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A School Based Project For Design and Technology

BIOMORPHIC IDEAS One thing that inspires me to design is nature. Biomorphic design is the term we give to it. This does not mean we need to design things with a leaf, it could mean that we are only reminded of nature when viewing the final design. This can be achieved be including curves in the design, or giving it a splash of natural colours like green of blue. If basing the design of something in particular, like frog, then the design may have some characteristics of a frog, such as long “arms�, or a rounded centre section.

This type of design may appeal to many people because of its possible futuristic look. When designing it is important to keep the target market in mind, so as to create a product that will appeal to them and sell well. Many people are enthralled by the future, and so biomorphic design, with all its curves and flowing nature, will appeal to a wide range of people.


APPLE Ipod TOUCH This design is very simple, which is why it helps me when designing. It helps bring my mind back to one of the fundamental rules of design, keeping it simple. The screen dominates, with a home button at the bottom of the device. This is a very simple design. Keeping things simple in design is important because people prefer simple-to-use devices rather than a device which has a complex and long winded way of achieving its goal. Apple is known by people the world over, and is a very popular product. Part of this popularity is the simplicity of use, and as this is a factor in the success, replicating it is an idea to create successful designs. Apple’s simple design will no doubt inspire other people into simplicity, but even Apple has work to do to create the perfectly simple product.


Nintendo 3DS This system has not yet been released, but information had been issued. It allows the user to view 3D images and videos without the use of glasses. It is a games system, but offers so much more. The thing that really inspires me about the 3DS and other systems like it is that you can fit so much into something so small. Things that can be accomplished on big, massive things, such as 3D movies, can be done on something as small as your Even if faced with a big, seemingly impossible problem, there will always be a way to accomplish your goal, and often in a simple, attractive design. The 3DS helps us, as designers, to focus on achieving the goal at hand in the best way possible, to keep the design functional. If something is needed in the design, we must look for the best way to fit it in functionally, and not just throw needed items on until it has lost all purpose.


D&T - It's Dynamite  
D&T - It's Dynamite  

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