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Kate Windibank w: e: @firedthings @firedthings

My practice involves an exploration of form and surface encompassing ceramic materials, fragmentation and natural processes. Drawing inspiration from the structure and textures of nature, I use concepts of geological formation and erosion to suggest the transformational nature of time on the foundations of human experience and identity. The process begins with soft clay slabs which are torn, then pressed into moulds, once firm, the clay is broken into shards and used to construct ceramic vessels. Each fragment is carefully considered to find the most intriguing sense of balance and contrast, strength and fragility. This methodology creates forms with undulating edges, fault-lines and fissures. The final metamorphosis occurs during firing: As the heat-work of the kiln turns clay to stone, oxides embedded in the clay are drawn out, reacting and flowing with glaze to create movement and texture that remains permanently captured on the surface of the vessel. Once complete the work still shows its transformational journey, as objects that can be investigated and reappraised, each viewing reveals new juxtapositions of detail, process, form and event.

Opposite: spherical vessel, h22cm w24cm d24cm Image Š Kate Windibank.