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AN OPEN LETTER TO THE POPE by Sinead Oâ€&#x;Connor Sir, Your remarks made last week concerning church authorities' handling of child rape complaints give the impression that neither John-Paul II nor yourself knew of how these complaints were being managed. Can you please make clear exactly who has been running the church since 1979? You have said church authorities did not act quickly nor decisively in dealing with allegations. This is entirely dishonest. In fact church authorities acted extremely quickly and decisively, but in protection of rapist priests and the church, not of children. In your letter to Irish mass-goers you stated that the Irish hierarchy, in covering up rape and transferring known rapists to other parishes, where many more children were raped, had done so out of "a well-intentioned desire to protect the reputation of the church." If there is any such well-intentioned desire on your part then why have you not in outrage fired every employee of the church who contributed even in the remotest of ways, consciously or unconsciously, to the attack on Christ himself as made manifest in those children who were raped? It looks extremely bad that you have not done so. And that you continue to set up lies and smoke-screens and treat us as if we are stupid. Spokespeople on your behalf keep saying, falsely, that hierarchies acted independently of The Vatican, when countless pleading letters from bishops to The Vatican show that is not the case, as do the 4 specific instructions issued by The Vatican in 1962 to all bishops in the world for dealing with allegations of rape and abuse. As you are aware, those instructions required the cleric

Taking complaints, as well as the victim making the complaint, to sign an oath of silence under threat of excommunication. Your letter of 2001 to all bishops in the world confirms the 1962 instructions were in operation until 2001. Why do you allow your representatives to lie? All reports carried out in the four corners of the earth have found, independently of each other, that the church's main concern in dealing with abuse was the preservation of its assets and reputation and that the welfare of children was not a consideration. As an example I refer you to the fact that in 1987 the church in Ireland took out a series of insurance claims in every diocese in order to protect the church from claims they foresaw would be made. The church then sat back and did nothing until 1995 when complaints became public knowledge. The reports show that without exception each diocese in the world behaved in exactly the same manner when dealing with allegations. If hierarchies had been acting independently of The Vatican there would have been differences in their behaviour. We deserve better than lies and insults to our intelligence. The Holy Spirit deserves better. As long as the house of The Holy Spirit remains a haven for criminals the reputation of the church will remain in ruins. Finally, your statement that you hope the church's "humiliation will help the victims" is deplorable on two levels. One: not one member of The Vatican has publicly displayed an iota of humility over this issue. Instead each person who has spoken has done so most arrogantly and dismissively. Two: how dare you use the word humiliation to describe what you and the church are going through? Hope and pray, and thank God that you will never know the abject humiliation of children who were raped by monsters in the employ of your church. That is true humiliation. + 5

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Between 5% and 20% of the women with Anorexia nervosa in the United States will die from complications of the disorder within 10 years of initial diagnosis. Approximately 1 in 5000 people die from complications and adverse reactions from elective cosmetic surgery. Deaths associated with liposuction are as high as 20-100 deaths per 100,000 operations. Deaths from car accidents 6 are at around 16 per 100,000 crashes.

Loving yourself is an act of revolution!

HEDONISM AND INSURRECTION: HOW THEY MAKE LOVE writing to you on a shaky table -- shaky because of Fred’s current state, not for any imperfection in the table -- in ... Hol’ on, I gotta ask the bartender something...

I believe it was two issues back that Ms Antrosiglio wrote about Hedonism, focusing on the physical, the experience/ial (experiential), physicality and sexuality. If Fred might, he would like to bring this Hedonism idea to light within the context of Innnnnnn..... (come on, everyone sing!) Insurrection! What’s you’re directiooooonnnnn? Whacha wanna do, Wanna light your dictioooooooonnnn? And they always say It’s better than fictioooooonnnn! Insurrection, Insurrrrrectiooooooonnnnnnn!

Ok, now that you’ve put your horn down and gotten off the table with your beer, let’s weave a little hedonism and the idea of En/Joy into what may, Fred fears, sound as fun and inspiring as being in your sandbox without you toys and friends. No, in insurrection we need Toys! Friends! (Annyyyybody bring ollll Fred some liquor? Sheeeeshhhh.) And, apparently, we need alcohol and other mind altering substances, etc. (Re[e]fer to last issue.)

So, lessee .... toys ... friends .... a substance now and again (or too much sometimes?) ... and what else, kids? See, this is why Fred needs your help. Fred wants more two-way communication here. With your ideas, feelings, opinions. (Uh, like, uh, the email is prolly about two or three pages back from here ... or two or three forward. You’ll find it.) Most speak a lot about sex and shaggin with relation to Hedonism. All very good things. Which, when having a recent shag, Fred started 7 thinking of Exertion as a key component of hedonism, and re: via, insurrection.

(Cont‘d Next Page

And what is meant by exertion? Simply getting the old ticker goin now and again. Fred enjoys hopping through the many poppy fields on his rooftop and letting the dog take me for a drag around the block now and again. Fred likes writing about Insurrection. Fred likes water, loads of it, just like back in the old country back there, miles of ocean to stare at. Jumping into the ocean, also. Try not thinking of Big Beasties down there the next time your splashin about in the great deep and keeping your heart calm. Fred dares you. Is your heart pumping? Oh, good. Fred thought he lost you there for a second .... And there are many many other things to do, be done, and will soon have been done, according to certain information rolling in off the wires. So things are revving up a little. A bit more chatting. People drinking too much coffee and smoking too many cigarettes, sometimes it’s so beautiful it makes ol Fred cry. Some people, I hear, paint. Fred cannot paint well and does not have the time or money to invest in such a silly endeavor when, let’s face it, Fred can’t get much past the stick figures scrawled and then bunched in martini cocktail napkins. But if that is what makes your thing pump, then do THAT. Is Fred off topic? What did you expect from an insurrectionist? No, he’s right where he enjoys the life as much as is possible. And so we can see how the simple act of creativity/creation manifests itself through Exertion. So, um, honey, if you’re not getting the Exertion in the bed sheets, then throw that boy to the CURB!! Cuz he seriously needs to be a bit more creative in the bed-rocking-time, no? So we are back to where we started. En/Joy/ment. Pleasure in the bed. In the sheets, in the streets, playing in the streets with sheets. The pleasure of instant creation -- producing, while sitting on a boring bus, a poem that will make your friends laugh (or cry, whatever). Or maybe you will start drawing a series of square cells that you will fill with a fantastic graphic short story (or novel, whatever). Or maybe you will stand up from your table here at the boring coffee shop, you will extend your arm to someone you don’t know -- your hand out there naked and trembling -to say “Hello, I am human and I’m scared as shit in my skin how are you doing?” Or not. 8 Whatever you like. That’s what Fred likes. He likes it because you like it.

And so, naturally, it should follow easily that with all this Enjoyable Exertion going on, the more we all share in it, that this creates Movement (s) and Motion. Besides the movement rockin’ the bed. I mean other movement. Exertion produces exertion and movement. A Movement. Dancers, for example, please stop staying in those cramped and mirrored studios (where we all know you are really just judging your body), and get out in the streets. Or ... you could head on down to R&R Cafe and Boozery, right there off old highway 67894.3 at around mile marker two. And show Fred here how it’s DONE! Or wherever you like. Like in the shower. Fred likes to dance in the shower. Not the shower? Ok, yes, Fred forgot about the slipperiness of the shower. Or maybe you like a slippery dance ... maybe ... yes? .... with old Fred ... no? ... The other kind of dancers are always welcome in Fred’s home. Just look for the poppy fields, girls! (Bring monkeys and beer.) Fred will be busy toNIGHT! So I have much preparation to do for the ladies to be comfortable with the Fred because, seriously, this place looks like shit and Fred wants them to En-Joy his Creative Ways. And all of you, please don’t forget, while you’re having your wild orgy of sex and drugs and whipped cream with the people you love or will maybe love tonight, don’t forget ol Fred and that he loves you. Ok, try NOT to think about Fred during your orgy as this may negatively effect your pleasure, and Fred donna wanna do that! Fun is infectious on a revolutionary level. Now go play! --Fred (again, girls, that’s the R&R Cafe and Boozery off highway ......)



Comics by Meredith Hobby

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Notes: I have been so removed from media the last few years, that I am not even sure I can define ”Illegal Immigrants”. However, I do feel its definition through public reaction—and I don’t like it. So I guess I must have decided to remove ”Illegal Immigrants” from my vocabulary. But, before doing so, I reflected in my own feelings, in my own silent thought. This is what I have come up with: What does Ultimate Earth look like for me? Taking it way out there in the future, for me, it is a beautiful and joyful place commonly understood by the majority and embraced globally, that our experience is by choice based on “adopted beliefs”, and we choose love. To imagine being “one” with the world, and living through love may Be a bit grandiose for some. But so was first thinking the world was round, that voice could travel through wires, and that vibrational energy exists in every thing. Maybe the first step in holding space for something so big is by imagining old systems are breaking down, like politics, currency, material value, healthcare, to name a few, while new systems, based on love and awareness of our Divinity are replacing them. This belief as well, is by choice. 11

Taking a look at history, creating a wall (physical or other) only seems to be broken down, later—after we get it. (Cont‘d Next Page)

LESSON #234  CHANGING PERCEPTION; SHIFTING ENERGY Notes: It is Sunday morning, my only day off this week, and I am hefting a box of dirty, grimy, broken “stuff” out to the curbside garbage. This is my 5th load. An ant colony that lives in this box, is now climbing up my arms, rebelling it’s disturbance. I lay the box down, shake off the ants, pick up the box and quickly deposit it at the curb. I am dusty, sweaty and…resentful? This feels too familiar. I am reflecting that this is the fourth time in recent history, that I have helped a man, clean, sort, sell, get rid of, HIS stuff. I’ve learned to deflect emotions that don’t feel good. To do this, I either change the situation, or change my perception of the situation. Sometimes I don’t have a choice, but this time, I know it’s my perception that must change. Perhaps I am … clearing my own karma attached to significant men in my life…perhaps; energetically, on a global level, I am helping this gendered species to cleanse and release…perhaps this is a reminder of choosing wisely how I expend my energy, and asking how is it being replaced. I feel better already.

LESSON #102  RELEASE Notes: WAKE-UP! My alarm is going off. Snooze is not an option anymore. The time has come for me to fully wake up…again. In this process of waking up, I look back and see the gentle nudges of my inner workings trying to move me forward. I can also see my ignorance, or arrogance, thinking my mortal self is driving me through life. Remember, again, just a few years ago? I believed I was enjoying my 2400 square-foot beautiful home in the desert, my job, my family, a 12 “salmon and wine” lifestyle with my husband. Remember how proud

you were that you created this roadmap? I guess my human is not very good at driving, because I kept getting into…“accidents“, refusing to let go of the wheel. Accidents that would leave me shaking to the core… shaking me enough, to let go of the wheel. It was in this letting go, and nursing of a bruised ego, that I reach humility, and was reminded once again…..this ride is intended to be “Fun!” if… I allow life to drive. Today, I shower with my dishes, as I don’t have a proper sized sink in my 160 square-foot home. I live in the forest and work in a community filled with passionate contributors. I enjoy a raw life style, and I am alone. Oddly, my life doesn’t look like anything before, but today I KNOW happiness. Once again; I feel my hands reaching for the steering wheel, but before I do, I climb into the back seat.




Notes: As we circle this fire under the illume of autumn’s first moon, no doubt, in each of our individual lifetimes, perhaps even collectively, we have done this once before. Maybe in silence and secret for fear of persecution, maybe in a community where women’s wisdom and ways are respected and honored, a time in which we are returning to. In sharing each other’s company tonight, we are honoring all women who have gathered for The Call of Good. May our intention this season welcome our awakening, as we ask for gentleness in it’s delivery. Post Note: As if by design, I am noticing some incredible women gathering in my life. "All experiences are a gift. It is the unwrapping that we become illuminated. 13 It is in the illumination we can see our own highest potential."

14 14

By Derrick Jensen Derrick Jensen is the author of Endgame, The Culture of Make Believe, and A Language Older than Words. He was named one of Utne Reader's "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World" and won the Eric Hoffer Award in 2008. He writes for Orion, Audubon, and The Sun Magazine, among many others.

We hear, more or less constantly, that schools are failing in their mandate. Nothing could be more wrong. Schools are succeeding all too well, accomplishing precisely their purpose. And what is their primary purpose? To answer this, ask yourself first what society values most. We don’t talk about it much, but the truth is that our society values money above all else. We live in a culture that is based on the illusion that happiness is outside of us—and schooling is central to the creation and perpetuation of that illusion. Pretend you wish to procure for your nation’s commercial interests a steady supply of workers, and a population pacified enough to not resist the expropriation of its resources. The crudest and probably most common means of facilitating such production is to capture the workers and haul them to your factories and fields in chains. Or dispossess them at gunpoint, then give them the choice of starvation or wage slavery. Alternately, you can force them to pay taxes or purchase your products, thereby guaranteeing they’ll enter the cash economy, meaning, ultimately, that they’ve got to work in your factories or fields to gain cash. Throughout our lives, it is expected that we will be good citizens, good boys and girls all. We won’t question country, God, capitalism, science, economics, history, the rule of the law, but in all those areas we will defer to experts, just as we were taught. And the experts themselves? It is expected that they will always know what or whom to question, and what questions to leave unexamined. And none of us, if all goes well, will ever question how 15 these areas—religion, capitalism, science, history, law— trick out in our own lives. (Cont‘d Next Page)

Here are some questions I’ve been asking lately: What are the effects of schooling on creativity? How well does schooling foster the uniqueness of each child? Does schooling make children happier? What does each child receive in exchange for the so many hours for years on end that she or he gives to the school system? As midwives attending to the births of their students, teachers carry an awesome responsibility, with correspondingly awesome possibilities. Education, if it is to be worthy of its true meaning, can, should, and must be at the forefront of resistance to the routine dehumanization of our whole industrialized mass culture. This is possible. But it is rare. Too many teachers, like too many students, too many workers at too many war manufacturing plants, too many writers, too many politicians, too many people who could be human beings but who have been trained by their schooling and by their work and by their pursuit of money and their pursuit of acceptance and by their very real fear of being who they are, step away from this responsibility. In so doing they lead themselves and those around them ever further from their hearts, and lead us all ever closer to the personal and planetary annihilation that is the looming end point of industrial civilization. If one of the most unforgivable sins is to lead people away from themselves, we must not forgive the processes of industrialized education. There is, however, an alternative— Or rather, there are as many alternatives as there are people.

I’ve heard it said that within our deathly culture, the most revolutionary thing anyone can do is follow one’s heart. I would add that once you’ve begun to do that, the most moral and revolutionary thing you can do is help others find their hearts. Time is short. It’s short for our planet, and it is even shorter for all of those students whose lives are slipping away from them with every awful tick of the clock on the classroom wall. There is much work to be done. What are we waiting for?+ 16






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ASK BROOKLYN, ‘S ADVICE COLUMNIST Dear Brooklyn, I am in a great relationship with a wonderful woman. We talk all the time, we have wonderful romantic evenings together, and we are in love. There is one big problem though. When we are making love, and we are really into it, she often tells me to slap her, really hard. I refused to do it for a long time, and it caused problems between us. I finally gave in, and after I did it, I started crying. She thinks I am overly sensitive, but I think this is crazy. I refuse to beat my girlfriend, even if she wants it. Help me figure out how to make this work! Signed, Not Ike Dear Not Ike, First let me just say that I'm giving you fist pumps for not feeling comfortable hitting a woman! I so heart men who don't get off on violence because our culture really tries to engrain it in you. Good job boy—she's lucky to have you! I realize that's not the answer to your prayers, and you probably wish you enjoyed it, but, it must be said. OK, I have a couple thoughts about this. First, you have to know that there's no I'lljust-ignore-this-and-hope-it-gets-better on this one. This is going to take some real commitment, honesty and trust - the stuff real relationships are made of. The good news is if you make it out the other side you're probably golden. The sad truth is love is simply not always enough to make a relationship work. In love you really have to be able to put the other persons needs above your own, and that is not easy even when two people are on the same page. Add something like this to the mix—something that could be very destructive—and you could have relationship 9/11. So, you need to get to the bottom of where her desire is coming from and work together like a team. Is this just a fetish, or is there something else going on? Was she sexually abused or assaulted growing up? Does she fear intimacy? Does she get defensive about this or cry for no apparent reason? If so ... there could be something else going on. However, I'm not suggesting 18 you act as though there's something wrong with her. So, get ready to talk ... and if she is unwilling to talk with you about this then you have to make your own needs clear and set boundaries. Be honest that you love her and

you want her to feel good, but you have to be able to feel good, too, or you're relationship will suffer. If it's a simple fetish then the two of you need to decide if you can compromise. Oh, and people, fetishes really should be stated upfront—they really need to be a second or third date kind of conversation. With love, respect and gold hoops, Brooklyn

Dear Brooklyn, I have no friends, and no significant other. I think I know the reason—see, I fart when I’m nervous. And, because I have extreme social anxiety, it happens whenever I talk to anyone! Not only are they loud farts, but they smell. I am an attractive person, so people often come talk to me when I am out at a bar, but as soon as they get into any kind of conversation, BAM! I’m passing gas, and they are simultaneously walking away. I have gotten this checked out at the doctor, and they can’t seem to figure it out. Even if I take Beano, I still fart when I am nervous. What should I do? Signed, Smelly Felly Dear Smelly Felly, I know it seems like your world is over, but the truth is , people fart! We all fart! I know you're not talking about average gas. But, just to let you know, the person I love is a farter. She farts all the time, and it's OK. And actually, this could turn out to be the best of both worlds, because there's way too many punk hotties walking around —a humble hottie? That is the hotness above all hotness. And you won't have social anxiety forever! So ... let's focus on the day you'll be the champion hottie—without the ego, of course. Okay, so there’s a short-term solution & a long-term solution. Short term solution is Beano. Give it a try, see how it goes. Also, eat really well, nutrition resolves a lot of things. Long term solution is security and self love. How do you get to security and self love? Everyone’s path is different, and it doesn't happen over night but if you are sincerely working on it,- you'll get there! Do everything with love! Talk to yourself with love, talk to others with love, talk to your cereal with love. Just be love! And keep being love ... and keep being more love. And, one day you will be the champion hottie who farts only after eating beans and rice, scouts honor. 19 With love, respect and gold hoops, Brooklyn

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Photos by Nicolle Null

“To recall this is to remind people of what the Establishment would like them to forget -- the enormous capacity of apparently helpless people to resist, of apparently contented people to demand change.� -Howard Zinn


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix


THE TOP 7 REASONS TO DOUBT THE OFFICIAL STORY OF SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001* THE DAY ITSELF - EVIDENCE OF COMPLICITY 1) AWOL Chain of Command a. It is well documented that the officials topping the chain of command for response to a domestic attack - George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Myers, Montague Winfield - all found reason to do something else during the actual attacks, other than assuming their duties as decision-makers. b. Who was actually in charge? Dick Cheney, Richard Clarke, Norman Mineta and the 9/11 Commission directly conflict in their accounts of top-level response to the unfolding events, such that several (or all) of them must be lying. 2) Air Defense Failures a. The US air defense system failed to follow standard procedures for responding to diverted passenger flights. b. Timelines: The various responsible agencies - NORAD, FAA, Pentagon, USAF, as well as the 9/11 Commission - gave radically different explanations for the failure (in some cases upheld for years), such that several officials 22 must have lied; but none were held accountable. c. Was there an air defense standdown?

3) Pentagon Strike How was it possible the Pentagon was hit 1 hour and 20 minutes after the attacks began? Why was there no response from Andrews Air Force Base, just 10 miles away and home to Air National Guard units charged with defending the skies above the nation'‘s capital? How did Hani Hanjour, a man who failed as a Cessna pilot on his first flight in a Boeing, execute a difficult aerobatic maneuver to strike the Pentagon? Why did the attack strike the just-renovated side, which was largely empty and opposite from the high command? 4) Wargames a. US military and other authorities planned or actually rehearsed defensive response to all elements of the 9/11 scenario during the year prior to the attack - including multiple hijackings, suicide crashbombings, and a strike on the Pentagon. b. The multiple military wargames planned long in advance and held on the morning of September 11th included scenarios of a domestic air crisis, a plane crashing into a government building, and a large-scale emergency in New York. If this was only an incredible series of coincidences, why did the official investigations avoid the issue? There is evidence that the wargames created confusion as to whether the unfolding events were "real world or exercise." Did wargames serve as the cover for air defense sabotage, and/or the execution of an "inside job"? 5) Flight 93 Did the Shanksville crash occur at 10:06 (according to a seismic report) or 10:03 (according to the 9/11 Commission)? Does the Commission wish to hide what happened in the last three minutes of the flight, and if so, why? Was Flight 93 shot down, as indicated by the scattering of debris over a trail of several miles? 6) Did cell phones work at 30,000 feet in 2001? How many hijackings were attempted? How many flights were diverted? 7) Demolition Hypothesis What caused the collapse of a third skyscraper, WTC 7, which was not hit by a plane? Were the Twin Towers and WTC 7 brought down by explosives? (See "The Case for Demolitions," the websites and, and the influential article by physicist Steven Jones. See also items no. 16 and 24 at

*Excerpted with permission from, ―The Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the official story of September 11, 2001‖. 23 story=20041221155307646 (Cont‘d Next Page)

According to The Washington Examiner, Forty-eight percent of Americans blame Obama's policies for the American recession, even though the recession started during the Bush Presidency and as a direct result of the actions and policies of the Bush 24administration.


OF NOT LIVING YOUR DREAMS By Lauren Antrosiglio In a Professional Writing class that I took once, as part of my undergraduate English degree, I met a guy, 21 years old, let's call him “Toby”--who said his dream was to become a stockbroker. I could just imagine it—Toby at age 7, following the Dow, adding machine by his side, waiting for the day when he would be able to enter the adventurous world of buying and selling pieces of corporations! Except that this was not Toby's dream—this was a purely superficial ambition driven by Toby's desire for material things, and the empty recognition and fake respect that comes with owning excessive and expensive material possessions. This was living proof of the New American Dream—play the corporate game so that you too can own expensive things! Be an avid consumer! Move from mailroom to cubicle to small office to mediumsized office to middle management, and maybe to executive management, and in turn, from apartment to modest home to penthouse. The New American Dream doesn't ask much—sacrifice everything you want that isn't “practical”, sacrifice time with your family/time to start a family, depend on caffeine/drugs/alcohol to get you through the week to a weekend spent driving the American Economy even more. Sacrifice the best years of your life so that you will be able to enjoy your riches and relax when you are 65. The New American Dream wants you to believe that this is the best way to live. What The New American Dream doesn't want you to know is that all of your sacrifices aren't worth it. The cost of not living your dreams is infinite and never-ending. When I asked Toby to tell me a little more about himself, he mentioned that he had always been interested in Botany, from the time when he was a child. He couldn't stop talking about the types of plants and the environmental effects of cutting down the rainforests. When I asked him why he wasn't studying Botany, he laughed and made a joke about how plants don't pay the bills unless they are marijuana plants. Obviously, this isn't true, or Botanists wouldn't exist in America. The ability to find a career that will “pay the bills”, is more than that: the American people are conditioned to want a 25 career that will allow them to live a life filled with material luxuries—this is the (Cont‘d Next Page)

true definition of “a career that pays the bills” when one is discussing their desired career in America. Think about how much money is spent every year as a result of people not following their dreams: Cost of therapy (with insurance) per year: approx. $1,560 Cost of beer/liquor for average American: Approx. $657 Cost of Cable TV: Approx. $856 Americans spent $13.5 billion on antidepressants last year This endless chase after money and material wealth is like the American version of the myth of Sisyphus, a redundant, soulless journey to death. In the Myth of Sisyphus, written by Albert Camus, the gods condemn Sisyphus to a lifetime of rolling a huge boulder to the top of a mountain, where it would then fall back down. Sisyphus would then have to go back down to the bottom of the mountain, and roll the boulder up again, only to have it roll back down. This is not special. This is not revolution. This is not something that makes you better than everyone else—this is a trap. This is a consumer’s junk addiction. Because you can buy an iPhone for $400, and what does it get you—other than time-wasting, soul-sucking 24 hour access to useless technology? It gets you an iPhone. That you’ll toss out in a year after it breaks, or the “next big thing” comes out for you to spend your salary on. This is your life—it’s not Sisyphus, it’s you. And it’s not a boulder, it’s an iPhone. It’s a cubicle. It’s a Bentley. It’s a goddamn stainless steel refrigerator with a built in water dispenser and vegetable crisper. So what if you wanted to be a botanist, or an artist, or an astronaut, or a preschool teacher? Your cubicle, your office, that corner office in the high-rise—these aren’t just boxes that define you, they contain you. They keep you rolling that boulder up that hill. “I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Life moves pretty fast... if you don't stop & look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller


In the 2 years prior to the Iraq invasion alone, There were 935 lies from high-ranking Bush officials. All of them were designed to convince us to invade Iraq for no good reason. -The Center for Public Integrity


Poetry & Short Fiction “I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of hunger for life that gnaws in us all.” -Richard Wright 28 To submit Poetry or Short Fiction to DILATE, send no more than three poems, no length maximum, or two stories, 1200 words or less, to

T b




The Lion’s Tale by Alexis White

“Who peyntede the leoun, tell me, who?”

~ Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

“You were telling a story about war… I was telling a story about love.”

-Adrienne Rich, Dark Fields of the Republic

He writes a story across your face punctuated By bruises, a semi-colon scar; He’s made his mark, he and his Maker’s Mark. You are in his story, the one He tells his friends about The whore The slut The no-good cunt. Little does he know your lion’s nature Little does he know Your true name. Names are magic In those “old wives’ tales” Names revivify the golem Spin straw into gold Tame the dragon. But he, like a reverse Adam Calls you so many names you Almost forget your own. Someday you must sign it. Sign it bold.


That Dog By Brent Bakeman

The bright lights and the big city embraced her like a warm drowning, and she crossed her arms and smiled, both subjects completely complimentary; LA needs fresh innocence and she needed experience. I drank down visions of her, being taken by that basin that had cast thousands of glowing sunsets over the shattered lives of girls like her for a long time. We hadn’t spoken for a while now. Memories of me couldn’t touch the energy and excitement of the downtown clubs. Between the cell phones and the Mercedes and The Academy Awards and the occasional star sightings Debby was bigger than a smaller town and a particular heart broken man who enjoyed his friends and his small pond. There was a long time that my imagination sat me down with those nasty visions of my lost love and her new life. You propel yourself through your landscape all the while with one goal, to be happy. As simple as that sounds most don’t realize that. Too often we let outside perceptions dictate our lives, and that which truly brings us joy is forgotten in the wake of what we should do. I try to learn that now. I am trying to forget the responsibilities I had placed on myself when I was a We. I no longer have a need for a ring, at least two carats, or a mortgage, future mini-van, or separation of our single friends from our together friends, or who’s parents house we go to this year for Christmas. I want a dog. And a car that can take that dog and I over miles of road. I want to sit by the campfire and have a drink at the bar and joke with the guys that the girl at the softball field was looking at me. I want to remember Debby and be okay with it. I want to be there. That freeway still heads south to that smoggy basin. And it will long after Debby and I are gone. But if nothing else I know that we scrawl our names on 30 that implacable wall that embraces, like breath, countless upon countless souls and minds that were before and always will be – like me, or perhaps us, grating the youthful ease at which we thought



I I I I a I S th M V

I K I d ju I I I th I I

Eulogy* By Lauren Antrosiglio

For your last gasps of smoke and fire remember you. For your anarchy and your revolution, remember you, remember you for your strength remember you for all the reasons everyone forgets.

will keep my mind clean will see the bullets plunge through your chest will remember that you weren't afraid will remember how you made adversity cringe and fall away for your words remember your endless fight— Stonewall, West Oakland, Kent State, La Higuera he corner of 72nd street and Central Park West, Memphis, Tennessee I remember you Vegas, September l3, 1996 1 remember you

remember you in the biblical floods Katrina I remember you remember you in the 50’s drinking from the “Whites Only” fountain ust to get a rise remember you in Harlem remember you in Africa remember you dying of AIDS and painting hrough your last breath remember you when everyone else forgets remember you when American Idol is on

31 (Cont‘d Next Page)

I remember you when Americans are washing their minds in gallons of media-scum When they would rather take a nap When they've been sleeping for years When it s all i can do to sit up all night writing the magnificence of your life When its all I can do to take your life, set it on fire and lock it up in my pages words like ashes spread across my memories of the past.

*For Che Guevara, Abbie Hoffman, Huey Newton, the hippie revolutionaries. For anyone who has ever been the victim of hate. For Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon and Keith Haring. For Tupac Shakur & the city of New Orleans. For Bobby & Jack Kennedy. For Rosa Parks & Reverend Hosea Williams. For the queens at Stonewall. For the victims of genocide. For everyone who died too soon.


ACCIDENTS IN SEVERE SUNLIGHT BY MICHAEL SEAN It was one of those days when your cancer acted up. A day when everyone trembled from the previous night, cigarette smoke unraveling strings of blue in the late morning light. A day when everything tasted radioactive. There was nothing you could really do about it. Rub a little Ben-Gay on it; hide your shaking hands in your pockets; throw some more Tabasco on it. That‟s about it. The skies streamed curling rows of grey. She had just turned and disappeared into a corridor dark, her way home. He pulled out another cigarette, flip, the pack crushed, fallen to the ground and whipped along the street. The drag, first, pulled full and deep—in. Earlier that day he had (accidentally) run over two puppies and a peppered furry bunny rabbit. They were popping up all over the goddamn place. From behind bushes. Fire-hydrants. Slow-moving elderly pedestrians. Pop. There goes another. All the sweet things were coming out for roadkill becoming. There was nothing he could really do. The way her feet socks were so brilliantly white, like feathers whispering across the floor they barely touched the hardwood floors, leaving a lingering trail of light as she passed into obscurity. Coughing into the bar he came gasping for a beer. Not really gasping—an accidental airy rasping. Throwing his finger about in a short circle, he choked out „beer and a shot of bourbon.‟ The people were laughing. Her socks were so white. She glistened and glittered as they spun under the dewy spring sun and into the slumbering summer haze. They had. Or ... they would. Another cigarette, perhaps, while the bourbon laid in and warmed his mind, softened the edges. “Hey, Filmore.” The bartender came adroitly, proverbial glass-wiping. “What news, Martin?” Martin took another drag off his cigarette and remarked casually, “That rabbit sure was cute, somehow, real white. Real soft too. Even softer now I suppose, ha ha, don‟t mean to be crude. And a hell of a lot redder. Here, take a look.” He lifted his boot up above the bar and set it there, sole-showing, the smoke sloughing over his face. Grimace. “Get your boot off my bar.” The sole of Martin‟s boot, speckled red and white, slowly lowered below the barline. Another bourbon: hadn‟t come here for talking anyway. She would be meeting him soon, right? In a few minutes—maybe an hour perhaps the way she was, sweet funny girl. Takes awhile to get those socks white. The sky coursed columns of grey-on-black outside the breathless window. There was nothing he could really do. 33 Filmore.” “Maybe I should get the steering checked on that old bastard, The bourbon tossed back burned swallowing—down. “Damn.” (Cont‘d Next Page)

The bartender, that certain kind, ever-patient and ever-understanding Filmore, leaned in over the bar, getting up real close to his face, the breath and grizzle. “I don‟t think the steering is the problem.” The people continued laughing. Great bulbs of gaseous laughter billowed out blue into the thinning ashen streets. Martin turns back to Filmore as his eyes slowly follow. “Have you ever driven that piece of shit?” Another bourbon, and don‟t be skimpy about it. The beer‟s still there, don‟t forget. Grabbing for both. There are always others they say, another fish or something, jumping into your boat. Jumping out. The puppies and bunnies. Filmore turned to get a bourbon class, a bend for the ice. He began listing the problems with Martin‟s car; in no particular order. The slushy brakes. The slipping beltlines. The cracked dashboard. The fuzzy dice. He brought the bourbon and quietly whispered in Martin‟s ear. Frown on Martin‟s face. Perhaps later. There was always a later. It came after Now. Followed Then. They embraced through the swirling colors of autumn, braced against the whitening winter chill. They had. Or ... they would. There was nothing he could really do. “When‟s your girl coming by anyway?” Filmore placed a stout wine glass on the upper shelf displacing layers of sleeping dust gathered there from the laughing smoking others. Martin swung his head down the length of the bar. And there, near the end, trying not to drink that Martinin too fast, there sat the Most Beautiful Girl in the World. Her hair the color of the shadowed afternoon forest, pine deep; golden beads rested on her gentle brow; silver rings sparked along her fingers. Her smile deepened the horizon. They were popping up all over the place. “She should be by anytime now.” Filmore nodded and coughed. It was a day when your cancer acted up. There was nothing you could really do. The sky poured darkness upon darkness, white into indigo: the flowing velvet reams of deepest heaven. The glitter of her—, the whiteness of the—, the severity of the angle of the sun. Martin turned to Filmore, motioned him to come closer. Filmore leaned in as Martin watched the people laughing together. “What‟s the likelihood of there being more bunnies and puppies on the road tonight?” Filmore leaned in close to Martin, close to his face, ever-closer, and says to Martin in a low voice, “I think you shouldn‟t have any problems...” Slowly Filmore moves his left hand down the bar and brushes a shivering newborn Dachshund off the bar. “If you leave now.” + )


CAMBIA DE MUERTE By H.E. Mantel-HaroHalola

Spring plies her eyes shallow like bleached wheat waves sallow bye-bye before the Solstice & so soon Autumn falls Sleep soon... Tides tithe Us over & over...pleioplea, oh pleioplea S.T.O.P.* the climate is rife Sleep soon... Winter creaks his frigid tongues in harsh march to yanked land below melted seas Sleep soon... Cracks belie the white-washed walls to hustlers an' hucksters e'en Uncle Tom Sleep soon... What harm a Psalm here, there assuage despair & disparity

35 (Cont‘d Next Page)

Sleep soon... Must we when clothing soils & socked feet sodden wet change the set B'fore the shred the lot too poor, too poor Sleep soon... In lofts of mutant sympathos betrothed terms of endurement Sleep soon... Wile in veiled wiley, viral vile inveigled Sleep soon... As the Night deepens now, what'll we like dumbed lovers concuplicit change? Sleep soon 36 Sleep soon... (*Save The Overburdened Planete`)


Haunted by Howls By Daniel Williamson The evening’s tranquility was abruptly interrupted by a lone, distant, wolf. The echoes resounded off the steep canyon walls seeming to multiply. One camper remarks instantly, “Isn’t that a beautiful sound to hear once again after all these years?” Others nodded their agreement but were cut short by an obviously angered voice. “Beautiful hell, I’ve got sheep in that direction! Pray to God I can get there in time!” His urgency was clear as he slammed down a tin cup and turned from the fire. Having been absent from the majority of the continental United States for over 60 years, the wolf has been restored to a portion of its original habitat. The discussion of wolf re-introduction is often fraught with extremely emotional opinions. Considering the significant role wolves play in their ecosystems, continuation of their endangered species listing is warranted. The history of wolf policy concerning wolves is unconscionable. Human-wolf relations in North America have not always been amicable. The modern eco-revolution demands progressive efforts in order to repair our damaged natural world. Wildlife management as conservation has replaced government agencies that once aided in wolf eradication. Many social conditions have changed but one ancient primal human instinct has not; the enmity between man and wolf. Approximately 12,000 years ago humans began to give up hunting and gathering for farming and herding. Competition between man and wolves also began . Europeans transplanted their ancient fears concerning wolves to the New World. Ranchers and bounty hunters commenced an all-out campaign to eradicate all wolves. They would have succeeded if not for the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Signed into law by then President Richard Nixon, this statute contains many provisions to assist threatened species such as the wolf. The act authorizes the listing of species as threatened, prohibits taking, sale or transport, provides authority to acquire land for conservation, and assesses penalties for violations. With this protection in place, government efforts toward wolf re-introduction commenced. Although listing of the wolf as endangered meant protection, one needs something to protect that did not exist at that time. It was not until 1991 that Congress appropriated $350,000 to fund an environmental study on wolf re-introduction. The current status of the act concerning wolves is concerning. On January 14 2009 the Bush administration moved to de-list the gray wolf from endangered status only 14 years after the first re-introduction efforts. The efforts to de-list the wolf from endangered 38 status leave re-introduction programs incomplete, without funding, and lacking leadership. This regression to past destructive policies is even more alarming when considering all we have learned of the importance of wolves to their ecosystem.

Wolves have been found to be extremely important to their surrounding habitat as a “keystone” species. Head of Yellowstone’s re-introduction effort Doug Smith said, “Not having the wolf here has caused an imbalance” . Being an apex predator, wolves mainly prey on ungulates, or more simply, a pawed or hoofed animal. With the absence of the wolf, animals such as deer and elk have existed without the fear of this predator. Coming down from the safety of the mountains these animals were able to browse woody vegetation without fear of predators. This series of events eventually threatened many tree and plant species resulting in an altered natural balance. Following restoration of the wolf to these areas many species including the willow returned to their natural state. Established wolf re-introduction programs have significantly added to our knowledge of how top-down predators impact their ecosystems. For example bear, raven, coyote, among other scavenger species rely on unfinished wolf kills naturally. Wolves typically consume 20-40 lbs. of meat in any given feeding. What initially seems wasteful is in reality natures well designed food bank. Wolves also benefit the herds of the animals themselves on which they prey. It is extremely difficult for a pack to take down a healthy animal. However, sick or diseased animals are culled from the herd on a regular basis promoting an increase in its overall health. Wildlife conservators regularly study the carcasses of wolf kills to determine their general health. The benefits of wolf re-introductions into their ecosystems far outweigh the impact they have on livestock in surrounding areas. At the center of every debate concerning wolf conservation is the controversial subject of losses to ranchers from livestock predation. Forty percent of respondents in a recent survey mentioned livestock predation as the greatest threat posed by wolves . Many ranchers raising sheep or cattle have embellished loss claims over the years to promote the eradication of these animals. The reality is that disease kills more livestock than predation. Studies show that wolves prey on only 1% of the livestock available to them. Wolves actually prefer to hunt wild game animals over domesticated livestock. There was a time that the solution was open war on the animal through bounty systems. Hunters were usually provided room and board as well as paid up to $50 per wolf. There was even one proposal to attach machine guns to a plane to speed up the process. These efforts were generally paid for by livestock growers associations and were pursued with great vigor up until the passing of the Endangered Species Act in 1973. The act only exacerbated the fears of the livestock producers. Since wolves know no park boundaries or property lines, some livestock predation in surrounding areas is expected. The modern solution to address losses due to wolf predation has usually been for private wildlife conservancy organizations to pay predation loss claims. Recently Congress has joined the cause to offset the economic impact of wolf predation. In 2009 a federal program was approved that afforded $700,000 to Minnesota Farmers through a fund set aside to off-set their losses Capitol Report Staff). The realities of livestock predation numbers are in severe contrast with the claims of the industry. With re-reimbursement 39

(Cont‘d Next Page)

programs in place, supporters of re-introduction programs have taken the economical impact out of the equation. But is it too late for the wolf? Some say that it is. We are responsible for eradication of this highly symbolic animal. Responsible conservation requires restoring what was removed. Allowing an individual species such as the wolf to expire harms many inter-connected subordinate species. Eco-system stewardship transcends any single individual element of its whole. Re-introduction efforts have shown considerable inter-species benefits following the wolf’s return. We stand at a crossroad in this country regarding conservation. When do we consider a species recovered? Most land once used by the wolf as hunting ranges has been rendered unusable for wolf re-introduction by human development and encroachment into the wilderness. Wolves, along with many other truly wild creatures have either been displace or eradicated. With this in mind the continuance of re-introduction efforts into the remaining suitable habitats suddenly becomes more urgent. Statutes such as the Endangered Species Act produce limited results. The law is under attack by opponents of re-introductions who demand de-listing of the wolf as endangered. We have enjoyed successes through wolf re-introduction programs. We now realize the essential role wolves perform in their ecosystems as keystone species. Efforts toward complete wolf restoration should not only continue, but be amplified. I wish to one day sit at a campfire with my grandchildren. I wish to hear the wolves in the distance. I will share the facts that wolves exist where once there was none. I will tell of my contributions. We shall walk among the willows and I will teach them of the wolves’ impact on many species around them. I will credit a modern movement of responsible human beings that were consistent, determined, and never ceasing in their aim. I wish to explain to them that it exist because of consistent pro-active efforts of which I was part. I will walk among the willows and appreciate the fact that they too have benefited. I will explain the totality of ecology beyond an individual species. The environment will never exist in its original balance unaltered by man. But we can strive toward improvement of the natural balance to the extent which we are able. Then knowing I have done all that I can, and only then will I be satisfied. Seated round a flickering campfire, child in lap, I hope we are always unsettled by the distant sounds‌ haunted by wolfs howls.


“The things you own end up owning you.” 41 -Chuck Palahniuk



One of the most exciting developments that has come out of the mass actions—In Seattle, Washington DC, Windsor, Canada, Philadelphia and Los Angeles—is the movement-wide discussion about racism, white supremacy and organizing strategies to build a multiracial radical movement for global justice . Elizabeth „Betita‟ Martínez‟s widely distributed essay, “Where Was the Color in Seattle”, put forward the question—why, if global capitalism has the greatest negative impact on people of color around the world and in the United States, was the direct action against the WTO so overwhelming white? Her essay helped launch a dialogue in alternative media and in activists groups throughout the United States and beyond. Among activists of color, the question has generally been, “how can we bring an analysis of global capitalism and global justice to our local organizing efforts?” White activists have responded to Betita‟s essay by asking themselves, “how can we get people of color to join our groups & movement?” But this isn‟t the most useful question that we should be asking. The question to struggle with is, “How can we be anti-racist activists dedicated to bringing down white supremacy?” White activists need to work on developing our understanding of white supremacy, how white privilege operates in the activist movement and how we can bring solid anti-racist politics to the work that we do. The idea that we just need to get more people of color to join our groups is an example of how white activists have internalized white supremacy. It carries the idea that we have all the answers and now they just need to be delivered to people of color. The alternative, of course, would be something like, people of color have been organizing for a long time (500+ years), and we (white activists) have a lot to learn, so maybe we should find ways to form alliances, relationships, and coalitions to work with people of color and be prepared to learn as well as share. The other major aspect of “how can we get more people of color to join our group” is the idea that anti-racist consciousness develops through osmosis—i.e. that if white people sit in the same room as people of color, we will begin to understand how white supremacy operates and therefore we won‟t really need to talk about it. We need to be clear that multiracial doesn‟t automatically mean anti-racist. The US military is multira42

cial in composition, but clearly serves the interests of imperialism and white supremacy. Similarly, an anti-racist group of whites can work to end white supremacy. What we are envisioning is a consciously anti-racist and multiracial movement against global capitalism. It is absolutely true that white people learn about racism through interactions and relationships with people of color. But in terms of how we plan to do this work in activism, our goal cannot be to bring in people of color and expect that they will school us. Organizers of color have enough work already. In our pursuit to get educated, we need to go to more events and actions organized by people of color and show support, listen and learn. We need to read the amazing writers that are out there. We can pay attention to how the system works (when we are in jail, in court, in classrooms, at work and on the street). We can build relationships and learn from each other. But, just as men cannot expect women to educate them about sexism and heterosexuals cannot expect queers to give them the homophobia 101 class whenever it is deemed appropriate, white people have a responsibility to work on racism together and not just wait until a person of color brings it up. Here‟s an example of this kind of dynamic. Men in Food Not Bombs (the group I‟ve worked with) would often talk about sexism in terms of how can we get more women taking on more responsibility and create equal power. The conversations would sometimes turn to questions like, How can we check our behavior that is preventing women from taking on responsibility? And, what kind of internal culture do we have and how does it privilege men and keep women down? These conversations about what men should do were very useful—as men should worry less about what women are and aren‟t doing and think more about what they as men are and aren‟t doing. The women in the group are just as capable, just as responsible, just as intelligent, once men stop occupying all of the space and learn to share power. Men worrying less about appeasing women and more about ending sexism is what must happen. This is how we need to think about racism. Too often I hear white activists talk about why people of color aren‟t in the group—as opposed to whether or not we really have an understanding of how deeply racism impacts the issues we‟re working on and whether or not there are organizations and activists of color already working on these issues so that we can form working relationships. White supremacy is a system of power. The definition of white supremacy that I use comes from Sharon Martinas and the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop. White supremacy is a historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of continents, nations and peoples of color by white peoples and nations of the European continent; for 43 the purpose of maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power and privilege. White supremacy operates through racial oppression against people (Cont‘d Next Page)

of color: slavery, genocide, anti-immigration, driving while Black, etc. Along with white privilege to white people: not being thought of as a criminal every time you walk into a store, for example. All the while, white supremacy maintains real power for the ruling class who control the major institutions of society. The impact white supremacy has on white folks is rarely looked at, especially in relationship to activism and organizing. White privi“...just as men cannot expect lege means that white people don‟t have to think about racism. women to educate them White privilege means that white about sexism and heterosexupeople can think of themselves as als cannot expect queers to normal and generalize universally give them the homophobia that what they experience is the 101 class whenever it is standard. White privilege is a major barrier to activism and has deemed appropriate, white historically undermined radical people have a responsibility multiracial and anti-racist movement building. An example to work on racism together is white radicals organizing and not just wait until a peractions that involve possible son of color brings it up.” arrest without thinking about how people of color have a very different relationship to the police—i.e. police brutality is a daily reality in communities of color and people of color are treated different at the hands of police generally speaking. White privilege often leads to white activists thinking that their way of organizing is the only way to organize and that their tactics are the most radical tactics. In the political punk „zine HeartAttack, activist Helen Luu wrote about the whiteness of the protests in Seattle as well as the left/anarchist movement generally. Luu looked at how middle class white activists often have the privilege to choose issues and to choose tactics and stated that they generally have less to lose by engaging in activism. People of color, on the other hand, generally have to focus their activism on survival issues—like police brutality, housing, welfare rights, environmental toxins next door—that impact their lives and communities in concrete ways. Luu argues that we need to rethink the way that we define activism and I would argue that white radicals need to seriously examine how we talk about issues and tactics, in terms of what is deemed militant and what issues are described as radical, in relationship to how white supremacy operates. White privilege undermines solidarity in the 44 way that white activists can be “blinded by the white”. By this, I mean white activists often fail to comprehend the implications of communities of

color organizing and building their capacities to fight to get toxins out of their neighborhood, for improved public transportation, for accountable public schools, for an end to police violence, for an end to INS deportation. The system of white supremacy defines white people as human, and people of color as inferior, subhuman, marginal—undeserving of services, let alone basic human rights. The racially coded public discussions of social policies illustrate the contempt white society has for people of color: fear of “brown bodies” crossing “white borders” with “illegitimate and illegal brown babies” sucking up “white tax dollars” in “Black controlled welfare departments” of “inner cities where welfare queen mothers raise the next generation of “We need to take the juvenile crime delinquents”. momentum from the antiThe discussion around organizing and anti-racism was global capitalism struggles and taken up by Jason Wade and connect them with struggles Steve Stewart, in their article, against police brutality, for “The Battle for our Lives” from the anarchist journal, the health care, against welfare Arsenal. They argue that cutbacks, for better access to activists/organizers must education, struggles that grow develop analysis that connects sweatshop labor in Indonesia to from our neighborhoods and sweatshop labor in the United build a serious revolutionary States and demonstrate that critique, vision and movement global capitalism creates misery in the third world and to redistribute power back to misery in the United States as our everyday lives.” well. They write, “We need to take the momentum from the anti-global capitalism struggles and connect them with struggles against police brutality, for health care, against welfare cutbacks, for better access to education, struggles that grow from our neighborhoods and build a serious revolutionary critique, vision and movement to redistribute power back to our everyday lives.” They argue, “We have to struggle around these „everyday life‟ issues if we hope to build a more multiracial movement.” With this in mind, white activists need to think about anti-racist organizing in at least a couple of ways. One, white privilege is the flipside of racial oppression and each must be challenged if we are to move towards equality. Two, when people of color oppose racism they are also re-affirming their humanity in a social order that denies this and that is why struggles 45 around racism have been such catalysts for revolutionary social change as they challenge the very foundation of this society—white supremacy. White radicals (Cont‘d Next Page)

need to think about ways of talking about and organizing against white privilege—in the predominately white sectors of the movement and in general white society. It‟s also important for white radicals to remember that organizing against racism is also about freeing our own humanity from the grip of the slave society. White radicals also need to think about how we go about forming working relationships with people of color. Gloria Anzaldúa, queer Chicana author/activist, writes about how white activists often talk about helping other people—helping the people at Big Mountain, the farm workers, indigenous communities working to keep toxins out of their neighborhoods, political prisoners, etc. Anzaldúa writes, as they (white folks) learn our histories and understand our struggles, “They will come to see that they are not helping us but following our lead”. This is a major distinction—no white savior coming to make it all better, but rather white allies working in solidarity with people of color in a way that respects leadership and builds trust and respect. White activists finding ways to show solidarity and act as allies with people of color is critical. It‟s not about helping other people with their issues or acting from a sense of guilt, but rather taking responsibility for racial injustice and recognizing how we are impacted by the issues. As Black feminist author/ activist Barbara Smith says, “In political struggles there wouldn‟t be any „your‟ and „my‟ issues, if we saw each form of oppression as integrally linked to the others.” This is an exciting time with great possibilities. We need to be ready to make mistakes, make hard decisions and experiment with anti-racist organizing that really does aim at challenging white supremacy while confronting global capitalism. In doing our work, it is important to have vision and hold on to it. When I think about and imagine the kind of movement of which I want to be a part, it is: multiracial and anti-racist—absolutely dedicated to self -determination for all oppressed people and ending white supremacy ; feminist with a commitment to develop new social relationships based on equality and bring down the social structures based on domination; queer liberationist with a commitment to challenging heterosexism and creating freedom to safely define our own sexualities and genders; multigenerational and full of energy, wisdom and a desire to make healthy communities for all of us to care for and learn from each other; anti-capitalist with a deep analysis of how the system deforms and dehumanizes us joined with a vision of a new order based on social cooperation and ecological sustainability; and democratic with a passion for collective liberation and empowerment, along with an eye for organizing 46 strategies that have direct action, collective action and solidarity building at their core. Together we can, forever we must. +




Bark at the marquee and slither into your air conditioned conference rooms. These Elvis impersonators are gonna rub your bellies and feed you cheese filled snacks. I've slept through your darkest night, been bored to death eavesdropping on your banal conversations and god it was painful but I learned so much more than you ever did about yourselves. Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas. These places are outdoor, voluntary prisons. They span thousands of miles and contain approximately 80 million inmates. Blinded by the heat, racism, apparent rampant inbreeding, religious oppression and meth addiction. But most assuredly the liquor flows like a mountain stream to pacify any complaints or that so called "out of the box" thinking, which surprisingly has nothing to do with buying a bigger television. I'm sure growing up here was like being shovel fed hot shit from morning 窶葉il noon, then setting your primed soul in front of a glowing box till someone jangled a bent triangle with a human femur to let you know dinner was forth coming. Walking around here at night when the bars are all open, I've never seen such cleanly dressed zombies, living advertisements for a waking nightmare to aspire to. I ask myself, "How do I get my hat that clean," and "what a sharp looking tee shirt, the way the silver flecks sparkle makes me as jealous as a thousand rats in a pie factory," or "That's what I'm supposed to be attracted to? I was way off". Terrible, looking at these people cloaked in their thick delusions makes me want to run a microfile across my eye 49 skin. These

aren‘t people. The only ones that are half civil are children—I think some of the junkies have the right ideas but they are so cemically castrated mentally that It would be impossible to be sure. Everyone everywhere is overly concerned with status, so wrapped up in themselves and their celebrity doppleganger wannabe look-a-like contest/scavenger hunt/witch hunt/pityfest. It‘s the primary symptom of the American dream. Detached from reality, plugged in and spoon-fed a nonsensical network of banality and thinly veiled racism, sexism, classism and the most hardcore nationalistic overproduced propaganda, recycled culture bullshit. Green is the new Salem witch trial, hanging innocent people who don't fall in line. There's a war going on. Our government is killing. Torturing suspected terrorists, manufacturing a threat and stealing our money to back the banks that steal our money and profit from our ignorance and compliance. But the war is here, the war started in the 1800‘s and the war started in 1492. It's called Facebook and it's called income tax and it's called overdraft fees and it's called carbon tax and it's called homeland security and it's called Verizon, and it's called eco terrorism and it's called change and it's called a bail out, and it's called health care reform and it's called genetically modified food and it's called GPS tracking, it's called RFID tracking and it's called ____ in the media, and it's called the nightly news and it's called public school and it's called religion and it's called the state. And nobody speaks up. Soon our TV's will watch us—the technology has already been produced. + 50

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DILATE, Issue #7  

Painting the Revolution, Graffiti, Street art, Revolution, Racism and Activism, Following your dreams, and more!

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