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New brand new opportunities Smart segmenting means more profits from your hydrangea display

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For the love of hydrangeas T

o be the most innovative grower of the very finest indoor hydrangeas: this is our mission at Dijk van Dijk. And we’ve recently taken some big steps in that direction. The result? A completely new Dijk van Dijk brand. Here’s a brand with a really distinctive assortment, a clear strategy, and a fascinating story about the wonders of nature. Topping it all off are its beautiful and, above all, sustainable packaging paired with a matching display presentation that’s both highly informative and inspiring.

We’re committed to having our customers make more profit from their hydrangea display. We can’t do this alone, of course, so we’re working alongside our other partners in the supply chain who share our belief that hydrangeas offer a lot more opportunities. Sharing our expertise and vision leads to the best results! This magazine tells all about our new brand and how we can reach our goals together.

Dijk van Dijk


Masterpiece Magazine

Our wonder of nature sets us apart At Dijk van Dijk, we wonder every day at the power of nature. It’s a trait that turns a profession into a passion a passion for developing truly unique hydrangeas, perfect in every detail. We think this is what love is all about.


Dijk van Dijk

A family of master growers O

ur love of the Hydrangea is

product is clear to anyone who buys the

deep-rooted. We are proud to

Masterpieces from Dijk van Dijk.

be continuing the tradition started by our family in 1928 when we produced

Running a business is nothing new for

fruit and vegetables. Since 1990, we

us. It’s a family tradition: always looking

have been applying this same passion

for opportunities to grow in quality and

to growing hydrangeas. Today, Robin

to master genetics so perfectly that we

van Dijk and his brother Marc are the

can produce the best hydrangeas ever.

third generation in this family business.

Beautiful plants that last longer and

Robin is a true ‘Master Grower’. He

become even more attractive over their

lives for hydrangeas. His love of the

flowering period.


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“‘The hydrangea is one of the top 7 products and one for which consumers would gladly pay an average of two euros more than is now on the price tag.”


t Dijk van Dijk, we believe hydrangeas are a source of even more profit. Based on Royal FloraHolland’s internationally conducted study, consumers would pay an average of two euros more for a mainstream hydrangea than what is now being asked. So just think of what they would spend if given the choice of a wider assortment including special varieties. Add this to branding impact, an inspiring lookbook, and elegant packaging and display presentation and what you have is something truly original that’s also going to attract a whole new group of younger consumers.

Dijk van Dijk

More profits from your hydrangea display We know from experience that arriving at the right price segmentation will result in higher margins and often a higher inventory turnover. We supply an extensive assortment with various pricing points. Now, with our own brand, we’re aiming for more segmentation in one and the same display: special and premium in addition to mainstream. Something for everyone. We’re also committed to having all partners in the supply chain cooperate more and share more of what we know so that we can continue to improve and innovate.



Masterpiece Magazine

Dijk van Dijk

A new and versatile display presentation B

rand perception is a crucial factor in our sector, especially when you want to attract a new, younger target group. This is why we’ve spared neither effort nor expense when it comes to display presentation, inspiring consumers and providing them with information. We want to impress consumers with new varieties and the many ways to use them, as well as to encourage consumers to wonder at the beauty of nature and life.

We can fill an entire display with our assortment and even provide shelf display materials, ranging from packaging to a lookbook, inspiring banners, and in-store product information. And we’re doing this in our pilot stores where we test our display presentations, pricing and strategy in order to achieve the best result for all of us in the supply chain.


Masterpiece Magazine

Mainstream: hydrangea with label Special: Masterpiece with label and lookbook Premium: Masterpiece with label, lookbook and jute sleeve

Elegant and sustainable packaging We believe that when you work with so much love and respect for nature, you should also apply this approach whenever possible to how you run your business. We have taken sustainability to the next level. Our printed matter is made from sustainable materials, and we are currently testing the feasibility of a new packaging method using boxes without plastic trays and sleeves.


In our pilot stores, we are introducing jute sleeves for our Masterpieces. These are not only more sustainable, but also elegant and appropriate for brand perception. Just that little extra bit of value for the consumer that also reduces our use of plastic by no less than

35,536 kilos plastic per year!

Dijk van Dijk

Interested? Get in touch with Frank for more details. We can’t realise our goals alone. That’s why we want to work closely with all our partners in the supply chain who also believe in the importance of innovation and sharing knowledge for generating greater profits from displays. Frank van der Meer, our marketing and sales manager, would be pleased to tell you all about our brand and the opportunities it offers. E-mail Frank: Call Frank: 0174-512591or 06-51759961

Brand perception on social media One way in which we are promoting hydrangeas among a wider (younger) target group is by increasing our use of social media. This involves a carefully devised strategy: relevant and inspiring content on Instagram (for B2C) and Facebook (for B2B, which includes all partners in the supply chain including florists and garden centres).


Join us in generating more attention and profits! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can like and share our messages with your own followers! For customised promotional opportunities in line with our collaboration, get in touch with Frank van der Meer:


The joy of wonder  Being in the now Zooming in Discovering details Finding new things From head to heart That great feeling Caused by the beauty of nature A moment to cherish The joy of wonder

Dijk van Dijk

Lookbook The joy of wonder

Lookbook 14

pink: Love, green/red: Original, white: Curly Wurly, others: Magical

Dijk van Dijk

The joy of wonder

When was the last time you took a moment to wonder at life? At how the sun shines through a window, at each and every flavour of a new dish, at a gracefully set table and the engaging conversations it evokes? Shouldn’t we take pleasure in the little things in life? After all, it’s part of our nature. Sensing the wonder of life means living it to the full. Enter the world of our Masterpieces: today’s hydrangeas to enjoy for their delightful nuances of colour, refined details and unique characteristics. Developed with care to make them more

exciting, enchanting and bolder than ever. Take our MAGICAL®, for instance - an exceptional hydrangea with colours that change and then change again. Its flowers might be blue or pink at first, but wait another 150 days. Over time, they gradually turn green and finally a magnificent deep red. No wonder we called it Magical! Wonder at life. Isn’t it amazing?

Dijk van Dijk 15

Masterpiece Magazine

Enjoy the little things in life. After all, it’s part of our nature.




Dijk van Dijk


Take a moment to see something new


Dijk van Dijk


Its colour changes like the seasons of the year. Starting out as pink or blue, its flowers take half a year to turn green and then finish as red. The Magical hydrangea: enjoy it time and again.



Zoom in on the beauty of nature


Dijk van Dijk

— One

It stands serene, firm and proud. Suitably named, the One is a single-flowered one-of-its-kind.


Masterpiece Magazine

Full enjoyment


Originals come in a range of colours, catch your eye with charming details and nuances of colour, and are surprisingly easy to mix and match.

Dijk van Dijk

— original



Wonderfully different

— Curly Wurly


Its curly petals give it class with a cheeky bold look. Get ready for heads to turn.

Dijk van Dijk

With heart and soul

— Love

Who could help loving this starspangled beauty? Perfect when you want something really special.


Masterpiece Magazine

To love is to care



Dijk van Dijk

The closer you look at a hydrangea, the more wonderful you see it is

And the more deserving of your care: Watering Sunlight and heat can dry out a hydrangea. When the plant senses light, it will need moisture even before its leaves start to droop. To provide water, place the pot in a saucer filled with water for up to 60 minutes. Depending on the temperature, this should be done about two to four times a week.


From 12-25ËšC

The best location Your hydrangea is used to the heat of a greenhouse, so it’s a real houseplant. Even so, it can be placed outside in the garden or on a balcony when temperatures are between 12 and 25 degrees Celsius. Enjoy it next year, too After flowering and well ahead of the first frost, plant your hydrangea outdoors in the garden. Then watch its buds unfurling again next spring.

For indoors and outdoors

Water 2 to 4 times a week


Masterpiece Magazine

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Dijk van Dijk Hooflaan 17, 2678 KM De Lier t +31 174 51 25 91 Contact: Frank van der Meer 28

Respect for our environment At Dijk van Dijk we respect our environment. For this reason, we minimise our use of plastic packaging and have had this booklet produced from stone and waste materials to save 60 trees a year.

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