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Muna Zuberi w: e: @munaglass @munazuberi @munazuberi

Issues around ‘race’ have been a persistent presence in my life and have led me to think about how people categorise one another. Decisions are often made after a flawed understanding of an individual or group – but where do these ideas come from? Cultural heritage is one factor but social influences also shape the ‘person’. These might include class, peer group, social media, fashion and political influences - especially when you are young. My practice focuses on understanding the ‘person’ - their influences and crucially, what has led them to their thinking and understanding of the world – their personal taxonomy. My research on these topics has led me to the wider work of psychologists – especially those who seek to explain by using categorisation and classification to explain complex human states. I am particularly drawn to the idea of expressing empirical data using diagrams as explanatory representations and these often form the basis for my work.

Opposite: Teenage Landscape. 3D glass applique sculpture with painted and fused glass elements Image © Lindsey Robertson LNZPHOTO.