From Our Yard - contemporary art publication

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Katherine Roberts w: e: @artykarobe

I explore themes of transformation, movement and bodies. Working with orifices, spaces between, softness and heaviness in my sculptures. I am energised by working in collaboration with others. It pushes me outside of my normal patterns of thought. It is satisfying when I can’t be certain where their work ends and mine begins. I’ve recently been working with photographer Kasia Burke. Kasia had recently started working with intentional camera movement in her still life’s and we could see exciting possibilities for exploring this with a live subject. I always created micro performances in my studio, I rarely share or coherently document them. Working with Kasia allows me to explore my sculptures and materials through performance and create new work where the creative control over the outcome is shared equally. On my lockdown walks I’ve been noticing how we shape our landscape. I’ve noticed bright coloured allotment frames with plants creeping up behind this agricultural tracing paper. For years now I’ve been obsessed with a pair of concrete steps. They stand watch at either end of a new footbridge. A stairway to nowhere, useless. The landscape has a loose, unruly charm, this year I’ll make a temporary sculpture for these steps.

Work in progress. Created in collaboration with Kasia Burke. Performance with recycled sculptural materials and dried flowers, photograph taken using intentional camera movement. Image © Kasia Burke Photography