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Wicked Lovely

Aislinn can see


The faeries in her town of Huntsdale are not harmless or benevolent. They are mischievous creatures who like to cause problems for humans, and Aislinn knows that she’ll be in danger if they ever find out that she can see them. Aislinn fears for her life when Keenan, the handsome young king of the Summer faeries, starts following her and pursuing her romantically. Keenan isn’t just looking for a girlfriend. He wants Aislinn to become a faery and be his new Summer Queen. With a queen by his side, he can warm the world and grow strong enough to face his mother, Beira, the evil Winter Queen. Keenan disguises himself as a mortal and attends Aislinn’s school. He pursues her, but she rebuffs all of his advances. Aislinn tells her friend Seth that she can see faeries, and Seth helps her research ways to defend herself against them. Aislinn can’t avoid Keenan forever. She is offered a test. If she does not take the test, she will become a Summer Girl who is dependent on Keenan and tied to him forever. Or she can lift the Winter staff, which is her test. When she lifts it, she will either become the Summer Queen or a lonely, isolated Winter Girl.

Ink Exchange

The novel then begins to follow Irial. It is revealed that the Dark Court

feeds off emotions such as anger, hate, lust and pain to stay strong. When one of his own is killed by a simple human bullet, Irial is desperate for a way to protect his kind. With the help of his “left hand” Gabriel and his pack of “Hounds,” he keeps his own and other courts in check. When confronted with numerous rebellions, Irial decides to pursue an ink exchange with a mortal to provide a constant stream of emotion to feed his court. When Leslie, the chosen mortal, gets a tattoo, the traditional tattoo ink is exchanged with the Dark Court’s blood and tears, thereby joining the Dark King and the mortal. Soon, as an effect of the ink exchange, Leslie begins to feel and see as Irial would, seeing past faeries’ human disguises. When she falls in love with Niall she avoids admitting her connection to his world. Her connection to the faeries deepens when she returns to the tattoo shop and begins to hear Irial’s voice in her head. Irial has come to the conclusion that he loves her, and



Fragile Eternity

Ash is growing more attracted to Keenan as summer approaches, Both

Ash and Seth know it. Donia and Keenan are kinda of on again off again in their relationship. Donia is tired of being second. She decides to distance herself from Keenan. Keenan is sad without her and Ash notices. She decides to go off and confront Don. Ash tries to talk to Don. But, Donia resists, and tells Ash that she wants both her and Keenan to leave her alone. Ash again tries to reason with Donia. To get her point across, Don stabs Ash with ice. Don make sure not to deliver fatal wounds and tells Ash so. Ash refuse to let Donia your any of the fey see her week. She sucks it up and leaves. Once outside she calls Seth and cancels plans with him. She then calls Keenan for help. He comes and brings her back to the loft. A few hours after she awakes Seth comes. He tells her that he feels that he is losing her more and more as the days go on, and asks if its true. Ash cannot lie, so she does not answer. Seth decides that he shouldn’t worry her while she is hurt so, he leaves and tells her he will call her later. After he goes out for a drink, he arrives st his home. There, Bananach is waiting for him. She tells him that she can take him to someone who can make him a faerie.

Radiant Shadows

The prologue of Radiant Shadows shows Devlin, the high court’s Assas-

sin, agreeing to shelter a spectral girl name Rae in faerie without his queen’s knowledge. It then skips forward about a century, to show the high queen, Sorcha, ordering Devlin to kill a baby halfling, the child of the Gabriel, along with a warning that it should “never enter faerie”. The novel then cuts to the present day, to Ani, the halfling whose life Devlin spared, as she tries to fit in with the other hounds, but cannot, due to her father’s protectiveness and her mortal blood. Devlin, meanwhile, has been told by Sorcha to stay in the mortal world to keep an eye on her son, Seth. Devlin and Ani meet at the crows nest, where she drains his energy and he leaves with a taste of her blood. Ani is different from other hounds, due to her ability to feed on both emotions and touch, and mortal and faery. Irial, the former dark king, has been performing tests to identify what about her is different and introduce it to his court to strengthen them.



Darkest Mercy

The Summer King is missing; the Dark Court is bleeding; and a stran-

ger walks the streets of Huntsdale, his presence signifying the deaths of powerful fey. Torn between his new queen and his old love, Keenan left Huntsdale to wander aimlessly but after centuries of leading his court it was not long before the reality of being Summer King became too pressing. Violence seemed more inevitable by the day and the Summer Court was not yet strong enough to face conflict, so Keenan made a dangerous deal with the water fey. It is a desperate bargain he makes to strengthen his court against the coming war. Aislinn tends the Summer Court, searching for her absent king and yearning for Seth. She knows she must be a powerful queen to hold her court together, while Bananach becomes more and more dangerous, and she is losing faeries to her. Donia longs for fiery passion even as she coolly readies the Winter Court for battle. Her court is still powerful, but she must remain focused on keeping them that way and not get distracted by Keenan when he shows up at her door again. The Dark Court is thrown into chaos when they are rocked by tragedy. And Seth, sworn brother of the Dark King and heir to the High Queen, is about to make a mistake that could cost his life.

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