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Liz Harrington w: @_lizharrington @alternative.lgc

I am currently researching and developing two long term photographic based projects, both which focus on transcience, memory and time - ongoing themes in my work. The first project is based on the desolate coastal landscape at Orfordness and Shingle Street in Suffolk, where I have been visiting on and off for the last 10 years, and the second a study of trees. My interest in process and materiality is a key component of my practice, and part of this is developing my knowledge of various printing techniques and how they respond to different papers and substrates. Last year I secured funding from The Richard & Siobhán Coward Foundation to enable me to experiment with some early photographic printing processes. As a result I am now in the process of producing a series of platinum prints, using some new imagery from Orfordness and Shingle Street. Alongside this I am continuing the research and work I started on the 2019/20 AA2A residency at the University of Hertfordshire (which unfortunately had to be cut short), producing works for ‘Trees’ (WT) and experimenting with some new techniques. The physical imprint of the natural environment in the actual making of the work is growing in importance in my work. This might be using leaves to produce prints in the sun, using shedded tree bark as a substrate, nature being the mark maker on light sensitive materials that have been physically immersed in the environment - making what is often the invisible, or a fleeting moment, visible. In addition to my practice I have also recently established a new photographic initiative alternative.lgc, to showcase analogue and experimental photography, alternative processes and photobooks.

Opposite: Platinum/palladium test prints on mulberry paper. Norton Common, Letchworth and Orfordness, Suffolk, printed 2020. Supported by The Richard & Siobhán Coward Foundation.