From Our Yard - contemporary art publication

Page 47

Working solely from my home studio during lockdown, without clay, I have had the time to ask why and where my inspiration comes from. I have challenged myself to paint rather than using my sketchbook just to record ideas. Unable to visit the coast, I searched through the last 10 years of photographs. What did I record? Capturing the vastness of a coast, the mood of the clouds, the wildness of the waves, colours, textures and pattern. I also found video. “Thundering waves” “Crunching along a stony beach” “Rattling boat masts in the harbour” This combination of photography, video, and memory took me straight back to each walk. I was able to revisit places, immersed in the aesthetic experience, the nostalgia, recapturing the sight, sound, taste, smells of the coast. My daily lockdown ritual has been to paint with bold colours and strong mark making. To capture the wildness of the elements, the noise of the waves, texture of the beach, and the marks of nature as it totally surrounds me, a form of escape from this everyday life. To play with the idea of being absorbed, immersed, surrounded, in nature’s power.

Wild Beach, Rough Sea. 90cm x 90cm.