer  users  in  the   world  –  mostly  retweet   rather  than  tweet  

AdopMon (&  disadopMon)  of   social  media  in  Indonesia  is   mainly  determined  by  peer   endorsement.  

Early Facebook  adopters   eventually  migrate  to  TwiZer.   Trendhunters    then  follow.  

how come?   •  In  the  New  Order  regime,  media  used  to  be   suppressed  –  new  freedom  of  expression  &   communicaMon   •  Social  media  provided  a  way  for  youth  to  voice   their  views  &  hold  discussions   •  Privacy  is  not  as  highly  valued  in  Indonesian   society  –  feel  more  comfortable  divulging   private  life  online  

though?ul obnoxious  opinions.  (1   A  community  is  usually   based  upon   collaboraMon  to  fulfill   individual  needs,   which  could  be  both   physical  and   emoMonal,  and  that   does  not  necessarily   entail  in  sacrifice  of   individuality.  

Sayangnya di  Jakarta,   terkadang  satu   komunitas  cuma  diatur   sama  satu/beberapa   “kepala  suku”,  yang  lain   cuma  individu  tersesat   yang  ga  tau  tempatnya   di  mana,  tapi  cuma  ikut-­‐ ikutan  supaya  ada   temen.  

though?ul obnoxious  opinions.  (2    The  unique  color  of  each   individual  is  a  brick  in   the  foundaMon  of  the   diverse  online   community  world.  

Sayangnya  di  Jakarta,   terkadang  prinsip  “ga   ikutan  ga  asik”  malah   pelan-­‐pelan  ngapus   warna  dari  masing-­‐ masing  individu  tadi.   Ujung-­‐ujungnya  semua   warnanya  sama.  

“style over  substance”   Most  Indonesians  succumb  to  trends.   We  are  obnoxious  because  we  pride  ourselves   for  being  able  to  not  succumb  to  dumb  trends,   for  being  “substance  over  style”  individuals.   And  we  tend  to  look  down  on  people  that  do   succumb.  

So is  it  safe  to  say,  that  we,   though?ul  obnoxious  people,  are   individualists?  

the effects  of  naïve  collecMvism.   1.  Money-­‐wasMng  

the effects  of  naïve  collecMvism.   2.  Narrow-­‐mindedness   Internal  →  trend  hunters/scenesters   External  →  obnoxious  individuals  (turns  out,   they  are  not  necessarily  individualists!)  

more on  narrow-­‐mindedness  (internal)   •  Does  not  possess  a  personal  standpoint   •  Find  comfort  only  in  their  group  (or  groups  of   reference)   •  Frequent  change  in  adtude,  lifestyle,  hobby,   fashion  etc.  –  see  the  movie  “ This  is  England”  

most of  them  don’t  know  what  they’re  doing.  

…so help   us   God.  

more on  narrow-­‐mindedness  (external)   Discriminate/prejudice  other  communiMes   Look  down  on  others/feel  superior  to  others   Does  not  value  opinion  from  outside  peers   Relies  on  fellow  group  members  to  back  their   opinions   •  Cannot  handle  criMques  –  cannot  give  criMques   •  •  •  • 

We unite  to  diss  the  scenesters!  

How a  scenester   sees  it:   Cool,  I  goZa  get  me   one  of  each!!  

How an  obnoxious   individual  sees  it:   WHAT  THE  FUCK  

it’s not  all  bad  though.   Helping  each  other   ↓   Share  informaMon   ↓   Gain  insight   ↓   Deeper  understanding  

the moral  of  the  story   Do  not  succumb  to  dumb  trends;  just  because   your  friends  are  doing  it,  doesn’t  mean  you   should  too.   In  fact,  succumbing  to  dumb  trends  would  just   make  you  become  another  juicy  topic  for  us   obnoxious  people  to  disrespect  while  killing   Mme.  Yes,  we  are  assholes  like  that.  

thank you.  

Naive Collectivism in Indonesia  

Naive Collectivism in Indonesia

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