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When starting a piece of work I like to focus on a current article in the news often around the subject of climate, natural science or human biology. Whilst the initial focus of the work is often on the structures and patterns of the object the material I choose reflects a further story. My recent body of work uses thin paper and clay fired leaving fragments, revealing a sense of fragility in the work a reflection on the effects of our changing climate and world. Further illustrated in the case of the recent wing art work (above) a reference to the recent Chronic bee paralysis virus which has stunted the growth of the wings on the honey bee. Viruses come in many forms!! All the work shown here has been made over the last two months and are not the finish pieces. Most of the finished and mounted work will be on show and for sale at the Fenners Open Studio hopefully rescheduled for later in the year.

Tidal Water, Paper clay. Dragonfly half, Paper clay.