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What Lies Behind Ghosts, Demons, Aliens If you believe in the paranormal, you will not be surprised if you hear stories or tales of the dead coming back to life, you will have heard stories that people often see their loved ones appearing at the foot of the bed, or perhaps they are standing over them, watching and making sure that they are ok. Many people say that they dream of the loved ones that have passed away, often hear things that they cant explain, people often say that this is paranormal, or is it? Many people over time have said that they wake up in the middle of the night and that they cannot move, they feel like they are pinned to the bed, but is this paranormal? Welll, there are many theories in the world and which one is right? So lets take sleep. When we do sleep we go through many different stages, starting with the NREM which is non-rapid eye movement and from there it gets progressively deeper. We then cycle bacj unti we hit REM, rapid eye movement. During this period we are more likely to have vivid dreams.

February 2021

At this stage of sleep, we are also paralysed, why we are not sure why, but it could be a way of keeping us safe and to stop us acting out our dreams such as flying for example. Many sleep researchers believe that this accounts for many different paranormal experiences. But there is alot more research that needs to be done into this sector. There are many factors with this sector from the bang that makes us jump with a fright which could have a very simple explanation. When we fall asleep, the reticular formation of the brainstem typically starts to inhibit our ability to move, see or hear things. When there is a sudden bang in the night, and there is nothing else happening, this could be a delay in this process. Instead of shutting down the nervous system, it might just fire all at once. February 2021

Haunted Places Many people claim that there buildings are haunted, many people will tell you that they have seen a ghost, but, the same many people are often scared of these said creatures, and will not want to investigate inot what is happening. Now a ghost in theory is nothing to be scared of, and in fact you could embrace this into your life. As a paranormal investigator, this is what I do. I look for the hauntings, investigate them and put them into perspective, and many times the perspective is not what is actually happening, Many people are lead down the path, they believe that it must be something their, because the pipes expand and make strange noises at certain times of the night, or the floorboards creek when there is no one around. But having said this, why is it some places are full of spirits, why would you want to haunt a prison, an old abandoned factory or the likes? Have you some tie to the place, some unfinished business, someone to talk to, why havent you passed on, is something really keeping you here? Perhaps the walls of the building or the ground that the building is sitting on has managed to save all this information, and from time to time it errups, just like a volcano, and this will release energy and this is what people see, so is it this a haunting? Well, only time will tell.

February 2021

The Tower By Willow Cundy

I started researching on the ghosts of The Tower of London for my new book and thought to myself that the history of the place is really amazing and wanted to learn more. I have always been fascinated by history and love to read and hear about the ghosts of those who are seen by many. I have not been to the Tower myself as of yet but, I shall visit for the day when the pandemic has settled enough for it to be safe to go. I have researched extensively on the Ghosts of the Tower of London but first, let me tell you about the Tower’s history briefly. I became interested in the history of the place when I was very young and have been researching into the history of the Tudor times. What I have found is quite shocking, to say the least, and I am thankful to have not lived (that I know of) during those times. On the north side of the River Thames in the centre of London lies one of the most mentioned historical landmarks in the world, The Tower Of London. There was a man who invaded Pevensey Bay in England in the year 1066. This man went on to construct The Tower of London in the year 1078, his name was William, known as the conqueror, and to some, he was known as William the bastard. The Tower of London has been used for many purposes during its 945 years of existence. It has been used as a residence for the Royals, Prison for those who are believed to have committed treason and other alleged offences. The Tower of London is now home to the Crown Jewels. In the year 1661, the Crown Jewels were brought to the Tower and displayed as part of a tradition of storing precious Royal items. The Tower is one of England’s most visited places with visitors from all over the world coming to see it. The Tower of London is reported to be the most haunted place in all of England and stands to be the most visited place of all of England’s historical places. There have been numerous reports and tales of ghost sightings in London, with Hampton court palace and the Tower of London being of the most mentioned places where sightings have been reported to take place. There are said to be tours of the Tower of London in which people have reported to have fainted in the same spot in one of the buildings. Both at separate times but on the same day and in no way, that I could find at least, are these two reports related to each other. There are also many reports of the ghost of King Henry the VIII wandering the grounds of both the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace. There are numerous tales of ghosts of the Tower of London and its many visitors are not limited to the living.

Behind The Paranormal Would You Like To Get Inolved

Ever wanted to get involved that little bit more? Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Want to know more about equipment and how we actually conduct our investigations? Then why not get involved with our paranormal team, from office support, actual investigations and even filming and podcast support. We have something to suit everyone! If you are interested in getting involved then drop an email to: office@thedimensiongroup.co.uk and one of our crew will be in touch.

February 2021

Possession & Demons

Not every murderer is a bad person. Out of all the people you meet in your lifetime, how many really Continuing from last month's Possession and and be honest 'evil' people are you going to meet? Demons, I want to continue with the word Demon, to So why has the 'Demon' factor become such an begin with. Now, what is a Demon? This could open important part of ghost hunting. Is it that because many arguments, because what I think of as a Demon people think that every ghost that is angry or a little you may not. anxious is really a Demon? Some Ghost Hunters What you think is scary, I think is would say this is true, some would even go as far as nothing, so this can be a hard and to get rid of the Demon, but this is where I would very large subject. But, let's go down differ, I would want to know more, I would rather the road of a Demon is something find out as much information as possible through that is not nice, mething that is 'evil' various forms of communication and learn more or bad. Now we have another about the spirit that haunts. Not every spirit who is problem, because what I think is bad angry becomes a Demon, in my opinion. or evil you may not. Now a question is, is every Many Ghost Hunting programs often show that murderer a bad person? Not always, and without darker side of things, making things more dramatic knowing everything, then we cannot judge. But, let's put this one to the side and go with the tradition of a than they actually are, but you must remember, this is for TV and they have to make it exciting. But going Demon. Now, my argument is what makes a spirit a back onto Demons, can they possess you or Demon? Is it something that has happened in life, something that you own. Well this depends on your something that has changed as they have died and your belief. From my point of view, passed to the other side? Or are they just an evil no Spirit or Demon could possess person? There are many different viewpoints on what you, and if this was the case, would a Demon is, what it can do, and do they really exist? we not have more possessions The reason why I want to bring this point up is around today? Would we not see because not every bad-tempered spirit is going to be more haunted objects? a Demon. By Matthew Grange

What Is EVP

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Electronic Voice Phenomenon Electronic Voice Phenomenon is a very popular practice within the paranormal community. It came popular in the 1970s when parapsychologist Konstantins Raudive described EVP as typically brief word or short phrase within the white noise. Paranormal enthusiasts consider EVP to be a form of paranormal phenomenon often found in recordings with static or other background noise. Many scientist regards EVP as a form of auditory (interpreting random sounds as voices, in one's own language) and a pseudoscience. An EVP recorder is normally a portable device, which you can record on. Normally an investigator will ask questions for a short period and listen back to the recording, hoping that something has been recorded that hasn't been heard with the human ear. If you are using EVP, the EVP should be crystal clear and everyone should be able to tell what has been recorded. There are classifications for EVPs. Class A - Clear and Audible. Class B Clear and sometimes you will have to wear headphones to interpret. Class C - Very soft and often indecipherable.

February 2021

Catherine Campbell A Medium Direct From Massachusetts, USA The Beginning

My in-laws lived in an old house out in the country. It was owned by a local seminary, where my father-inlaw worked as a chef. They occupied the first floor and the second floor had been unoccupied for some time. At this time, I was in my early twenties with two young children. a toddler and newborn. My husband had lost his job and money was scarce. It was arranged that we move into this empty apartment, in this old house two miles from the center of town. The apartment had two floors and we mainly lived on one floor, with two spare rooms on the second. One of these small rooms was painted a bright yellow, and I decided it would be a great room to paint in. I set it all up. However, I found it very uncomfortable being in the room. I could not explain it but always felt like I was not alone. In fact, I would not go upstairs unless someone was with me. One night I was home alone. I was planning a nice quiet evening of watching some tv. Then I heard a baby crying so I checked on the children and they both sound asleep. This happened two more times. I started thinking perhaps it was a cat or animal outside but the windows were closed. I was feeling a little unnerved. I sat myself down again when I heard someone call my name. It sounded like someone in the hallway was calling me. No one was home but me, the in-laws were away. This happened two more times. Clear and loud. My heart pounding I called a friend and told her what had happened, she stayed with me on the phone till my husband got home. We never talked about it again. I questioned my mother-in-law about who had lived in the apartment and found that a woman who had the same exact name as me had lived there over fifty years before, and had birthed her six children there. I never heard the baby's cries or my name called out again. I closed off the yellow room. We did hear what sounded like muffled conversations coming from upstairs but never addressed it. One day I packed up the children and left both home and husband. Years later doing genealogy searches I looked up her name on the census. There it was listed both my given and married surname. My ears started ringing and I got the chills. I often wonder what she was trying to tell me.

GD:UK A Personal Experience A Haunting

Many years ago, in the North-West of England, I lived in a house that was a strange place to be. When I looked at the house, nothing was untoward, apart from when I took my nephew around it, he hated the house and said it wasn't a nice place. I chose to ignore this and went ahead with the house. When we moved in to the house, many strange things happened, heard and seen. From the crying of a baby, the footsteps that we heard upstairs to the shadows that were seen all around. Even people who thought that ghosts did not exist and did not believe in the paranormal, even they where shocked and on more than one occasion checked the house to see what was going on, but on checking, nothing. Nothing was known about the house, but what we did find out is that the house was built opposite what was once a prisoner of war camp, and many would see the images of soldiers still marching and checking. We did not stay in the house for long and moved away, I guess we will never know.

February 2021

Common Superstitions Many of us have superstitions and sometimes you dont even think about them. So we have got a nice collection of sayings, some you may know and others dragged from the past. if you walk under a ladder it is said to be bad luck. This comes from Egypt around 5000 years ago. Ladders were left in the tombs of the deceased so that they could ascend to the heavens, when they were ready. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. This first originated in Wales, first appearing in a publication in 1866, it was slightly different, and it read 'Eat an apple on going to bed and you'll keep the doctor from earning his bread. It then re-appeared in 1913 in its current form. A cat has nine lives. There are many different ideas for this one, but the most common one would come from Ra, The Sun God who took on the shape of the 'Great Tomcat' or 'Mau' during his visits to the underworld. Whilst he took on other gods, in fact he took on 8 other gods, which gave him 9 lives. Horseshoe for good luck. This dates back to the 10th century. St Dunstan, who was a blacksmith was visited by the devil. The hoofed devil asked for a horseshoe for himself. Dunstan is said to have used iron nails to secure a red hot horseshoe onto the devil's hoof, causing great pain. Breaking a mirror will bring 7 years bad luck. This comes from the Romans, and stems from that every 7 years life will renew and anything in your life would be fixed. Breaking a mirror would undo these 7 years and bring you bad luck. Friday 13th is unlucky for some. Probably originated in the Middle Ages, originating from the Story of Jesus and the last supper. At the last supper were 13 people in the Upper Room on the 13th Nisan Maundy Thursday, the night before his death on Good Friday.

GD:UK & The Dimension Group The Plans as We Look Forward

We have many plans as we move forward out of covid19, but, we are on the cautious side and we would rather wait a little longer than put people at risk. We have 2 tours planned for late 2021 (covid19 permitting). One will take in subterranean Birmingham and the other will take in the Cemeteries and haunted streets. As we move forward into 2022 we will be looking at opening retail premises and cafe in Birmingham and from there we will be launching our new tour and then as we move through 2022 to 2023 we have plans to open a new 'haunted' museum, where you will be guided around the rooms dedicated to ghosts, spirits and some of the most famous serial killers the UK has to offer. As well as holding overnight events, we will begin filming our investigations and we will start filming on our new installment, which is a haunting addition to the collection of the Dimension Group. Check out our brand new web site and find all the latest information that TDG has to offer. We will be aiming to gain more awards this year, makinig us one of the best within the country and beyond.

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February 2021

Judith Millar A World-Class Medium Direct From Ireland The Spiritual and The Phsycial

Many of us who live in this world can be quite shut off to our Spiritual side, as we grow up through life into adulthood we can become so focused on our physical and material lives and needs, we then shut ourselves off from our spiritual side. We worry about our work! Not having money for the things we want! What other people's opinions are of us! what we have and don't have, falling into that trap that this life is all about our material needs and material life! What if I was to say; Don't worry about the pressures of work, not being able to buy those things we want or what other people think of us. Your first reaction would be to say she hasn't a clue what she's talking about... Right!.... Or, it's ok for her she obviously doesn't have to worry about these things!.. Well, you would be wrong!. We all will work at some point in our lives, we will all have those things we would like to buy, we will all at some point in our lives worry The more I learned and understood about what other people's opinions were or are of us! spirituality and my faith, the more it helped me I felt like this many times, I only focused on the learn about myself and who I truly was as a physical world, my material needs, what I had or person and my purpose in this lifetime, you see! didn't have, worrying about everything, I even we all come into this life with a purpose and a worried if I had nothing to worry about!, now how skill.....maybe your amazing with numbers and silly does that sound!.... yet so true. I've always seen figures.... a talented dancer or performer..... and heard spirit from a child, but I chose for a long someone who's passion is music....or feel drawn time to not acknowledge this side of my life and push to God's calling and being of service to help it away, as I never truly understood the bigger others, whatever your skill or passion, see this picture. That was...Until I felt myself being drawn as your own uniqueness within yourself. My back more and more to the spiritual side of my life, I passion was to help as many people around the yearned to be happy instead of feeling that fear!.. I world as much as I could and my spiritual work. yearned to feel that love inside me and to give love When I embraced my spiritual journey, it taught unconditionally, I yearned to find who I truly was as a me many life lessons, and will continue to do so person instead of what I felt others wanted me to be. as I continue throughout this lifetime on my I won't say I found this easy, I didn't, I was constantly journey. battling internally with myself, letting the physical Continued on Page 9 side slip back into my head at times trying to take over my spiritual side.

February 2021

The Tower Research By Willow Cundy

Here, I shall tell you about what I have found while researching the ghosts of The Tower of London for my new book. I have found that there are numerous reports of ghost sightings within the grounds and many buildings which make up the Tower. There are many reports of sighting of the wives of King Henry VIII, those I have found to be the most interesting to read about. Here I shall tell you a brief history as well as short stories of what I have found to be the most interesting on the ghosts of The Tower of London. Anne Boleyn has been seen to wander the Tower of London grounds, Blickling Hall and also Hampton Court. Anne was the second wife of Henry VIII and, after being unable to bear her husband a son, she was accused of adultery and treason. As a result of the charges accused of her, she was sent to the Tower of London on May 2nd 1536 to await her execution. Anne Boleyn was walked to her room in the Tower by walking her beneath one of the most notorious prisoners' walk gates called The Traitors Gate. The room in which Anne was made prisoner was also the same room she had occupied in wait of her Coronation. Anne’s execution was to happen by way of the use of an axe, but at Anne’s request for a more merciful death, she requested to be executed by sword. Henry VIII granted her wish and she was executed by the sword at the Tower Green on May 19th 1536 and buried at the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula. Anne’s ghost appears on the anniversary of her death and has spooked many visitors on the same day due to her sudden and unexpected appearance. She has reportedly been seen holding her own head in her hands on her lap as well as standing in corridors holding her head at waist level. Anne has been seen in many parts of the Tower and gardens as well as being seen by visitors to Blickling hall. Lady Jane Grey has been said to be seen flailing her hands while running around in great panic on the grounds of the Tower. It is said that on the day of her execution, the executioner was not available and another was brought in for the occasion. As the executioner was inexperienced, Lady Jane suffered a great deal in her final moments of life. The executioner struck Lady Jane but missed her head and struck her shoulders instead. At the shock of the inexperienced executioner, Lady Jane stood up from the block and ran around waving her hands and screaming for mercy while in great pain. The executioner is said to have chased her down to finish the task he was brought in to do and the task he was dealt with took him between Eight and Ten blows to put Lady Jane out of her misery.

February 2021

Judith Millar A World-Class Medium Direct From Ireland The Spiritual and The Phsycial

I learnt that by being myself and following my abilities and passion, there was much more to this life than just the physical side, when we only focus on the physical side of life, we find we hold onto hurt, lack of trust, things that happened in our past that we continue to let define our lives going forward. I now work full time as a Spiritual Christian Medium working full time with spirit, I have learnt that we can not change past events no matter how painful they can sometimes be, by holding onto what we can not change we are causing ourselves more pain and going round and round in circles, never truly moving forward, preventing us from healing. I have suffered many painful lessons in my life that I let hold me, prisoner, within myself for too long. I was scared to be happy, in case everything came tumbling down around me, It left me insecure, scared, worrying what other people would think if they knew I was a spiritual person who worked and connected with spirit. A lot of people don't understand that a Spiritual Christian Medium only works with their Guides, Angels of Love & Light, the Universe and God. On my spiritual journey, I learnt how important self-love was, how could I give unconditional love to others if I couldn't love myself? How could I be happy, if I wasn't going to let myself let go of the pain? How could I find peace within myself, If I couldn't be myself? How could I strengthen my faith, if I let other peoples opinions prevent me. When we only focus on the physical there's so much we are missing! We have two bodies in life, "The Physical body" and "The Spiritual Body", both equally important to us in this lifetime, by having a healthy balance of both, understanding our spiritual life also changes our views on life, you see our spiritual body also helps keep our physical body & mind healthy! If we can take a step back from the physical and understand what is holding us back in life from our past and see these as lesson's we have learnt from we are then only taking the lessons going forward,

remember we have to make the mistakes to learn from them. If we worry about things we cannot change we are looping ourselves back into that vicious circle again, going round and round. When we say phrases like " I Can't", I Won't. I'm Not", we are telling ourselves we will fail before we even try! Have you ever caught yourself saying, "If I didn't have bad luck I would have no luck at all?". It's important we remember, it all starts with our thought process, mindset is very important we don't have to say it out loud! we just have to think it. We all use energy! we use the same amount of energy to think negatively as we do to think positively! When we are negative thinker's we are attracting the same negative energy back that we sent out, this will not or cannot change the outcome just cause us more stress and upset. If we use our energy to think positively, not only are we helping ourselves move forward, we are manifesting those positive thoughts, in turn are helping to create our own futures. Our mind is a very powerful tool, when we incorporate our Spiritual Body with our Physical body, we start to believe in ourselves, our abilities, our mindset changes we learn that we can achieve anything we put our minds to, the only person that can stop us is Ourselves!. Visualise that future you want, aim and work towards that future you want, ask the universe, the Angels, our guides and God. Live in the present replace those words with "I Can, I Will, I AM", be that example to others. Let yourself find your happiness and inner peace, open your heart to yourself and to help others, we don't need to be rich to help make a difference to someone's life.

Horoscopes There is a lot of focus on the socially conscious sign of Aquarius. You will often find that love will start as a friendship first, and then blossom into something more. You will find that there is a humanitarian effort around and you may receive some good luck. This is a good month for networking skills. This month is full of ideas, communication, and anything that is related to science. It is a good time to kick any habits that you need to get rid of. This will be good for your health.

February 2021

Spooky Places In The UK Will You Enter? The Asylum

A venue known as “The Asylum” is always going to be eerie. A grade II listed building, this chapel has beautifully distressed interiors and original stainedglass windows. If its creaking walls could talk we’re sure they’d a tale or two to set your hair on end.

Key Points Aries - Humanitarian, consciousness, and originality. Taurus - Promotion, honor, new career, and new goals. Gemini - Mentoring, spirituality, culture and have faith. Cancer - Money is on the agenda, income, intimacy, and erotic encounters. Leo - Commitment, love, relationships, money, and strange love. Virgo - Health, job changes, freelance work, office romance. Libra - Romance, former lover, second chances, big love, and an unusual romance. Scorpio - Family, security, money, home improvements, romance. Sagittarius - Writing, teaching, learning, communications, and contracts. Capricorn - Cash flow, earning power, new money, budgets, unusual talents. Aquarius - Quirkiness, innovation, logic, brains, eccentric, humanitarianism. Pisces - Psychic feelings, intuition, soul and the spirit, dreams, charity, and meditation.

The Underground Chamber Imagine being inside a chamber deep under the river Thames and try not to experience a creeping feeling of claustrophobia. The Bascule Chambers are secret caverns submerged beneath Tower Bridge and is the space where the counterweight swings each time the bridge opens. London Dungeons The crown jewel of London’s spooky venues, The London Dungeons is the ultimate scary venue celebrating over 1000 of London’s darkest moments. A dungeon room is the perfect space for a dining experience that will serve up chills down the spine.

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Dimension News - Feb 2021  

Paranormal News for a Peculiar World covering everything from mediumships, personal stories, hauntings, aliens and much more.

Dimension News - Feb 2021  

Paranormal News for a Peculiar World covering everything from mediumships, personal stories, hauntings, aliens and much more.