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Jaime Freestone @jaime_freestone_art

I would like to start by saying that I’m feeling very fortunate to have my shed art studio during the lockdown. I have adjusted my work slightly to working on a smaller sized canvas, while continuing to explore my chosen art materials. Found objects from the street, collected detritus, discards from my own art process and a long list of traditional art materials. I love working with colour and texture! If I’m struggling to move a piece forward having a range of materials to fall back on helps keep the art moving freely. When lockdown was enforced I came across a collection of old frames that I had meant to throw away. Luckily before they went into the bin I saw new potential to transform them and use them in my art work. Over the lockdown period I have been walking lots, tending to my allotment space and escaping often into my studio. I have managed to produce a body of work as diverse as the materials from which they came. Giving the old frames a second life with matching creations to fit. I feel so grateful for having art in my life which I owe a huge amount for helping to keep me happy and my mind healthy. Having a space to create and being able to escape into has proven very important for allowing me to continue to work during these difficult and confusing times.

Image opposite: Fragmented. All images Š Jaime Freestone