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Pretty cleric cheats cancer, hosts own wake-keeping


impe Fayose, now Oluwayose or Beloved Apostle Bimpe (on Facebook) is the pretty, middle-aged sister of ex-governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state. She has cheated death in excess of one year since she was diagnosed of Stage Four breast cancer, June 2011, and was told she had only six months to live. Despite the pains that come with her strain of cancer, she has remained her chirpy, bubbly but mysterious self. She has been many things to many people who have known her. A rebellious sibling her brother would have called her because in his days as governor, they were at daggers drawn, but have since reconciled. A rebellious wife her ex-husband would call her but she once posted his confession video on Facebook to tell the world he’d cursed her with insanity, using occult powers. Not only was he diabolical, she averred, he was a wife beater and absentee father. But to her sons and daughters, she is the sweetest mom on earth and to her teeming fans on Facebook, she is truly beloved. She constantly ‘preaches’ against wife battering, extra-marital affairs, pastoral hypocrisy and double standards in churches, etc – topics that are dear to her fans and she gets excitable responses across the globe on Facebook. There is something mysterious about Bimpe; she courts death like a groom her Father has betrothed her to. She is not in love with him or in a hurry to meet him but she is

ready to marry him all the same if that is what it takes to make her Father happy. She is ‘souled’ out to radical gospel. November last year in London, Bimpe turned her own birthday into a wake-keeping service and presided over it. She caused quite a stir in her otherwise serene neighbourhood when she hired a ceremonial horse-drawn cart, got a man dressed and veiled in white to ride beside her as her ghost-groom. And they rode through the streets of London to Bimpe’s nuptial-like pre-funeral. It was a spectacle to behold. She had expected the worst. The doctors’ verdict was that she’d die by December 2011 and since she could not preside over her own funeral, she opted to stay alive for her wake-keep and watch it live; a dress rehearsal for her own burial – to see and hear who would come, say what and do what? Bimpe’s close shave with insanity threw her body, soul and spirit into a deliverance ministry for the stark raving mad. She would patrol the suburbs of Lagos and other states, pray for the lunatics she finds on the streets, roll up her work clothes and set her hand to the plough – to do the dog work of spiritual, financial and moral rehabilitation of such folk – without looking back. “I can’t bear to watch a fellow human being waste away due to the spiritual affliction of madness - for nothing is impossible for God to


have great pleasure inviting you on board Baba Missions Global - my passion. As you are aware, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer last year June. It was said to be terminal as it had already spread to my lungs, liver and chest wall. I was given 4-6 months to live. As it is written: Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom - Psalm 90:12. Events in my life demand that I set my priorities right. As it has pleased God to elongate my life beyond the 6-month speculation of medical experts by my prognosis, I will document my experience form the diagnosis to date so that multitudes can be encouraged in their various challenges, and know that the steadfast love of God ceases not. With this video documentation, I wish to generate funds to begin the permanent housing project for the homeless mentally ill persons (lunatics) who litter the streets of

do,” Beloved Apostle Bimpe once explained on her weekly programme on Sky TV in the United Kingdom where she lives with her children. Not minding her sophis- Beloved Apostle Bimpe and her ghost-groom dressed up for ticated self – “I have wake-keeping rocked life at the highest social levels” she once told HAMILTONSTYLE at a church meet in London – Apostle Bimpe would pray for the afflicted one, take off his/her clothes with some assistance, get water, lather a sponge with soap and actually bathe and scrub them clean right there in public in some shielded corner. In this manner, she has rescued quite a few afflicted folks back to Bimpe in hospital, surrounded by her cheerleaders, her lovely some semblance of nor- children malcy; a Christian feat that very few ministers with Life’) on an exclusive boat cruise. It is of religion who wear the toga of ‘Holy, holy, titled, ‘The Diagnosis’ and is selling right now. holy’ can light a torch to. Prior to that, she had posted an invitation on At dusk on Saturday, November 10, 2012 Facebook that captures the essence of what Bimpe premiered a movie of her dance with she is about these days: death (perhaps more appropriately put, ‘Dance NEXT WEEK: We will publish your reactions to last week’s police story plus your personal messages to Beloved Apostle Bimpe who read this article in hospital, while going through radiography to save her spine from the spread of the cancer. Please pray for her!

Bimpe on baba missions global Nigeria. God has graced me and my team with His love to recover many of them and to rehabilitate them. Some of their children who were abandoned from childhood in the cause of their illness were also recovered, rehabilitated and are in our care - placed in schools. Since I was diagnosed of terminal cancer, my concern has been what will be the fate of these special ones in Nigeria when I die? And now that I am under palliative care (end of life pain management scheme of the NHS) I want to ensure that these people’s hope does not terminate with my transition to glory whenever it pleases the Lord to call me home. This dying woman, Beloved Apostle

Bracing up against a mentally challenged man

Bimpe (her very popular Facebook name) is living loud, but not for herself, and she is cheating death not just to be with her children, but in order to give abundant life to the helpless who would have been totally hopeless but for her. She turned 46 on November 12, two days after she took friends, family and potential sponsors of her laudable dream on a fourhour boat cruise-cum-dinner on the waters of the River Thames. Onboard, guests were treated to the premiere of ‘The Diagnosis’, splendid fun, sumptuous food and cool drinks “in celebration of what God has done in my life, yet adding to my life even after I organised my own wake keep in November

Bathing him and praying for his deliverance

last year.” While one can’t ask all gospel ministers to start patrolling the streets of Nigeria looking for lunatics, curing and rehabilitating them, Bimpe’s selfless example, despite her own modest resources, calls to question the usefulness to society of mega-rich churches and their exuberant overseers: What exactly is society benefitting from them in real terms? They won’t even donate to laudable charity causes like Bimpe’s who is giving all that is left of her life to rehabilitating lunatics and their impoverished off-springs. Bimpe’s cause deserves serious funding by rich pastors, rich companies and the very rich federal government of Nigeria.

Bimpe praising God for another recovered soul

The Sun Newspaper (Nov. 24) article  
The Sun Newspaper (Nov. 24) article  

Article by Kunle Hamilton on Beloved Apostle Bimpe in the Sun Newspapers of Nigeria