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Organizational Development


“Each attendee walked away with a tool to use the moment they return to their workplace to be a better leader.”

Business is Human Great companies are composed of great people. No matter the size of your organization or the fantastic product, service or technology you offer, without a well-oiled team your company isn’t going to get very far. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, communication among teams and individuals all too often breaks down. That’s where we come in. The DILAN Consulting Group was founded in 2011 with the idea that a team of licensed psychologists with deep business experience could make a difference in the development of leaders, teams, and organizations. It’s our mission - and our passion - to assist you, your team, and your organization to thrive by unleashing the human potential within every team member to change, innovate, and grow.

SERVICES ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Whether you’re hoping to create culture, develop leaders, drive employee engagement, or execute enterprise-wide change management, our approach starts with a human-centered design. We partner with you to craft powerful interventions that match the challenges and developmental needs you’re facing at every level of your enterprise.

FACILITATED TEAM DEVELOPMENT We work to deepen team cohesion and grow situational awareness. Team members learn to anticipate each other’s needs and recalibrate quickly so they can more effectively respond to environmental changes and support each other “in the moment.” This is the secret sauce that genuinely optimizes team effectiveness.

EXECUTIVE COACHING Our unique approach to executive coaching utilizes a solution-based, practical approach that is rooted in validated psychological assessments. With that foundation in place, we create a mutually agreed upon plan designed to provide optimal flexibility regarding frequency and duration of commitment while also ensuring the integrity of the work.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT As seasoned psychologists, we skillfully de-escalate intense disagreements, work to re-establish effective communication and focus on helping our clients to develop the insights and practical skills necessary to manage current and future interpersonal challenges.

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Communication, data, insights and a focus on action creates new opportunities and measurable change.

Praise “DILAN has been able to help us build cohesive departmental teams, address cross functional departmental issues, support individual managers and executives in growing their own management skills and be an overall coach and guide on difficult personnel matters. DILAN consultants work and relate well with all levels of staff. DILAN’s advice is honest, practical and implementable.”

“I have worked with more consultants than I can count. Most have been perfectly adequate and some have been very good. Only a few have been outstanding or transformational – DILAN is one of them.”

Don’t allow poor communication and conflict to hinder the growth of your business. Let our experts help your team find their true potential. Get in touch today. 55 New Montgomery Street, Suite 518, San Francisco, CA 94105 | 415.937.0621 •

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