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In March 2020 I was on a residency at PADA studios in Barreiro, Portugal. The location was unique, set in an industrial park next to the sea, amongst pyrite fields and crumbling factories. It was like being in Tarkovsky’s films ‘Solaris’ and ‘Stalker’ in many ways, with layers of history and memory coming through onto the surface the more I explored the place. True time-and-place travelling. This inspired a new series of work which I titled ‘ Zone’ – drawings and paintings in response to me finding a connection with the place. Sadly, the residency was cut short by current events, but I continued to work at home. In April my work from the residency was shown online at PADA studios as part of the exhibition ‘Almost There,’ alongside other artists involved in the residency. Since then I’ve also been writing and I completed ‘Gateway’, a reflection on my experience of the residency at PADA.

Podium - pink and blue (Zone series). Acrylic on board, 62x54cm.