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Maria Merridan w: e: @mariamerridan

I work with mixed media; print, collage and drawing. Without normal access to working tools or space during Lock-Down, I started to learn how to construct images digitally. For a 30 day period (01.05.20 – 30.05.20) I recorded my daily movement by tracking routes with an App called Strava and taking photographs. Initially, I looked for commonality between the marks I saw, for example; lines created by water runoff, the pathways used by people and the tracks made by animals. Over the days, routes became more purposeful, focusing on land-marks, areas of scientific interest and local history. I am contemplating time and how it is measured and recorded. The insignificant statistics of my daily exercise (revealing how alive I am) compared to the significant numbers of UK deaths from Covid-19. The phases of the moon, daylight/night-time, places that no longer exist and people who are now gone.