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Play the mouth trumpet. Use pen and paper. Listen to Graceland. Get lost. Sing loudly whilst riding your bike. Write notes for strangers. Dance in the elevator. Go on the swings at the park. Have one for the road. Incorporate nonsense into your day. Design your own ideology. Get a good hat. Laugh at the perpetual cynics. Roll your own. Make scrabble happen. Wear your Sunday best. Go for the second cheapest. Begin now. Buy mystery vegetables. Favour independent businesses. Believe at least one impossible thing a day. Say yes to fancy dress. Develop a party trick. Adopt an absurd alter ego. Laugh when it goes wrong. Wear sparkly under garments when the weather is grey. Say good morning to strangers. Chase the joggers. Ignore the advertisements. Look after your teeth. Have a good wash. And above all, don’t be a twat. G A L L E R Y O F

inspiration, creative meanderings and sensible nonsense for the curous minded


reetings and salutations fellow residents of Boomtown! This which you have happened across is a literary offering to this dazzling city from The Dilettante Society, a collective of creative dabblers from the land of Nottinghamshire. As humble producers of sensible nonsense, let our gazette be your companion whilst you guzzle that vital morning coffee and jeffery, as you take a moment away from the debauchery, or perhaps as you sadly make your way home from this place of sin and feral delight. Should you enjoy our ramblings, please make your way to our new fangled Dilettante website, which is listed at the bottom of this page and features much, much more! Please note: it is our duty to mention that we are in no way affliated with Boomtown, or The Daily Rag, and therefore have no whispers to share but our own.





Joyful and carnivalesque, there is something ancient and elemental about festivals. Since time immemorial people have come together to cast off the shackles of the dreary day-today and meander away from the mundane to revel. A moment in space and time removed from the real world, a place for mischief and merriment, experimentation and celebratory shenanigans, away from the constraints of normality. The most popular of the ancient Roman festivals - Saturnalia - was a raucous celebration which subverted social norms and turned the world on its head. Plain togas were abandoned for colourful costumery and roles were reversed as people gathered for fabulous feasts, dance and debauchery, presided over by the Lord of Misrule, the appointed chief mischief-maker. Over time, these primal celebrations became more civilised, the earliest ‘music festivals’ of the late 19th century being tame affairs for the cultured elite. Yet it wouldn’t be long before the jazz and folk festivals of 1950’s America paved the way for the countercultural festivals of the ‘60s to flourish. By the 1990s festival culture had exploded and a plethora of festivals popped up in fields across the globe. Some commodified, commercial claptrap best avoided; others radical. And now here we find ourselves, somewhere in a field in Hampshire. So go on, indulge your eccentricities, unleash your inhibitions and express your widest dreams as we escape the confines of reality.


elieve in



D O - I T- I N - T H E - D A R K

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y a ke B e l i e v

At some point in our lives, often when we are wide-eyed and snotty-nosed school children, we are taught that daydreaming is a folly to be put aside whilst growing up. Distracting from the proper business of learning facts and rules and real world things, make-believe is suggested to be an unproductive waste of time. Please allow us to humbly confirm your long held suspicion, this is completely counter-productive twaddle. In fact, the power of mental image-making, to envision the fantastical in our minds eye, is the very foundation of creativity itself and should indeed be exercised. As the White Queen told Alice, believing impossible things takes practice - so when the monotony of the humdrum gets too much, why not indulge in a little mind wandering and escape to your own personal Hypothetical Fantasy World? Design a mental utopia of your own making, dream up mad cap ideas, wildly infeasible inventions and hair-brained schemes bound not by the limits of reason, practicality and logic. Let us be clear, we don’t advise you entirely abandon this collective dream we all call reality, but a little nonsense fires the brain cells, allowing us to look at the world sideways, to see the old and trite in a new light and laugh at life’s absurdities. So before chastising yourself for not concentrating on the more mundane activities which should be captivating your attention, remember that imagination is truly a terrible thing to overlook.


august 2019

WORD NOW IN USE ! OBLIPHANY, noun. A brilliant revelation or idea, sometimes arrived at whilst intoxicated, which is subsequently forgotten and causes much frustration. “My genius would be recognised far and wide, if only I could recall my obliphanies”



“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth” - Oscar Wilde

Classifieds LOST: Sense of direction. If found please return directly, avoiding little known shortcuts or GPS. LONELY HEARTS: Slightly mucky gal WLTM hairy feral man with good stash of cold booze and ability to explain mysteries of life at 3am. DRUMMING CLASS: Sunday 11th Aug, Hidden Woods. No drums needed, but please, please bring rhythm. FOUND: One black wellington boot, hoping to be reunited with solemate. FREE!: Tents and assorted camping gear. Perfect condition. Collect on Monday.


advice is nice





- Est. 2014 -


Dil·et·tante An admirer or lover of the fine arts; popularly, an amateur; especially, one who follows an art or a branch of knowledge, desultorily, or for amusement only.




Most days of the week have a pleasingly distinct character. Tuesdays are not one of them. Tuesdays are boring, so why not take a leaf from F. Dashwood’s book and liven things up by making it a choose-day! The premise of this long standing Dilettante tradition is perfectly simple, and particularly appropriate for the dark days of reality that lie ahead for all of us. This Tuesday, just choose which sort of day you’d rather be having. Lost your vim in the mud? Have a relaxing Sunday! Still in the party mood? Why not indulge in an exuberant Friday! Feeling the fear and need to sort your life out? Take an industrious Monday. The choice is yours. Please note: if you have to return to your responsibilities or place of work, we pity you for your poor planning. However, our best wishes are with you in pretending to be a well-adjusted individual.

THIS GAZETTE WAS Brought to you by Lady M & F Dashwood

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