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Recovering stolen laptops: the stories of the most spectacular, unusual and incredible More than 23,000 laptops were found in 89 countries. The flights are the most incongruous solved by a team of Absolute Software. "Every day, thousands of stolen computers and tablets in the world. According to the Ponemon Institute, a laptop is stolen every 3 minutes, even in the eight largest airports in EMEA. This represents close to 15,000 laptops per month that evaporate. "Said John Livingston, CEO of the Absolute, a specialist in software and services management and security of computers and mobile devices. "Absolute estimated more than 23,000 units in 89 countries, many data breaches, the arrest of wanted criminals and return stolen property to millions of dollars to prevent recovery. But most important of our investigation , the owners were able to retrieve their equipment, whether consumers or corporations. This highlights the power of software and Computrace LoJack, designed specifically for laptops. " The main difference between client management is perceived absolute overall recovery process equipment stolen. It combines, in fact, robust Computrace technology and experience of the recovery team for stealing computers from Absolute Software. This team is unique in the market operates worldwide with over 6,500 lawyers. It will help to identify the local police about illegal activities or support of consumers and professionals to keep them away from high-risk situation, the team is constantly on guard. The funniest story of the same or worse "Best Of" the most breathless, Absolute Software's stories presented by the stolen material. The "Great Escape" robber of Attica An insurance broker who has lived in Bristol, was stripped of his Dell laptop at home and other technology assets to ÂŁ 8,000 (or â‚Ź 9,447) is estimated. Neil Barton and his companion had a brief stay and upon their return, they then discovered that his house had been burglarized. But there was still no sign of forced entry. "I immediately informed the authorities. Although there is little evidence and no sign of forced entry, police found the process, something unusual. However, I had LoJack installed on my Dell laptop. So I thought that Team Absolute within the authorities, he could at least help you find the computer, "says Neil. "To my surprise, Absolute was able to locate the aircraft was at an unknown address, the information is transmitted to the police, who interviewed the person in possession of my computer. Finally last in a store, where they had bought. " The police have done in this shop. After viewing the CCTV footage of the thief was clearly identified. "I was shocked when I saw quite the young man who appeared in the photos was actually my

neighbor! What is more surprising, even frightening, is that it was home to dig through a hole in the attic. We live in a terraced house in Victorian times, he used a chisel and a drill to sneak into the house. A remake of the real "The Great Escape" ! " Lost luggage at American Airlines 25th May 2010, had risen to a client of American Airlines flight from Chicago to Manchester. When he went to the airport, he realized he had left his laptop on a plane, in front of the seat pocket behind him. He turned to the crew of American Airlines call on his computer, but I was told when he was found and no one had come to report. 31st May began broadcasting a signal through the computerized tracking system covered by Absolute Software. The e-mail address of the user (to which his name) was found in an encrypted file online. Geolocation showed that the aircraft was at Stockport County Cheshire, England. Electoral lists were then used to find the full address of the user. The police of Manchester airport were really surprised at how effective the service from absolute. They were determined to resolve this issue, especially since the culprit was probably an airport employee. The police came to the address of the user and is able to track the laptop. His wife, who worked for American Airlines at Manchester Airport was arrested. She admitted the theft of the device and was released with no criminal record on bail. The police then returned manually to the computer's owner. In the footsteps of company cars Leeds eBay A computer was stolen during a burglary in Leeds and was within 10 days of an appeal for witnesses transmitted via an IP address in the city. However, the police discovered that the physical address of a server with a public Wi-Fi was intended and therefore could not determine who is the culprit. By connecting to the remote computer, the teams found that the absolute device user was trying to sell a stolen car on eBay. In the photo of the vehicle, you could clearly see the license plate number, police were notified. They have information on a man known to the authorities to identify a server address nearest public Wi-Fi. The following weekend the accuracy of the information was confirmed, as the girlfriend of the suspect uses the computer to connect to Facebook. The address was identified, the unit was returned and arrested the suspects. The police also found a large number of televisions, digital camcorders, iPods and other electronics from seven other burglaries. The great fiasco: the case for $ 100,000 A teacher at the University of Michigan found that, when he entered the classroom that four laptops were gone. Fortunately for computers on the campus of the institution, all equipped with Computrace. After receiving the police report, which raised Recovery Service used from absolute sotware digital information and other investigative methods to identify law enforcement and to locate the suspects. Thank you to a call for witnesses, the police could find more than $ 100,000 of equipment, enough to fill a police car full of stolen items on campus, such as computers, digital camcorders and personal equipment to members staff on campus. The dumbest criminals caught Absolute Software's teams have a suspect that a laptop can be used to identify fraudulent purchases online get under a false identity for the delivery of meals. Together with the software LoJack for Laptops, Absolute can provide valuable information to the police, she helped identify and locate a suspect. He tried to deny the theft, but unfortunately, its waste to the contrary is proved. By storing the captured computer, was fully capable, provided the name of a restaurant, the food determine, home of the suspects had. After the evidence "to determine, he turned his

computer and two suspects were arrested. 65 minutes chrono Once a computer is stolen Computrace-protected in a primary school, was absolutely able to quickly name and location of an unauthorized user. The information was immediately communicated to the police, the unit found in only 65 minutes. Finally, the suspect was charged with receiving stolen property, students, delighted, could quickly return to their computer. 5 star service A computer was stolen, was used at a conference at the Institute for Lancashire Care NHS Trust in England. The police needed to help them absolute, find the device. With the help of digital information, the investigators that the computer was in the city of Chester to locate. Amplesinvestigations also showed that the user is an employee of the hotel where the conference took place, and he had the computer was stolen. The police obtained an arrest warrant that led to the arrest of suspects and the return of the unit. How Computrace technology: Computrace is based on patented technology by the resistance developed by Absolute Software. Integrated in the firmware (firmware) of construction machinery by computer manufacturers *, the Computrace agent is resistant creeping install the operating system and reformatting, replacing or modifying the disk image to disk. The service is operational and also the most critical moment. The agent is virtually undetectable and gives a silent signal to Absolute Control Center and transfer of information on the computer where it is, for example. When a computer is reported stolen, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team team is then responsible for all necessary information to locate the material to be collected. The team then works with the police to return the computer and send it to its owner. Absolute customers can also remotely delete data, recover files and block devices and a monitor and prevent data into the wrong hands.

The stories of the most spectacular, unusual and incredible recovering stolen laptops  

A computer was stolen during a burglary in Leeds and was within 10 days of an appeal for witnesses transmitted via an IP address in the city...

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