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The closer you look at a hydrangea, the more wonderful you see it is

And the more deserving of your care: Watering Sunlight and heat can dry out a hydrangea. When the plant senses light, it will need moisture even before its leaves start to droop. To provide water, place the pot in a saucer filled with water for up to 60 minutes. Depending on the temperature, this should be done about two to four times a week.


From 12-25ËšC

The best location Your hydrangea is used to the heat of a greenhouse, so it’s a real houseplant. Even so, it can be placed outside in the garden or on a balcony when temperatures are between 12 and 25 degrees Celsius. Enjoy it next year, too After flowering and well ahead of the first frost, plant your hydrangea outdoors in the garden. Then watch its buds unfurling again next spring.

For indoors and outdoors

Water 2 to 4 times a week


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