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MPE INTRODUCTION Maintenance and Project Engineering are your global resource industry specialists in asset management from concept to disposal. MPE is a privately owned company that has been operating since 1997.

OUR NATIONAL FOOTPRINT We have offices located in New South Wales, South East Queensland, Central Queensland and Western Australia.

OUR COMMITMENT TO HSE MPE is committed to providing an environment where the well-being of our people, clients, contractors and the community in which we operate are united with the commitment of responsibly managing practices so as to minimise all adverse health, safety and environmental impacts from the activities and services we provide. The well-being of all people exposed to our activities relies upon our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards health and safety. MPE remain committed to the ongoing development and continuous improvement of our OH&S systems. We are proud of never having a lost time injury.

OUR COMMUNITIES We aim to build enduring relationships with all our communities and embrace the philosophy of giving back to the community that includes sharing our skills, knowledge and resources. We are committed to supporting initiatives that assist local organisations and generate positive social outcomes with long-term benefits. Maintenance and Project Engineering are your global resource industry specialists. Leaders in asset management from concept to disposal



Identify Need

Purchase New Asset

Construct/ Assemble

Plan Execute Improve Asset Maintenance Maintenance Performance Disposal

Economic Evaluations

Technical Specification

Design Management

Maintenance Strategies

Execute Maintenance

Compliance audits

Applications for Funds

Tender Process

Assembly / Construction

Maintenance Systems

Rebuilds and Overhauls

Performance Assessment

Risk Assessments

Maintenance Contracts

Asset Relocation Asset Disposal


Audits Feasibility Studies Lifecycle cost modelling Application for Funds Documentation Introduction to Business Risk Assessment

Technical Specification Definition Functional Specification Tender Documentation Preparation Tender Process Coordination Tender Evaluation

Preliminary design Design certification management Project Management (client’s representative) Project planning Supervision Australian Standards audits Mining regulation audits Pre-operational risk assessments

Maintenance strategy development Technical documentation Critical spares analysis Computerised Maintenance Management System implementation CMMS data configuration Work Management System implementation Contract documentation preparation

On-site maintenance planning and scheduling Remote maintenance planning and scheduling Project Management (client’s representative) Safety Management Project planning Supervision

Maintenance audits Asset audits Maintenance improvement facilitation Reliability Centred Maintenance Review Asset Management and Maintenance system training Equipment condition assessments Root Cause Analysis

Project Management (client’s representative, turn key) Project planning Supervision Asset evaluation


• Locate potential assets;


• Evaluate potential assets and make

Client: Pacific National, Newcastle, New South Wales

Establishing the requirements for an asset prior to procurement is critical for effective business performance. During this phase of the lifecyle, MPE can: • Clearly identify the requirements of the proposed asset;

procurement recommendations; • Utilise MPE’s in-house cost modelling tool (OCFM) to conduct a full economic evaluation of the proposed asset; • Conduct feasibility studies; and • Compile funding applications justifying the capital required to lease, overhaul or buy assets.

Economic Evaluations

Scope of Work: To evaluate previously identified sites in the Hunter Valley for suitability as rail wagon storage sidings and provisioning facility and identify any other potential sites. Skills required for the Project: • General project management skills in order to understand how the project could be developed • Knowledge of engineering requirements for rail infrastructure

MPE has an extensive database of cost information and financial

• Budget estimating skills (to cover all cost areas); and

tools that enable us to:

• Knowledge of governmental development planning process

• Prepare capital justifications for new assets; • Carry out required lease, overhaul or buy analysis; and • Develop lifecycle cost models.

Feasibility Studies MPE can conduct feasibility studies when purchasing additional assets. These studies provide our clients with the relevant information they require during the decision making and approval process. MPE has extensive experience acting as advisors for clients at a corporate and government level. MPE can conduct feasibility studies and economic evaluations for mining lease applications, land acquisitions, infrastructure construction and equipment purchases.

Our Project initiation Experience MPE can prepare ‘Application for Expenditure’ (AFE) documentation for: • Material handling equipment • Earth moving equipment • Infrastructure projects • Civil projects • Maintenance improvement projects

(experience gained from work with other projects) Key Achievements: • Investigated the whole of the Hunter rail network to identify additional potential sites • Complied internal review of documents of all potential sites that met the criteria • Provided comparative estimates of development costs for each site • Identified possible activities by other statutory authorities that could effect the land acquisition strategy; and • Initiated meetings with statutory authorities for information on further options via established contacts. The final report met client expectations on time, cost, quality and safety. The client continued to complete planning and development approval for the site selected during the study. Further development of the project has commenced as a design and construct project.


MPE has prepared tender documentation for a variety of asset

Case Study: Due Diligence to be carrieD out on ‘Proposed Continuous Mining Method for Pre-Strip’

purchases including, mining leases, coal handling and processing

Client: Wesfarmers Coal, Australia.

MPE can assist in the preparation of all required documentation to procure new and second hand assets including: technical specifications; and tender and contract documentation. MPE can also provide the expertise to manage the entire tender evaluation and contract award phase including evaluation options and providing recommendations.

Our Experience

equipment, underground mining equipment, earthmoving equipment, gas well equipment, bulk fuel facilities and infrastructure.

Scope of Work: Involved travel to and working in Thailand to investigate the availability of high quality second-hand equipment and to seek tenders for the purchase of new continuous mining

Case Study: Supply of New MinE EQUIPMENT


Client: Xstrata’s Prodeco Open Cut Coal Mine, Columbia.

• Mine production costs and requirements

Scope of Work: To prepare Expression of Interest Evaluation and MARC Agreement Evaluation for the supply of mine equipment: • Off road trucks; • Track Dozers; • Rubber Wheel Dozer; • Wheel Loader;

Skills Required for the Project: To ascertain the following: • Equipment availability and condition • Relocation methodology; and • Project costs and timeframe. Key Achievements: MPE provided the client with two cost summaries. These summaries included the following:

• Hydraulic Excavators; and

• Equipment Depreciation

• Graders.

• Maintenance

Skills Required for the Project: • Knowledge of earthmoving equipment including maintenance and operational aspects; • Product support evaluation; • Procurement and contractual risk assessment; • Capital costs; and • MARC/Total Maintenance Cost Summary. Key Achievements: MPE collected the required data and prepared a Scope of Work for the supply of new equipment from a recommended local supplier. Information was evaluated by touring facilities in Barranquilla, a review of the support network between the dealer and factory, proposed stock holdings and relevant experience.

• Operator • Lubrication; and • Power.

Phase 3: CONSTRUCT/ASSEMBLE Once the decision has been made to procure an asset it needs to be delivered and commissioned. In this phase of the lifecycle, MPE can oversee the assembly/ construction of the asset and facilitate any design modifications that may be required. Utilising our specialist project managers, MPE can: • Undertake contract administration activities such as planning approvals, reporting, cost control and contractor payments;

Case Study: AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS COMPLIANCE AUDIT Client: Major world wide blast hole drill supplier Scope of Work: To provide a comprehensive client report

• Provide site management;

detailing the compliance status on a prototype Blast Hole Drill with

• Manage consultants and subcontractors;

respect to the requirements of the New South Wales Department of

• Administer design work;

Mineral Resources guideline MDG15.

• Update procurement and payment systems; • Procure materials and services; • Administer site construction; • Commission equipment; and • Conduct risk assessments and safety audits (eg MDG15)

Our Experience MPE can project manage the assembly, erection and construction of a variety of assets including:

MPE’s role was to educate the organisation about MDG15 and Australian Mine Safety Standards as well as carry out an MDG15 compliance audit on a prototype machine. MPE trained factory personnel in our method of performing operational and maintenance risk assessments to ensure they are aware of the level of safety required by Australian mine sites. Skills Required for the Project: • Knowledge of MDG15 • Knowledge of relevant Australian standards

• Commercial premises

• Understanding of Australian minesite requirements

• Sewage systems

• Understanding of safe machine maintenance

• Water treatment systems • Bulk fuel facilities • Coal handling and processing plant equipment • Large mining equipment, including draglines, shovels and excavators

and operating practices Key Achievements: All recommendations suggested by MPE have been adopted. MPE personnel have been invited back to undertake further audits on completion of the first unit.

MPE’s approach to contracts is based around performance outcomes. By targeting desired outcomes and linking these with Key Performance Indicators we obtain the best outcome for our client.

Phase 4: PLAN MAINTENANCe MPE has the systems and experience to develop and implement comprehensive asset management plans to optimise your asset performance.

Maintenance Strategy Development MPE can develop maintenance strategies based on reliabilitycentred maintenance concepts using the software package RCM

Case Study: MAINTENANCE STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Client: Xstrata’s Bulga Open Cut Coal Mine, Hunter Valley

Cost. These strategies are designed to complement our clients’

Scope of Work: To develop maintenance strategies for various

business plans.

items of mobile mining fleet and implement service sheets.

Maintenance Systems Implementation

Skills Required for the Project:

MPE has implemented numerous Enterprise Resource Planning / Enterprise Resource Management and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) including: • Pulse • Ellipse • SAP

• An understanding of reliability engineering principles and applying them • In depth knowledge of RCM • Development of equipment strategies • Development of service sheets • Understanding of equipment and its requirements Key Achievements:


This ongoing project has invited a team of reliability and

• Pronto

maintenance engineers as well as site personnel selected for their

These systems are designed and structured to meet the required maintenance strategy of the business. MPE has developed a Work Control Model designed to identify the key maintenance processes that specify what, who and

expertise and knowledge of the equipment. Site maintenance personnel participated in the strategy development to ensure knowledge of the process and ownership of the outcomes.

how maintenance systems will be controlled. Process maps are

The project delivered a documented maintenance strategy based on

developed in consultation with the client which represent the

Failure Modes Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

optimal method for managing work. The maps in conjunction with detailed procedures, job descriptions and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are then used to drive maintenance improvement within an organisation.

Maintenance Contracts MPE can assist with developing scopes of work and tender documents as well as writing and establishing performance driven maintenance contracts.

The strategy included the following: • Preventive Maintenance Schedules • Preventive Maintenance Inspection Sheets • Component Replacement Intervals

Phase 5: EXECUTE MAINTENANCE MPE provides hands-on maintenance support to ensure assets are effectively and efficiently maintained. Maintenance tasks include job planning, maintenance scheduling, performance reporting, failure analysis and systems administration.

Planning and Scheduling Planning and scheduling the maintenance of an asset is critical. In this phase of the asset’s lifecycle, MPE can supply a planning service that suits both the demands of the asset and the requirements of our client. MPE can assist with the implementation and integration of Enterprise Resource Planning / Enterprise


Resource Management and CMMS (Computerised Maintenance

Scope of Work: As principal consultant in an Engineering

Management System) for your organisation. Our services include:

Procurement Construction Management capacity, MPE were

• Setting up a CMMS by providing all necessary hardware, software and personnel to operate the CMMS program • Developing an implementation strategy that ensures your system aligns with your business needs • Providing specialist on-site and remote systems support • System optimisation

responsible for the management and procurement of all aspects of the relocation of the Hitachi EX5500 Excavator. MPE personnel managed and oversaw the decommissioning and disassembly in Muswellbrook NSW, transport to Mackay QLD for major overhaul, and the reassembly of the excavator on site in Central Queensland. Several repair and overhaul scopes were developed and cost for analysis to suit different machine utilisation scenarios. A final

If the client has an existing CMMS, MPE can: • Ensure the system is configured correctly for your assets

comprehensive scope of repair and overhaul was selected to meet a full production demand on the ten year old excavator.

• Ensure the system is used correctly

Skills required for the Project:

• Provide user training and support

• Equipment inspection

• Provide on-site planning and scheduling resources

Shutdown and Rebuild Management MPE can provide the project management resources necessary to plan and execute major repairs and upgrades for the asset. Tasks include: • Conducting condition audits; • Preparing shutdown and rebuild scopes of work; • Managing tender and

• Administering safe work procedures; • Site supervision; and • Implementing project

contract process for

control systems and quality

outsourced repairs;

management documentation.

• Completing risk assessments;

Our Experience

and condition auditing

• Project execution planning • Contract management

• Maintenance data analysis

• Contractor supervision

• Project scope development

• Procurement

• Project schedule and

• Project tracking

cost forecast • Technical specification development

• Change management • Maintenance system data migration

• Contract tender and evaluation • Maintenance strategy • Risk assessment and management • Safety management

review and development • Commissioning • Reporting

Key Achievements: The relocation and overhaul of this excavator required over 9,000 hours of labour in two states, and was completed without any lost time injuries. The project achieved a timely delivery to meet client

MPE has project managed numerous equipment shutdowns and major

demands despite prolonged wet weather conditions. Extensive and

overhauls including; draglines, open cut and underground mining

selective quality repair and overhaul delivered a machine capable of

equipment and coal handling processing plant (CHPP) equipment. MPE

meeting a production target of up to 6,000 hours per annum. With

provides shutdown and maintenance planning functions either as an

benchmark operational and maintenance practices the excavator

off-site bureau-style service or as a site-based planning resource using

now has greatly extended life expectancy and can provide reliable

the client’s existing CMMS.

service well into the future.


MPE has developed a range of tools designed to review the health


of a company’s current maintenance procedures and systems. The

Client: Anglo American Metallurgical Coal

This phase encompasses the performance of an individual asset and the performance of a company’s maintenance program.

Maintenance Audits

tools provide a comprehensive objective analysis. The maintenance audit process complies with AS9002. The results of the health test are used to perform a gap analysis.

Scope of Work: To improve the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling function across seven coal mine sites. The project duration was 450 days with ten MPE personnel covering seven mine

From here MPE assembles plans to improve the performance of the

sites including Capcoal, Dawson, Moranbah, Foxleigh, Grasstree,

maintenance program.

Drayton and Callide. Within these sites there are 11 work areas

MPE’s in-house Work Control Model is used to produce a series of process maps that outline the preferred method for managing the work. These process maps in conjunction with detailed procedures, job descriptions and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are used to drive maintenance improvement within an organisation.

Performance Analysis

consisting of open cut and underground operations, coal handling and preparation plants. MPE developed and implemented a common Work Management Model which increased the level of planned maintenance and improved resource utilisation. MPE developed and delivered Computerised Maintenance Management System training to over 400 employees including tradespeople, planners, schedulers and managers. In conjunction with the client, MPE developed a reporting system to measure and monitor the maintenance function.

To analyse the performance of your asset and to design suitable

This system included the development of Key Performance

improvement programs, MPE applies cutting edge tools and

Indicators, management reports and analysis tools.

techniques such as work place modelling, reliability engineering software (eg RCM Cost) and life of asset cost forecast modelling.

Asset Audits MPE provides condition audits of existing plant and equipment to: • Assist with due diligence exercises for the purchase or financing of a new operation; and • Identify the current maintenance standards and to improve maintenance practices.

Our Experience • MPE has conducted asset condition audits, asset valuations, coal mining regulation and Australian Standard Compliance Audits (including MDG15); • MPE has performed operational and maintenance risk assessments; • MPE has conducted maintenance audits for small and large fleets.

Training services • Software application training to ensure staff are getting the most from your software investments • Maintenance management strategies

Key Achievements: MPE developed and implemented a common Work Management Model which increased the level of planned maintenance and improved resource utilisation. MPE developed and delivered CMMS training to over 400 employees including tradespeople, planners, schedulers and managers. In conjunction with the client, MPE developed a reporting system to measure and monitor the maintenance function. This system included the development of Key Performance Indicators, management reports and analysis tools.

Phase 7: ASSET DISPOSAL To assist in this phase, MPE applies its specialist in house valuation tools to objectively look at all the factors of the asset, and accurately determine the true market value. With this detailed information the client can then determine the best approach to dispose of the asset. If a client is looking to sell an asset at the end of its lifecycle, MPE’s considerable international network can assist clients in identifying potential purchasers.

Our Experience Throughout Australia and overseas MPE has project managed the relocation of a number of assets including draglines, shovels, trucks and coal handling equipment. A number of these assets have been relocated from overseas to Australia.

Case Study: Dragline Relocation Client: BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia. Scope of Work: To project manage the relocation of a Marion 8200-65 Dragline from West Virginia, USA to Queensland, Australia Key Achievements: The MPE project management team, consisting of six engineers and two supervisors completed the project over 18 months. The initial road transport included highway travel to the river port. Nine barges transported the dragline components 2,400 kilometres via the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to the Port of New Orleans. Total transport loads included: • 138 x break bulk loads

MPE has world wide contacts that can assist with the sale and disposal of equipment.

• 18 x 20ft containers • 6 x 40ft containers The total trip by ocean from New Orleans via the Panama Canal to Mackay, Queensland was 4.5 weeks. The Dragline components were transported by road to Blackwater Mine where the construction and machine upgrades were project managed by MPE. No lost time injuries were recorded during the project which totalled some 225,115 man-hours.

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