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Is Your Business Ready For the New Year? by Hector Abraham, Abraham Finanicial Solutions When the new year comes we are thinking about our new years resolutions. In midst of all the partying and fun, sometimes we don’t take the correct steps to establish our goals and resolutions. In this article we will see how to establish, reach and measure our goals. Even though you might not believe, the know how to establish a goal and reach it, can drastically change your life. It has the power to convert failure into success, losses into gains. We should establish the difference between our personal goals and the goals for our business, since businesses are a whole different entity from us, even though you might be the one responsible in the end for both. To start we need to know how to establish a goal. A very well know motivator, Zig Ziglar once said, “Establishing a goal the correct way means you have reached half of the journey”. Did you know that 90% of people do not write down their goals. Writing your goals is essential to be able to recognize, commit and measure them, what you write you will retain and speaks highly of your level of commitment. I imagine you have heard the phrase, “your words travel with the wind”, nonetheless, when you write, to a certain extent, you commit with your self. To establish the goals you should recognize the different types of goals. There are continuous goals and short term goals. One example, the monthly earnings goal is a continuous goal because you need to have earnings every month, but passing your exam or certification, once accomplished there is no need for it again. You need to identify the difference between these types of goals. In the personal side you will also divide your goals into four sections: Family, Finance, Health and Spiritual. There should not be more than 5 goals per section and


if you are able to only accomplish one, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to start. In business you should have goals in the following areas: Finance, Human Resources(employees), Clients, Services or Products, and Contribution to the Community. You should make a table with these areas and begin writing down all of the goals which come to mind, and then share with your team with an acronym, like METAS (Spanish for goals): Measurable: Should be clear, When? Will the goal be reached. How? Much time will it take to see results. It could be a date or period which can be used to measure weekly, monthly etc. Establish and specify: Goals should be defined and clear where any person on the team can understand them. Time Determined: A reasonable time to reach goals should be established. They shouldn’t be extreme to avoid frustration over not having enough time or having too much time and leaving it for last minute. Attainable: Goals should be fair to the team to be able to reach. We cant establish the impossible to avoid lack of enthusiasm of the team. For example, if you sold $100,000 last year, it would be ridiculous to have your goal for the new year to sell a million. If your team seems capable of reaching the goal they will. Significant: Your goals need to be in line with the

Mission, Vision and Objective of your business. If you have a retail business, it would not make sense to make one of your goals to be to obtain a real estate agent license. The purpose for goals is to stay on track and obtain the objectives set for the business. Finally, you and your team should be clear of the Mission and Vision of the company to be able to establish those goals and also commit to writing them down. Finally, goals should be measured consistently and watch their progress, don’t wait until the end of the year to see the status of your goals. My recommendation is to see the progress of the goals in the regular business meetings. This way, You have enough time to make adjustments or take action to reach the goal. Don’t forget, First step is to establish difference between personal from business goals. Next identify it as a long term continuous or short term event goal. Then

make a table for the different areas: (Financial, Human Resources(employees) Clients, Services or Products and Contribution to the Community) and finally evaluate and share them. Once you begin this process of establishing goals in your personal life and in your business, your life will begin to develop in such a balanced way, with less frustration and success will be inevitable. One great example of having goals is the great leader Martin Luther King Jr. When he said “I have a dream”, to see a nation where men and women wouldn’t be judge by the color their skin. Thanks to this great leader many people have made the United States the nation it is today. A great motivator says “show me a clear goal and I’ll show you success”. The passion, the desire and the compromise will then be the essential ingredients once these goals have been established. Begin today!


Chillin’ with Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire Tito Vega by Paul Perez Dimelo Orlando had the opportunity to sit down with local tattoo artist Hilberto Aguayo Vega. Tito, as Vega is better known as, is like most artists. His passion for artwork goes back to when he was just a kid growing up in Puerto Rico. 12 years after moving to Orlando, Tito has grown past his small beginnings and has done custom ink for the likes of reggaeton artist Jory Boy, Montana, DJ Nelson, DJ Luian, football player Javar Gaphrin, and even former Orlando Magic forward Brandon Bass. We sat down with him to get a better feel for who he is and where his current ambitions are taking him.

though. He was against it and he ended up throwing away the machine, so I sold my motorcycle and bought equipment to do airbrushing. But, by the time I was 19, was right back to tattooing.

Where was the first tattoo shop you worked at? My first tattoo shop was with Akasha Tattoo in Orlando. I started off just buying materials from them and building a relationship with them. Eventually it turned into me working for them.

What other kinds of artwork do you do? Where is your hometown? I was born and raised in Bayamon, PR.

What brought you to Orlando, and what’s keeping you here? I came to Orlando twelve years ago for my family. Now, I just feel like there is a lot of opportunity here. I feel like I’ll be able to accomplish a lot here; there are so many connections and opportunities to be made.

At what age did you decide you wanted to pursue art? I have been into art since I was a kid. Since I can remember, I have been drawing and painting. My family has always been artistic in one way or another, and I was blessed to carry it on.

How long have you been doing tattoo art, and how did you get into it? I’ve been tattooing since I was 17 years old. One day, a cousin of mine gave me a tattoo machine, and we went from there. My father didn’t like it,


Over the years, I’ve gotten into all sorts of artwork - airbrushing, canvas, murals, grafitti, makeup, body paint, I paint cars and motorcycles...pencil and paper - pretty much anything.

How do you feel when you’re creating art that others are wearing on their bodies? It’s an honor to have people wearing my art. It really is. It’s never been about money or anything like that. The money doesn’t matter. I always do it for the love of art and being able to express myself through what people want. It’s almost like therapy in a way. It’s like my own way of getting away from everything but still staying positive.

What makes your art different from others? I believe everyone has their own style. There’s no such thing as good art or bad art. It’s all in how you see what you see. Me? I don’t really feel like I have a style. I’m a natural artist. I’m always learning. I try to always go with the flow of the art, always trying to evolve.

What are your favorite kinds of tattoos? Wow?!?! I honestly love all kinds of tattoos. Portraits, though...portraits fascinate me.

Tribal tattoos - Love or hate them? Both. (laughs)

How do you feel your business enhances the community? I just want to come in strong and bring tattooing and body art to new levels and in positive ways. I want to showcase tattooing as the form of art that it really is. I want to change the negative perception that tattoos have. Everybody always sees tattoos as this negative thing when it really isn’t. It’s not something horrible or something that only criminals do. I want everyone - every day professionals, lawyers, anyone - to walk in and get tattooed. It’s all about seeing tattoos in a positive light.

What advice would you give someone else who wants to pursue their love of art for a living? Be positive. Stay positive and accomplish what you set your mind to do. With God, anything is possible. Believe in yourself, and believe in your art.


Nino Blu

“Finding Nino” by Raul Velez Born in LA on September 27 1990, Jorge Flores better known as Nino Blu, moved to Orlando at the age of 9 and has now flourished and become one of Orlando’s hometown up and coming Hip Hop artists. A child of peruvian parents, Nino Blu started his craft at the age of 13. We asked, How did you start with music and what made you want to start? “I started battling people in middle school either before or after classes started and I actually ended being good and getting recognition and I guess thats what gave me the boost to keep going and eventually I got into songwriting and recording”. With people like Jon Young offering advice and helping him along the way, Nino has been able to grow into his talent and now has 10 years of experience.

So Nino, you know fans always wonder how artists get their names, how did you get yours? I used to go by J Mor as a kid but felt like the J in front of rap names was too common and I needed something more unique to me. My mom always called me Nino which means kid in spanish and the Blu comes from these personality tests that my aunt used to give me which would assign you a color after you finished the test and mine always came out blue, so I decided to take off the E at the end so it wouldn’t look like I was repping a color or something (laughs). Basically I felt that as long as I stay true to myself and my personality I’ll always be BLU.

With so many artists out there who has been of inspiration to you? There’s so many people that inspire me that it would take up a whole page but mainly I look up to


the legends like Biggie, 2pac, Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z. Tupac was the first rapper that really influenced me as a kid, I’ve always wanted to impact people the way he did. Local artist Jon Young gave me so much advice when I was starting up. He’s also one of the people from whom I’ve learned so much. Seeing his grind inspired me to do me.

What do you love most about making music? I love seeing the final product come to life. I love the excitement of knowing that I’m going to release something really good.

What do you feel sets you apart from everyone else? I feel like God made us all unique and individual in our own way, so I always stay true to myself and there can never be another me so that alone will set me apart from everyone else

Where do you record? I record at different studios but mainly at 212 Recordings in Orlando, I recommend them, they did my whole mixtape «FINDING NINO».

Where was your first performance and how do you feel when performing? I feel good when performing but I still feel I can learn more and become better no matter how good I get in front of a crowd. I’ve performed in venues and clubs around the city, my first performance was at a high school talent show and my biggest was at Teen NIght Club Paris. I remember the whole bottom and top floor being packed, that was a crazy feeling.

What are your goals? I want to make classic Hip Hop albums that sell millions, I want to be remembered as one of the best and just help people get through their days with my music the same way other artists did for me.

What advice would you give other fellow artists trying to come up? Practice everyday and make sure you are always on point. Make sure people are actually enjoying your music. Dont be lazy, get out there and let people know you exist.

Any hobbies outside of music? Damn!? I think I do!? {laughing} I think i might have to find one now!

Do you play any other instruments or do anything else in the music industry?

you believe I play the guitar for like 4 minutes until you realize I don’t know anything else.

Where can people find you and your music? My email is best way to get a hold of me. Contact me at and you can always find my music on youtube, and download my mixtape “FINDING NINO” on Just google me, you’ll find me.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers? Just know that I always keep it real in my music, its all based on my real life, nothing is made up, so when you listen to me you will slowly start to get to know me as a person and hopefully we will build a good foundation to grow together the more you listen. Oh! and when you buy my album all of your wildest dreams will come true! (haha)

I know like 5 chords on the guitar that could make


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Diamond of the Month

Yomaly Vargas

Age: 22 | Hometown: Aguada P.R. Height: 5’5” | Bust: 34 | Weight: 24 | Hips: 28 When did you get into Modeling? Modeling has been my passion since I was a little girl but during those years my parents weren’t able to pay for modeling classes. When I came to Orlando from PR, I got my first job and was able to start saving up to pay for my own modeling classes. Soon after, I had the honor to participate in the Miss Hispana International beauty pageant.

Tell us about yourself and personality? I’m a really outgoing, humble, hard working and an independent woman. I know what I want and where I want to be. Perseverance has taken me to where I’ am right now and feel nothing is impossible in my life. I take everything as a learning experience and keep growing from my mistakes. Describe your style of fashion? I would describe my sense of fashion as classy, sexy and elegant.

What do you have to offer? I have a lot to offer! Professionalism, beauty and who I am. I would like people to identify with me and remember me for my accomplishments and see me as an example that you can be who ever you wanna be.

What would you say are your biggest accomplishments? On my first pageant I made it to 2nd finalist. I was also interviewed for telemundo orlando.


What goals do you have for your modeling career? My goals are to own a talent agency and be a successful model, actress, dancer and entrepreneur business woman. I would also like to be a reporter or animator either in radio or television. When not modeling what do you like to do? I don’t like wasting my time. When I’m not modeling I like to be working.

What are your hobbies? I love dancing and acting.

Where is your favorite place to be? I love being home with my family and friends and also being at photo shoots.

What do you want our readers to remember about you? I would like people to remember me as a professional model and a person that is trying to be successful in life. Keep in touch with Dimelo Orlando Magazine for more on Yomaly Vargas and where shes going in her career. For contact info on Yomaly Vargas contact us at DIMELOORLANDO.COM



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