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that promises to “fix” us. In the end, though, we discover we haven’t really found the value we were seeking. We haven’t really become beautiful; we’ve become materialistic. We haven’t become more interesting; we’ve become petty. While this restless search can be painful and confusing,

the truth about what is going on inside us is actually quite beautiful:

our hearts are aching for God, in whom we find our true worth. While we continually forget that God is the answer to our heart’s needs, He does not. There is never a moment when we stray that He doesn’t want us back. There is never a longing in our heart for anything that could outmatch the intensity of His longing for us. In His love, God repeatedly sends us grace to reawaken us to the truth that our value is found in Him, and that we are the emptiest when we try to seek it apart from Him. Like St. Augustine said, “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.” The ultimate Gentleman, Our Lord always approaches our confused hearts with the upmost tenderness and compassion. He sees us buying into lie after lie about where we should find our value, and longing for us to know the truth He speaks to us personally:

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Spring 2012  

First Issue of Dignitas Magazine!!

Spring 2012  

First Issue of Dignitas Magazine!!