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Dijk van Dijk

A family of master growers O

ur love of the Hydrangea is

product is clear to anyone who buys the

deep-rooted. We are proud to

Masterpieces from Dijk van Dijk.

be continuing the tradition started by our family in 1928 when we produced

Running a business is nothing new for

fruit and vegetables. Since 1990, we

us. It’s a family tradition: always looking

have been applying this same passion

for opportunities to grow in quality and

to growing hydrangeas. Today, Robin

to master genetics so perfectly that we

van Dijk and his brother Marc are the

can produce the best hydrangeas ever.

third generation in this family business.

Beautiful plants that last longer and

Robin is a true ‘Master Grower’. He

become even more attractive over their

lives for hydrangeas. His love of the

flowering period.


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