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Architecture has been always my passion. I started my education back in Syria where I fell in love with Architecture. But the war started and I wasn’t able to achieve my goal there as I was so scared to lose it. I had to move to the United States where I can make my dreams come true. It was a struggle for me to get into school as I had to redo all my 2 years credits. That did not stop me. My determination to be an architect was and still is my biggest motivation no matter how long it will take me to be one. I enjoyed designing every project in school as I gave it all my heart and thoughts . An internship with a leading architecture firm will provide the opportunity to expand my knowledge as an Architecture Major student. My strong skills in computer design softwares as well as my hand drawing designs and sketching skills ensure that I will make a positive contribution to your firm and guide me for a long term successful career.

Computer Softwares AutoCad 2D Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe premier Rhinoceros Grasshopper V-ray(Rhino) Sketchup 123D Make Microsoft office Revit Lumion


dima alrahis

Languages English Arabic



2015-current University of Texas at Arlington School of Architecture Bachelor Degree

Sketching Drafting Quick learner

2013-2015 Tarrant County Community College associate of arts

Recognition Chair Competition

2010-2012 Arab International University Architectural Engineering Uncompleted

1st place Spring 2014 Tarrant County Community College Texas, USA

work experience 2015-2016 design consultant sales associate Bydesign Furniture

Good sense of art Team & individual work Passionate & Dedicated

McNeel Rhino workshop Certification 2013-2015 sales associate Ross INC.

Summer 2012 Damascus, Syria

third year Undergraduate design

Academy of sciences Page 04

urban hybrid page 07

From Part to whole page 10

Spatial Cluster page 12

Digital Fabrication page 14

Rose Marine Theatre page 15

House of Asterion page 17

Hand Drawings & sketches page 18

Cardboard Competition page 21

Selected artworks page 22

c o n t e n t

A c a d e m y o f s c i e n c e s

Location: Washington D.C Concept: The design idea of this project is derived from space gravity and how it varies according to the planets’ densities. The visitors will experience that concept when they exit the metro station and walk through the landscape that warps around the planetarium as it is the big dense star. When they enter the museum they will experience the black hole that ascends to the second level and observe the death of the star at the end. The lobby will be the left where several fish tanks lead to the ramp that ascends to the third level where the space exhibit is. On the other side of the building is the geology exhibition and ends with the large mineral rock. On the second level, an exhibition of human body and evolution will lead to the ground floor where the dinosaurs and fossils exhibition is. A large freshwater fish tank split the space to exit to the gift shop, bookstore, and cafeteria. Also, it leads to the planetarium or the botanical gardens.

3rd floor


Circulation diagram

2nd floor

space exibition

Landscape Diagram

ground floor


v i e n n e s e c Atmospheric collage o f f e e h o u s e

U r b a n

Organizational Relationship diagrams

h y b r i d Movement diagram

Circulation diagrams

Structural diagram

the helix site: Tigerpark, Josefstadt, vienna, austria program viennese coffee house, gallery, study rooms,media rooms, reading rooms, plaza and preforming area. concept the idea of this project was to design an urban hybrid that related to it’s site. the site that was given in Tigerpark, Josefstadt,Vienna Austria. Tigerpark is located on a street axis that connects Ringstrasse from the east and Vienna’s suburbs from the west. The location is characterized with its rich surrounding community and apartments complexes . Also, an elementary school is nearby as well as a students’ housing. The hybrid is designed as a mixed used building where it is the heart of its neighborhood. The place where students andthe surrounding community can gather and share their ideas ,thoughts and spend valuable time at the coffee house , plaza, and the mixed-used rooms.the design was based on the street grid axis which extended the street into the building and formed the helix as the main circulation of the building that creates vertical density as the functions are spiraling around the void core to lead up to the coffee house which is the most hierarchal space in the building while looking at Vienna’s history gallery.

3rd floor plan

Ground floor plan

4th floor plan

2nd floor plan

5th floor plan

Section 5th floor plan

plan in context

top view

Coffeehouse interior

interior Perspective

bird’s eye view

Street’s view

f r o m p a r t t t h o e w h o l e

a b s t r a c t c i t y

Synthesizing form and place The task was to find a remote street intersection away from urban areas in Texas defined by the Jefferson Grid. The concepts of aggregation should interact with their site. To extend formal ideas to the phenomenon of place, final proposals should proved an atmosphere to understand the design to be part of the existing context.

Top view site

Ambiance perspective

s p a t i a l c l u s t e r s

everything is an addition of different parts. In architecture, the idea of modules defines buildings. For instance, materials come in certain per-defined sizes as well as furniture. This understanding of variety of agglomeration concepts. The addition and repetition of same or different pieces reduces the complexity of assembling structures.

process >

variations >

notch + twist

rotate + pack

views >

operation: notch + twist aggregation method: rotate + pack

digital fabrication assignment 2 3D printing

dima alrahis 1001001677

d i g i t a l f a b r i c a t i o n

3D printing Creating a lattice structure using Rhino then transforming it into a 3D print model

Contouring Contouring a surface to be able to laser cut it into pieces in able to create that surface again three dimensionally

CNC milling After creating a geometry in grasshopper , it milled in a CNC as the mold to create a parametric tile of the hybrid stone






























3 SECTION 1/8"=1'-0



DIGRAMS 1/32"=1'-0

4 SECTION 1/8"=1'-0

m a r i n e t h e a t r e

Rose Marine theatre art de la rosa gallery

location 1440 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX site condition Infill condition concept the idea of this project is to renovate the existing gallery and office building next to the historic theatre. The program includes main gallery,offices,classrooms,and backstage. The main concept is that the two side buildings will parametrically contain the main hierarchal space which is the historic theatre. Each shaft penetrate light in a different way as well form a different space from the other, which makes the whole gallery experience unforgettable.

C o n c e p t u a l d e s i g n

House of Asterion The idea behind this project was first to design a 2D conceptual idea of the short story “The House of Asterion by Jorge Luis Borges� , and then transform it into 3D model which turned to urban living. The House of Asterion has no doors, no locks and not a piece of furniture for a half man half bull. It has many corridors and rooms, pools and courtyards. The conceptual design tried to apply those descriptions in the story.

h a n d d r a w i n g s & S k e t c h e s

Axon conceptual drawing

a r c h i t e c t u r e d r a w i n g s

Abstract exploded oblique

One point perspective

Construction site drawing

Abstract two point perspective

F i g u r e s ’ d r a w i n g s

Ink figure drawing

Anatomy drawing

Charcoal figure drawing Motion drawing

C a r d b o a r d c h a i r c o m p e t i t i o n

The project won 1st place in Tarrant County Community College in Architecture major. The idea of this design was it to hold up to 200LB and made out of cardboard. It is hand made chair made out over 100 pieces of cardboard. It was designed in triangular base form that can hold better in more stable way.

S e l e c t e d

Inspired by Chuck Close grid

the pieces of construction paper Grandma’s Hand

Fashion collage lines with yarns artwork- Max Pechstein(The Harbor) -1922

a r t w o r k s

Architecture Portfolio  

Dima AlRahis, Junior Architecture Student, University of Texas at Arlington

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