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Marine Accessories & Nautical Lamps

Introduction of LEDLED-products Background information Capelle a/d IJssel, October 31st 2013

1. An Introduction Who we are and what we do Short introduction • Den Haan Rotterdam (DHR) is a family company, which has been established in Rotterdam in 1922 • Third generation, while fourth is already lining up • World-wide known manufacturer of navigation lights, searchlights, ship’s air horns and decorative nautical lamps

Navigation & Signalling Lights


Air Horns


Nautical Lamps

Decorative 2

2. Why LEDLED-technology? technology? Reasoning why DHR should adopt this new technology 1. Why LED in general? • Regulations concerning incandescent bulbs are becoming more strict around the world • Energy prices are increasing significantly the coming years. To counter this, LED-technology is one of the solutions • On many vessels, the frequency of changing bulbs and the maintenance-action itself is quite a hassle. A LEDsolution will resolve these issues • LED-technology is trendy and it exposes innovation

2. Why is it so expensive? • Significant higher costs on research, development and testing compared to conventional technology • A LED-product is more complex and and contains a higher amount of components than conventional lighting • Components are more expensive, also in higher quantities. Since a navigation light is not a mass product, a LED navigation light will not end-up at the same price level as conventional products • The used LEDs and drivers are designed for the automotive sector and have therefore the highest quality level and corresponding price

3. Why should it be better? • Much lower total cost of ownership  sum of: purchase + maintenance + energy consumption • No maintenance (“install and forget”)  sum of: purchase of bulb + labour costs for maintenance action • Much better and constant performance • More robust: shocks and vibrations are not of an issue


3. DHR LED Navigation Lights Main design features •

Long operational lifetime − DHR40: One LED-module= 5+ years − DHR60 & DHR80: Two LED-modules = 10+ years

Low energy consumption A DHR-LED navigation light system for a standard tug consumes 80% less compared to a system using conventional incandescent light bulbs

Robust electrical design − Luminous intensity and the colour of the emitted light is not affected in case of power input fluctuations of 19V – 32V − Use of ceramic components − Protection from indirect lightning strikes and other air discharges using transient voltage suppressors − Well-considered electrical design to minimize chance on failure

Excellent thermal management The complete housing is made of marine graded aluminium with a hard-coated anodized surface to manage high ambient temperatures. This ensures a long sustained operational lifetime

Rugged design for heavy duty applications − Use of precision machined components − Resistant to extreme shocks and vibrations − Water ingress protection of IP66 and higher to withstand beating of waves and water submersion − Designed to resist extreme temperatures and heavy weather − UV-radiation has no adverse effect, because of borosilicate glass lens and aluminium housing

Repair and replacement Availability of a maintenance kit to repair and maintain a navigation light in case of malfunctioning or an end-of-life situation


3. DHR LED Navigation Lights Why should a customer choose for DHRDHR-products? products? 1.


On organization level •

Know-why and know-how All LED navigation lights are in-house designed and tested in our own R&D-lab. All assembling and manufacturing still takes place in our factory. Over 90 years of product development and manufacturing results in a vast experience of know-why and know-how

Flexibility DHR has a small and flat organization making it fast-acting and highly flexible. In general, orders will be processed within 24 hrs and customized solutions are possible as well

Navigation light solutions We don’t sell navigation lights, but navigation light solutions. Our well experienced sales persons are able to advise about the minimum required navigation light system for each specific type of vessel

On product level •

Replaceability of components In contrast to many LED-products of other companies, DHR offers maintenance kits for their LED navigation lights

No interference noise with radio or radar All DHR LED-products comply with the imposed EMC-requirements. Contrary to other LED-products of other companies, DHR also tested their LED-products in the vicinity of radio antennas. The test was performed at a distance less than a meter. No interference noise was detected


3. DHR LED Navigation Lights Navigation Light Control System Main benefits • Can monitor and control up to 48 navigation lights • System has two outputs: a main and a back-up • Each single navigation light can be controlled individually • Navigation lights are continuously monitored for failures and operational lifetime • System has a main and back-up power supply • System is class type approved


4. LED versus Conventioneel A tug case 1. Case description The best way to compare a navigation light with LED-technology to a luminaire using coventional bulbs is not to compare each individual lantern, but the complete navigation light system. The reason for this is the fact that the power consumption of each specific LED navigation light is different in contrast to a conventional system where each individual navigation light consumes approximately 25 Watts. Therefore a more realistic, but theoretical, comparison is drawn by means of a real-life case. What does this case include? • Type of boat: • Navigation light system: • Operation time of navigation light system: • Additional costs of LED-system:

Tug vessel 10 navigation lights + control panel 5000 hrs annually (day and night) €3.000

2.a. Assumptions

2.b. Technical input

• Labour costs: • Price incandescent bulb: • Average time for replacing bulb: • Annual inflation: • Annual wage increase: • Fuel price:

€40/hr €6 10 mins 2% 1,5% €1,35/liter

• Operational lifetime bulb: 1000 hrs • Operational lifetime LED: 50.000 hrs • Efficiency diesel engine: 35% • Calorific value diesel: 35,7 MJ/liter • Power consumption LED-system (PLED) versus conventional system (Pbulb)  PLED / Pbulb : 18,6% 7

4. LED versus Conventional The navigation lighting system 3. A visualization No.

Type of navigation light












Anchor light / all-round white


NUC (Not Under Command) light / All-round red


NUC / All-round red


Towing light


Stern light

6 7


5 4


1 9




4. LED versus Conventional Total savings of LEDLED-system compared to a conventional solution 4. Results & Conclusion

• A navigation light system using LED-technology saves up to €800, annually • Savings are created by: 1. 80% drop of energy consumption 2. 100% drop of maintenance costs, which include a. labour costs and b. purchase of bulbs 3. Contribution of both maintenance as energy savings is roughly 50/50 • The break-even point for a LED-system is 4 years in case it is intensively used @ 5000 hrs / year • 50.000 hrs of operational lifetime will result in a profit of over €5.000 compared to a conventional system

 A LED-system becomes the best choice if the total cost of ownership is considered 9

5. DHR LEDLED-products An overview DHR40



• Small vessels for inland navigation • Seagoing vessels up to 20m of length

• All vessels for inland navigation • Seagoing vessels up to 50m of length

• All vessels for inland navigation • Seagoing vessels with a length of 20m or more

• • • •

Electrical specifications

• Power supply 24VDC (-20% / +30%) • Energy consumption 2-4 Watts • Inrush current 20A • Current during normal operating conditions ≥40mA • Current in case of error situation ≤10mA

• • • •

Power supply 24VDC (-20% / +30%) Energy consumption 2-12 Watts Inrush current 20A Current during normal operating conditions ≥40mA • Current in case of error situation ≤10mA

• • • •

Power supply 24VDC (-20% / +30%) Energy consumption 2-18 Watts Inrush current 20A Current during normal operating conditions ≥40mA • Current in case of error situation ≤10mA

• Adjustable power input:

• Single LED-module • Configuration of LEDs: Three LEDs for all versions • High power-LEDs mounted on aluminium heat sink

• Double LED-module:

• Double LED-module:

− Main and back-up − Galvanic separated

− Main and back-up − Galvanic separated

• LED-module with 4 side-LEDs and one topLED with special optics • High power-LEDs mounted on aluminium heat sink • Available in the following colours: red, yellow, white, green and blue • Adjustable signal: continuously, 30, 60, 120, 180 flashes p/m • Optical performance:

Light source

• Configuration of LEDs: − 2 LEDs for side lights and stern − 3 LEDs for all-round lights − 4 LEDs for masthead light

• High power-LEDs mounted on aluminium heat sink


• Configuration of LEDs: − 2 LEDs for side lights and stern − 3 LEDs for all-round lights − 5 LEDs for masthead light

• High power-LEDs mounted on aluminium heat sink

DHR73 General signalling purposes Vessels carrying dangerous cargoes Fire fighting vessels Vessels of law enforcement angencies (police, customs, etc) • Helideck lighting − 19VDC – 24VDC − 90VAC - 265VAC

• Power consumption 7,5 – 12Watt • According IEC 60598-2-1, conform directives 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC

− Visibility 3 – 5 N.m. (blue 2 N.m.). − Light intensity and colour specification, according to the European standard EN-14744

Operational lifetime

50.000 hrs

100.000 hrs

100.000 hrs

50.000 hrs

Operation temperature

-25 up to 55ºC

-25 up to 55ºC

-25 up to 55ºC

-25 up to 55ºC

Special versions

• Flashing light with frequency of 1Hz • Retrofit for DHR35

Manoeuvring light:

Still under consideration:

Two versions available:

No back-up LED-module, because both modules will be used simultaneously

− Explosion proof − Artic

− Powder coated white finishing for normal conditions − Hard-anodized surface for more extreme environments


Available from Q1 2014

Already available

Available from Q1 2014

Already available


5. DHR LEDLED-products Visualized… Visualized…


Market Segment What is our focus? Target group • Commercial vessels  world-wide − − − − − −

Dredgers Workboats Offshore supply vessels Tugs Fast crew supply vessels Other boats operating in heavy weather conditions

• Luxurious mega yachts

Envisioned… …


Introduction of DHR LED-products