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September 2012 : First Edition

Congratulations to another successful batch of ANC graduates & transfer students 2012.


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ANC School of Post Graduate Education Launch

International students arriving at Manchester Airport

Welcome to the September issue of ANC Uni life

UniLife! the much awaited ‘Derived from the True Spirits and Colours of ANC’ is finally out after much effort and thought put together by both the Student Affairs Office and the students of ANC Education. The quarterly magazine of ANC Education is published to highlight the talent and unity seen in the institution not only in terms of academia but also in extracurricular activities. The past quarter had seen many outstanding performances in an array of fields from academic, high achievers, athletes, swimmers, dancers and singers who were brought to the limelight through events such as the sports day, swim meet and last but not least the Annual ANC Awards night 2012. At ANC each student absorbs and uses the environment given to them to become successful individuals in their own stream. It was a great joy to have been working towards publishing this issue and I believe it to be a crucial stepping stone to many more insightful issues in the future. Congratulations all ANC graduates of 2012. Best Wishes Jananee

Reaching the olympics

Contents A decade of excellence at ANC Awards night Reaching for the Olympics ANC launches school of Postgraduate Education Letters from our transferred students Distinguished personality joins academic team of ANC Candid Camera - Sports Day Candid Camera - Basketball Tournament Cheers to the Rotaract Club of ANC Northwood University ALUMNI party ANC Masterchef Savindri Mixing it up - contributions Upcoming Events Awards Night - Graduation Front cover Graduate at Awards Night 2012 Co-ordinators : Aruni Mahipala & Shihaam Hassanali Layout & Design : Dina Pesumal English : Arundathie Abeysinghe


A Decade of Excellence at ANC Awards Night 2012

At the Graduate Recruitment Fair

When over 200 graduates, transferring students, High Achievers and Best Performers gathered under the single banner of ANC Education last week to be honoured and recognised as being among some of Sri Lanka's best young minds, the exemplary levels of knowledge and imparting of skill was very evident in these budding global citizens. “

For ANC Education, through the visionary leadership of Chairman Mr. Jagath Alwis, it was yet another notch of excellence in its quest to ensure that Sri Lanka's young people are given quality education on par with some of the best ranked universities around the globe. Having realised the importance of giving Sri Lankan students quality options of higher education, ANC Education's 10 year journey has truly been memorable. As ANC CEO/Executive Director Dr. Punarjeeva Karunanayake traversed a brief journey of those ten years, it became evident that the young people's thirst for knowledge, wherein they challenge and excel in diverse international arenas, continues unabated. “What I do remember most is that we

started with only 29 in our first batch and today, with over 3,000 students within the ANC Conglomerate of ANC Education, Wycherley International School and Net Assist International, Modern Montessori International, we have surely dominated education industry in Sri Lanka. With our Motto, “Education without borders” We have brought into Sri Lanka, International higher education options of transferring into top universities in America, Australia, Canada, UK, Malaysia and Sri Lanka and assuredly etched our title as the “No.1 Transnational Education provider in Sri Lanka.” We also have degree completion programs from some of the best universities and colleges in the world opening up new vistas of knowledge and ability for Sri Lanka's youth. We have the largest American Transfer and Degree Completion programs in Asia through Northwood University, and Missouri University of Science and Technology and Patten University in the US; Monash is amongst the top 100 Universities in the world and the highest ranked university program operating in Sri Lanka and by far, one of the most prestigious learning institutions. We recently also launched the ANC postgraduate school of Education, with The University of West London, ranked as the best modern University in London by the Guardian University Guide, 2013. The ANC Postgraduate School of Education offers over 8 masters degrees in Law and Business, which will be expanded to 18 degrees in the fields of Engineering, Psychology and Tourism.

There were seven students who were honoured by the partner universities as Best Performers for 2012; Dinithi Silva from Patten University, Anoushka Wilson from Missouri University of Science & Technology, Sakina Zoeb from Monash College (Diploma level) who also gained an Award of Excellence on achieving the highest results in the Diploma of Engineering Studies, Sachintha Edirachcharige from Monash University (Foundation Year), Mohamed Zayan Ilmy and Madhava Solanga Arachchi from NCUK (International Diploma) and from Northwood University, Niluja Suthatharan, who was additionally conferred with the Patricia Nigel Award, which is an annual presentation for the Best Northwood University Student of the Year. ANC's transnational ethos was most evident over 130 students successfully completed the transfer programs to over thirty universities in the US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, UK, besides Northwood University, Missouri University of Science & Technology and Monash University. These universities included some of the best quality higher education providers in the world including Ohio State University, University of Texas A&M, California State University Systems (CSU), State University of New York Sytems (SUNY) University of Toronto, York University University of Georgia, University of Westminster, Leeds University, Manchester University, Swinburne University, Sheffield University, Nottingham University, University of Salford and University of Liverpool. Representatives of the primary universities and colleges represented by ANC Education were present at the awards, all of who, in their addresses encouraged the graduates and students to ensure that the investment in their education is truly optimised.


Success Story

The young and vibrant Reshika Udugampola, an undergraduate student at ANC education takes part at the most prestigious gaming event in the worldOlympics 2012. The four time record holder at swimming Nationals is set to leap her biggest milestone being the youngest representative of Sri Lanka at the 2012 summer Olympics, swimming the 100m freestyle. Her swimming career began when little Reshika was taken for swimming lessons with her sister, almost over ten years ago. Recalling the incident she said that her sister was advised to swim, as a remedy for her asthma attacks and therefore she was dragged along by her mum. However, as her sister’s health improved and decided to stop the sport, little Reshika insisted on continuing. Her parents had identified her talent and love for swimming and encouraged her to pursue it further with extra effort and passion. To take it seriously, and not just for fun. With the coaching of Mr.Julian Bolling, Reshika reached junior levels participating in many events and winning her first National medal.

“London Olympics 2012 the highlight of my swimming career” - Reshika Udugampola

Thereafter, under the guidance of Mr.Wilson, she represented her country at the South Asian Games in the year 2010 and also at the Asian Age Group. The highlight of her swimming career was when she was placed first in the overall National Championship and her participation at the World Championship in China and Dubai in which she broke a national record for 50m butterfly. Reshika also participated in the Pentathlon under 19 World Championship breaking four national records. Earlier this year she flew to Australia for a six month training program.

Reshika identifies her parents and friends to be one of her biggest source of motivation. Speaking from experience Reshika’s ambition for swimming is to incorporate and introduce the latest techniques and technology, such as stroke techniques and corrections, and underwater camera sessions, to bring out the strengths of Sri Lankan swimmers. She herself was exposed to these facilities whilst in a training program at Australia. Reshika believes that faith and an attitude of ‘not giving up’ is what brings out the best in an individual.

ANC education offered Reshika the most ideal situation, having to do a foundation education rather than Advanced Level, which would have forced her to sacrifice her career in swimming. The program at ANC helps her balance both her crave in becoming a better swimmer and also the ambition to become a business personal.

ANC School of Postgraduate Education

ANC launches School of Postgraduate Education ANC Education launched its first ever School of Postgraduate Education in collaboration with the University of West London, UK (UWL), to mark its 10th anniversary. “The objective of the ANC School of Postgraduate Education is, ‘providing excellent British Postgraduate education to Sri Lankan students”. ANC hopes to present a series of industry relevant postgraduate awards that would enhance the earning capacity of the students.

The University of West London is prestigiously known as the “Best Modern University in London” with several No 1 rankings in its name which includes the No 1 Modern University in London for Law and No 1 Graduate Employment rate for a modern university in London (Guardian University Guide, 2012). ANC will offer four programmes under the law postgraduate programme including LLM International Business and Commercial Law, LLM International Banking & Finance Law, LLM International Studies in Intellectual Property Law and LLM International Investment & Arbitration Law. The postgraduate business programmes include the MBA, MA Contemporary Marketing, MSc International Business Management and MSc Project Management. The general curriculum and the theoretical aspects of the programme will precisely cover what is offered by the University of West London with 30% of the coursework being taught by professors from London. Students who enroll in the LLM programmes are given the unique opportunity to complete one semester in London at a minimal rate of approximately 1000 pounds. The completion of postgraduate programmes at ANC can be done at phenomenally low rates and flexible time schedule. The ANC school of Postgraduate Education will open up valuable opportunities to students to qualify with an international postgraduate award.

More Details on ANC Postgraduate programmes can be obtained on our dedicated admissions line 0777 44 99 66



Message in a bottle

News from our students

Hatim Zubair TCHT Student 2012 “Have clear goals. Stay positive especially when you face challenges. It is up to you to make university life enjoyable and memorable.” The affordable cost of tertiary quality education is one of the good reasons why I, as an international student, choose Malaysia to study in. I completed Monash Foundation at ANC Education, Sri Lanka, before transferring to Taylor’s University, Malaysia. The education cost in Malaysia is made up of course fees which include tuition fees and other study fees payable to the institution, depending on what you are studying and the duration of your course and other components like the living expenses which depends on which location you are staying in, your type of accommodation and your lifestyle. With a blend of different races, cultures and people, the home country of Taylor’s is truly a melting pot. Perhaps that, more than any other reason, is why you will feel truly welcome.

“College life at ANC was a different ball game than to what I thought it would be! But with good lecturers and great batch mates it was a challenging yet wonderful journey indeed. Also, a BIG thank you to the staff and the Admin for all support they gave us!!” CHEERS!! Ayantha Philip Martil Valedictorian at the ANC graduation ceremony 2012

“Most US universities provide

plenty of research opportunities and facilities to study sciences. I really enjoy my classes and it has been a great experience so far.” My experience at anc gave me a good introduction to the American education system, which is quite different from that followed in most high schools and universities in Sri-Lanka. This made my transition to university much smoother and helped me adapt to the US education system much easily. Most US universities provide plenty of research opportunities and facilities to study sciences. I really enjoy my classes and it has been a great experience so far. Hasini Kalpage College of Saint Benedict (CSB) Minnesota, USA.

"When you live in another country as a student, you not only learn how to study for your future, you also learn how to live your life. My time in America has made me a harder worker, and a better person. The most important thing is to be yourself as 'individuality' is an important aspect of America. Being at ANC has given me the preparation for this kind of lifestyle as it showed me what college life can be like. The time I spent studying at ANC helped me secure a good University as well as build friendships that will last my entire life. Your future is in your hands, build it the way you want, and don't let anyone bring it down!" Orlando Michael J.G St. John's University, Minnesotta Received Scholarship of $15, 000

Northwood gives us the chance to express our views and opinions and also helps us develop a business mentality. “ANC gave me an introduction to the American System. Thanks to ANC, as I transferred to Northwood I had a basic idea as to what to expect. The experience I gained through ANC in terms of extra curricular activities made it easy for me to get involved in extra activities at my university in the States and make many friends through it.” Northwood University provides education which is more practical based, which would help us transit into the business world with lots of practical knowledge. Northwood gives us the chance to express our views and opinions and also helps us develop a business mentality. Northwood gives its students many opportunities in terms of financial assistance and extra activities.

I got the chance to travel around the US and experience the US lifestyle as a student of Northwood as the University helps international students blend into the American Culture.

Imasha Fernando Northwood University Michigan

Academic Performances


Distinguished Personality joins ANC

Dr Dayanath Jayasuriya LL.B.; Ph.D.; FICA (U.K.); Hony FSASL (U.K.); MSID (Singapore); and Attorney-at-Law spent ten years in the attorney-General’s Office in Sri Lanka.

Sakina Zoeb, Prize winner

Outstanding achievement from Monash College Congratulations to Sakina Zoeb from ANC Education is the recent recipient of the Award of Excellence for the Monash College Diploma Part 2 in Engineering Studies. The Award of Excellence is awarded every semester by Monash College Australia to the student who receives the highest results from the Undergraduate Diploma conducted in several Monash Colleges across the Asian region and Australia. Monash is one of the top universities in Australia and one of the youngest universities ranked in the world’s top 1 per cent of world universities - 117th in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-2012). Monash College, Sri Lanka offers accredited Monash University Foundation Year and Undergraduate Diploma programs, with direct entry into second year of selected Monash degrees. Students completing O/Levels can enroll for the Monash University Foundation Year and progress into the full range of faculties – Arts, Science, Medicine, Information Technology, Business, Engineering – at not only Monash University but all Australian universities. Students after A/Levels can enroll in undergraduate diplomas in Engineering or Business. After completing the diploma or the foundation year program student can transfer to Monash University in Australia or Malaysia. For more information on Monash College programs call : 0777 44 99 55

More ANC Achievers and high risers. Pasindu Abeyweera

successfully transferred to University of Georgia to major in Finance. He secured a 100% scholarship through the Georgia Rotary Student Program through excellent SAT results and academic excellence."

Rais and Rehman Sattar is in their 2nd semester at Northwood University in Michigan.

They are both in the Presidents'list at Northwood due to academic excellence. They both sucessfully concluded their internships at MAS Holdings during their Summer vacation in Sri Lanka. "

Yahani Premaratne, one of the high achiever award recipients at the 2012 Awards night;

was accepted from 3 Canadian Universities to follow Pre Law. York University, University of Toronto and Trent University accepted her. Trent University also offerd her a merit based scholarship of USD 3000 for her 1st year, and a possible total of USD 12000- over the next years at Trent. "

Lakindu Athulya Irugalbandara

, current student at the US transfer program with a GPA of 3.33, had already secured a USD 10000- merit based scholarship from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). Lakindu will study Aeronautics/ Aviation and Aerospace Science at FIT from Spring 2013 onwards. "

Share your story with us ? Contact Student Affairs Office


He was thereafter out of the country for more than 25 years working for the United Nations and its specialized agencies in Geneva, Vienna, Bangkok, New Delhi and Islamabad. Returning to Sri Lanka in 2000, he was appointed as the Director General and C.E.O. of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka and held these posts until 2003; in 2004 he was appointed as the Chairman of both these agencies. He is the Founder Chairman of the South Asian Insurance Regulators’ Forum. In 2005 he hosted in Sri Lanka the IOSCO Annual Conference and served as the Chairman of the IOSCO President’s Committee. Under his Chairmanship IOSCO adopted a series of major recommendations for the future direction of IOSCO and the regulation of capital markets. In February 2010 Dr Jayasuriya took ‘silk’ as a President’s Counsel (previously Q.C.) of Sri Lanka. Dr Jayasuriya’s assignments for the United Nations have included that as the Chief Technical Adviser to the United Nations International Drug Control Programme and as the head of the UNAIDS Secretariat in Pakistan. He served as a member of the UN Expert Panel for the drafting of model anti money laundering legislation. He has been a consultant to W.H.O.; UNDP; UNEP; UNODC; UNESCO; ADB etc. to over 25 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the Pacific. Currently he is the Managing Partner of the newly established Corporate Governance Advisory Services Pte Ltd. - a consultancy firm registered in Singapore specialising in the area of corporate governance advisory services for companies in Asia and the Middle-east. He also serves as an arbitrator and as an adviser to various firms and professional associations. He has written more than 20 books, 25 monographs and published over 200 articles covering corporate governance, commercial law, money laundering and terrorist financing, compliance and regulatory risks, stock market operations, corporate governance and several other issues of concern to banks and other financial institutions. He is on the editorial board of several British journals such as The Company Lawyer, Journal of Financial Crime, Journal of Money Laundering Control and Journal of Qualitative Research in Financial Markets. Dr Jayasuriya has extensive experience in dealing with infrastructure projects from the point of view of both financing as well as regulation.



ANC Sports Day held at BRC Grounds on 8 April 2012 Photography, Courtesy Atheeq Rizwan & Chirath Manchanayake

Sports Events

Student Events




ANC Basket ball Tournament held St.Peters College - Basketball courts 15 July 2012 Photography courtesy : Imesh Dias


ANC Clubs & Societies

News from our students

Hatim Zubair TCHT Student 2012

The Rotaract Club of ANC Achievement & Awards Award of Citation for the year of Service 2011/12 Award of Recognition For hosting the District Council Meeting 2011/12 Changemaker Award Rotary International Award of Recognition for hosting the Hong Kong International Service Trip 2012 Award of Recognition for hosting ROTA-EVE (district event). Award of Recognition for the Highest number of participation for the Hill Country visit. Award of Recognition for the Highest number of participation for Rotasia 2012 Award of Recognition for hosting HIV & Youth awareness Workshop. Award for the most supportive club. One "Paragon" award (out of five). Award of recognition for being a delegate at Rotasia 2012 + Rtr. Sadhani Rajapakse + Rtr. Laura D. Rajapakse + Rtr. Chirath Manchanayake Spirit of Service Award ( Rtr. Laura Rajapakse) Award of Recognition of designing the permanent Rotaract Logo ( Rtr. Chirath Manchanayake) President of the Month award (Month of January, out of awards) The club will step into a new era with its President Elect, Rtr. Nirmal Caldera taking office later this month.

ANC Rotaract Club of ANC makes its *Mark* The Rotaract Club of ANC walked away with the most number of awards at the recently concluded Rotaract District Assembly which was held at the Taj Samudra Hotel on the 30th of June. The Rotaract Club of ANC which has being an active club after its Revival in 2009/2010 reached its peak during the year 2011/2012 and has set the bar for many more years to come. Rtr. Chirath Manchanayake the outgoing President of the Club managed to drive the club towards its success a midst many constrains and inspired its members. When asked what it was like to receive so many awards, Chirath said he was very surprised, “I never expected such a lot of awards. I was expecting a few but quite surprisingly we ended up taking more at the assembly.”

“The 14 awards which the club won are the highest number of awards the club has won in its 7 year history”. Through commitment, enthusiasm and his active involvement in all Rotaract events he managed to bring glory to the Rotaract Club of ANC and to ANC together with the help of his Board and members. “There are a lot of people who have been with me from the start to the end. Laura Rajapakshe and Sadhani Rajapakshe are two Rotaractors and real close friends of mine whom I will never forget. If it wasn't for them, my club and I wouldn't have walked away with such a lot of awards. There were a lot of drawbacks along the way, but my parents were really patient and supportive. Overall my board and the members of the club were always there for me and the club,” said Chirath. In recognition of his service he was awarded the Rotaract Paragon award.

ANC Northwood University Alumni Event


ANC Education hosts first Northwood University Alumni Event “Northwood Night, an event organized in order to commemorate its 10th year of ANC Education was held at amuseum, Galle face hotel on the 30th June, 2012.�

On the 30 June, 2012 ANC organized the very first Northwood University alumni gathering in Sri Lanka. The event which was held at AMUSEUM, Galle Face Hotel, was attended by Dr. Kristin Stehouwer, Executive Vice-President and Chief Academic Officer of Northwood University and Ms. Mamiko Reeves, Dean of International Programs., Northwood University. The alumni gathering was made up of Northwood University graduates who had completed their entire degree at ANC and those students who completed the Northwood degree through the Executive Development Program (EDP). Also present were graduates who had transferred from ANC to Northwood University Michigan and Florida campus, as well as those who completed their degree at INTI in Malaysia. The cocktail evening allowed Northwood University graduates to meet old friends and to meet with visitors from Northwood University and faculty and staff from ANC. In her speech, Dr. Stehouwer commented on the success of the alumni evening and how she has been impressed with the caliber of graduates from ANC. Mr. Indy Chander, Academic Head of Northwood University Programs, talked about postgraduate education opportunities for the alumni through the new MBA, MSc and MA business programs which are part of the ANC School of Postgraduate Education. The business programs from the University of West London, England, are due to be offered in 2013. We are pleased that so many of the Sri Lanka Northwood alumni have progressed well in their professional lives. Most Northwood graduates are working for multinational companies and large local firms in senior executive and middle management positions. Due to the success of the alumni evening, it is planned to have an alumni gathering at least once every two years. We hope all our past Northwood University graduates will take part.


More than Studying Crispy Pan Fried Chicken with Creamy Mashed Potato and Tomato Salad

Receipe From ANC’s own Masterchef “Cooking is my passion” - Savindri D.Perera

visit my blog

Chicken and mashed potatoes are a classic combination. Generally, the chicken is roasted but this recipe calls upon the power of the frying pan! Without fiddling around with knobs and buttons on an oven, all this recipe requires is a hot frying pan and a small ounce of patience. This meal is perfect and simple to make, not to mention very satisfying. It’s a perfect weekend dinner for you, and it doubles as a great dish to make for any dinner guests! And with this recipe, you won’t be eating gluggy mashed potatoes and soggy chicken every again! Serves 2 Ingredients For the Chicken 2 chicken breasts, deboned and filleted 1 tsp soy sauce ½ tsp salt (vary the salt according to your taste) ½ tsp pepper 1 tsp tomato ketchup 1 tsp chili powder ½ tsp lime juice ½ tsp sugar For the Mashed Potato 4 medium potatoes 2 tbs mayonnaise Salt (to taste) 1 tsp chili powder 1 cup milk 3 tbs butter

For the Tomato Salad 4 tomatoes, diced 2 onions, finely sliced 2 tsp of chopped celery leaves 4 tsp of chopped celery stalks 1 tsp olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 1 tsp lime juice

Method Fillet the chicken breasts, or if possible, buy breast fillets from the supermarket. Take a meat mallet or a rolling pin, lay the chicken flat on a chopping board and pound the chicken fillets until they are somewhat thinner, but do not pound them until the meat falls apart. The breasts should be flattened, but not out of shape. Next, mix the soy sauce, the salt, pepper, oyster sauce, tomato ketchup. Chili powder, lime juice and sugar in a bowl. Drop the flattened chicken fillets into this marinade and make sure all the fillets are covered. Leave aside the chicken to marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. After you have assembled the other components of the dish (instructions below), place some oil in a hot frying pan and fry the chicken fillets until they are browned and crisp. Do not over fry them, and after you take them off the heat, LET THEM REST for a while. The mashed potatoes take a little bit of work, but it is totally worth it. Peel the potatoes and cut them into fourths. Wash the potatoes in running water to remove any starch on the surface. Next, take a small pot and place your potatoes in it. Cover the potatoes with water from the tap and set it over the stove. Do not turn up the heat on the burner very high, the potatoes should boil very gently at a low heat. This ensures that the whole potato is cooked, and you won’t risk having potatoes that are raw in the middle. Once the potatoes are boiled soft, drain them and let them sit aside for 2-3 minutes. The trick to getting no lumps in the mashed potato is very simple. Obtain a sieve or a metal strainer and push the potatoes through the holes of the strainer. This allows the potatoes to be light and fluffy. While you are pushing the potatoes through the strainer, add the milk into a pan with the butter and warm it gently so that the milk isn’t boiling, but the butter is melting. Whisk well. After you have pressed all the potatoes through the sieve, put the potato into a mixing bowl and gently add your warm butter and milk mixture. Be careful not to add all the milk at once but to add a little at a time and mix it. You may not need to use all the milk, keep adding and mixing the milk into the potatoes until you are happy with the consistencey. Next, add in the mayonnaise and mix well. Taste the potatoes, and add salt to your taste. The tomato salad is very simple. Cut the tomato into halves and remove the seeds. Then, cut the de-seeded halves into strips. Add the sliced onion, celery leaves and celery stalks. Add in salt, pepper and lime juice, mix well, and drizzle with some olive oil. Assemble the chicken on a plate with a good dollop of your mashed potato and a spoonful of tomato salad. Serve fresh and enjoy!



Photography, Courtesy ANAZ



ANC Events

Top notch industrial companies, such as MAS Holdings, John Keells, HSBC, Ceylon Tobacco Company and Virtusa, visited ANC and conducted spot interviews and presentations on their internship programs. ANC Education (ANC) recently introduced a program to benefit its students further, by linking its degree programs with career opportunities for its graduates and transfer students. These internship opportunities improve the ANC transfer students’ resumes at the time of application to recognized universities. This also widens the opportunity circle for students to acquire scholarships at universities abroad. Top notch industrial companies, such as MAS Holdings, John Keells, HSBC, Ceylon Tobacco Company and Virtusa, visited ANC and conducted spot interviews and presentations on their internship programs. Getting into these internship programs, allows students a chance to get their foot in the door in their relevant field of interest/ study, early on in their college life.

Subsequently, the Student Affairs Office combined their new students Orientation Week Program with a Career day, inviting representatives of companies to speak to the freshmen students on what the corporate sector expects from a graduate, job prospects and internship opportunities. With this valuable insight into the corporate world, students are aware of, from day one, what to expect once they graduate, and what they need to work towards during their four years of college. Career Day ANC’s vision for the future is to provide fourth year students with paid internships at companies. As graduates, this will give them a head- start when entering the corporate world. This plan has already been set in motion with the internship programs made available to the students at organizations such

Celebrating Ifthar ANC celebrated the Islamic holy month of Ramadan by hosting an Iftar dinner at their auditorium on the 7th of August for the second consecutive year. As an establishment which is home to all faiths and cultures, ANC honors all holy occasions in an effort to promote a true international university feel and promote cultural harmony. This event was open for all Muslim staff, faculty, students and their parents and siblings and all other staff and students who were keen on being a part of the celebrations. The goal was to bring together the growing Muslim community at ANC during this holy month.

as the ones previously mentioned, in addition to Hayleys, Unilever and Amba. An annual Career Day is in the works, and will be held every March, followed by the ANC Annual Awards Night & Graduation Ceremony in July. This allows students the opportunity to be already chosen for an internship program, upon graduation. Leading up to Career Day, students will be trained by professionals on skills they will need to brave the selection process at an organization. Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that ANC students have the tools to be successful citizens of this country, and are among those who are most sort-after in the corporate world.


Up Coming Events!

Upcoming Events

September and October INTER- UNIVERSITY BADMINTON TOURNAMENT Organized by the Rotaract Club of ANC and the Badminton team SPECIAL MOVIE SCREENING Organized by the Student council along with ANC ENCORE 2012 Organized by the Performing Art Club BREAST CANCER AWARENESS Organized by the Charity Committee at ANC HALLOWEEN PARTY Organized by the IT Society to be held in

November and December ART COMPETITION Organized by the Art Club ANC PRO-KARTING DAY Organized by the Student Council & Sports Committee ANC BOWLING INTER-HOUSE CHAMPIONSHIP Organized by the Student Council & Sports Committee to be held in November CHRISTMAS PARTY

College Experience


Dear Graduates, This will be my last entry written specifically for you; beginning with the launch of our new site in early September, I'll begin focusing on the future class of 2011. I hope that you guys won't be strangers; stay in touch either in person (come visit us!) or online (please drop by the blogs from time to time and say hi). As you begin your college experience, and I prepare for my 10-year college reunion, I thought I'd leave you with the things that, in retrospect, I think are important as you navigate the next four years. I hope that some of them are helpful.

ow. Laugh. Learn. Love. Gr . ed pir ins be d an e, pir Ins Be yourself. Create. best years of your lives. Welcome to some of the

ANC Graduation Ball

International students arriving at Manchester Airport

Graduation after-party

Hundreds of volunteers supported the ‘Ask Me’ campaign to welcome students to Manchester. Pictured are student interns Freya Wagstaff and Katie Franklin


ANC Graduation Ball

Graduation after-party




Dear ANC students, Congratulations on transferring to the US/Canada, UK, Monash, Australia and congratulations on your graduation ! We are excited to invite you to join the ANC Education Alumni Associate, currently being formed. Take a few minutes to send us an email with your updated contact details and learn more about the events and fellowships you have access to as new members of the alumni association. We plan on having our launch in January 2013 and you'll receive your new alumni association membership card via e-mail so you can take full advantage of your membership. In the meantime, contact us on with any questions you have about the alumni association's formation, events or services. Classes of 2003–2012, join the Alumni Association: Stay connected to ANC Education with all the opportunities and benefits the alumni association has to offer. Explore the benefits of membership and join today. Thanking you for your support Head-Student Affairs Office


Tel : 4 514 415 Fax : 4 510 541

Uni Life - Vol.1  

A magazine by ANC Education

Uni Life - Vol.1  

A magazine by ANC Education