DII World

Las Vegas, US

Dr. Leon Chen is the Founder and CEO of The Dental Implant Institute. Dr. Chen is world renowned for his development of the techniques of Hydraulic Sinus Condensing™ which was developed in 1995, and his Vertical Translation™ for Cosmetic Root/Implant Coverage, and Vertical Translation™ for Vertical and Horizontal Augmentation techniques, which were developed in 1997. Dr. Chen’s patented Hydraulic Sinus Condensing (also reffered to as HSC)™ is the most non-invasive sinus lift in the world to date. The concept revolves around minimal trauma to the body by use of a patented hydraulic drill to gently lift the sinus membrane in order to build-up the bone density to successfully place dental implants. This technique has been accepted to the most prestigious: Journal of Periodontology in 2005.