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During the lockdown I have missed working at the Digswell Arts studios. My studio in the Fenners building is a spacious, light filled space and I love interacting with the other artists there. The stimulation and mutual support that comes from being part of the community of artists at Digswell is invaluable to me. My studio at home is a small workshop on the side of my garage, which I have to share with several large spiders but I am lucky to have space to work and also to have a kiln so can carry on making and firing.

My work involves constant exploration and experimentation. I have used the weeks of the lockdown period to explore new ways of creating my vessels; playing with form, trialling different clay bodies, experimenting with ceramic materials to create coloured and textured surfaces that develop during firing. I have fired many tests in the last few weeks so I am hoping to emerge from lockdown with a wealth of new information to take my work forward.

Inlaying interactive slip in my studio at home. Images Š Kate Windibank.