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A B CREATIVE DECORATIONS E Creating Inviting, Warm, Interesting Workspaces F G H I J Often we neglect to furnish our offices. We get into the daily grind and

will inspire you that will inspire and provide you new and fresh ideas for

forget that our workspace needs to nourish us and feed our creativity.

your office.

Decorating an office or cubical can bring a bit of personality to a dry,

The Equation Bookshelf is designed by Marcos Breder and is a simple

boring workspace. Choosing accessories and decorations that express

idea of to divide things in priority order. As you can see the design is

your personality will allow your co-workers in to a brief glimpse of who

quite unique, stylish and original. You can put together the books that

you are outside of work.

you need immediately or more important between (parentheses) or

Here we try to find things that will inspire you, give you ideas and make

maybe a photo, or something important for you to be the focal point of

your office a better place to work in. You can find all kind of stuff that

this bookshelf. Set others between [square brackets] and {braces}

Does Your Workspace Inspire You? The environments we surround ourselves with are often overlooked

that is truly nourishing and uplifting.

as a potential nurturance for both our work and our daily lives. Our

If our offices are beautiful and inspiring, then what is produced in those

surroundings shape the way we think and feel. Exceptional achievers

offices will have a sense of purpose and integrity. The challenge is to

make sure their surroundings reflect their commitment to perform at

seek a way to occupy your office space in a way that harmonizes with

their best.

your personality, energy, and purpose.

Your office space can reflect your intention to do great work that makes

Take Action

a contribution to the world. It can provide aesthetic nourishment where

Look closely at your workspace. What is the message that your office

the colors and textures of the interior space nourish your creativity and

area currently communicates to you and others? What do you see that

inspire you, or it can leave you feeling exhausted and unfocused.

stimulates your creativity and inspires you to do your best work?

Close your eyes and picture this. It is morning, and you are walking

If your workspace doesn’t currently nourish your creativity and effective-

into your office to start your work day. You step onto a lovely patterned

ness, take a moment to mentally create the perfect space for you to do

carpet, and walk over to your beautiful, functional wooden desk. You

your best work. Think about changes you could make, even if you’re on

sit in a very comfortable chair that supports your back, and gaze out

a limited budget, to create a more inspiring work environment.

the window at the sunny day. A fresh breeze blows in from the open

Could it be by moving your desk so that the view is more inspiring? Or

window. You hear the sounds of birds singing and leaves rustling in the

by adding fresh flowers, a plant, or music? What about adding a water

wind. A large green plant is in the corner and a vase of fresh flowers is

fountain, a wind chime, a poster, or a beautiful piece of art to your

on your desk. A beautiful lamp infuses warmth and soft light through-

workspace? Or, choosing to write with pens in a rainbow of colors?

out the room. Your eyes are drawn to a lovely piece of art on the wall,

Are your office and desk areas visually stimulating with lots of pictures,

then to an artifact you bought on your latest trip, and then to an array

photographs, quotes, and memorabilia? Or, you may prefer a clean,

of family photos.

uncluttered state for working.

Would this type of space uplift your spirit and inspire you to do your

Only you know the type of surroundings you will thrive in. Determine

best work?

what you need in your environment to inspire your best work. Decide

You bet it would!

how to change your space so you feel more inspired and creative - and

Yet, very few people take the time to create for themselves an office

watch your productivity and satisfaction levels soar!

Stress Relievers


Work in a fast-paced environment? Consider having a stress ball or toy that calms people as they sit in your space. Make an executive

sand box with fine sand or coloured rice and some interesting tools (funnels, rakes, scoops). Fun Office Accessories The office is not always the exciting, thrilling work environment that you may wish it were. Having fun office accessories at your disposal can spice up a dull work atmosphere. They can put a smile on your face and make your day, and your office space, just a bit brighter. The fun gadgets in office really let you express your individuality. These are the desktop toys. These are the funny posters, the action figures, the aquariums, the strange little terraria. These are the stress toys, the objects that reflect your hobbies; and, if you are not careful, the objects that could get you fired. The toys executive-hopefuls might use are the more sedate toys. These are the stress relievers. The purpose they supposedly serve is to relieve your stress and help you relax.


It is a glaring fact that work is one of the top causes of stress in a person. We encounter many problems at work and we need to face them every single day. We may get more tasks in a day than usual, handle difficult co-workers or even bosses, and extend work hours to meet deadlines. Sometimes, too much stress level at work is the reason for absenteeism, employee burn out, and even health problems. There is no running away from these problems unless you decide to stop working. But there is an effective technique to handle work pressure and this is through applying humor in the workplace. We all know that a good laugh can dispel stress in a busy and hectic day at work. It is said that an individual needs twelve good laughs a day. Some companies have decided to incorporate humor and make it a part of the company culture.


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