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Dance Initiative Greater Manchester


A note from DiGM’s Director, Deb Ashby

Re-SiTE is an online brochure dedicated to promoting UK based professional dance performance works ready for touring for outdoors, sited or site-specific contexts. At Dance Initiative Greater Manchester we specialise in developing dance for the outdoors and in unusual spaces, we want to break boundaries and offer new experiences both to artists and audiences. Since the first edition of Re-SiTE we have expanded our distribution list even further and hope to continue to develop this brochure/ platform, ensuring it serves as a vital bridge between artists/ companies and promoters/ festivals. 2012 was a fantastic year for dance in general in the UK, with the Olympics bringing about many opportunities and inspiration for new works. More personally DiGM as an organisation have had another busy and exciting year including our international dance festival Urban Moves bringing out the crowds in Manchester despite the bad weather, and our exciting international dance exchange project Dance Channels, with Italy and Spain bringing about new dance pieces that you will see in this brochure, as well as new networks, new experiences and many new opportunities for the future. We look forward to what 2013 has to offer, please keep your eye on our website for new projects and opportunities. Thank you Deb Ashby Director

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Akademi actively pushes the boundaries of where dance can appear and produces innovative South Asian dance events in unusual places. Our productions embrace and are inspired by extraordinary architecture and public spaces. We offer new experiences both to artists and audiences alike and increase access to high quality dance activity to underrepresented communities.


We create work for artists and engage the widest possible public with an art form that while rooted in classical tradition is at the cutting edge of contemporary culture and a particularly British creative force. We are a local organisation with a global perspective and worldwide connections. Our pioneering work contributes significantly to Britain's international reputation for innovation in South Asian dance. Our ambitious productions have included partnerships with a wide range of collaborators eg: Intium (London College of Fashion), Bells (Theatre Tol) and Sufi:Zen (Red Earth). We perform at dance venues, outdoor spaces and festivals and in both the private and the commercial sectors. We promote a cross-arts led approach and reflect diversity in collaboration with circus, cinema, fashion, music and literature.

Tel: 0207 691 3210

Avant Garde Dance are a London based company who are the vanguard of British contemporary Hip Hop theatre. Under the Artistic Direction of Tony Adigun the company have been touring the UK and internationally since 2001. Avant Garde Dance consistently produce bold, powerful and diverse work fundamental to the companies philosophy to "Innovate Never Replicate". Exploring original concepts the company have developed a unique approach to creating work that is always visually captivating, stylish and thought provoking. WORK: The Bunker Thing (45 minutes) The Bunker Thing is a site-specific immersive production directed and choreographed by Tony Adigun, working with digital artist Adam Seaman, and narration from award winning spoken word artist Inua Ellams. A small, intimate audience are transported into this underground world where a story of oppression and rebellion unfold. Their senses are battered by musty smells, unnerving touches, sweet tastes, intimidating sounds and an incredible visual feast of high energy athletic dance and multimedia installations, that will linger in their minds long after the show disappears. The Bunker Thing is commissioned and produced by East London Dance

WORK: Sufi:Zen (35 minutes, a 10 minute version is also available) Sufi:Zen is an energised dance performance which contrasts the intensity of Sufi mysticism with the stillness of Zen meditation. Influenced by multiple dance disciplines Sufi:Zen incorporates modern perspectives on traditional South Asian art forms. Choreographed by Gauri Sharma Tripathi, Sufi:Zen is a fusion of kathak, butoh and contemporary dance. Floor required: Level 10 x 10m stage area covered with professional dance floor. Set description: Performed in the round or on three sides, to a backdrop of firecans, incense and staged lighting. We are also able to collaborate with environmental arts group Red Earth, who can provide medium-large scale natural fire effects to create an environmentally friendly natural outdoor spectacle. This provides a tangible transformational environment with fire, sparks, haze, artistically lit smoke and an overall heightened experience Number of performers: 4 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: Present and ongoing

Floor required: Concrete Performance area required: The Bunker Thing is a site-specific production and will be adapted to different spaces. The ideal space will be similar to a bunker and feature the following qualities: Dark, no natural light, ideally underground so you have to go down to enter. A variety of rooms/spaces with one space at least 10x10m. Derelict or disused feeling – dirty / ill-repair. However, we are open to be challenged and will consider adapting to any interesting space! A site visit will be required before final booking confirmation. Set description: Adapted to suit space. Features of specific spaces are used. Projection is used on walls. A pile of old televisions is set up with recorded and live feed.


Number of performers: 10-12 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 4

Email: Tel: 0208 279 1050

Available to tour: Summer 2013 Other works available: Taxi!, The Silver Tree



19th & 20th April 2013, Contact, Manchester

Turn is an open submission dance platform presented by DiGM in partnership with hÅb, Contact Theatre and the Nuffield Theatre/Live at LICA, for North West dancers and dance makers aged 18 and above. North West based dancers or dance-makers looking for an opportunity to present performance work are invited to submit proposals of finished pieces or excerpts of dance, works in progress and sited dance performances in and around Contact Theatre, for this micro-festival Applications for Turn 2014 will open in Autumn 2013. Turn is a greenroom legacy project

Being Frank aims to excite audiences of all ages through collaborative performances that exude an exciting raw physicality. Being Frank’s artistic director David McKenna has previously held the post of rehearsal director for Motionhouse and has been choreographing in his own right for Being Frank and other dance companies for the past 9 years. The company has created 3 pieces for outdoor spaces over the last 4 years and have performed nationally at many festivals such as Xtracks, Birmingham’s Six Summer Saturdays and Swansea’s Dance Days.

Floor required: grass/ concrete/ tiled (any flat surface with no obstacles)

Set up in 2004 to inspire young men to dance, Being Frank continues to stimulate and engage audiences of all ages. Being Frank also has a national reputation for delivering challenging and creative dance workshops that are inclusive to everybody.

Available to tour: June – October 2013

WORK: The Quiet Men (20 minutes) Two men have aspirations to bring peace and love to the world. They want to create change – for the betterment of mankind. Their intentions are good but their methods are opposed. They come to challenge each other. They begin to compete in spreading their ideology – wherever, whenever to whoever…

Performance area required: 8m x 8m Prop description: 2 fold down tables and 2 suitcases Set description: N/A Number of performers: 2/3 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 3



C-12 Dance Theatre entwines both dance and theatre disciplines to deliver an innovative and emotional blend of physical dance performance with a theatrical narrative. C-12’s choreographic style is a fusion of contemporary and modern dance techniques and was established in 2005 by Annie Lunnette Deakin-Foster, Nasae Evanson and Adam Towndrow. Having worked with Merce Cunningham Dance Company in 2012 (Merce Circus) and collaborated with Jeanafer Jean Charles for Bolero Remixed with a 52 piece orchestra at the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival in 2010, C-12 Dance Theatre is an exciting prospect! ‘C-12 is a company to watch not just for dancing but for interesting, emotive and powerful theatre’ Fringe Review WORK: TROLLEYS (20 minutes) Featuring choreography by Shaun Parker, from Shaun Parker & Company. Part dance. Part ballet. Part outdoor spectacle. TROLLEYS is a new ballet for five supermarket trolleys. Five shopping trolleys randomly appear in a public space. Two meet and fall in love. One grapples to find a friend. Three others revolt and ignite a dance of anarchy. Trolleys spin, glide and slide in this highly physical, humourous outdoor performance where high octane

contemporary dance, acrobatics and street dance merge with the extraordinary world of trolleys. Set to a pounding electro-acoustic score, TROLLEYS will tease, thrill and move it’s audience. You’ll never go shopping in the same way again. Floor required: A smooth, flat floor (preferably concrete) C-12 Dance Theatre will bring 5 rolls of dance harlequin flooring and a martial arts puzzle foam. The foam takes approx. 1hr to assemble. Performance area required: 12m x 10m performance space Prop description: Five trolleys Set description: 12m x 10m performance space with 2 speakers stage right and 2 on the left, only 1 is visible and 2 subs provided for bass Number of performers: 5 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2-3 times Email:

Available to tour: May – September 2013

We are a Chinese dance group under China Pearl arts and culture organization based in Liverpool. We do both traditional and contemporary Chinese dance. We cover a wide range of dance styles from China as well as create innovative fusion of Chinese dance with other styles like break, street and contemporary. We have done numerous performances both indoors and outdoors across the UK. Apart from dance, China Pearl also provides other art forms including music, theatre, calligraphy and arts.




Number of performers: 5 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: Flexible Available to tour: Flexible

WORK: Chinese Contemporary Umbrella Dance (6 minutes) This piece is to depict the beauty of the Southland, the area in the downstream of the Yangzse River, which is renowned for its beautiful nature, elegance and exquisiteness and has been widely adored by poets and authors since ancient Chinese times. It presents Chinese culture in this fresh contemporary Chinese dance piece.

Floor required: Any smooth, flat surface. Email: Tel: 07826 919 428

Performance area required: 5m x 5m minimum. Other features are not essential but stairs would be a plus point. Prop description: Chinese Umbrellas Set description: N/A


Company Chameleon Dance Theatre is the collective vision of dance artists Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner. In coming together as Company Chameleon the duo have developed and presented their own pieces alongside works from some of the world’s foremost contemporary choreographers. Their artistic exchange draws on their individual experience to tackle human and personal issues in inventive ways which encourage audiences to connect with both the material and them as performers.

COMPANY CHAMELEON Email: Tel: 07757 654 790

Both Push (17 minutes) and Search & Find (15 minutes) - duets created and performed by Kevin Edward Turner and Anthony Missen - are available. First produced 2010 and 2012 respectively, each piece takes as its starting point, male to male relationship codes, exploring through an athletic yet sensitive physical interaction the hierarchy and boundaries which characterise them. Search and Find was commissioned by Dance Initiative Greater Manchester WORK: Push (17 minutes) Athletic yet sensitive, this powerful and engaging duet looks at the different stances we take as

CFA was founded by choreographer and dancer Darren Pritchard In 2001. After success working with other dance organisations, Darren was funded by North West Arts Board to create his own piece of work, Funkadelik, which was also supported by Khemtech and DiGM. Funkadelik - with dancers skillfully balancing, spinning, diving and falling off speakers - premiered in The Mission (choreographic Black dance platform), followed by a small-scale tour around Northern England. The success of Funkadelik led to the Company being granted an ‘At Home’ Residency for Emerging Artists at Contact Theatre in 2002. This in turn led to the creation of CFA first major work Plasma Intermix. CFA was selected as one of the first two incubated companies (alongside Quarantine) by PANDA (Performing Arts Network and Development Agency). The company was officially launched with a showing of its entire portfolio of professional work at the PANDA showcase in December 2002. Company Fierce Academy’s professional projects have toured England’s outdoor festivals, UK and European theatres and have been seen on TV in various advertisements and music videos. Our shows are at affordable prices to make dance accessible to everyone. Previous outdoor performances have been free i.e. 'Gulliver’s Boom Box' seen by

we relate to one another, and how the complex nature of our psychology means at times we push to exert our dominance and control, and at others submit and yield. Push is a co-commission between Without Walls and Dance Initiative Greater Manchester. Floor required: Any flat even surface (not cobbles or glass) Performance area required: 8m x 8m Prop description: None Set description: None Number of performers: 2 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: Summer 2013 Other works available: Search & Find

over 7000 people as it hit the streets of England. WORK: A Duet To Music (15 minutes) ‘A Duet to Music’ is a modern ballet duet to Classical music. Using the urban landscapes as its backdrop, the dancers show the sophistication, grace and beauty of ballet technique, stripping dance right back to its purest form of simply two beautiful dancers dancing to lovely music . The choreography explores the music Johann Sebastian Bach and his Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001. Floor required: Concrete as flat as possible Number of performers: 2 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: June - September 2013

COMPANY FIERCE Email: Tel: 0161 209 8004 / 0781 438 9802



STRIDE is our thriving dance project for young men in partnership with Company Chameleon. It’s fundamental aims being; to introduce young men (aged 10-20) to dance, to offer opportunities for these young men to experience dance as a high quality art form and to challenge stereotypes of young men in dance. STRIDE engages these young men from diverse backgrounds and offers them not only the opportunity to learn dance skills but enables them to develop key life skills through discipline, responsibility and social interaction. All STRIDE sessions are completely FREE! Each year we run STRIDE workshops across Greater Manchester from which participants work towards a sited and outdoor performance event. This year workshops will take place in Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Wigan & Salford

Dog Kennel Hill Project is a dance performance collective that combines the artistic voices of Ben Ash, Henrietta Hale and Rachel Lopes de la Nieta, each of whom has a distinctive performing career in British contemporary dance.

ous nuances of vaudeville entertainment, absurdly at odds with the often abandoned or re-imagined post industrial landscapes that it travels through. Small audience can board the boat whilst a larger audience follows on an audio guided towpath tour.

We are committed to exploring new contexts for dance through a process of investigation, experimentation, risk-taking and cross-over with other art forms. Asking questions about this crazy world forms the basis of our work together and we seek the beauty within the absurdity of being human. Our work has been described as intriguing, slippery, mind-blowing and laughout-loud funny. A broad theme in our recent work is about situating our processes and productions in 'work' areas where public can happen upon it in unexpected ways

Floor required: canal waterway – we tour with a boat that has a wooden stage built on it.

The company’s work has been shown in a range of contexts including: the visual arts, opera, circus and television commercials. We have received a diverse range of commissions, including creations for Scottish Dance Theatre, The Place Prize, Stour Valley Arts in Kingswood Forest and Whitechapel Gallery. WORK: TUG (30 minutes per journey, the boat then turns and repeats the performance for the journey back) A unique experience of sound, movement, design and natural occurrence. The performance takes place on a specially adapted heritage workboat on UK waterways, creating a contemporary showboat with some curi-

Performance area required: At least 1 mile of canal- waterway with turning space of 80ft at either end. Bridges and other landscape features are important in forming part of the dynamic structure of the work. A towpath that borders the waterway for larger audiences to view with a mp3 guide. Set description: 2 ticket booths to place at either end of the towpath.70ft heritage narrowboat with a stage constructed that includes a trapdoor and a backdrop. We have a set of small lights powered by the boat engine. A battery smoke machine is used. Health and safety, inc lifejackets stored on boat. Number of performers: 4 – core cast plus up to 8 volunteer extras How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: up to 6 times Available to tour: May 2013 – September 2013, May 2014 – October 2014

DOG KENNEL HILL PROJECT Email: Tel: 07946 271134


Genevieve Say is an up and coming dance artist, performer and choreographer, and has been making her own work since 2006. In 2011 she was commissioned by Merseyside Dance Initiative (MDI) to develop ‘Chips’, an indoor dance theatre piece, and in 2012 she was commissioned by Urban Moves International Dance Festival to create ‘5IVE’.

Floor required: Concrete, paving Performance area required: 8m x 8m Number of performers: 5 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: February - September 2013

She has presented her work nationally, including at greenroom Manchester, Yorkshire Dance Leeds, Unity Theatre Liverpool and Battersea Barge London. Most recently Genevieve was the artistic director of ‘Punchline’, a performance combining over 40 professional performers and community participants. It was performed as part of Preston Guild and received national press and industry interest. WORK: 5IVE (20 minutes) Five women find strength in unity as they take on the world. Using bold, energetic movement and thoughtful imagery the dancers take you on a journey of defence, defiance and hope. 5IVE has been described as a “standout piece”, “witty and winningly performed” and “in terms of impact, this worked on pretty much every level”

LaNua is an Edinburgh-based company, run by Artistic Director, Merav Israel, that specialise in creating large live art projects. LaNua develops performance projects that explore the boundaries of choreographic practice in dialogue with other art forms while exploring alternative spaces, and interaction with objects, video, sound, and text. Previous work includes Mid-day to Midnight Duet presented in a gallery shop at the Edinburgh Fringe (2004-5, 2007-8) and Coming to Our Senses, a site specific performance in and around the Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

LA NUA Email: Tel: 07872 006 836

The company also delivers workshop packages to support the touring work. WORK: Enso (45-50 minutes) Using paper, fabric and stones, the dancers weave poems, movement and images creating a serene, unforgettable show.

GENEVIEVE SAY DANCE Email: Tel: 07740 487 389

Floor required: Grass, concrete, wood Performance area required: 15m x 20m, place to hang fabric from eg gallery, wall or stairs (optional) Prop description: Enso includes an installation of paper, fabric and stones. Set description: Audience seated around landscape as they would do in a Zen garden. They are invited to travel through the installation/garden and place a stone that they chose, making their own mark on the space. The Japanese love to commemorate places with poems incised into large stones set along the paths Number of performers: 4 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: Anytime

Inspired by Zen art forms - gardens, calligraphy and poems (Haiku) Enso received a 4 star review from The Herald “Everything...came together in one exquisite whole”. 7

Maelstrom Dance is a North West dance theatre company founded by Artistic Director Lindsey Brocklebank in 2008. As runner up for the ‘TURN’ Prize commission 2009 (Consortium; DiGM, hAb, greenroom developed ‘TURN’ a NW platform) Maelstrom was given the touring opportunity ‘Turn Out Tour’. Touring three venues across the NW and NE, Nuffield Theatre (Lancaster), Greenroom (Manchester) and Dance City (Newcastle). Following this tour, Maelstrom created ‘Got Legs’ which was awarded the 2011 TURN Prize.

MAELSTROM DANCE http://www. Email: Tel: 07738 573 387

In 2011 an R&D for new work ‘Ballast’, supported by Edge Hill, ACE and Chorley BC began with a choreographic lab at Trinity Laban (London) and a sharing at the Studio theatre at Edge Hill. In January 2012 this work was premiered as the TURN prize winning performance at the Nuffield, Lancaster. Most recently Maelstrom has premiered the commissioned piece STOP: LADIES CROSSING for the international festival ‘Urban Moves’ (July 2012) and they have just completed the sited work ‘The Truth About Me’. Maelstrom also design, deliver and facilitate workshops, seminars, lectures and performance projects.

WORK: The Truth About Me (20/25 minutes) The Truth About Me is about our sometimes rose-tinted view of ourselves and the way in which we bend the truth to appear more interesting, exciting, sexy, employable! A funny, insightful, dance theatre piece set and performed in a bar, the performers date, cajole and come clean about themselves to and with their audience. Floor required: A flat surface, grass is not suitable Performance area required: The piece is adaptable to most spaces, we need approx 10 x 10 ft to work the space however, if it is a foyer or bar we can adapt the material to suit the spaces. As this is set in a bar we would prefer the opportunity to perform in a public area such as a cafe/bar or outdoor seated area. Prop description: 4 stools of varying heights Set description: As above Number of performers: 4 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 3 Available to tour: Throughout 2013

Mercurial Dance creates “distinctive, memorable performances” and delivers “outstanding” participatory projects, workshops and classes. Young people and their families are at the core of our work. We create work with them, for them to perform; and for them to immerse themselves in, experience and enjoy as an audience.

Set description: 2 2m x 1m MDF boards

Our current focus is on making work for alternative performance spaces such as city centre squares, empty shops and window displays. Integrating dance and digital art, our pieces can be presented in different contexts and sites.

Other works available: Cascades

WORK: Hinterland (25 minutes) Hinterland has a style that is physical fluid and immediate, fusing movement styles from parkour, released base dance techniques and high energy contact partner work. Expressing ideas about the urban as playground Hinterland reflects the relationship to our cities and architecture and how we engage within them. Floor required: Level floor. Concrete/ slab/tarmac but not grass Performance area required: Minimum 8m x 10m plus audience area surrounding

Number of performers: 4 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 3 Available to tour: Summer 2013

MERCURIAL DANCE Email: Tel: 07884 068 108

Prop description: Coloured chalk 8

Developing work that is directly presented in response to different and unusual theatrical settings, NMC aims to challenge the notions of traditional performance and evolve the landscape of contemporary dance. We are a collective of new generation choreographers with a long collaborative working history, both as dancers and dance-makers with Europe’s leading ballet and contemporary companies. Our members hail from Rambert Dance Company, Wayne McGregor/ Random Dance Company, Rafael Bonachela, Company Chameleon and New Adventures among others.

NEW MOVEMENT COLLECTIVE Email: Tel: 07963 793 109

On the constantly evolving scene of immersive theatre our performances are distinguished by strong emphasis on the dance component, physicality of our cast and attention to detail in architecture – the feature ingrained in our practice through ongoing collaboration with Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio. With a strong commitment to collaborative working methods between dance, architecture, film and music, NMC is dedicated to unlocking the performance potential within the hidden pockets of our cities. WORK: Casting Traces (45 minutes) Inspired by Paul Auster’s seminal novel “New York Trilogy”, this cross genre 45minute promenade performance invites the

Out of the Blue Productions is a creative organisation specialising in performances of dance theatre and new music in unconventional spaces. Since forming in 2010, we have created work for the EU-artnetwork and in partnership with the BBC Philharmonic orchestra. The human stories and architectural qualities of the sites we perform in are often our inspiration. We adapt our work to new sites to create a bespoke performance wherever we perform. Out of the blue Productions’ creative team brings together Joseph Lau & Bridget Fiske (dancer-choreographers) and Gavin Wayte (composer) We collaborate at the genesis of each new piece to create a highly integrated artwork, fusing music and dance from the outset WORK: rəәvolve (23 minutes) He seeks someone to love and her heart resounds with the same. rəәvolve explores the fragility of facade, the desire to have oneself reflected in another and the longing to be loved. rəәvolve is an intimate yet comic tragedy where there is much to hold on to but a fate that has already been decided. A dance theatre and new music work for solo harpist and two dancers.

audience into a unique dance experience set within an architect design paper labyrinth. Dance, architecture, film and specially commissioned music meet to create a world of illusion, mystery and shadow play. Touching on popular themes of detective novels and the modern issues of everpresent surveillance cameras, the audience explore a giant paper maze, witnessing and influencing the transformation of their surroundings. Performance area required: Designed for 650sq metre warehouse with columns. The production can be adapted to a larger or slightly smaller area. A sturdy wall on one side of performance space and sufficient space for a bar within the performance area would be an advantage but not essential. Set description: Made of recycled paper, sourced from local newspaper print centre (excess waste in daily production). Suspended from the ceiling using plastic electric conduit tubes and between pillars using tape. Number of performers: 9 (8 dancers, 1 violinist) How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: From 2013

Floor required: Flat paved surface or flat grassed area Performance are required: 6m x 6m (please note the work is presented in the round) Number of performers: 3 (2 dancers 1 harpist) How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: Anytime

OUT OF THE BLUE PRODUCTIONS http://www.outoftheblueproductions. Email: info@outoftheblueproductions


Rachel Dean is a contemporary dance artist based in Leeds who performs, teaches and choreographs. She has a particular interest in Contact Improvisation and collaboration with other artists and art forms and is part of improvisation collective Mathilde. Her choreography has included ‘Love in Idleness’, a Midsummer dance theatre performance which toured gardens and parks in Summer 2012, ‘Nativity’, a Christmas solo exploring the enduring power of the myth and magic of the Virgin Mary, and ‘Entwined’, a dance theatre piece performed by a dressmaker and a dancer. She is passionate about sharing her love of dance and teaches Contact Improvisation regularly.

RACHEL DEAN Email: Tel: 07771 863 611

Rachel graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2006 and is currently studying part time for MA Creative Practice (Dance Professional Pathway) at Laban and Independent Dance. WORK: Love In Idleness 30-45 minutes (depending on location and size of audience, plus 10 minutes for audience to dance to live music after the performance). Love in Idleness is a promenade dance theatre performance for all the family. Inspired by William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this is a playful, mischievous and charming adventure.

Second Hand Dance (SHD) is a Surrey based dance company that brings to life imaginings and crafts journeys to inspire and intrigue audiences in a variety of spaces including libraries, galleries, outdoors and theatres. Creating a world where dads dance and libraries become performance arenas, we state proudly that dance is fun, beautiful and centred in positive communal activity. Join us to delight in the pleasures of dance in a space near you. Second Hand Dance is led by Rosie Heafford, a graduate from Laban and Goldsmiths College. Her work has been supported by South East Dance, Surrey Arts, Chisenhale Dance Space, Arts Council England, and The Nightingale Theatre in Brighton and more. Recent projects include Paper Solo, a solo performance with a paper sculpture which has been presented in theatres, libraries and other cultural venues as part of Big Dance; WAMA, an invented folk dance for the Barton Hill community in Bristol in their local park; and Dad Dancing a project with 3 professional dancers and their dads. She is also working on Humpty Dumpty and Labryrinth – a performance project for hospitals and care homes exploring the themes of labryrinths and knots. WORK: Humpty Dumpty: A Wibbly Wobbly World of Words (40 minutes)

Stumble upon hidden worlds in our most stunning landscaped gardens, led by dancers and live musicians. Love in Idleness is an experience that is never the same twice… Floor required: Performance can be adapted to any floor surface (grass, forest floor, gravel, concrete, stone etc) Performance area required: The piece requires a garden or landscaped park with features such as flower beds, grass, trees. It can be adapted to fit each location. A sundial and herb garden are desirable although not essential. Prop description: Various hand held – Puck's staff, flowers, herbs, one costume change. Set description: The performance uses the garden as its setting. Number of performers: 5 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: Summer 2013 & 2014

Humpty Dumpty is a promenade dance performance for children aged 3-7 suitable for outdoor festivals and library performances. This interactive experience takes children and their adults on a magical journey of literacy and movement to find the words to Humpty’s nursery rhyme, following soldiers and other clues, to put his rhyme back together again. Floor required: Any type of floor Performance area required: This performance has been designed to be performed in library settings or outdoor festivals where there is an area that can be walked around and props left in place. We need surfaces such as bookshelves or trees where paper soldiers can be put up for the children to follow. Prop description: Hexagonal Gazebo and floor matting 4m x 4m x 2.7m, Soft foam mats 2mx2.5m, PA System (battery operated on wheels) Drum, Props as an obstacle course around the space (including 2 hula hoops, a squidgy cushion, large ‘H’, Photo frame, stepping stone mats) Paper Soldiers and words Number of performers: 2 (plus 2 staff)

SECOND HAND DANCE Email: Tel: 07900 986 148

How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 3/4 Available to tour: Anytime


Tom Dale Company is brought together by a collection of artists and practitioners in the fields of dance, music, art and design. Led by artistic director Tom Dale the company brings new aesthetics to dance and synergy to cross art collaborations, in order to contemplate and challenge concepts pertinent to contemporary society. Tom's work does not fit into any easy category. He draws on an instinctive relationship to music and the particular themes of the work to find and create the relevant movement identities, dynamics and world of performance.

TOM DALE COMPANY Email: Tel: 07967 188 853 / 07976 371 124

TDC engages with global issues relating to the human experience; bringing them to life through metaphor and the development of a unique movement vocabulary. TDC attracts audiences to dance through its aesthetics, contemporary influences, music innovations and creative collaborations. These core artistic tools, coupled with the content of the work and its resonances with underground/sub-cultures create the dynamic heart of TDC, making it attractive to audiences new to dance. TDC invests in dance as an art form with a robust but sensitive working practice. TDC also provides continued professional development and creates work for the major UK dance conservatoires, offering compelling and fulfilling education work.

WORK: I Infinite (43 minutes) Set in a white, digitally animated environment, I infinite is a mesmerising multi-media dance installation inspired by the quest of the digital world to re-create life. Audiences are free to roam as the spellbinding visual imagery draws you within centimetres of the performer who moves between robotic isolation and liquid fluidity. Locked within a world of finite solutions the character embarks on a captivating journey to the infinite. This piece can exist as a stand alone interactive exhibition also with no performer. Floor required: White (preferred) or grey dance floor, sprung floor preferred although not essential. Performance area required: Min. performance area: 10m x 10m Max. performance area: 25m x 10m Set description: 3 white boxes, 4 white benches (TDC can provide in UK). Built to required dimensions for international touring. The piece uses 5 projectors as the only light source in the space. Number of performers: 1 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: up to 4 times Available to tour: Anytime

Since 1994, Vincent Dance Theatre has built a national and international reputation for creating and touring powerful, engaging dance theatre work and delivering high quality participation work across the UK and abroad. Pulling together movement, text, choreography, theatre, live music and a strong visual sense of place, VDT’s rollercoaster productions challenge conventional values in dance and gender politics. The Company’s live work tours to theatre venues across the UK and abroad. Our installation and film work is distributed into nontheatre spaces, across arts venues and festivals across Europe, Canada, Australia and United States. WORK: UNDERWORLD (2 hour loop) ‘UNDERWORLD’ is a durational live performance for unconventional spaces. UNDERWORLD is not easy to categorise – it is a site-specific live installation. It is punishing choreography. It is visual art. It is highly physical theatre. It is a series of dark, beautiful vignettes. It is robust, risky ensemble work. It is a piece that transforms the space over and over to form a series of striking cinematographic images. Floor required: Can be performed on any floor Performance area required: 10m x 10m performance area. We are looking for disused urban spaces that can be made

dark. These may include tunnels, ballrooms, railway arches, municipal buildings, warehouses, factories, tram sheds, cellars of country houses. Prop description: Large number of chapel chairs Set description: Set in an airless, dusty land of the living dead, accompanied by 140 antique chapel chairs and a haunting, atmospheric soundtrack of rushing rivers, church bells and feint children’s voices by acclaimed composer Gavin Bryers, UNDERWORLD explores the art of not looking back. Number of performers: 8 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 3 Available to tour: January 2013 onwards

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Dance Channels is an exciting European dance exchange between England, Spain and Italy. The focus is on creating dance for outdoor and unusual spaces and involves the cities of Manchester (England), Zaragoza (Spain) and Genova (Italy): all who produce and present international dance festivals with this focus. Dance Channels promotes the development and growth of dancers, choreographers and companies in europe. it enables the sharing of new techniques and artists to acquire further training to support their artistic practice.

Independent and Manchester based choreographer Joseph Lau was commissioned by Dance Channels partners Urban Moves, Trayectos and Corpi Urbani to create a work with Spanish dancers Ingrid Magrinya, Antonio Munoz and Jordi Vilaseca. Joseph is building a work history both in the UK and Australia. His latest choreographic projects include upcoming new solo ‘STAFF ID: 5201’ and it’s companion work ‘The Age of Ledger’ as well as a full length stage work ‘Abandoned Things’ that premiered in greenroom in May 2001 WORK: Viva... (25 minutes) As a response to “Passage of Time”, ‘Viva...’ is a work that reflects back in time about the joys and disappointments of friendships.

Floor required: Flat floor on concrete, marble or any smooth surface with no gaps in floor Performance area required: 8m x 8m Prop description: Minor props of cups and birthday candles with holders Set description: Bare Number of performers: 3 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2 Available to tour: Spring to Autumn 2013



DANCE CHANNELS Compagnia Ubidanza was born from the collaboration of two artists of different form (Aline Nari/ Davide Fragioni) attracted to the possibilities of expression through movement in several contexts: theatre, outdoors, video and education. The company have presented their work in several Italian and European cities, and have been sustained by: Teatri di Vita, Sosta Palmizi, Associazione ARTU, Junge Hunde Network, DCM Foundation, Lieux Publics, Migateurs Transatlantique etc. Nearby it’s artistic research on stage, UBIdanza fosters the social effect of the artistic action promoting the generational exchange, the relation with urban reality and ethic awareness. The company, alongside performances and creations, develops projects with the University of Genova, has realised some video creations and collaborated on the movie Dancing Cities

WORK: Temporary Maps (20 minutes) Floor required: Any flat even surface, concrete, grass etc. Performance area required: 8m x 8m + possibility to develop the performance on two levels: terrace, balcony, staircase, window, bridge etc...It will be good if the audience is not already settled in the performance space but is driven there by one of the dancers. Prop description: Two round carpets 50cm diameter, CD player Number of performers: 2 How many times can the performance be repeated in a day: 2/3 Available to tour: Please Contact



WORK: Oltre La Luna (20 minutes) Oltre La Luna was commissioned as part of the Dance Channels programme, in which each work offered a unique perspective on the common theme of ‘the passage of time’.

Then our bodies will be ready for their last long journey. We will fly over the Hades and meet holding hands again. We will look at each other and laugh, thinking we have got lost. Time itself will make us meet again among this crowd of people.

Man has interpreted the passing of time in many different ways. It was probably by observing the regular motion of stars and the repetition of biological cycles that prehistoric man realised that time was circular. On the other hand, Christians looked to the sky as a form of guidance, thus giving rise to a linear concept of time.

Floor required: hard and flat or grass. No paves

The day will come when there is no time left, when we are no longer able to love each other because time is running out.

Set description: Naked space

Performance area required: 10m width x 8m depth, minimum height clearance 4m Prop description: 2 inflatable chairs and 50 balloons

Number of performers: 2


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