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We are 13 artists, Fellows of the Digswell Arts Trust. This weekend we were due to hold our annual Open Studios event at the Fenners Building in Letchworth. We cannot welcome the public into our studios presently, so instead bring you this publication F r o m O u r Y a r d - a taste of what we have been working on over the last few months, whether that be in the studio, the home studio, or the garden shed. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of our work and insight into our thinking, and look forward to holding the Open Studios event and accompanying exhibition I n O u r Y a r d , later in the year. You can support artists by taking a look at works for sale through the Artists Support Pledge. Feel free to contact the artists directly if you are interested in any of the works featured here.

Cover image, the yard at Fenners Building Š Abi Freckleton