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THE REAL CHANGE Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto






BETTER PUBLIC SERVICES Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto

FOREWORD BY KEITH AZOPARDI I am delighted to lead a team of people whose motivation is to improve the way Gibraltar is governed, the services you enjoy and the environment in which we live. We believe in Gibraltar’s future and want to make it better.

To those people who want change we urge that they back the PDP as the only option that represents real

This manifesto is organised in a number of sections that describe the policies under each Pledge. There is then a section on international affairs, sovereignty and constitutional status. We have been the only Party to have published our views on Gibraltar’s future constitutional status. Other parties have asked for your vote without telling you where they want to take Gibraltar. They want a blank cheque and we believe that people are entitled to know what their political leaders envisage for Gibraltar’s future status. I have no doubt that we can carry out the specific policies set out in this manifesto and that doing so will vastly improve the quality of life of people. There will be much scare-mongering from some

Progressive Democratic Party


quarters that you should vote to keep someone or some Party out of office. We believe that a general election is an opportunity, that arises only once every four years, to vote positively for the programme of measures you believe in and that you want delivered. I ask that you evaluate our policies and our candidates and compare these with other manifestos and other candidates. At the end of that process vote for the ten people that you think are best suited to govern Gibraltar. I hope that you will entrust the PDP with that duty and responsibility.

Keith Azopardi

Election 2011 Manifesto


This manifesto sets out our commitments to you. We have launched 5 key domestic pledges on which we are fighting this election. They are listed on the inside cover. These Pledges are based on our Agenda for Change programme that we published in 2006. Indeed as far back as July 2006 we issued a comprehensive policy on a New Style of Politics. We were not surprised that “style of government” was the top concern of people in a recent poll because we have been campaigning for five years on this issue. It has now become fashionable for other political parties to jump on the bandwagon of reform or “change.” But the reality is that those parties have shown little appetite to tackle these issues in recent years and when presented with opportunities to do so have by-passed them.

and safe change. We believe the specific policies in this manifesto will improve people’s quality of life, provide better opportunities for young people, improve public services and deliver economic growth. Above all it will guarantee lasting democratic change. It will breathe life into our political system by radically overhauling it and replacing the old acrimony with a new constructive approach.



Pledge 1 — A New Style of Politics


Changing the way we are governed Civil Liberties, Equality & Justice

8 11

Pledge 2—Lower Personal Tax and Better Economic Management


Economy, Business & Tax Shipping & Tourism Financial Services

17 20 23


Pledge 3—Better opportunities


Education Employment, Skills & Training Young People, Sport & Culture

27 32 34

Pledge 4—Better Quality of Life for All and the Sustainable Use of Our Environment


Housing & the New Town Planning, Heritage & the Environment

Pledge 5—Better Public Services

39 42


Health & Social Services Elderly Care Senior Citizens & Pensions Public Administration

53 56 57 58

Strength And Vision Internationally


Sovereignty & Constitutional Future United Nations & European Union

Progressive Democratic Party


61 64

Election 2011 Manifesto

THE REAL CHANGE At this election you face a clear choice between three alternatives: 1. A real change, into a safe, prosperous and progressive future with the PDP. 2. The status quo represented by the GSD; 3. A step back into the past represented by the GSLP/Liberals;

Clearly we do not advocate the status quo. We believe that there are many good reasons why there should be change. But we are absolutely certain that change has to be the right change – what we in the PDP call “The Real Change”. Politicians have a duty to convince you that the policies and people put forward are the right ones for Gibraltar, not just

now but also for the future. You the electorate carry the enormous responsibility to ensure that those you vote for have both the right judgement and appropriate vision. When you compare the leaders of the parties you will need to consider which leader represents maturity, experience, and safety but yet has the required freshness and vision to govern and deliver real change safely. We believe our Leader and Deputy Leader have that important blend and balance. They have been in politics for 20 years. Keith Azopardi was a minster for 8 years in Health and then Trade. He was the Deputy Chief Minister during the

Progressive Democratic Party


testing times of the AngloSpanish co-sovereignty agenda. He was instrumental on the committee on Constitutional Reform. He assisted in the transformation of Gibraltar’s reputation after 8 years of GSLP administration and presided over great economic progress as the Minister for Financial Services. Previous to that he drove key changes that delivered a transformation of the health service between 19962000 and led to a new health centre and new hospital. Nick Cruz was a member of the Council of Representative Bodies that helped Government mobilise against the cosovereignty initiative. He gave evidence to the constitutional Election 2011 Manifesto


Throughout the EU, desperation and uncertainty exist. Business collapses, job losses and home repossessions are a reality in many countries. We have largely been safe from cuts and their consequences but we would be foolish to believe that Gibraltar, managed badly, could not face the same challenges.


committee on constitutional reform that helped to shape the 2006 constitution. He has been Chairman and/or Vice Chairman of the Association of Trust & Company Managers for over 10 years and a member of the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council for most of those. Together with the rest of the PDP they provide a clear vision of how to govern Gibraltar for our collective benefit. That balance and vision is evident throughout this Manifesto. Peter Caruana and Joe Holliday, the respective leaders of the GSD, have positively contributed to Gibraltar’s progress since 1996 but many people are now disenchanted with Mr Caruana’s style of governance and the failure or delay in the delivery of key changes. They cannot take Gibraltar further. No person can know everything and centralised decision making without sufficient inclusive contributions leads to poor short-sighted planning. Houses, transport systems educational demands are addressed reactively. Despite their suggestion to the contrary the GSD leadership Progressive Democratic Party

and Party now lack the necessary vision to prepare Gibraltar for the future. Fabian Picardo and Joe Bossano are risky choices that have shown poor political judgement. Under Mr Bossano’s tenure as Chief Minister Gibraltar had some economic successes but he also presided over some of Gibraltar’s darkest days that left it with a reputational legacy that took years to salvage. In opposition neither Mr Bossano nor Mr Picardo have provided positive, constructive checks on the GSD Government. Since his election as GSLP leader barely a few months ago Mr Picardo has shown an inability to stand by his proclaimed convictions [like when he failed to support the motion to reform Parliament] even though he says he is in favour of reform or by failing to properly prepare [like when he suggested the passage of bribery laws that had already been passed]. They and their party show scant evidence that the GSLP/Liberal 2011 model is any better than the 1996, 2000, 2003 and 2007 models repeatedly rejected by the 4

electorate. They cannot be trusted to have the political judgement necessary to govern Gibraltar now and in the future. The PDP radical policies on Style of Government that date back to our inception in 2006 are visionary and have set the agenda for change that the other parties are having to follow. Our radical policies on education, environment, employment and the economy set the pace. The reality is that one has only to look at our 2007 manifesto and you will see that in many areas the PDP vision is being followed by others now. Our 2011 manifesto goes further and sets out visionary policies that will make Gibraltar a better place to live in. The GSD cannot give you the change many want and the GSLP/Liberals are a negative, retrograde step. Only the PDP can deliver the right change, the real and safe change that is required for our collective benefit.

Election 2011 Manifesto



A NEW STYLE OF POLITICS accountable, inclusive, responsive , constructive KEY QUOTE

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


Former Deputy Chief Minister, served in Government in various portfolios, 1996-2003, Barrister

Key Commitments

A New Style Of Politics                          

Chief Ministers to serve no more than 8 years An end to arrogant decision-making and the culture of destructive, acrimonious politics A new way of doing things more constructively – a different approach to governance A Code of Conduct for Ministers and Civil Service Departments Freedom of Information legislation A “whistle-blowers” law to protect persons providing information that discloses wrongdoing Parliamentary reform to make Government more accountable including televised Parliament and monthly Chief Minister’s question time A commitment to electoral reform A commitment to fixed-term Parliaments Public meetings of Planning Commission to which all planning applications have to be submitted The appointment of a Parliamentary Ombudsman to investigate and discipline members An Independent Tender Board A united front for Gibraltar at the United Nations Greater consultation with the Opposition on foreign affairs, health and social services A Referendum law to allow citizens to petition Parliament to put questions of public importance to a referendum Greater online access to Government and Parliamentary information and statistics A Parliamentary website for the greater availability of public information A fair deal for long-term non-EU nationals on immigration, citizenship rights and access to public services A Civil Partnership Law A Civic Pride and Respect initiative Legal Aid for Judicial Review challenges by associations and interest groups Tougher sentences and Community Enhancement or Pay-Back Schemes for offenders Increased resources for Probation services A Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme The appointment of a second Stipendiary Magistrate and full-time fourth Supreme Court Judge and increased human resources, training and technology support for Court staff A Courts Service website to enhance information and access to justice Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto

A NEW STYLE OF GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS This policy pledge covers style of government, parliamentary reform, accountability, civil liberties and justice issues.

“We believe in a new style of constructive politics and an end to arrogant, unaccountable decision-making.”


Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto

CHANGING THE WAY WE ARE GOVERNED There needs to be a radical shake-up of the way Gibraltar is governed that will lead to real improvements in the way decisions are made. This will then improve the policies that affect our daily lives. The PDP has campaigned for a change to the way we are governed and for a new, more constructive style of politics since its launch in 2006. We set out a comprehensive policy entitled Living Democracy in 2006 which then formed part of our manifesto in 2007.


In March 2011 we announced a specific 20 point implementation programme for the first 18 months of a PDP Government. That programme would guarantee political regeneration, information, accountability and better Government. Our plan would be implemented in stages over four years. However in a series of measures during the first 18 months we will seek to make a very firm start to that plan. We set out that detail below. The PDP is the positive choice for change at this forthcoming election. If we change the way Gibraltar is governed, if we improve consultation and accountability of decisions and we improve the way decisions are taken then we will have better decisions on health, housing or social services. There will be a real knock-on improvement on quality of life. This is as much an approach to how things should be done as well as a specific implementation of measures. OUR SPECIFIC CONTRACT ON DEMOCRACY

Style of Government is one of the top concerns of people across the political spectrum. Both the GSD and GSLP have paid lip service to democracy. We do not. At this election voters will have a simple choice. You can make the positive choice for change that the PDP represents or you can continue with the status quo with the GSD or risk a retrograde step with the GSLP. Progressive Democratic Party


In late 2007 the GSD announced the creation of a Select Committee to work on recommendations to improve the way the Parliament works. While short of our policy the PDP welcomed it as a good first step. The promise made was that by October 2009 legislation giving effect to the recommendations of that Committee would be introduced. In fact the Committee met only once in four years and did not make any recommendations. It goes without saying that no legislation has emerged and still less been implemented. The GSLP Opposition has been no better. They have shown very little, if any, interest in the area of democratic reform before April 2011 and despite saying they see urgent need for democratic reform they have done all they can to ensure that the political status quo remains unchanged. That is presumably, because they hope to be able to govern Gibraltar precisely in the way the GSD are governing now or worse still in the way the GSLP did before 1996. When put to the test on whether their commitment on parliamentary reform was genuine the GSLP refused to support a reform motion in September 2011 and blocked the attempt to carry out reforms to the composition of the Parliament. The fact is that the GSLP cannot be believed on reform.

Our Programme for Real Change

To demonstrate that ours is a programme of real and specific change we are setting out what we would do in the first 6, 12 and 18 months of being elected to Government. The balance of the programme will be implemented within the remainder of the term of office.

Election 2011 Manifesto

to the House within 12 months of being elected to Government after having conducted a public consultation process;


We will introduce legislation to provide that Chief Ministers should be subject to term-limits of 8 years and seek an amendment to the Constitution to guarantee that change; We will establish a Cross-Party Committee on Foreign Affairs with the elected Opposition and increase consultation of the Opposition in Foreign Affairs;

We will ask the Leader of the Opposition to join a PDP Chief Minister in a joint Gibraltar delegation when Gibraltar attends before the Fourth Committee or Committee of 24 of the United Nations; We will constitute a Select Committee on Democracy that will examine issues of electoral reform, the composition of the Parliament, the procedures of the Parliament and report back Progressive Democratic Party

We will establish a Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament chaired by an Opposition Member to scrutinize the way tax-payers monies are spent and hold Government to better account in relation to the use of public finances


We will ensure that the meetings of the Parliament are televised thus improving public access to information and the accountability of Government; We will introduce legislation appointing a Parliamentary Ombudsman who will be independent of the elected members and will have powers to investigate and sanction the conduct of members of the House; We will introduce a Code of Practice of Government setting out timetables for timely replies by Ministers and departments in relation to any question by a member of the public and clearly setting out key principles of Freedom of Information that should be freely available on request;

We will appoint an Independent Tender Board for the consideration and award of public tenders the composition of which will include civil servants and independent members to guarantee better public scrutiny and transparency. The body will be chaired by the Finance Minister and we will invite a member of the Opposition onto the Board; 9

Election 2011 Manifesto


We will ensure that a PDP Chief Minister answers questions on a monthly basis in the Gibraltar Parliament and will introduce a Chief Minister’s Questions to provide more information to the public and a more frequent opportunity to the Opposition to hold Government to account. The Parliament will also meet on a monthly basis and Ministers will answer questions on their departments at least bi-monthly;

We will review the composition and procedures of statutory bodies, authorities, commissions and government-related entities to ensure that these work better, are more responsive to the public and are more independent of Government. Where necessary we will ensure that their composition is changed to improve the constitutional checks and balances on governmental power. For example:


   

we would ensure that the Police Authority and GBC have members on those bodies proposed by the Leader of the Opposition; We would also support that the Development and Planning Commission hold its meetings in public, ensure objectors rights to appear and be heard are enshrined in law and that all planning applications including Government projects are subject to this scrutiny.


 We will introduce Freedom of Information legislation;  We will introduce Public Interest Disclosure legislation to protect persons who supply information which results in wrongdoing being exposed [Whistleblowers Legislation];

 We will present legislation to the Parliament following consideration of the Report of the Select Committee on Democracy. While clearly we could not prejudge the recommendations of that process we make clear that we support and will seek a mandate at this election for: Progressive Democratic Party

An enlargement of the House to 25 members; That enlargement does not represent an additional cost during the first four years; Electoral reform to ensure 8 or 10 seats are elected on proportional representation basis; A cap on the number of Ministers to 9; A system of backbenchers on the Government and Opposition sides to enhance freer debate and accountability of the Executive; The appointment of backbenchers onto the Health Authority and Social Services Agency; The greater use of Cross-Party Committees with the Opposition on Health and Social Services, Housing, Environment and Transport; A review of standing orders to improve the flow of information to the public and the Opposition; The introduction of an online system of access to the public for the debates, questions and answers and any information given in the Parliament [Hansard]. There will be a specific Parliamentary website; The introduction of legislation to govern the convening of referenda on public questions of importance if this has the backing of a petition by 20% of the electorate Fixed Term Parliaments – by which an election would have to be held no later than 60 days after the fourth anniversary of the last general elections. Governments should not cling on to power. After the four year period is up there should not be the present ability to hang on for 5 months.

We will present a programme for refurbishment of the Parliament. Our democratic institutes must be respected and enhanced as a symbol of our 10

Election 2011 Manifesto

constitutional democracy and our rights as a people. We firmly believe that the implementation of these measures will overhaul the way we are governed and radically improve the way decisions are made that affect the quality of life of people.


Progressive Democratic Party

KENNETH NAVAS Barrister and Treasurer of the Bar Council

Social Integration It is important to ensure that our cosmopolitan, multi-religious society remains stable and that there is mutual respect and tolerance. That is the key to a harmonious and united community. There may also be all manner of issues that arise that affect particular sectors of society that Government needs to be aware of. Side by side with our policy of public awareness on Civic Pride we will establish regular dialogue with representatives of the Jewish, Hindu and Moslem communities to ensure issues of concern are considered by Government. New Entrants There is a distinction between long-term non-EU nationals resident in Gibraltar and new entrants. While we see the importance of equal and fair treatment for long-term residents who have shown 11

Election 2011 Manifesto


We have for many years been committed to a policy of equality, eradicating discrimination and fostering greater integration of our cosmopolitan society. Some of the measures we advocate may not be populist in nature but we believe that they are the right thing to do to achieve a stable and fair society. Long-term non-EU nationals Nowhere is this seen most strongly than in the policy adopted in relation to long-term non-EU nationals. We believe that long-term non-EU nationals – especially in the Moroccan and Indian communities of Gibraltar – deserve special treatment and that Government should ensure that fairer policies are adopted in relation to those citizens. Many have been here for 20 or 30 years and rightly consider Gibraltar their home. Depriving these citizens of equal access to rights and services can de-stabilise and create disharmony as well as making these citizens feel aggrieved. We would extend benefits enjoyed by and responsibilities expected of Gibraltarians to longterm non-EU nationals of good character. These would include housing, access to healthcare, welfare and pensions benefits. Additionally subject to discussion with the British Government and the adoption of anti-abuse provisions we would

support a more liberal naturalization policy. Post naturalization these long-term residents would acquire the right to vote. With rights come responsibilities and the duty to ensure smooth integration into the local community by immigrants that have chosen Gibraltar as their home and their full commitment to Gibraltar’s core values of religious tolerance and respect.


loyalty and commitment to Gibraltar over the years we do also consider there is a risk in unrestricted or unwelcome new immigration. Accordingly we would combine the positive integration of long-term residents with a strict immigration policy towards new entrants. We would introduce a points system like other countries to ensure proper controls to beneficial immigration. Civil Partnership It was a commitment in our 2007 manifesto, repeated here, that the PDP would introduce a Civil Partnership Act similar to English legislation. This would entitle same sex unions to access to benefits in a number of fields – for example housing, tax, welfare and health on a non-discriminatory basis and as provided to other couples. Once this is in place we will keep the matter under review in the context of the evolving rights of people. Legal Aid and Assistance The PDP is committed to reforming our Legal Aid and Assistance law to raise financial limits and thereby give more people access to justice via this publicly funded scheme. Statutory nonGovernmental bodies [such as the Heritage Trust] will also be given a right to public funding in the discharge of its public functions. A review is particularly important in the context of the new criminal procedure legislation to ensure that Defendants get proper representation. Police and Broadcasting These policy fields are especially sensitive and as such we would amend the law to ensure that the Leader of the Opposition has the right to appoint members onto the Police Authority and the Board of GBC. These authorities should be properly funded and maintain their operational independence of Government. As such the PDP supports and would Progressive Democratic Party

continue with the investment programme announced into GBC. It would publish the full King report on recommendations made into GBC. The Government’s position as a provider of advertising to certain newspapers and not others has been under criticism. The PDP would also support the establishment of an Independent Press Watchdog to provide a forum for the media to complain about actions of the Government and allow members of the public to complain about the press. Criminal Procedure Legislation While we support much of the new Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act there are aspects that raise concerns of civil liberties, training or resources. We would delay commencement of this legislation to 1 September 2012 to give more time for judiciary, practitioners and staff to become familiar with the new law and have access to adequate training. In that time we would, in parallel, also consider whether some of those provisions – such as the encroachment into the Defendant’s right to silence – should be commenced at all. Subject to consultation with the Bar Council and the Attorney General we make clear that we do not support the commencement of provisions that will water down existing constitutional rights. Civic Pride and Respect There is much to be done to instill more respect of the environment in which we live and of others. Discipline and respect seem to be eroding qualities in modern society. We would dedicate resources to a public awareness campaign on the themes of restoring greater civic pride, respect and appreciation of the community in which we live. Anti-Social Behaviour, Sentencing and the Consequences of Crime 12

Election 2011 Manifesto

The Attorney General would also be asked to chair a review committee into sentencing penalties generally and make recommendations as to whether these should be amended in any particular field. Progressive Democratic Party

That committee would be tasked on making recommendations on a system of Community PayBack and Responsibility Schemes by which offenders would be put to work on a particular project of community enhancement to partly serve a sentence for a particular crime. To support all this we will enhance the resources of the Probation Service. Moreover with assistance and input from the Gibraltar Regiment and Royal Gibraltar Police a civic pride, responsibility and discipline programme would exist as a first pre-custodial option for antisocial behaviour.


Election 2011 Manifesto


Greater civic pride needs to be combined with a series of measures to enhance the powers of authorities to curb and deal with anti-social behaviour and the consequences of criminality. We support the provisions in new Criminal laws on anti -social behaviour orders. While we do not support the widespread introduction of CCTV we would introduce that measure in trouble hot-spots identified by the police or in certain housing areas to deter vandalism and crime.


In consultation with the Judiciary we would support the appointment of a local Sentencing Guidelines Board chaired by the Chief Justice to reflect any particular local trends in judicial sentencing policy. Whilst any decision on sentencing will ultimately be for Judges in light of such sentencing guidelines as may be applicable we would want to ensure a tougher framework of penalties is in place for use in the context of a zero tolerance policy approach towards repeat offenders. We will support the establishment of a Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme to compensate victims of crime. Gibraltar Defence Police We believe that Gibraltar Defence Police should be integrated into the Royal Gibraltar Police and that the officers and functions of the GDP should be transferred to the RGP. We would consult the GDP and RGP to achieve this policy objective in a constructive and efficient way. Any integration would be

Progressive Democratic Party

subject to the agreement of the GDP and RGP after that full process of consultation and negotiation. Tobacco Smuggling We will support the police in their efforts against the commission of crime generally. Additionally we would want to see a tougher approach against the petty tobacco smuggling that is carried out by people who cross to and from Spain across the frontier causing a semi-permanent nuisance to residents of Glacis and Laguna

Court Resources The GSD have invested significantly in court infrastructure. We supported that policy as there had not been an investment in the courts for decades. There is now a need to review human resources and assist the staff to be able to service the new courts service with efficiency and adequate support. We will recruit more court staff and provide greater training and technology support.

consultative committee of Court Users chaired by the Justice Minister so Government is aware of resourcing and administrative concerns faced by users. We will recruit a second Stipendiary Magistrate to assist in the heavy workload of magistrates and coroners courts. We will also make permanent the post of fourth Supreme Court Judge. Subject to consultation with the Judiciary we would be committed to introducing a Judicial Internship Scheme for law graduates. Additionally we will establish a Court Services website that will have diary information and access to legal resources.


We will establish a permanent


Election 2011 Manifesto




Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


Nick Cruz Barrister, former Chairman of ATCOM and member of the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council.

Key C o m m i t m e n t s

LOWER PERSONAL TAX & BETTER ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT                         

The reduction of personal tax to 20% within 12 months of a first PDP budget A programme of reduction of gross and net debt Environmentally targeted taxation A Business Centre to handle one-stop shop business A New Town Project with residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure More office space Better utilities and telecoms infrastructure The establishment of an Office of Fair Trading An e-Service initiative to allow business to be conducted with Government and public bodies online A programme of investment in our Tourist sites and urban, natural and marine heritage A Cruise Embarkation Terminal within 4 years Eastside beaches project to protect and enhance our beaches All year round beach maintenance A Sites Transport System for tourists Better Air and Maritime Links A School of Service Excellence in Tourism A dedicated Minister for Shipping A Strategic Review of the Port The Relocation of facilities on North Mole Enhanced marketing for tourism, trading and financial services sectors A dedicated Minister for Financial Services A New Bank for Gibraltar to provide retail services A review of banking services to the public and financial services providers A Financial Services Ombudsman The negotiation of double taxation agreements

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


In Government the PDP would be committed not to increase overall net public debt over the four years of office. Additionally we would aim, by achieving further revenue from growth, to seek to reduce net public debt as a percentage of GDP.

This is achievable by a programme of economic growth and more prudent economic management. It is the easiest thing in the world to spend other people’s money. Over-reliance on borrowing is not vision or responsible economics. The PDP believe in a confident but cautious management of the economy that will aim to restore lower debt and at the same time encourage continued growth and the realisation of capital projects. The issue of prioritization has been best seen in the context of the Airport Terminal project. A new Terminal was needed but we have consistently said that necessary infrastructure such as roads, electricity grid, transport, business facilities and social projects should have first been sorted out. It would have been our political judgment to do just that. That, in our view, would not only have been responsible but would have laid the basis of a proper economic expansion.

Progressive Democratic Party



Gibraltar Retail Bank

We would establish a Gibraltar retail bank that would have as its primary focus the promotion of small and medium size businesses. One negative consequence of the development of the finance centre is that increasingly wellknown internationally branded banks have moved towards only offering private client or top end banking. Additionally the global economic downturn and banking crisis has resulted in the macro global picture negatively affecting banks attitude to risk and credit facilities. Banking policy towards Gibraltar is largely decided on a macro basis outside Gibraltar. Local business suffers the consequences of that policy. As such we believe the Government should play a role in facilitating the establishment of a new retail bank preferably with corporate partners of international standing in the banking world. If necessary the Government should take a stake in such a new

Election 2011 Manifesto


The management of the economy is crucial for our development as a people. There is a need to follow a policy of economic growth, consolidation of existing economic pillars and diversification into new and niche areas. While the economy has grown steadily so has public debt which is now in gross and net terms at the highest level ever. Gross debt is at over 450M pounds and net debt this year is at about 220M pounds. While in percentage terms of GDP this may still be relatively low the fact is that there is not too much financial leeway for a new Government given that the borrowing ceiling this year is about 305M pounds. It is also true that Gibraltar’s net public debt has grown significantly over the last few years when worldwide other countries are making efforts to reduce public debt.

bank. Deposit taking, retail facilities and prudent credit facilities associated with traditional retail and high street banks would form part of the necessary portfolio of services that a Gibraltar Retail Bank would offer.


Industrial and Infrastructure


More must be done to increase the business and industrial infrastructure available by way of offices, workshops and industrial space. There is obvious land scarcity but we would conduct land reclamation if necessary having regard to environmental impact of such works. Under the Development and Planning part of this manifesto we set out our plans for a New Town project. Within that we will provide commercial and tourism zones. The tourism zone would focus on hotel and resort facilities, marina and water related sports centres and leisure. The commercial zone would contain a mix of office, storage and ware -housing facilities. The provision of industrial space and ware-housing on the Eastside of Gibraltar close to Devil’s Tower Road could then result in many heavy goods vehicles not travelling further into Gibraltar and as such deProgressive Democratic Party

congest and protect the road infrastructure further. We would also assess the possibilities of further reclamation within the Port area that could be used for industrial activities that would complement the shipping industry such as transshipment or ware-housing. There would be no reclamation without an Environmental

Impact Assessment and full consultation with environmental NGOs. Apart from the New Town project we recognise there is a need for high-quality, modern office space to attract new investment into Gibraltar and provide much needed expansion or consolidation space for existing businesses.

Utilities and Infrastructure

DILIP TAILOR Certified IT Instructor. He is the Chairman of GibMissionAfrica, a locally r e g i s t e re d charity and had a lifetime of service in charity and voluntary work.



The Government must take a much bigger interest in ensuring that the causes of the regular power cuts that Gibraltar has been suffering are dealt with. We would ensure that the electricity grid was robust and could sustain the demands of business and residential consumer. Equally our telecommunications infrastructure must be better and provide much faster bandwidth more cheaply. If we are to remain competitive we need to be at the cutting edge of telecoms.

Gibraltar Business Centre We would establish a centralised Business Centre that would encompass representatives from all Government departments relevant to business activity Election 2011 Manifesto

Business Gateway

An e-Service initiative The provision of services to the public needs to step into the 21st Century. The establishment of a centralised business centre would complement the introduction of another separate drive to ensure that more business and general interface with Government and public bodies can be done online. This will cut across all departments and bodies providing a public service in any field be it financial services, trade or any other area.

Competition Regulator/ Office of Fair Trading and Trade Licensing Regime We believe in the free market and consider that protectionist

We would forge greater links with traditional markets such as London and Europe while at the same time develop links with newer markets such as Morocco or other non-EU jurisdictions which may provide a natural or complementary source of business to Gibraltar. This policy impacts not only on trade but also on financial services, tourism and shipping. Gibraltar’s position as a key business gateway should be strengthened and developed. measures are warranted in only exceptional circumstances. They should not be the norm. As such, in principle, and subject to consultation with business groups we are committed to the repeal of the Trade Licensing Act and the replacement of it by a licensing regime which will allow the general establishment of bu s i ne s s s u bj e c t t o compliance with administrative registration requirements. What should happen is the introduction of legislation regulating and restricting unfair competition and monopolies. We would also appoint a Competition Regulator/Office of Fair Trading

Progressive Democratic Party



In 2007 the PDP recommended the immediate reduction of corporate tax to 10% to ensure a competitive jurisdiction for inward investment. The GSD did not. Finally in January 2011the GSD Government followed our advice and reduced corporate tax to 10%. In the first six months as predicted by the PD P c or p or a t e ta x - t ake increased by 30%. We would maintain this level of corporate tax but review it regularly in light of competitor jurisdictions.

Election 2011 Manifesto


namely DTI, Finance Centre, trade licensing, income tax, vehicle registration, land registry, employment etc. The Gibraltar Business Centre would contain representatives of relevant operators of public registries or land agents of the Government for example Companies House, Land Property Services and Yacht Registry. The objective of the Business Centre would be to facilitate set-up and the running of business. It will remove unnecessary bureaucracy by creating a one-stop shop environment.

Income Tax The PDP is committed to lower personal tax and to achieve a maximum top rate of 20% within 12 months of the first PDP budget.


It is necessary to have low personal tax to attract foreign businesses that have a choice of jurisdictions. The long-term objective is to reduce this even further in keeping with corporate tax rates so that more money is kept in your pocket. Reducing personal tax would be achieved by economic growth, increasing the corporate tax take as a result and by replacing

traditional sources of revenue of the Government.

our built and natural heritage or public health measures.

Double Taxation Agreements We would try to negotiate double taxation agreements with a number of other countries to make Gibraltar more attractive to individuals and inward investment. We would consult with the Finance Centre Council on these matters.

Environmentally Taxation


We believe that a firmer connection must be made between taxation policy and the environment. Specific fiscal measures, levies and duties on certain goods should be channeled into improvements to


A Special Responsibility

Mi ni s t e r i a l

The PDP would appoint a specific Minister for Shipping separate to the Ministers for Tourism and Financial Services. It makes sense that each of the three main pillars of our economy should have a dedicated minister responsible for the area. This shows the PDP’s commitment to a private sector driven economy and a recognition that better economic management requires sharing responsibility, rather than treating the driving of the economy as a matter for the incumbent of No 6 Convent place.

Strategic Review Additionally we would commission a strategic review of the Port to target investment and expand its activities. The possibilities of developing greater trans-shipment facilities or ware-housing would be examined. If necessary specific reclamation would be completed within the Port area.

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto

activities and the North Mole for Cruise liner activity should be seriously explored. TOURISM

North Mole Sullage Plant & Cruise Liner Terminal

Bunkering The PDP are against bunkering off the East side of Gibraltar but recognise the value of the regulated continuance of bunkering on the west side ideally by bringing this activity onshore as far as possible. A PDP Government would study this possibility together with the industry. Additionally it is important that the emergency management plans and resources to combat the risk of any pollution incident are reviewed and strengthened.

The recent North Mole tank explosion has brought into question whether it is possible to continue to locate cruise terminal facilities adjacent to industrial activities such as the sullage plant. The PDP considers both are important activities that should continue. Expert advice would be necessary before deciding which activity to relocate and where to relocate one of these activities. The PDP would consult with operators and commission a study to make recommendations in this respect. The use of the detached mole for industrial

Progressive Democratic Party


Gibraltar has many millions of tourists a year despite a lame, passive tourism policy. The PDP would encourage 3-5 day stay tourism that would utilize Gibraltar’s natural geographical location as a stay and set off point for cruise liners, trips to Spain, Morocco and Portugal. The development of our tourism industry must be sensitive to our urban, natural and marine heritage. Wherever possible we would encourage the use of public transport for tourism to minimise the impact on the environment and achieve decongestion of roads. A PDP Government would take a number of specific measures to sustainably develop tourism and Election 2011 Manifesto


There is a need for a p r og r a m m e o f m a s s i v e investment in tourism. This is one of the key pillars of our economy and yet some of the natural assets are insufficiently maintained and not enough done to make sustainable use of Gibraltar as a centre for ecotourism.

the income and jobs it can generate:


 Sites Bus - We will encourage the establishment of a hop-on/hop-off transport system that will go around the major tourism sites like is the case in other major European cities;  Other Public Transport – all other public transport would be reviewed in consultation with industry representatives. We would improve and develop our transport system including the services currently offered by our taxi services to tourists and business users alike. A PDP government believes that a taxi service of the highest standard is a vital ingredient of a successful

tourist and business hub and in consultation with the taxi association and other parties including the Chamber of Commerce and Gibraltar Finance Centre Council a PDP Government would not shy away from tackling what is clearly an unresolved issue;

 Conservation & Site Development - We will dedicate resources for the regular maintenance and recovery of our urban and natural heritage and their proper management so that these add to the visitor experience of Gibraltar. The Upper Rock Nature Reserve and old town are in particular need of a programme of investment;

 Air/Maritime Links - We would actively pursue discussions with operators and airlines to encourage the expansion in the number of air routes and maritime links to Gibraltar. This policy would target the encouragement of high quality 3-5 day stay tourism;  Hotels - Equally we will pursue discussions with low-cost as well as luxury hotel operators to encourage their establishment in Gibraltar thereby expanding the number of beds available for tourism and increasing the range of products available. Existing hotels will be encouraged to upgrade their general services especially to take account of business travellers. We would encourage Boutique Hotels particularly in the old town as part of the beautification of the old town that would form part of increasing the heritage investment in our tourist product;  Cruise Embarkation Terminal We would seek to establish a purpose-built Cruise Embarkation Terminal within 4 years. This will allow the development of home-porting facilities for cruise operators and will deliver an important diversification of this industry;

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto

 Beach Maintenance - We will put in place an all-year round Beach Maintenance Programme a n d a p p l y t o j oi n t he internationally recognised Blue Flag Scheme as an endorsement of our beaches and marinas;

Progressive Democratic Party

location as a stay and set off point for trips to Spain, Morocco and Portugal;

 Eco-Tourism - We will encourage marine eco-tourism in terms of sailing charters, regulated angling, diving and dolphin watching as long as these activities use our marine environment sensitively; Events-Based Tourism - As part of our policy towards improving sports stadia and facilities we would encourage the hosting of international tournaments at all levels (from juniors to veterans) thereby increasing 3-5 day stay Sports tourism. This would be in a wide range of sports but with particular focus on team sports that generally result in squads of 15-30+ travelling to Gibraltar for 23

the duration of a tournament. Football, hockey, basketball, cricket and rugby are obvious sports. FINANCIAL SERVICES

 Marketing – we would review the marketing strategy of the financial services department to improve it and to consider expanding it to new areas. The budget would be increased where necessary because discreet marketing in financial services will deliver key results. This marketing campaign should not only tackle specific areas such as funds, trusts or insurance but would also reassess the overall marketing of Gibraltar as a finance centre. The type of style of governance promoted by the PDP is such that there would be Election 2011 Manifesto


 Beach Upgrade on Eastside – the New Town project will include a project to upgrade and enhance the Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay and Sandy Bay areas;  School of Service Excellence - We will introduce a system of training in Urban and Natural Heritage to support the programme of investment in ecotourism and to incorporate and build on the existing vocational qualification system. This will go hand in hand with training to improve service across the tourist industry;  Marketing - The marketing of Gibraltar should not revolve around an attendance at a handful of annual trade fairs. As such the PDP will review the entire marketing effort of the Tourism department in consultation with the industry. We would encourage 3-5 day stay tourism that would utilize Gibraltar’s natural heritage and geographical


regular consultation with the industry. Bi-monthly meetings between industry as represented by the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council and a dedicated Minister for Financial Services would be the minimum. In conjunction with the GFCC a PDP Government would adopt any existing and future finance centre marketing initiatives where possible.

 Financial Services Minister – a dedicated Minister would be given responsibility for this area. We would apply all necessary resources to support the existing department of the Finance Centre Director including its marketing plans and the employment of sector specialist and public relations specialist in London and other key markets identified by the industry;  Human Resources – in conjunction with a strengthening of the marketing resources of the department more personnel would be recruited to fulfil the wider remit of the department;  Inward Investment Targets – should be identified and reviewed from time to time in diverse areas of the finance sector. These would include: concentration on the development of the existing main sectors and service lines, these being: online gaming; ecommerce; insurance; Progressive Democratic Party

funds; investment management; private clients and in consultation with the GFCC new sectors and markets.:

 Banking – generally must be made easier. It is too difficult to open accounts or transact normal business in Gibraltar. This is the result of unreasonable application of protocols by institutions. A PDP financial services Minister would work with the FSC and the banking industry to address the concerns of business and finance sector users;  Attraction of other Banking players – as part of the general marketing strategy of the Government the Finance Ministry would proactively encourage and incentivise the establishment of new banking operators;  Companies House – there needs to be an upgrade of services provided by the public corporate register of Gibraltar. For example onli ne f ili ngs of c ertain documentati on should be permissible. We would work with the currently privately -run Registry to ensure this;  Specific Products – we will work with financial service representatives to refine laws that will assist Gibraltar and attract inward investment in areas such as trusts, limited liability 24

partnerships, foundations, funds and insurance;

 Financial Services Ombudsman – we support the appointment of a Financial Services Ombudsman who would have specific statutory powers to investigate complaints against financial services institutions and powers to make recommendations and issue sanctions;  Recognition of Gibraltar’s Status- a PDP Government would apply the necessary resources to ensure recognition of Gibraltar’s rights within the European Union and the removal of Gibraltar from blacklists;  Investment in Infrastructure -The PDP recognise that the finance centre’s growth could be constrained by the availability of quality office space. We would therefore use the Gibraltar Retail Bank to assist local developers and construction companies to obtain the necessary finance to build high quality office space. Importantly we would also allocate land as required to that purpose;

Election 2011 Manifesto




Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


Elliott Phillips Barrister and PDP General Secretary, supports a number local military veteran associations with particular emphasis on the preservation and promotion of Gibraltar’s military history and heritage.

Key C o m m i t m e n t s


An Independent Review of Comprehensive School Standards

 

A new Bayside School Complex at a purpose-built site Means-tested subsidy for nursery education

A commitment to provide a morning slot to all children of pre-school age in their catchment area

 

Tax allowances for nursery education A review of teaching resources

 

School leaving age to be raised to 16 Compulsory teaching of local history and constitutional development from 6-16

A vocational and technical training scheme and qualifications

 

Establishment of an apprenticeship scheme under the responsibility of the Education Department Integration of special needs children in mainstream schooling where possible

 

Better guidance and advice for students on the needs of the job market Rises in statutory sick leave, unemployment benefit and minimum wage

Better safety at work through a variety of preventative, enforcement and compensation mechanisms

 

No stamp duty for first-time home buyers under 35 Priority to young couples and young single mothers in rental or home purchase schemes

The construction of a cultural complex encompassing a theatre, conference centre and art gallery

 

Cultural grants and funding of various activities A new football pitch and a rugby pitch

 

A resurfaced main pitch at Victoria Stadium Cricket facilities at Europa Point

The extension of the Rosia swimming pool to provide better facilities for training and international competition to Gibraltar’s swimmers Identification of areas for the berthing of small boats

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto



School Standards

In Government the PDP would commission an Independent Review on Comprehensive School Standards to examine the causes of recent exam underperformance at “A” Level and GCSE and make recommendations as to how the teaching environment, facilities and resources could be enhanced to improve the overall performance of these schools. We need to make sure that our students get the best chance of succeeding academically. According to statistics published by the Joint Council for Qualifications in the United Kingdom in respect of exams taken in summer 2011:

27% of UK students taking A levels achieve the A* or A grade. In Gibraltar only 19% of students achieved those grades; The average number of A* grades by gender in the UK was 8.2% for boys and 8.2% for girls. In Gibraltar the statistics for A* grades are 3.2% for boys and 6.3% for girls; 50.4% of UK boys and 54.4% of UK girls attain grades between A* and B. The comparative statistics in Gibraltar are 43% for boys and 45% for girls; In UK the number of students attaining A*-E grades is 97.8% and it is 95% in Gibraltar.

As the Table below demonstrates our students in 2011 sat A level exams in 23 subjects. With the notable exceptions of Maths and Geography (only girls sat the exam) in a comparison of performance at A*-B grades Gibraltar students underperformed the UK average in every subject sometimes significantly so. Gibraltar students even under-performed the UK average in the usually strong area of Spanish at A level.

Progressive Democratic Party



Retired Teacher and former Vice-President of the Gibraltar Teacher’s Association There are a number of issues that arise from A level results that should be investigated properly by the authorities: 1. there needs to be a review as to why students have underperformed in so many subjects and generally in comparison with the UK average; 2. it is noteworthy that the level of entries for girls [361] was significantly higher than that for boys [230]. There is

Election 2011 Manifesto


The concept of better opportunities is largely geared towards giving young people a good start in life in terms of their education, skills and training when it comes to facing the job market. Our commitments to young people are not only across the educational sphere but also span the areas of Employment, Sport, Culture and Leisure.


no obvious reason why there are more girls than boys sitting exams; 3. while the UK have noted a bridging of the gap between results for boys and girls the situation in Gibraltar is very different. Girls still seem to do better than boys by a significant margin. In the sciences this is particularly dramatic. In biology, chemistry and physics the number of boys attaining A*-B grades was 6%, 33% and 28% respectively. For girls the comparative results are 48%, 60% and 60% respectively. The causes for this also need to be investigated. As such, far from the Gibraltar results at A level comparing “favourably” with the UK as the Minister for Education stated in his press release of 18 August 2011 the results actually show that Gibraltar compares disfavourably with the UK average. Either this is a combination of ignorance and spin by the GSD or worse still the GSD is knowingly disregarding or ignoring the actual comparators. Additionally the PDP is surprised that the GSLP should simply take the GSD’s statements at face-value without bothering to carry out its own assessment of the facts Progressive Democratic Party

demonstrating yet again unresearched and reckless policy making. Any proper comparison could only reveal that the true story is far from the picture painted by the GSD. Such a politically gullible and superficial approach from the GSLP calls into question its ability to govern. An analysis of GCSE results reveals a similar pattern. According to statistics issued by t h e J o i nt C ou n c i l f o r Qualifications [JCQ] in respect of Summer 2011 GCSEs the average overall pass rate for A*C grades at national UK level was 69.8%. In Gibraltar the comparative pass-rate for the same grades was 66.5%. That however was the overall rate achieved when counting the distorting effects produced by the results of students at Spanish GCSE where our students always excel. If those results are stripped out to establish a more even comparison the overall pass-rate of our schools at GCSE level was 62.4% for boys and 62.8% for girls. In other words approximately 7% below the UK average. The JCQ also published statistics of results by school type. Independent and Academy schools far outstripped the performance of UK 28

comprehensives. But our schools do not compare favourably even against UK comprehensives. The table below compares the cumulative average percentages of students achieving the various grades from A* to C for UK comprehensives and our comprehensives [having stripped out the distorting effects of results for Spanish GCSE]: Gibraltar comprehensives are generally performing below the average UK comprehensive. They are well below Independent Schools where 90.4% of students achieve grades A*-C and Academy Schools where 72.2% of students achieve grades A*-C. Taken together with the results at “A” level these results reveal a pattern of under-performance

Election 2011 Manifesto

A Level Comparison – UK Average /Gibraltar Average Results 2011


57.8 52.1

53.8 35.1

43.5 59.5 63.3 49.4 69.4

33.3 54.5 no boys 38.2 45.4

58 No individual stat available in UK 56.3 No individual stat available in UK No individual stat available in UK 66.4 79 43.9


Only girls sat this exam.


One student



55.2 No individual stat available in UK 43.3 57.8 45.8 66.5 36.5




Progressive Democratic Party

49.9 0

6 students; 4 passes all at grades C


2 passes at grades C and E.

68.09 100 16.6

One student

33 26.2 40 31.3 63.9 18.75


Only boys

Election 2011 Manifesto


As drawn from official statistics published by Ministry for Education.




As published by Joint Council for Qualifications



GIB Average % [Male + Female] A*-B Grade

UK Average % [Male + Female] A*-B Grade


The fact is that we have not had a real debate on educational standards for years. There are individual success stories and those students should be congratulated. Indeed so must the efforts of parents and teachers be acknowledged and supported. But the reality is that these results show that our schools under-performed the average UK comprehensive in 2011. Education cannot be a taboo subject. We should not, in any event, aspire simply to do as well as the average UK inner city comprehensive. We should aspire to do much better than that and to raise our school standards to those comparative with Academy Schools. That is the PDP target. As a first step we would commission an Independent Review of Standards within the first three months of being elected to Government. We would seek wide -ranging recommendations to enhance


Average UK Comprehensive Statistics from the JCQ Bayside Westside Progressive Democratic Party

performance by improving resources, facilities and the teaching environment. Our teachers need to be supported in their important work and if that means the allocation of greater resources that is what the Government should do. There is no greater investment in our society than in education for our children. Being below average is simply not good enough. The raising of comprehensive school standards will be a key PDP commitment at this forthcoming election.

School Leaving Age and CoEducation The Review Commission on Standards would be asked to consider whether there should be co-educational comprehensive schools and whether a Sixth Form College should be established. Subject to the Independent Review the

Students Obtaining A* Grade

PDP is in principle committed to the idea of pooling sixth form resources as it would give A Level students a wider choice of subjects. The PDP is also committed to raising the school leaving age to 16.

Facilities and Resources Side by side with any reevaluation of standards there would be a need to review the resources needed in terms of staffing levels and facilities. More teaching posts may be necessary in the context of the implementation of any recommendations. The fact is that Bayside School should be relocated to a new modern and purpose-built facility. It has outgrown its current location that could be used for alternative educational purposes or even for an expansion of the Victoria Stadium Sports complex.

Students Students Obtaining Obtaining A* and A Grade A* to B Grades

Students Obtaining A* to C Grades





4.40% 4.20%

16.30% 17.30%

37.40% 41.70%

62.40% 62.80%


Election 2011 Manifesto

The PDP would commit itself to providing a new Bayside School at another location.

St Christopher’s school should remain a school when handed over by the MOD to alleviate the pressure on St Joseph’s School.

The PDP will uphold the policy of insulating students from changes in fees levied by UK universities and colleges and will continue the grant system.

The PDP recognize that encouraging students to do any course available even if there are no jobs in Gibraltar for the graduate to return to is neither a good use of the tax payers’ resources nor assists the student with their natural desire to return home sooner or later. Gibraltar does not benefit needing instead to employ foreigners rather than home-grown talent. Communication and career advice between ind ustry, Government and the schools needs to be more coordinated and regular. A policy will be adopted of special grants over and above the

standard grants to make the study of special subjects where there is a social or business need more attractive to prospective students. This will ensure that we are training local people to take over key jobs in the health, social services, the economy and in finance. Means-testing will be removed for postgraduate education in subjects that have been identified as important to the economy or for social or medical services. That is consistent with our policy of guiding Gibraltar graduates towards jobs that are needed locally. The PDP is also committed in providing funds for continuing

Progressive Democratic Party


education and assistance to those undertaking distance-learning courses.

Special Needs We will ensure that there are sufficient resources to provide for special needs children and that these are assisted so that they can be placed in mainstream education as much as possible. St Bernadette’s should also become a training centre to allow special needs pupils entry into the work place through sheltered employment.

Election 2011 Manifesto


Grants, Fees and DistanceLearning

Nursery, School



We will introduce a means-tested subsidy for nursery education to facilitate the provision of nursery education for children. This will prioritise lower-income single working parents.


Those persons not entitled to a subsidy will be entitled to a full tax allowance of all monies spent on nursery education. This should also assist parents and mother returning to work. We are committed to providing a pre-school morning slot to all children [aged 3-4] in their catchment area. All nurseries [public or private] will be subject to regular inspections by the Education Department and their standards and systems independently audited. Extra teachers and learning support assistants need to be employed at primary level [4-12 years] to ensure every child including those with special needs get proper support. In accordance with programmes on health education school tuck shops would only be permitted to sell products that accord with healthy eating standards. The budget for health educatio n wo uld be increased.

Progressive Democratic Party

The Teaching of Gibraltar History and Constitutional Development

It is important to teach our history on a more formal basis to encourage understanding of our identity as a people. The Education Department will be tasked with developing an adequate syllabus for the teaching of Gibraltar his t ory a nd c onst itut i onal development. This will be compulsory between the ages of 616. Our objective would be that after discussions with the relevant UK examining board children c ou l d s i t a n a p p r o pr i a t e examination in the subject in parallel with other GCSEs.




Guidance to students - The PDP is committed to ensure that the Education and Employment departments work together more closely to guide prospective students as to areas of likely employment for returning graduates and in identifying core skills needed in the economy to guide the training needs for nonacademic courses. There are areas in the economy where it is obvious that local people are under-represented in terms of skills. This occurs in two main spheres – the area of traditional skills, carpentry, joinery, electrical trades, masonry – and professional financial or medical/clinical areas. Vocational & Technical Training - We feel there is a need to enhance vocational and technical training relevant to employment opportunities in Gibraltar. It is essential to give all our young people the opportunities to realize their potential. A vocational route would need to be provided for children in parallel to the academic route. This would have two main entry points at aged 14 or at 16 after GCSEs. This Vocational Route would need to be designed by the Education and Employment departments working in conjunc tion. Vocational qualifications would Election 2011 Manifesto

be provided via this route. Apprenticeship Scheme – apart from the formal vocational training route we should ensure there is an efficient, well-run and well-resourced apprenticeship scheme that can place young people in employment. The current trainee scheme has been criticised as not working adequately.

 Employment Protection and Injuries legislation can operate unfairly and would be reviewed in consultation with unions and business representatives to ensure a fair and safe workplace and eradicate any bullying or harassment that could exist and strengthen the protection for employers against absenteeism without justifiable reason. The employer-employee relationship has to be based on mutual respect;  Illegal Labour – deprives the tax-payer of revenue and is unfair to employees. We will better resource the labour inspectorate to enforce the law; 

Factories Inspectorate –

 Compulsory Public Liability Insurance – employers will be required to have public liability insurance in place to cover their employees in case of accidents;  Industrial Tribunal – we will appoint a permanent Chairman to expedite and streamline the work of the Tribunal. Additionally we will review the legislation so that specific procedural time-limits are set to facilitate taking cases through all necessary steps towards a final hearing;  Minimum Wage – we will increase the minimum wage to 5.75/hour  Statutory Sick Leave – we will amend statutory sick leave provisions to ensure that this is extended to 4 weeks full pay and eight weeks half-pay in the case of hospitalisation for the period of a stay in hospital;  Occupational Pensions – we will work with Unions and business groups to discuss possible measures and legislation

Progressive Democratic Party


to encourage the take-up of occupational pensions in the private sector;

 Training Plan – after consultation with business and unions a PDP Employment Minister would set out a 5 year Strategic Training Plan to set out Government policy in the field of training and re-training in the public and private sectors; Unemployment Benefit – the levels of this would be reviewed and increased by 50%. HOUSING AND FISCAL MEASURES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE Priority in Rental Stock Allocation/Home Purchase Getting your first home is a big concern for many people. A PDP Government would ensure that young single people or young couples be given priority in rental stock or home purchase scheme programmes. We must stop the constant stream of Gibraltarians who are forced to live in Spain because it is unaffordable to live in Gibraltar.

Election 2011 Manifesto


Workers Rights – a number of measures would be taken by a PDP administration to enhance workers rights in Gibraltar:

equally it is important to properly resource the factories inspectorate to reduce the incidence of accidents at, for example, construction sites;


Stamp Duty - To assist young couples the PDP would introduce special fiscal measures such as targeted stamp duty relief or specific property allowances to support a purchase. Any person under 35 will be exempt from stamp duty on the first purchase of property in Gibraltar.

Additionally a number of soundproofed and sprung floored band rehearsal rooms with secure storage lockers would be provided. Our musicians need to be encouraged to practice in appropriate surroundings. We will also review the feasibility of establishing a fully equipped recording studio in Gibraltar.

Home Refurbishment Soft Loan - Young People who are first-time buyers will be eligible f o r a s o f t l oa n hom e refurbishment scheme via the Retail Bank that a PDP Government would establish to give them a good start with their new home.

Cultural Complex - A cultural complex will be built containing a theatre, combined as a conference centre with break-out rooms. The complex will also contain a permanent Gibraltar Art Gallery.

SPORT, CULTURE AND YOUNG PEOPLE A variety of commitments will be made across these fields:

Culture Premises - The existing Stone Block in Town Range [behind the senior citizens club] and Garrison recreational rooms [behind St Joseph’s School] will be refurbished for use as cultural premises. There will also be a continued programme of refurbishment and maintenance of the casemates exhibition galleries, Central Hall, the Retreat Centre and other cultural facilities. Band Rehearsal Rooms Progressive Democratic Party

World Dance - The PDP will commit to supporting the organisation of the World Dance Championships for the period 2014-2016. Grants - We will increase cultural grants by 50% and create a special International Events Grant Fund to assist participants to apply for a grant to contribute towards expenses. Additionally we will establish an Elite Performers Award in Sports, the Arts and Culture to support talented individuals to pursue a career in those fields. Lottery - The PDP would try to maximise sales of the Government Lottery by allowing the purchase of tickets online. Equally unclaimed monies would 34

be rolled-over into extraordinary prizes to encourage sales further. Profits of the lottery would go to fund cultural or sporting projects.

Youth Service and Leisure Youth clubs will be opened on a daily basis and Youth & Community Programmes [such a youth exchanges, discos and fundraising events] will be reinstated.

Involvement of Young People in Decision-Making We will create a Young Parliament to increase participation of Young People in the democratic process. This will give young people a deeper understanding of democratic institutions and help the development of responsibility. The representatives of the Young Parliament will meet regularly with the Minister with responsibility for Young People. Representatives from the Young parliament will then be Gibraltar’s representatives at any Youth Parliament organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in London.

Young People Civic Awards We should encourage responsible or charitable behaviour by young people by having a special Young People’s Civic Awards Scheme. Election 2011 Manifesto


Progressive Democratic Party


Sports Advisory Council - It is vital that this body is empowered to steer the development of sport in Gibraltar and that all associations are given an equal voice when putting forward their ideas or requests. A level playing field is required for all organisations within the GSLA. Paddle-Tennis and Tennis – these facilities are currently insufficient to meet demand and poor. We will upgrade the tennis court at the Mount and will identify locations for extra paddle -courts as part of an extension project to the Victoria Stadium facilities. Additionally a PDP Government would as part of its environmental policy look at covering and green-surfacing public parking areas thereby creating a wealth of available space for these and other sports. Victoria Stadium Surface – the main pitch at the Victoria Stadium will be resurfaced. GFA/UEFA - The PDP strongly support the right of the GFA to membership of UEFA and will support any requirements needed to be met for UEFA membership . Hockey Pitch - lighting will be provided to the Victoria hockey pitch to allow hockey clubs to train and play matches on their

Election 2011 Manifesto


Sport plays a major part in most Gibraltarians’ lives. Many Gibraltarians play sport more than three times a week and in many cases two or more sports. Sport therefore plays a vital part in the cultural development of Gibraltarians and it is therefore imperative that all the needs of our athletes are met, irrespective of which organisation is represented here on the Rock. The PD P recognize the importance of channelling youthful energy into health and positive activity. Sport encourages, discipline, team work, respect and maintains us healthy. Therefore we understand the educational and social benefits that sports can bring and we are determined to invest in the same. Training Grant Fund - The PDP welcomes the continued development of the GSLA in areas such as professional coaching development and support staff and the financial support given to associations to bring coaches in to improve the level of competition here in Gibraltar. However, the 30% granted in repayment of costs to associations is constrictive and also means associations need to pay large amounts, which they might not have to pay up front

for a coach/trainer to visit. This can be restrictive and the PDP would create a fund for associations to apply for specific grants to be used for the purposes of development of the sport through professional coaching or facilities. This would allow organisations to cover the initial cost and therefore be allowed to continue with their developmental projects. Water-Based Sports – Gibraltar is a prime location for waterbased sports. We would therefore encourage good use of our seas primarily for locals but also abroad as a touristic attraction ensuring that we have properly equipped dive clubs, fishing clubs, sailing clubs, rowing clubs and other water-based sports. In this context the PDP would work with the Small Boat Owners Association to seek to find a suitable location for berthing of small pleasure boats. Elite Sports Award – we will establish an Elite Sports Award Scheme to support exceptionally talented young people who seek to pursue a career in sports. Sports Bulletin - The creation of a sports bulletin promoting the achievements for sports within the GSLA is important and should be online. Easy access to contacts for different sports should be made available and updated annually.

state of the art facility. This is something that should have been provided for when the facility was constructed so that it would not restrict the GHA to playing league matches at weekends. This would also mean that the use of this facility for training camps by visiting teams is extended.


Football Pitches – We are committed to build a new football pitch at the Cepsa petrol station site after it is relocated and as required consider further pitches at another location. In consultation with the relevant representative sporting bodies we

would review the facilities available to other sports such as basketball, rowing, squash, badminton, athletics, table tennis, netball, gymnastics, martial arts, tai chi, ice skating, boxing, bowling, cycling and other leisure activities such as darts, chess and snooker/pool. Cricket Ground & Rugby Pitch - Cricket is already represented internationally, through the ICC and it is paramount that they are provided with a pitch that meets the standards set by the ICC and which would improve the opportunities for our local players. Equally rugby is being increasingly played and taught in

our schools yet there are no facilities anywhere in Gibraltar and our players are having to rely on MOD generosity or playing in Spain. The Gibraltar Rugby Club is applying and obtaining membership of FIRA and other international bodies. Their efforts would be supported. A cricket and rugby pitch will be established at Europa Point in such a manner that it could be used to host regular league games or international tournaments. International Sports Tourism – would be encouraged but would first require an upgrade of existing facilities. Long-term space would be made available in the proposed Eastside reclamation where there would also be a Sporting Complex that would encourage sporting excellence. Swimming – on handover from the MOD we would support the extension of the Nuffield Pool to make it more suitable for the hosting of international competition International Recognition Continued support to Gibraltar sporting bodies in obtaining international recognition, full membership or affiliation to their respective international sporting bodies

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


Businesswoman and was very active in representative groups lobbying for a more open planning system.


BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL and the sustainable use of our enviroment

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


Gigi Sene

Key C o m m i t m e n t s

BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL                           

Public meetings of the Development & Planning Commission

A review of height limits for development within and outside the city walls A commitment to seek UNESCO World Heritage Status for Gibraltar Expansion of list of protected Buildings and a cataloguing of our urban and natural heritage Tax concessions and soft loans for refurbishment of buildings in specific zones Tax concessions for Environmental measures taken on buildings Review of Landlord & Tenant Act An Upper Town and Moorish Castle Heritage Recovery Plan Investment in the Upper Rock The establishment of a law on Gibraltar Archives Regulation of Angling Better enforcement of conservation laws No Dolphinarium The establishment of a Central Park for Gibraltar Green areas over covered car parks Underground parking at Grand Parade A commitment to refurbish Rosia Bay for leisure use as a swimming area Feasibility study on a monorail system Cycle and jogging paths to be created A commitment to lengthen the daily schedule for the bus service A review of nuisance and noise pollution legislation The regular monitoring of the effects on public health of pollution by independent bodies A ban on indoor smoking in all public areas A review of Gibraltar’s oil pollution response capability No bunkering on the Eastside A commitment to renewable energy and greater investment in solar-panelling An independent study into the harnessing of potential of tidal energy

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto

A Better Quality of Life for All


New Housing

The building of new housing has not kept pace with the growth in the population of Gibraltarians. If this does not even meet that growth we will never radically reduce and still less solve the perennial housing problem.

Progressive Democratic Party


Equally because of high prices in the local market many people are being forced to go to Spain to rent or purchase housing. Our view is that much more radical steps need to be taken to build new housing to serve the population needs of Gibraltar for a decade. We believe there has to be a real connection between statistics of births,

Election 2011 Manifesto


To achieve a better quality of life that we can all enjoy requires a holistic approach across a number of policy areas that encompass planning, urban heritage, the natural environment, the use of resources, mobility, transport, public health and housing. Our Pledge 4 to you covers all these areas.


deaths, school leavers and housing requirements so that instead of building large quantities of housing as a reactive measure to criticism regular construction of housing as required would be built. That is why we would build 1500 new homes within 10 years. The first step would be to provide 300 low-cost houses to purchase within 4 years.

A Strategic Approach We would tackle urban issues with a strategic approach based on five principles: 1. To resolve the housing problem through a combination of new build, repair of existing Progressive Democratic Party

stock and a partial liberalisation of the private housing market; 2. To create a land bank in an environmentally acceptable way to allow the development of the economy and provide the social needs of Gibraltar; 3. To carry out a planned and sustainable approach; 4. To maximise conservation of heritage assets while allowing economic development; To grow our economy and develop our tourism product in a sensitive way

New Town

After appropriate feasibility and environmental impact study we would build a New Town project on reclaimed land on the Eastside of Gibraltar


incorporating residential, commercial and leisure areas. This would break the back of the housing problem that Gibraltar continues to suffer. The New Town would be divided into various zones to provide a mix of residential areas and a range of different types of housing. It would also include sufficient parking, public transport and social facilities and amenities. This would contain parks and recreational areas that would enhance the quality of life of our citizens. Gibraltar has seen successful land reclamation projects and we believe it is feasible to create a substantial land bank between the runway and Sovereign Bay whilst retaining and improving our beaches and coastline by moving it eastward.

Affordable Housing

Housing needs to be genuinely affordable – particularly in this current climate where obtaining a mortgage has become more difficult. We would ensure that housing is provided at affordable prices within developments in which Government participates as developer or that Government allocates via public tender for those purposes. A PDP administration would put in place co-ownership schemes Election 2011 Manifesto

to assist buyers on a means tested basis and as long as those persons did not own a property elsewhere.

Rental Housing

We would ensure that a minimum of 300 rental stock flats are provided within 4 years. We will review the housing allocation criteria to ensure prompt allocation and preference to persons with social needs and young couples. Housing needs to be allocated and administered on anondiscriminatory basis.

Amenities for Public Housing Tenants

Our commitment would be to ensure that the number of works pending in Government housing estates is halved within 18 months. Tenants deserve much more from the Buildings & Works department. It is the most basic right to have proper living conditions. To some people this is denied by the Government not fulfilling its repair obligations.

Vandalism and Cleaning of Public Housing Estates

We are committed to improving the facilities for tenants of public housing be it parking, green areas or playgrounds.

Maintenance Housing


We would dedicate greater resources to control vandalism and improve the cleaning of estates. We will introduce CCTV in certain housing areas to curb vandalism.


We have criticised the so-called “historic agreement” that the GSD announced with the Buildings & Works department and said that the jury was out on whether this would deliver real improvements to people. It is a

Private Developments

Progressive Democratic Party


Young People It is important to help our young people and young couples to get onto the property ladder and to either acquire or rent their first home to help them make a real start in life. The PDP would give priority in the allocation of new housing and existing housing for young couples and single mothers. We would require that private developers make buildings more environmentally friendly to produce planning gains for the entire community such as beautification of surrounding areas, parking, parks, playgrounds and green areas. We will ensure that private developers expedite developments awarded by public tender and do not delay these for land speculation reasons with the consequential adverse effects on property prices or office space prices/availability. The premium value of land allocated to private developers or the subject of lease extensions with private developers will be independently assessed.

Waterport Terraces, OEM, Haymills Election 2011 Manifesto


The same criteria would apply to the allocation of rental housing. There would be a programme of adaption housing for residents with special needs or with a disability.

fact that many tenants face issues of lack of repair, dilapidation, humidity and water ingress. Many tenants complain to the Buildings & Works department and works take months – if not years – to complete with some tenants getting no joy at all from that department. All this needs to be tackled.


The GSD’s handling of housing development is marked by appalling mismanagement. The Rosia Tanks were destroyed without regard to the heritage and disregarding protests of citizens. The south district projects at Cumberland and Nelsons View were allocated to OEM – a company with no track record. Predictably it collapsed and the Government was forced to take it over. The deficiency of Government’s due diligence procedures were then exposed further when Haymills, the contractor company, also collapsed. There were significant delays to the project causing hardship to many families. This was also experienced at Waterport Terraces which was delayed for more than two years. Purchasers there not only experienced delay but were left funding bridging loans spending hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds as a result of the GSD’s mismanagement of the situation. The PDP stood shoulder to shoulder with the residents of Waterport Terraces in their efforts to seek Government’s explanations and compensation for these delays. W e w ill sta nd by a ny commitments given to these residents.

Progressive Democratic Party


Public meetings of the Development & Planning Commission – we will ensure that meetings of the DPC are held in public. The law will be changed to give objectors the right to be heard and not merely the right to make representations. The minutes of the DPC will be published and available online. A fast-tracking procedure for small minor works applications will be set out in statute. The planning law will be amended to make it compulsory to submit all Government or MOD building projects to the planning process.  Development Appeals Tribunal – appeals from the DPC to this tribunal will be heard and determined within three months Height/Density – we will review the height limits for development within and outside the city walls and set guidelines for developers RESPECTING AND CONSERVING OUR URBAN AND NATURAL HERITAGE 42

UNESCO World Heritage Status for Gibraltar – we are committed to seek UNESCO World Heritage Status for Gibraltar. In a remarkable lack of vision this year the GSD ditched the original bid put forward in 1999 and compromised on a far less ambitious partial bid. Gibraltar has lost 20 years as a result of this lack of vision because the UK list of tentative sites to



Former Chairman of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust , directing a printing/packaging business for 28 years, committed Gibraltar Historian and philatelist Election 2011 Manifesto

Updating and better enforcement of conservation laws - there must be greater respect of our urban and natural heritage across the board. Our urban and natural heritage laws will be reviewed and updated as they are sadly deficient in many aspects Site conservation/recovery – Equally there must be a far more deliberate policy by the Government to recover sites of importance. For example we would put in place a 10 year plan to recover the Northern Defences as part of an Upper Town heritage recovery project. Additionally more must be made of the tunnel systems in Gibraltar in the context of maximizing the sensitive use of our heritage for touristic purposes Site Management – at the same time we would seek to maximise

the value for money return on recovered assets by proper sustainable management of heritage sites Listed Buildings – heritage legislation would be amended and the list of protected buildings updated within 12 months. This would bring many more buildings within the realm of protection. Historic & Natural Environment Record – The work on updating the list of protected buildings in Gibraltar would go hand in hand with the preparation of a historic e nv i r onm e nt r e c or d f or Gibraltar which would classify

Progressive Democratic Party


buildings, artifacts, works and other historical or architectural or archaeological aspects of heritage significance. This would also include a listing and identification of natural heritage zones deserving of special protection including our coastline Soft Loans for Refurbishment – a fund will be established to assist persons who wish to refurbish buildings within the city walls for residential use with soft loans Special Discounted Purchase Scheme – within 6 months we will publish details of a Special Discounted Purchase Scheme for sitting tenants of public Election 2011 Manifesto


UNESCO will now not be updated till 2021. Gibraltar has been placed by the GSD in the position we were before 1999 and without a chance of i m p r o v i n g i t t i ll 2 02 1. Nevertheless we make clear we are committed to achieve this prestigious accolade for Fortress Gibraltar [the original bid planned years ago] as part of a more strategic long-term vision of the interface between tourism and heritage.

housing within the city walls


Landlord & Tenant Act – this will be reviewed in consultation with interested parties to allow greater decontrol of rents in the context of refurbishment, regeneration or conservation of buildings. This will be contingent on the use of traditional materials and a recovery/conservati on of heritage features to be assessed by the Planning Department;

we will undertake a programme of information on Greening of Buildings by householders/ owners so that they are aware of what can be done and what fiscal benefits are available Regeneration of Old Town – there a significant amount of public buildings in the old town area. We would conduct a policy of strategic conservation and regeneration. We will publish a

Special Tax Incentives – a special three year corporate tax allowance will be provided to businesses conducting refurbishment in accordance with set criteria within the city walls and in an approved heritage building

Greener Buildings – Building R e g u l a t i o n s w ou l d be amended to encourage greener building practices in development Greener Buildings Incentive Scheme – tax allowances will be introduced to encourage owners/householders i n t r o d u c i n g “ g r e e ni ng ” practices into their property such as solar panels etc

REBECCA FALLER Construction Administrator in the private sector, politically active since she was a teenager, former VicePresident of LYMEC (Liberal Youth Movement of the EU)

Greater Public Awareness – Progressive Democratic Party


Regeneration Plan for the Old Town within 12 months of being e le ct ed t o G ov er nm e n t. Progressive regeneration would allow relocation of tenants and the process could then be continued to achieve long-term urban renewal Urban Regeneration and Heritage Conservation Unit – we will establish a special unit within the Heritage Ministry that will drive this urban regeneration agenda. It will also be responsible for overall urban heritage management policy and advise the Minister in that regard.

Upper Town and Moorish Castle Heritage Recovery – one regeneration sub-plan will focus on the Upper Town, Moorish Castle and the Northern Defences. Over a 10 year period we would seek to relocate residents of Moorish Castle Estate to new housing freeing up this area. We would demolish Moorish Castle Estate and create a Specially Protected Heritage Zone. That would allow that entire area to be recovered and used for touristic purposes. Catalan Bay is a historic and yet relatively abandoned part of Election 2011 Manifesto

Biodiversity Research – will dedicate resources for investment in research r es ou rce s f or st udy biodiversity Gibraltar. We would work, in consultation with the people of Catalan Bay, to regenerate and refurbish the beach, bay, village and surrounding area. In principle we favour designating Catalan Bay as an area of heritage significance because of its social and historic importance. A visitor interpretation centre would be established as part of the project to regenerate and invest in the village. City Walls – we would continue a policy of uncluttering the City Walls so they can be seen and so that people can walk around the city walls or they can be used for cycling and jogging paths. Upper Rock Management – we are committed to ensure this

is managed sensibly so that the natural heritage of the Rock is conserved. We support the designation of the Rock of Gibraltar as a site of Community Importance as a Special Area of Conservation. The Upper Rock also needs significant investment so everyone can enjoy walking around and using this natural resource. Much more must be done to restore and create safe footpaths around the Upper Rock. Archives and Documentary history – it is important to conserve and protect documents of historical and public importance. A Gibraltar Archives would be established on a statutory footing. Criteria for collat ion of public documents would be set out in

Progressive Democratic Party


we the and of

Regulation of Angling, Diving and Marine Conservation – we have a long-standing commitment to introduce legislation prescribing a system of fishing licences, numbers of rods and minimum fish sizes, for both shore and boat anglers. Certain types of fishing and certain methods will be banned either generally or at particular locations [ie spear-fishing at certain locations to be published in law]. There needs to be better enforcement of marine laws and better access to facilities for anglers. The PDP is committed to the sustainable use of our environment and a progressive regeneration of our aquatic environment. This has been depleted by the reckless acts of Election 2011 Manifesto


statute as would be the terms on which they would be available for inspection. The Archives would be relocated to a location that would allow public facilities of access while maintaining and preserving security of its public documents. There would be significant investment in digitizing documentation and in human resources to operate the facility.


many foreign fishermen who come to Gibraltar to fish indiscriminately because of the total free for all that currently exists in Gibraltar. The PDP will introduce legislation within 12 months of being elected to Government and establish a specific enforcement arm under the Ministry for the Environment to ensure our laws are complied with and applied consistently to Progressive Democratic Party

all. GFSA – we will regularly consult with GFSA in relation to issues relevant to angling in Gibraltar. In consultation with GFSA we will review the locations at which fishing is permitted in Gibraltar and seek to improve the facilities available, the number of locations at which fishing is permitted and 46

the times during which this is permitted. Signage will be placed at these locations explaining where fishing is permitted and warning as to penalties for noncompliance with the law. Reefs and Coastlines – A PDP administration would take measures to better protect our reefs and coastlines and ensure development was not carried out Election 2011 Manifesto

in an insensitive way. We believe in maintaining and increasing access to the public of our coastline for leisure activities.

IMPROVING THE WAY YOU LIVE AND MOVE AROUND A Central Park for Gibraltar – we will establish a Central Park for Gibraltar. Several alternative sites have been identified. This will require discussions with entities currently holding leasehold and/ or development rights so that these may be re-provided elsewhere; Covered green areas – at the same time we would have a proactive policy of covering parking areas and green roofing them to produce more green areas, parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities for leisure use around Gibraltar;

Trees – we will actively follow a policy of tree-planting wherever possible; Transport Study – there needs to be a comprehensive transport and traffic management study to make recommendations on the overhaul of road infrastructure and the management of traffic flows. We also need to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists. A strategic plan is necessary to plan the interface between infrastructural needs and traffic management. Any plan would be prepared after public consultation and exhibited for public comment; Half Helmets A PDP government would immediately move to legislate against the use of half helmets. Cycle and jogging paths – we would have a pro-active policy of creating cycle paths and jogging paths. We would create such a path to follow the coastline and cover as much of Gibraltar as possible. We would also explore the viability of i nt r od u c i ng t he C y c l e /

Progressive Democratic Party


Pedestrian superhighways suggested in the Report by the In Town Without My Car Group which would link the town area to the South District via the city walls; Cycles – we support the introduction of the recent Gibibikes scheme but would increase the number of cycles available by 400. If persons are to be encouraged to cycle there needs to be a pro-active policy of making roads safer and maintaining these in a better state. This needs to be combined with traffic calming measures in certain areas; Upper Town Escalators – to facilitate people moving around without their cars we will consider introducing external escalators in certain key locations around the town as l ong as t his wa s not incompatible with urban heritage concerns; Green Vehicles – tax allowance for persons who purchase electric vehicles; Bus Service – we are committed to lengthen the daily schedule for the bus service; Heavy Goods Vehicles – the use of roads by HGVs would be regulated so that we minimise unnecessary congestion and strain on the road infrastructure at peak times by cement mixers, Election 2011 Manifesto


No Dolphinarium – we are committed to ensure that no dolphinarium is established in Gibraltar. This is inconsistent with a policy of conservation and respect for natural heritage and marine wildlife. It in any event is inconsistent with the public use of our coastline.

Grand Parade – subject to engineering viability and cost we would build underground parking at Grand Parade which would then free up the existing parking area for the creation of a green area for leisure and sporting use;


Rosia Bay - A commitment to refurbish Rosia Bay for leisure use as a swimming area and for other related leisure activities such as water sports, diving and angling.

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto

through Gibraltar as little as possible. Feasibility study on a monorail system – we would commission an independent feasibility study (including public consultation) on the establishment of a monorail system. Subject to cost and aesthetics we envisage that the route of a monorail could run from a Monorail terminal from the Airport through the tunnel through to Rosia area. Should that not be possible the terminal would be located on Devil’s Tower Road [at the exit of the airport tunnel]. The route could

Progressive Democratic Party


take in the Waterport/Westside areas, Queensway and continue southwards via the Dockyard/ New Harbours area. The monorail would be a radical mode of well tried and tested alternative transport that would help to de-congest road use given that it would not, unlike other methods of transport like trams, use the roads. Monorails have proved hugely successful in congested cities in Asia and the USA, with Sydney being an obvious example. The Gatwick monorail will have been used by many when travelling to the UK. This will provide Election 2011 Manifesto


rubble trucks and so on. We intend to establish a purpose built commercial park on the Eastside reclamation, immediately after the exit to the tunnel from the Airport. In that way we will ensure that businesses that require servicing by HGV are located as close to the land frontier as possible. Businesses located on the Westside will be encouraged to relocate so as to free up existing commercial parks on the Westside for leisure and housing development. The long-term effect of this planning policy will be to ensure HGVs travel

alternative environmentally friendly and economically sustainable transport for residents and tourists alike. Our research suggests that this will then produce a return and eventually pay for itself;


Wildlife Management – many residents suffer nuisance from Apes and Gulls. We would tackle these issues in a more pro-active way after discussing the matter with experts in the field. This would include the allocation of realistic resources for control and management; Litter and Cleanliness – there would be strict enforcement of litter and dog-fouling laws; Parking Schemes – we will encourage the diversion of visitor traffic to areas outside the city walls and park & ride schemes from there. We will establish parking areas where it will be proportionately cheaper to park the longer the car is parked in the car park thereby encouraging the vehicle owner to use alternative transport; LOOKING HEALTH



Nuisance and Noise Pollution – Gibraltar is a noisy place. We would review our nuisance and noise pollution laws to better protect this aspect which intrudes into our collective quality of life;

Pollution Monitoring – we would ensure the regular monitoring of the effects on public health of pollution by independent bodies; Smoking in Public Areas – We would introduce a law banning indoor smoking in all public areas; M A N A G I N G O U R RESOURCES SUSTAINABLY Oil Pollution Response – the recent incident has highlighted the need to review Gibraltar’s oil pollution response capability. We would do so and dedicate any further resources that might be necessary to enhance the same; No bunkering on the Eastside – as stated elsewhere in this manifesto [Pledge 2] we are against bunkering on the Eastside of Gibraltar; Solar Energy – we are committed to renewable energy and greater investment in solar-paneling. The first step is to do so in public buildings where possible and incentivise private owners via tax allowances to install these as well; Tidal Energy – we would commission an independent study into the harnessing of the potential of tidal energy to support and supplement traditional sources of power generation;

conduct a Public awareness campaign and dedicate greater Government resources at guiding citizens as to measures that could be taken to reduce Gibraltar’s carbon footprint; Recycling – we will widen current recycling initiatives by ensuring that paper recycling is introduced within 12 months. We will also increase the locations at which recyclable materials can be deposited and locate them close to refuse collection points for convenience of users wherever possible. Additionally we will provide a One-Stop Recycling Area to allow people to deposit all recyclable materials in a convenient way; EMAP – The Environmental Management & Action Plan will be reviewed after consultation with interested parties; Sewage Treatment Plant – this needs to be installed to eliminate raw sewage disposal and if possible in a manner that generates energy as a by-product; Power Stations – we are committed to the new power station project and the decommissioning of old stations in such a way that guarantees that our electricity grid is robust and has sufficient capacity.

Carbon Footprint – we would Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto




Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


Rosemarie Peach Former Chairperson of the Women’s Association and a conveyancing assistant at a law firm.


Key C o m m i t m e n t s

                      

A commitment to merge the Health and Social Services ministries to provide better organisation and coordination of care A review of the management structure, administrative procedures and clinical protocols of the Health Authority A review of the contacting of external clinical services to the Health Authority to assess whether any can or should be provided in Gibraltar A review of the financial, procurement and tendering arrangements of the Health Authority with a view to reducing waste and maximizing value for money A new mental health facility within 4 years The integration of the Ambulance Service into the Health Authority Investment to increase the number of Nurse Practitioners and professions allied to medicine The establishment of a Second Primary Care Centre A ban on smoking in all enclosed public places Increase sponsored patients allowance Better services for cardiology, oncology, mental health, dementia, alzheimers, hearing impaired, neo-natal care among other departments A comprehensive policy of localization of posts, continuing professional development and training Increased residential bed capacity at Mount Alvernia More investment in community services, day care and domiciliary care services for the elderly Discussions with Unions, Chamber, GFSB and interested parties on private sector pensions and a commitment to legislate where necessary Disability allowance to be made payable to all disabled persons Financial assistance to the Gibraltar Clubhouse Project A review of social benefits for people with mental health problems Measures to assist Senior Citizens including facilities, advice and a review of the Minimum Income Guarantee Discussions with the Unions on Civil Service reform A commitment to improve public administration of services provided to the public Maximise online provision and processing of complaints, reports for housing works, general forms and applications where possible Maximise provision of online information on public services

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto



We are committed to:  Improved healthcare and better services – so that users can enjoy a more comprehensive and better care system;  Health care staff – because it is important to build confidence and show leadership to raise morale and so that services are not impacted detrimentally;

Structure, Efficiency and Value for Money Four years ago we made the point that the Health department needed to improve the way it worked with the Social Services agencies to ensure patients and users received seamless and efficient care. We continue to believe that this would be best achieved by merging those departments and assigning the ministerial responsibilities to one person. Review Management Structure - Additionally we hear many complaints about administrative and managerial inefficiency with the consequences that there is low morale among nurses, clinicians and professions ancillary to

Progressive Democratic Party


Health & Social Services Department - Accordingly we will merge the Health and Social Services ministries to provide better organisation and coordination of care. In a PDP Government there will be one Minister for Health & Social Services. medicine. We can restore that confidence, higher morale and support to health workers. Working in the Health Authority is a tough job and the staff needs to be appreciated for the important service they provide. We would intend to review the management structure, administrative procedures and clinical protocols of the Health Authority so that these can be improved for the benefit of user and staff member alike. External Facilities - Many patients are referred to the UK or Spain for treatment. The key to providing very specialized services is the ability to access external services provided by third parties. It is not always possible because of cost or lack of expertise to provide all services in Gibraltar. Even so to improve facilities available to users we will review the existing contracting of external clinical services to the Health Authority to assess whether any can or should be Election 2011 Manifesto


Much of the successes proclaimed by the GSD in the health service whether it is the commitment to build a new hospital, new primary care centre, re-opening of the nursing school, the recruitment of nurses and key professionals and the massive boost in financial investment into the Health Authority were conducted during Keith Azopardi’s time as Health Minister between 1996-2000. Unfortunately the GSD has all owed lack of m orale, miscommunication between staff and lack of leadership to dominate in recent years. There is a need to give the Health Authority clear leadership and direction once again.

Better infrastructure and support – because there are aspects of the services that require radical investment and overhaul; Better integration and performance of services – because some services are disjointed, inadequate or disorganized or underresourced and this affects the care that can be provided.


provided in Gibraltar. This will go hand in hand with the provision of training to staff or the recruitment of key personnel. Wastage & Savings - Equally there are opportunities to curb wastage and invest savings back into the health service. As such the PDP would review the financial, procurement and tendering arrangements of the Health Authority with a view to reducing waste and maximizing value for money in the interests of patient care. Interface with Housing - We would also ensure that the new Health & Social Services department would work better with the Housing department as sometimes patients need adjustments to their residential accommodation before they can be discharged from hospital or from Mount Alvernia. Additionally any programme of construction of housing needs to take account of the ageing of the population and special residential needs that may arise as a result. Having a better health care system is not about throwing money at a problem. It requires a strategic overview of all aspects of care and ensuring these run smoothly together. It requires a comprehensive and lasting commitment to reform and the willingness to make tough Progressive Democratic Party

choices where necessary. Gibraltar can have a better more integrated care system and the PDP with your help can achieve that.

Infrastructure and Services

A number of measures would be taken to improve the state of infrastructure and services to users:

 Mental Health Facility – A new mental health facility will be provided within 4 years. This is long overdue and absolutely necessary. It would then free the current KGV site for alternative use;  Ambulance Service – We would support the integration of the Ambulance Service into the Health Authority. This will give the Authority responsibility to manage this service directly


which should then avoid the controversies over ambulances as we have seen recently;  Recruitment – We would direct training and resources to increase the number of Nurse Practitioners and professions allied to medicine. The numbers of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and other professions would be reviewed to respond to patient needs;

 Second Primary Centre – We would establish a Second Primary Care Centre within 4 years. It would be located in the South District. Residents would be assigned to each primary care centre depending on catchment area;

Election 2011 Manifesto

 S p o n s or e d Pa t i e nt s Allowance – this will be increased by 15% and increased by cost of living annually;

 Localization of Senior Managerial Posts – be it in nursing or administrative or clinical management it should be possible to plan for the gradual localization of senior posts. Progressive Democratic Party

 Continual Professional Development – we would want to see a comprehensive CPD policy in place for all GHA staff that deliver patient care;  Facilities for the Hearing Impaired – we will work with the Gibraltar Hearing Impaired and Tinnitus Association to improve the facilities supporting people with impaired hearing and increase awareness of that. This will include areas such as education, premises, training for the clinical psychology department, training and education in Sign Language, the recruitment of a hearing therapist, the purchase by GHA of necessary hearing aids and special equipment for those with impaired hearing. We are committed to improve the quality of life of deaf people and those with hearing difficulties;  Facilities for Alzheimers & Dementia patients – we will work with the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Group to improve facilities for users and families of patients and specifically improve 55

domiciliary care, provide specialized staff training for the care of such patients, adapt residences to assist in living conditions, provide greater physiotherapy for these patients, create a stronger collaboration between the Elderly Care Agency, health, housing and social services for the benefit of these patients and promote greater awareness of these matters;  Cardiac Rehabilitation, Society for Cancer Relief, Diabetic Support Group, Society for Visually Impaired and other patient / user groups—we will engage with patient and user groups constructively to ensure the improvement of facilities and services

 Smoking ban – We would introduce legislation banning smoking in all enclosed public places;  Disability Allowance – We would ensure that the Disability allowance would be made payable to all disabled persons and not just those born disabled. The disability allowance would also be raised by 25%. There will then be annual cost of living increases;  Carers Allowance – there are people who care after the elderly or the disabled and cannot work because of that. We would review the physical and financial Election 2011 Manifesto


 Cardiology & Oncology – certain services that are currently being outsourced might be able to be provided locally if there is investment in equipment, recruitment and adequate training. This would ultimately be beneficial to patients and families and may be cost-effective. We would be committed to review the possibility of this with clinicians within GHA;  Neo-Natal Care – we would direct resources to improve the facilities available for the birth and care of premature babies;  Waiting Lists – we would carry out a review of current waiting times and assess how these could be improved;  School of Nursing – training efforts should be boosted and better coordination between management and the nursing school would result in forwardplanning which could reduce the reliance on having to engage external nurses on contract;

That is not to say that we are against the importation of expertise. Quite the contrary but it makes sense for any community to want to see home-grown talent take senior posts rather than have to leave Gibraltar to progress in their chosen career;


support for these carers;  Physical Environment – We must work to ensure that the physical environment of Gibraltar is accessible to all, including persons with various types of disabilities. The PDP will ensure that the needs of the disabled are incorporated at the planning stages of all new public housing and public transport systems. Access to existing public buildings, public housing and public transport will be made easier by making the necessary adaptations where possible;  Dr Giraldi/St Bernadettes – the facilities of the Dr Giraldi Home and St Bernadettes will be reviewed to improve these for users;  E m p l o y m e n t Opportunities of Disabled – we will support the integration of disabled persons into open employment through a variety of measures such as incentiveorientated quota systems, reserved or designated employment, loans or grants for small business, tax concessions, technical or financial assistance to enterprises employing disabled workers. The PDP will also support sheltered employment for those, whose severe disabilities render them unable to cope with the demands Progressive Democratic Party

of competitive employment;  Clubhouse Project – We wou ld pr ov ide f i nanc ia l assistance to the Gibraltar Clubhouse Project promoted by the Psychological Support Group;  Assitance to those with Mental Health issuesWe would review social benefits and community services available for people with mental health problems;  Families – we will review the legal provisions on paternity leave and the interface with maternity leave. We will issue a consultation paper on possible changes to allow the public to make representations on this important subject. Our aim would be to assist couples in the first few months of the upbringing of a child while also assisting their return to work as soon as practicable; Private Practice- we would facilitate the establishment of strictly regulated private practice. It is better for private practice to be regulated and out in the open than operating underground and unregulated. Private Practice if properly regulated so as not to have any negative impact to Government provided public care can be of benefit to the community by easing the burden on the public purse. This would 56

be modeled on the UK system where private patients remain private and must pay for all services and facilities and cannot try and use private care as a method to jump the queue. We encourage choice and monies received from the provision of facilities, equipment and staff time by GHA for private care will then be channelled back into the public health system and not simply swallowed up into general Government revenue. ELDERLY CARE

 R e s i de nt i a l C a r e – Increased residential bed capacity at Mount Alvernia is a commitment of the PDP. It is clear that many elderly in need of a residential bed are in hospital when they could be at Mount Alvernia if there were sufficient beds. This not only blocks hospital beds and deprives acute medical cases of care but means that nurses trained, for example, to work on surgical wards end up treating non-surgical geriatric cases. This undermines the skills of our trained nurses. We would aim to provide 100 new residential care beds at Mount Alvernia or at an alternative purpose-built site;  Criteria for Entry to Mount Alvernia – this should ensure that it is driven by clinical Election 2011 Manifesto


 Relocation of Senior Citizens – we would adopt a specific policy designed to give preference to senior citizens

living in the upper town who may wish to be re-housed to the lower town or other districts that are more easily accessible;  Assisting families of deceased relatives – we will provide a one-stop office within the Social Services department at which a relative of a deceased person can receive advice on the necessary procedures governing the registration of the death and access to various benefits, pensions and other steps that need to be taken consequent on death;  Help Line – that office will also provide a Help Line to provide information, guidance and assistance to senior citizens;  Widows and Orphans Scheme – we support the reintroduction of such a scheme. We agree that the immediate cessation of pension benefits to widows in the case of the death of the husband has severe f i na nc i a l i m pa c t a nd i s undesirable. We would introduce legislation by which payments of public sector pensions to widows would continue for a period of 12 months after the death of the husband. Such legislation would be a temporary measure while the main legislation to reintroduce a widows and orphans scheme is prepared. Such a scheme would

Progressive Democratic Party


aim at ensuring that those who are financially affected by the current non-provision are assisted;  Minimum Income Guarantee – this will be reviewed upwards following on from consultation with interested bodies in light of the current under-provision of private sector occupational pensions that causes hardship for some pensioners. We will ensure that subsequently the minimum increase maintains a link with price inflation; Cons ultation – we are committed to regular meetings with the Senior Citizens Association and Gibraltar Pensioners Association. PENSIONS

 Private Sector Occupational Pensions  Discussions with Unions, Chamber, GFSB and interested parties on private sector pensions and a commitment to legislate where necessary;  Budgetary measures need to be considered to incentivise the voluntary take-up of pensions. The introduction of a flat rate of tax rather than an allowancebased system has made it less attractive for people to arrange pension plans. Future reductions

Election 2011 Manifesto


need and not time on the waiting list. It should be subject to clinical assessment;  Private Nursing Homeswe would encourage and facilitate the establishment of private nursing homes in the same way that private health clinics are available, namely without any negative impact to public care for our elderly. We encourage choice and those who wish to exercise their option to pay for care can do so. Community Services – More investment in community services, day care and domiciliary care services for the elderly is necessary. There would be radical investment in outreach services, residential and respite services and in general greater support for the elderly, the disabled and their families whether it be with care, domestic chores or cleaning. This will be supported with recruitment of relevant personnel or the setting up of contracted services. At first instance we would commission an independent professional review of these services.


in the top rate of tax could be linked to a person paying monies into a pension plan; Gibraltar resident UK pensioners – the PDP is co mm itted t o unde rtake discussions with the British Government to assess whether it is possible to enter into arrangements by which persons in receipt of pensions from the UK who are resident in Gibraltar may receive those tax-free; PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND SERVICES

 Civil Service Reform - We will hold discussions with the Unions on Civil Service reform, working hours, provision of services, structure, training, recruitment, resources and terms and conditions;  Counter & Other Services – We are committed to improve the public administration of services provided to the public and to business especially in relation to counter services across departments or agencies.  Bullying & Harassment – As part of our review we will introduce a protocol against bullying and harassment in the workplace applicable to the Progressive Democratic Party

public sector;  Complaints – We will maximise the online provision and processing of complaints, reports for housing works, general forms and applications where possible;

 Information – We will maximise the provision of online information on public services; Electricity – We need to ensure that our electricity grid is modern, robust and has sufficient capacity to meet Gibraltar’s business and residential needs. 58

Election 2011 Manifesto


Keith Azopardi addressing the United Nations Committee on Decolonisation as Deputy Chief Minister


STRENGTH AND VISION INTERNATIONALLY Sovereignty, Status and External Affairs

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


Key Commitments

Sovereignty, Status and External Affairs

Gibraltar’s sovereignty belongs to the people of Gibraltar

Attendance at the UN Committee of 24 and Fourth Committee

A clear democracy programme for Gibraltar

A clear Constitutional status for our future

A mandate sought for constitutional talks with the UK

No change to Gibraltar’s status without a Referendum

A seat in the European Parliament for Gibraltar

A seat for Gibraltar on the Committee of the Regions

Continued support for the litigation on our territorial waters

Continued attendance at Tripartite talks with Britain and Spain

Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto


We reject the repeated attempts by Spain to question the sovereignty of our waters. We have supported the case brought by Gibraltar on the designation of part of our waters by Spain under Environmental legislation of the EU. We will continue to support that litigation before the European courts. We remain concerned about aspects of the 2006 Airport Agreeme nt negotiate d at Cordoba by which arrangements would be put in place that would allow Spanish officials to exert jurisdiction and control over p a s se n ge r s p h y s i ca l ly i n Gibraltar. In Government we would want to have direct air links to Spain but would ensure that any logistical arrangements within our terminal do not undermine issues of jurisdiction and control over our land.

THE CONS TITUTIONAL FUTURE OF GIBRALTAR In 2008 we launched our policy on the Constitutional Future of Gibraltar. The full text of this is available on our website No other Party contesting this election is being clear with the electorate about where they stand on this important and fundamental issue. We challenge other Parties to stop prevaricating and be clear about where they wish to lead Gibraltar. We made the point in that paper that when the PDP backed the 2006 Constitution in the November 2006 referendum we made the point that the new constitution should be supported because it represented a massive leap forward from the 1969 constitution and because it put us in a much better position to then take the next steps. We made the point then that there was a need to introduce more specific reforms to foster more democracy in Gibraltar. We emphasised that adoption of the new constitution for us was not the end but rather a steppingstone to further reforms.

Progressive Democratic Party


In any comprehensive approach three issues must be tackled, self-government, democracy and decolonisation. Without achieving progress on all these questions the final outcome will be deficient in some way – either by not having sufficient self-government or democracy or by not being recognised as amounting to decolonisation. As such the agenda must be pushed forward equally and simultaneously. Three principles govern the PDP approach to constitutional reform. First we believe Gibraltar should govern itself and that we should aspire to the fullest measure of selfgovernment possible. Second we consider that we should enjoy more democracy in Gibraltar. Third our aim is to ensure that our right to selfdetermination is internationally recognised and with it that we achieve an internationally and domestically recognised decolonised status .

Election 2011 Manifesto


Gibraltar, its land and its waters belong to the people of Gibraltar. The PDP believe that the people of Gibraltar have a full and unqualified right to selfdetermination and that there should be no change in our status without a referendum. The PDP have always been clear and robust in its pronouncements on the issue of sovereignty.

We deal below.




1. More Democracy


In July 2006 we issued an extensive policy document on how we would achieve Living Democracy. It included a 27 point plan on measures that should be introduced to increase parliamentary accountability, better public participation in the de mocra t ic pr oce ss, more democratic checks and balances on the powers of Government and electoral reform. We stand by all those points. We supported this further by an Implementation Plan that we announced in March 2011 and sets out when and how we would carry out many of those reforms. All that is described in detail in the Style of Politics section [Pledge 1] of this manifesto. Having more democracy does not mean that the Government is unable to govern but that it must govern better. That will improve the quality of governance all citizens enjoy.

2. More Self-Government and a New Status Full Self-Government European Dimension



Progressive Democratic Party

It is clear that we have advanced much since the days of the Legislative Council in 1950 or our first constitution in 1964. Even though it was a big step forward the 2006 constitution was the result of long negotiations so inevitably it was a bag of compromises in some areas. It is still possible to go further by removing some of the remaining unnecessary curbs on selfgovernment. Having power vested in Whitehall rather than Gibraltar is not a guarantee of good government or democracy. Equally simply achieving the transfer of more powers to Gibraltar is not enough. It is only by repatriating those powers to Gibraltar and introducing proper democratic controls that we will enhance how we are governed. Necessarily these are technical issues that require detailed negotiation with the British Government but in Government we would table proposals to London to further advance our self-government. We believe that time has demonstrated that Gibraltar has matured politically and responsibly discharges its devolved powers of Government. In that sense we are confident that we can achieve further reforms in this area to build on the work of successive generations of Gibraltarians. What would drive our efforts would be a belief that Gibraltar can and should govern itself and that any


remaining antiquated quasicolonial mechanisms should be removed. It would also be important in any process of further reform to take a more detailed look at the European Union context so that Gibraltar c a n s e c u re m o re p o we r , representation and influence within the Union. Much could be achieved towards that through constitutional reform. Other advances such as our own MEP or a seat at the Committee of the Regions would require agreement with the UK without the need of constitutional change.

Our Status – Where Are We Going? There is much talk about our right to self-determination. But other political parties do not go much further in telling us where they want to go. The right to selfdetermination is only the right to decide our future. It is an empty statement unless we know where we want to go and say so. It is incumbent on politicians who seek to lead this community to explain where they want to take Gibraltar. In other words how they would wish to exercise that right to self-determination. Neither the GSD nor GSLP are clear on such questions. Our view is clear. First we consider that any fundamental status change should be put to the people of Gibraltar to decide in referendum.

Election 2011 Manifesto

Were it not for the continuing presence of the Spanish claim we believe that Gibraltar could aspire to full independence within the Commonwealth. Our economy is sufficiently robust and sustainable for that. Independence would not mean a break of our links with the Crown. Indeed we would seek to maintain such links in the same way as there are many independent countries in the Commonwealth which have the Queen as Head of State – countries as diverse as Canada, Antigua or Belize. Independence with the Queen as Head of State would in an ideal situation be put forward as our recommendation to the people in a referendum. Clearly putting this proposal forward would only be possible if the democratic checks and balances we have set out before have been introduced. Equally it could only happen if the majority of people were to support such an option and only then after detailed negotiations with the British Governme nt. Suc h negotiations would have to cater for the European dimension and

our equal aspiration to maintain membership of the European Union. This would require a Treaty amendment. However we do recognise that the Spanish claim constitutes a real hindrance on the current achievement of such an aspiration and as such this puts a n operationa l constraint on that aspiration. It is economically but not politically viable at this stage. In that context the PDP therefore supports a status which would today meet the test of political and economic viability. That status which takes account of the desire to maximise self-government and preserve our membership of the European Union would be a form of free association with Britain. We think that free association provides the sufficient flexibility for us to achieve that full measure of self-government and also would clearly meet the current UN criteria for de-listing. In our view a Free Association constitution would go further than the 2006 constitution in certain important respects such as making clear that the sovereignty of Gibraltar vests in its people and in clearly demarcating how Gibraltar’s external affairs would be conducted. Again such a status would require detailed

Progressive Democratic Party


negotiations with the UK which we would initiate in Government. Whether the political environment changes in future to allow Gibraltar to go further or whether indeed the European Union or its Member States evolve in a way that makes this unnecessary only time will tell.

3. Decolonisation The mistake of focussing on decolonisation as the be all and end all is exposed when it is considered that it is possible to achieve decolonisa tion by integration with another Member State. That would be the opposite of achieving self-government. Decolonisation also has nothing to do with democracy. As such it is possible to achieve decolonisation as long as the UN criteria are met and this concentrates more on selfgovernment than on the quality of democracy in a country. In our view simply achieving that Gibraltar is taken off a list held by the UN cannot be the objective. We must substantively have ceased to be a colony; we should be recognised as such and we should possess a freely chosen internationally recognised status within which our citizens enjoy real democracy. Anything less than that short-changes the people of Gibraltar. Both GSD and GSLP would do well to remember that.

Election 2011 Manifesto


S econdly we bel ieve Gibraltar should achieve the fullest measure of selfgovernment possible. We consider that the sovereignty of Gibraltar, politically and legally, vests in the people of Gibraltar.


Achieving decolonisation has two dimensions – to achieve it in practice and to have it recognised domestically and internationally. The GSD maintain that the first is enough. Clearly it is not and we need to continue a campaign to achieve international recognition and satisfaction of current UN decolonisation criteria or the modification of that criterion to accommodate territories such as Gibraltar. Indeed it may be that the 2006 constitution does not go far enough to meet the current UN criteria. Our position in 2006 was that this was an open question and that the constitution was worth adopting on its own merit for advancing Gibraltar on the road to self-government and so as to allow us to lobby the UN for delisting subsequently. Events since then have emphasised that the UN is politically reluctant to act. That is not Gibraltar’s fault but we should objectively recognise that the UN case for refusing to act would be made more difficult if we obtained further self-government through negotiation.

Spain and Dialogue Spain is clearly an obstacle to progress on the efforts to obtain decolonisation and a new status as well as seeking to exert pressure on the self-government front. We believe in a policy of dialogue with Spain to achieve better economic, social and environmental co-

Progressive Democratic Party

operation and progress that benefits citizens on both sides of the border. We do not consider that Spain needs to be accommodated on the sovereignty agenda. Any discussion of issues of status or decolonisation needs to take place in the context that there is, however, a real need to persuade Spain that she should peacefully cohabit with Gibraltar in the modern European Union accepting the political will of its people now and in the future without seeking to hinder it within the EU, at the UN or internationally. UNITED NATIONS We will continue to campaign for recognition of our unqualified right to self-determination. That means we will continue attendances at the United Nations C24 and Fourth Committee. In Government the PDP would invite the Leader of the Opposition to form part of the Gibraltar delegation at the UN. It is important to put domestic differences to one side and cooperate as much as possible on the international stage. EUROPEAN UNION Our membership of the European Union brings challenges and opportunities for Gibraltar. The EU now produces laws that affect our


citizens continually and it is important that we influence these laws before they are made. We need to ensure that there are better ways of influencing discussions that affect Gibraltar within the European Union. To that extent the PDP is committed to negotiating agreements with the British Government so that we ca n a chieve more power, representation and influence. We are also committed to seeking a separate MEP for Gibraltar. Even though we now have the right to vote in elections to the European Parliament we believe that for reasons of our separate identity Gibraltar should have separate representation within the Parliament. Additionally Gibraltar should have representation in the Committee of the Regions which provides a useful interface with regions within Europe. This would assist the forging of economic links for Gibraltar and secure direct access to regional government in the

“Our position within the EU must be developed and safeguarded so that we get the best from our membership of the Union. We are entitled to full access to EU benefits without obstruction from Spain and with the full cooperation of the European Commission and British Government.”

Election 2011 Manifesto






. . .


Progressive Democratic Party


Election 2011 Manifesto





















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