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Dijk van Dijk

Interested? Get in touch with Frank for more details. We can’t realise our goals alone. That’s why we want to work closely with all our partners in the supply chain who also believe in the importance of innovation and sharing knowledge for generating greater profits from displays. Frank van der Meer, our marketing and sales manager, would be pleased to tell you all about our brand and the opportunities it offers. E-mail Frank: Call Frank: 0174-512591or 06-51759961

Brand perception on social media One way in which we are promoting hydrangeas among a wider (younger) target group is by increasing our use of social media. This involves a carefully devised strategy: relevant and inspiring content on Instagram (for B2C) and Facebook (for B2B, which includes all partners in the supply chain including florists and garden centres).


Join us in generating more attention and profits! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can like and share our messages with your own followers! For customised promotional opportunities in line with our collaboration, get in touch with Frank van der Meer:


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