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Dreams in Heels Public Relations

About Us Dreams in Heels Public Relations (DIHPR), LLC is a full-service boutique firm specializing in public relations, creative marketing, branding, special events and online relations. DIHPR quickly and efficiently reach the desired target market by engaging and interacting with the audience following the development of social media tools. Our strong presence in the NY Cosmopolitan Social Scene allows us to network and create bridges through diverse industries.


Our Mission at Dreams in Heels Public Relations (DIHPR, LLC) is to provide value of service above the norm. We promote each individual clients brand to excel every expectation within their industry; therefore we strategically develop and market every key opportunity. Reflecting our dedication to elite imagery and top notch professional service, DREAMS in HEELS PR will captivate and materialize your vision, preserve the quality of your image and launch your brand to the highest of heights.   Our services are very personalized and tailored to each client. Also, we have strong partnerships with skilled professionals in order to provide a spectrum of quality services. At DIHPR, we believe your image is important because you do not get a second chance with the first impression!    

Olga Maria Czarkowski Founder/ CEO Olga Maria Czarkowski (nee Vargas) is an independent publicist and international PR specialist. She works with industry leaders in fashion, media, and entertainment as well as partners with nonprofits that focus on social issues that women and poverty stricken communities face. A fashionista, reporter/writer, model/stylist, and community developer, with 5+ years of experience in NYC media and PR. Late 2011, Olga founded "DREAMS in HEELS PR" her very own Public Relations Boutique Firm; where her and her team work with English and Spanish NGO's, companies and personalities, including: famed designer Simone Rodrigues of Sisa Designs, Celebrity hair stylist/make-up artist Carlos Otero, My Lifestyle Magazine, Bohemian Trails, House of Style by Monique, iVive H2O Jose Santamaria Enterprises, Par Le Patreq, Chef Adrain Harrow and United Colors of Fashion (UCOF). An avid fashion maverick, Olga styled for fashion designer Shekhar Rahate at the Brooklyn Wave Fashion Week and went on to judge the preliminary for Miss America assisting with the selection of Miss Long Island Metropolis, Miss Southern NY and Miss Westchester. She is not only a fashionista, but a published poet and model. Serving as campaign model for Huntress Stiletto Fragrance by Epiphany and Body Up Pro hairbrushes. For her contribution to the fashion industry, Olga won the Glam Sense Award on December 2011. Poised and focused, no wonder her personal mantra is “ I am Living my Dreams in Heels”. In the summer of 2012, Olga made a special guest appearance on "Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie”. A new TV talk show focused on the life stories of people who have triumphed over adversity. Fittingly, on November 12, 2012, Olga received the Next Generation Latina Award by MasterCard, and Latina Magazine. The ceremony honored Olga's inspiring stories of strength, courage and philanthropy. The focus was on Latina women that embrace their roots while giving back to their community, and Olga fit that mold perfectly. Fashion forward February 2013, Olga's firm was chosen to champion the PR and Marketing for a Philanthropic NY Fashion Week, F.A.B NYC (Fashion Art & Beauty). Olga's determination during NYC Fashion Week led her Los Angeles, California, to attend the Oscar’s Ceremonies and to support SISA Designs. Olga also graced the red carpet of the Daphna Ziman Oscars after party and charity benefit for "Children Uniting Nations". Olga also belongs to JCI (Junior Chamber International), and has been nominated to Public Relations Officer for 2013. JCI is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating positive change. Olga also enjoys assisting non-profit organizations including the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation, United Colors of Fashion (UCOF), Milagros Day Worldwide, Beating Cancer in Heels and Casa Esperanza NY. This coming April, she will receive the Award of Excellence for Client Management and Business Development. As a role model, mentor and leader, Olga loves to impart her words of wisdom. "My goal is to empower women, especially Latina women to follow their hearts, pursue their dreams, find their purpose, and ultimately leave their footprint on this earth. Nothing is more beautiful than having a powerful reason to wake up to every morning. I want to demonstrate exemplary inspiration for other women. Always go above and beyond to find your niche, and leave this world in a better place than you found it. Branding your image, and company is an art form, but God brands that special human being that lives inside of you, that’s your Masterpiece!”

Branding Public Awareness We seek to drive brand value through communications effort of all sorts - our goals are always to achieve that marketing executions are targeted, attention getting, branded and motivational. We provide services from planning to research, digital media to traditional public relations. Editoral Develop individual media lists and tailored editor mailings. This can include product, photos, press kit and design overview written materials to target different publications.

face, Dreams in Heels Public Relations helps non-profit institutions communicate frequently and effectively with their target audiences. Crisis Management We specialize in hot button issues and crisis management for companies or individuals facing an emergency situation, sensitive events, or unanticipated difficulties in the marketplace, whether product recalls, rumors or any other matter requiring preemptive or intervention crisis PR. Business Plans

Creative Through Creative Thoughts and Processes Dreams in Heels PR can make brands or personalities stand out from the crowd, taking their image, product or business to the next level. Product Placement At our Firm, we will assist you with placing your products in media markets to bring awareness to the brand. For example placing your product in a television, film, and or video feature for advertising. Digital Media Dreams in Heels PR helps clients develop, execute and manage multi-faceted social media campaigns that enhance visibility for brands and build connections with audiences. Nonprofit Marketing for a Better World With experience ranging from cancer institutions to social issues that women, children and poverty stricken communities

Insider tips and expert advice on creating a high-impact business plan to showcase your business idea, impress potential investors, and get the funding and direction of your business in a short and long term period of time Website Consultation At Dreams In Heels PR we will carefully analyze the clients goals and their current web presence. We will also create a detailed review of the strengths and weaknesses and provide the client with suggestions that we feel will help optimize the clients existing website. Graphic Design We provide logo and Website Design, Redesign and Development to give your website a wow factor

Media Outreach Editoral Events and Previews Creating editorial materials to target different publications. This can be done through photo shoot, finding a trend, a special look or anything newsworthy. Press Kits We will help you design and arrange your pre-packaged set of materials to be distributed to members of the media for promotional use of the person, company and organization. Look Books At Dreams In Heels PR we can provide the tools to help the client develop their portfolio of photographs to present a company, a person, product, clothing and more. Special Event Planning Dreams in Heels PR creates singular events that inspire and deliver. We develop celebrity/ influencer events that make noise and create buzz, coupling them with strong traditional PR plans that amplify your branding with thousands of consumer impressions. From creative concepts and planning, to production and execution, we handle the details to ensure that our clients receive maximum results. The events we produce for our clients come in on time and on budget. Media Planning Your strategy is in place. Your message is honed. Now all you have to do is reach the right audience. Dreams in Heels PR knows that a successful campaign delivers the right message to the right people at the right time. We help you choose from all the media options out there – from traditional print, radio, TV, and Out of Home to Interactive Rich Media, Web Advertising and Social Media – we know where, when and how to find your audience and how to connect them with your brand. Our customized media solutions are as unique as your business itself. Social Media Management Dreams in Heels PR can provide social media management, which reinforces and expands client brands via a variety of digital l networking mediums. It could include from creation and management of Facebook fan pages to the expansion of clients' Twitter following, Dreams in Heels PR has the right team that has unparalleled understanding of the social media space. Sample Trafficking At Dreams In Heels PR, we are capable of assisting and managing a company’s need to provide samples of any product, clothing line etc. to potential buyers or industry clientele.

Promotional Tie-Ins Celebrity Dressing Dreams in Heels PR will discover opportunities to introduce your brand to key people like celebrities, experts and athletes that can represent your brand by wearing it in dierent events, photo-shoots, editorials or TV interviews. Celebrity Endorsement Depending on the brand and mission, a celebrity can be an A-List, or a chef, an athlete, an expert or a leading CEO. We have excellent relationships, and are able to customize programs for your needs. We are able to negotiate, plan, and execute celebrity initiatives. Charity Tie-Ins Participation Dreams In Heels PR will connect your brand or company with the appropriate charity to help benefit their cause and support your brands publicity. Launch Events Dreams In Heels PR will coordinate your brand or company’s launch event. We will design, plan and execute all facets of your launch from Press to all logistics. For example: Store Openings, Product Launch, Editorial Cover/Feature Announcements, Fashion Shows and more.

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