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Dave Ashton Anthony DiMarco

From Manifest Destiny stealing: Nevada, California, Utah, New Mexico & Arizona.

And that Alamo stunt.

We’ve dealt with a lot of caca from you Americanos.

We’ve decided to tur n

2 lb. burrito. t h e

o t h e r

c h e e k .

W i t h


A burrito

a s

A m e r i c a n as a

marachi band playing

“Feliz Navidad” and

“De Colores” s i m u l t a n e o u s ly ,


Cinco de Mayo, during

Catholic Mass, while hiding from



bur r itos Amer icanized a

Sur e our have

Like a

pi単ata-making matador riding a team of burros who had a cousin that ate a

hot dog once.

bit .

Mexican from Mexico  

Dave Ashton & Anthony DiMarco Taco Burrito King

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