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Ptice: THREEPENCE ftliUATL, rbBttUAKY \),



National holiday—first Monday that month • MANLEY;


Soon we will be marchingi through


FTER A HURRIED REFERENCE OF JAMAICA'S DEMANDS dom agreed to Jamaica having its Independence Day on the first Monday Sir Alexander; celebrating in August — August 6 this year.

At yesterday's session, Premier Norman Manley and at his hotel tonight told me: "There was quite a fight beOpposition Leader Sir Alexander Bnstamante both made tween the Colonial Secretary it clear that Jamaica would not be fobbed off by any de- and myself yesterday and I exlays to suit any other colony. The British Colonial Sec- pected to have to carry It on . . , retary, Mr. Maudling, this morning said that he had been this mornlnf. ^^^ i impressed by the views expressed unanimously by the "Fortunately this was not ne- ^! joint Jamaican delegation and would be prepared so to cessary. We are goiag—basS—'l recommend to the Prime Minister Mr. Harold Macmillan having sorted out everything that was not already sorted out and the Cabinet. 1 am very pleased Mr. Manley enquired how long that reference might take. Mr. in Jamaica. it all. Maudling said a reply would be had that very morning. And so, by 11 o'clock this morning, a telephone message had ..jj^. constitution now has been received at the conference at Lancaster House, stating that ^^ tidied. and mme th the United Kingdom Cabinet had agreed to the Jamaican stipula- j j^ faeen anjjous ^ get ^^. tionas to the date for Jamaican Independence. - ^ .m, it h . . It was then decided to embargo the news of the date - already 7* ° „,,="„,, fL mf" predicted in the Gleaner-until midnight tonight Tomorrow Tr?Jer Manley The following communique was issued: "Jamaican Independ- ^ ">"»«»>"» Premier *-rc,m=i jaauiey and Sir Alexander will loach ence Conference Date of Independence agreed. "The Secretary of State for the Colonies (Mr. Maudlins;) with.Prime Minister Mr. Harold, announced *t this moraine's (Thursday, February 8) plenary Marmfllan immediately after the! session of the Jamaica Independence Conference now beta* (Flease turn to Page Z, col. 5) held at Lancaster House, London, that the British Government were quite agreeable to the snjiertion pat forward by the Jamaica delecation for the date of Independnee. This date will be the first Monday In August of ibis year, August 6,1962".


LONDON, Feb. 9 (Heuter): Britain has agreed that Jamaica — linked with Britain for three hundred years — will emerge as an Independent nation on August 6, from the wreckage of an ill-fated West Indies Federation, This decision was announced in a communique issued after

Gift to Jamaica Cabinet

Gleaner Staff Reporter LONDON, Feb, 8: Englishman Mr. J o h n Stewart who married into the Jamaican Henriques

_ —.

LONDOX: Feb. 8:

LI ERE IS PREMIER Norman Manley's messm. JL age to Jamaica on the eve of the signing of the Independence Agreement: "This has l>een a great and inspiring conference, and when we sign the agreement tomorrow, I feel that we will have unlocked the gate about which I spoke, and soon the dqor will be wide open and we will be marching through. "I knew from yesterday that we would get the date that we wanted. We will abolish the first of August as a speciSc holiday and in effect, it will be amalgamated with Independence .which will be the first Monday in August every year "So we mark and distinguish the difference, bat preserve a historical connection. which I for one feel Is supremely tight for us to do.

300 rampage on housing project Rioting charged to six -

— S & G: A O K N K K A L VIEW <if the Jiimican Inrie]>emletice Constitution <.'onfwiire. at Lancaster Rouse, London.


i Anti-Jagan show.

I Prince I addresses i BGLegCo


22 yes " Since J demanded with my party, Inri n ' H Independence Jamaica. It has taken a long time- but wt have lost nothing, except that it has taken a long time, 'we have jgained an enormous self-confidence and maturity. The whole ever .'tasi^ m o n£"* 7a s ^ted *^S ™ have, done for the h s h 11 iof t h ^ , , t** | of that growth and maturity. «n «ample and « demonstration

' "As soon as I get to Jamaica. I will explain the changes we I have made in the constitution. But I am very glad to say now *at we have completely cleared up the problem of citi^nship, as I promised to do; everyone will be satisfied "We have arrived at a very sensible compromise of the .difference about electoral procedure, and at the same time we e d * " "Tomorrow will be a great day when We sign the Cnd °l the >ertod *-«**^- « * * . . gyrations for independence, wiich will now

GEORGETOWN, m 1PJSQ ''' until 1961, Secretary to the Prince Fhiap, ;i nusca: • A mob armed with machetes, Jamaican Cabinet, -today Britain's Queen Elizabeth today iron bars, sticks, stones and ase an imprassrve gesture addressed the Legislative Counsorted weapons attacked work-' when he presented a silver -. -.-_-•«;, .*** ""ft cU in Georgetown while'a noisy toe...attack., .and ..least Mounted blotter to ttar Ja- ers and householders -on, Tia-_ _-. . crowd paraded outside the build-. Nstlnnal M—reported—admitted—fe Government detegatTon KoT-come {He Sanral fslgar "Park—houaiag-—develop maica delegation for tfie ~nrg~ shouting—slogans—against ment yesterday as work on the Kingston .Public Hospital, last 'Premier Norman Msnley Holiday. use of the Jamaican Cabiindependence' under left-wing j .holiday _ jiet under Independence. site — suspended through a might Premier Cheddi Jagan. r:"repre3eistatiye»_hpl:held on August 1 to The" blotter "which Has siriKe fifr"T#o 'weeks"—" began ' engraved on it the Jamaica Alexander. Bustamaritt rat* the abolition of slavery in again with newly-hired labour. Work* on the site -was resumed Jagan said of the demonstrayesterday as Mr. Sydney WilCoat of Arms, w.a,s received i-ynfrffnrr. TgiT? end to- Jamaica, would be dropped, he tors "This is facism." Six men were arrested and liams, contractor, brought in for Jamaica by the PreEarlier demonstrators had charged with rioting after the fifty men to replace those inmier; Mr. Manley. held up slogans, reading "Slavery ta and the iswe <>f th* ' report mob — some three hundred volved in the strike deadlock. Mr. Stewart now works Begins If Jagan Wins Indepenon conclusion) oil the conferstrong rampaged through According to police,. as the at Cambridge University. dence" and similar anti-Jagan ence. • » the .area, attacking workers and men on the job took their midnotices as the Prince drove Gleaner Special Serrle* damaging completed houses on day break, the mob attacked This neport win include defrom the airport after arriving tails of the constitution which LONDON, Feb. 8: and spread through the area. air from London to start his Jamaican delegates said would Jamaica will become an inde* Opportunities offer- by s South American tour. An emergency squad from faave strongly entrenched clauses pendent member of the CornHall Way Tree police station was Prince Philip brought the to safeguard against any dicta- monwealth on August 6. sent to the scene, but had to ed for service in the Lertslatore greeting! from the torship seizing power in the if- This morning, delegates to the call for reinforcements. Later Queen and declared thai the land. .constitutional conference- went the situation was controlled. Government and people 01 ... .A eomimmlqBe released at to Lancaster House expecting to By THEODORE SEALY Jamaica National Two men finishing work on Britain are anxious that Bri. midnight said "Toe Secretary meet firm opposttio-i from' Coloa house at 16 Courtney Drive tish Guiana should be indeof State for the Colonies, Mr. nial Secretary Mr. Reginald LONDON, Feb. 8. —occupied by Mr. Cart Spence Reserve pendent. - Beflnald MaiidUnt, announced Vnnj^'tg. who yesterday opIR ALEXANDER BUSTAMANTEToi^ht But as he spoke, s noisy (Please turn to Page 2, eol. 9) at this moralnf's plenary ses- posed the Government-Opposicrowd paraded outside the Lealen of the Jamaican Indeptn. tion suggestion that IndepenSee... gave the 'Gleaner' a statement for the peogislative Council building with dence Conference now being dence should come in August gleaner Staff Beporter in the former Jamaica Regi(Please torn to P»fe 2, col. 7) pie of Jamaica on the eve of the signing of an held at Lancaster Boose, that He put forward a date in LONDON, Feb.* ment over this period i.e., beSunday's Gleaner the British Government was October, hut this was strongly After questioiw raised by Mr.. tween July 1, 1946 and Decemagreement for an Independence Constitution for "ajreeable to the iunestion objected to by Premier Noranan Robert Lightbourne about ex- ber 31, 1957, are invited to send Jamaica. pot forward by the Jamaican Manley; and Opposition Leader servicemen at yesterday's meet- their applications to the Comdelegation {or the date of In- Sir Alexander Bustamante. ing of the Independence Confer- mand Paymaster, Headquarters, He said: "I am happy to kn«w thatJ have won my dependence. I understand that this mom- ence at Lancaster House, a Caribbean Area, Up Park Camp, point in everything we agreed on. All the outstanding "Thi» dale will be the first ing Mr. Maudling had reconsi- statement was passed around by Kingston, Jamaica. The next ol Monday in August of this year dered hi* ideas and made no the United Kingdom Govern- kin of officers and rwn of the for^™.!In_5? W constitution made in Jamaica that I — August Gleaner Staff -Reporter ' ----- 6.. - 1962". ----difficulties about August 8. ment at today's conference stat- mer Jamaica Regiment may also have now LONDON. Feb. 8: ing the position of persons who send their applications. The folDr. Ivan Uoyd, Jamaica's served with the former .Jamai- lowing information and documents must be forwarded under "She's taking him for every Minister of Health, will have P tatal 8I ca Regiment. clUsenshlp ° * an interview tomorrow with registered cover with all apcent hl» father give* him." the United Kingdom Minister At the same time it was plications: Shares of (he Caribbean Cestated that the United Kingdom of Health. ment Co. Ltd., were traded in would after Independence, hon- "(1) Members still serving — pn -the New York market for our its obligations of pension to Army number, rank, nacne, and the first time yesterday, and present location... ex-servicemen, as at present • By TBEODOBE SEALY met with a bright reception. T h e statement . circulated O i n t h e P P O t i o n Leader The shares _are not yet listed on t o l d e P™ with "(2) Former members — ArLONDON, Feb. 8: invitations when there is a delef ,° •• w reference any stock exchanges, tut were to identiBcation of voters which, he said, the Jamaican ft took*.. like, Sir . Alexander Cation ,.whcb-include* the .permy certificate of discharge, marsold over: the; counter..., .. :. Bustamante will, after an, go to son who happens f be the head "Officers and. m«n of "the ''* bebe Detier MeHtrflarttt They represented a subthe luncheon to be given tomor. of a Government He is not in- former Jamaica Reilment who fore discharge from Army)... stantial portion of » block of row by Prime Minister Macmll- vited as a' person, but as the served In that force between • In the future, the Government will be obHeed to have 200,000 shares relinquished in July 1, 1946, and December 31, "(3) Next of kin r^a* at (2) Ian. Premier Manley has, along head of the Government • Jamaica's Independence Constitution pro-, proper identification of voters. Thereby will be reduced 1960 by large V.K. Investors with friends in high' quarters, "However I was approached 1957, mar <* eligible to re- above, together' with death cervides that in normal circumstances no Government done. i. to be a matter and promptly taken up at the persuaded the British Prime on behalf of the Prime Minister ceive arrears of pay, marriage tificate of officer or other rank, can stay ip power longer than five years without gotime by a syndicate la the Minister to have the luncheon and asked if I would agree to allowance and certain other ing back ti| the people by way of elections. The disU.S.A. who yesterday offered party "in honour of the delega- have the invitation Issued in allowances for their service* and legal certificate certifying some of the shares for sale. solution {^.automatic. tion from Jamaica" instead of another form :o as to save 'him over ttib period. This does that he or she is next of kin. said there were many other amendments, but these The shares were . offered on * i "In honour of the Premier of the embarrassment of the dis- .not apply to those off teen and not be considered material Agreement has been reached on the market at $10 and were lm< could • If.ifianaica is at war however, the life of Jamaica" the latter being the courtesy which was being of- other ranks who were enllii- "The final date- of which the whole constitution, with the exception of one or two polntsmediately taken up. Less' than rninor ed locally In Jamaica to? ser- claims should be forwarded .to norroal protocol fered to him. Parliament {and that, of course, may mean the Govpoints _ which will be settled tomorrow morning at the an hour later buyers were free- final meeting. Bat Mr. Manley was furious "Th" ! Jgreed to do so as to vice with units of the Brltlih reach the' Command Paymaster, "So I can say that the miarton that brought us here ernment ajso) may be extended for a limited period. ly bidding *,10.SO while holders has been successful Jamaica, is not later than Au., . • . tonight when he learned that save the.g^od nami of my coun- . Army. were asking $1120. II 1 gust 31, 1962." : "Office** and men who served Mr. " Manley whlle he m» ma>tar these —" "* """' concluded. "" -"This I would like to say, and it is genuine - there has been re-«rrkn(emen<4 to . faeilfiafaj co-operation. I like to give my opponent what it hia. The two th* Leader ef th« Opposition, delegations and Manley and I were1 able to dlscun matter* amic. Sir Alexander bad -jmbllibed a ably — Mr. Manley's delegation and mine — were able to come to statement to Jamaica that he conclusions amicably. So what we took to the 'feecretary of State weald not attend the fnnetlon had nothing of disagreement between 'the Jamaican delegations" ^J * • • ~ •" ' . ^ ' < ^r ' . ^^ . ' ' benaoM » WM In boncnr «f Asked for a message throat* the- "Gleaner" to Uie people ' Hotel publicist Jack Drury of their experiences after they set the Fremler." Said Mr.. Man- NASSAU, Bahamas, Feb.. 8 treatment of shock, exposure and Fort Lauderdale, Florida the off-yesterday for the water ski of Jamaica on the eve of th» rirninr «f the Independence <APV. coral rock cuts. Icy ttfrlrr "Cant they Kan ' third member of the party, was trip.Jayne and Mickey were on Agreement, Sir Alexander said: Thla, ef Marie, la tbe first Her welfht-lifUnj husband, :„ Movie actress J«yne Mans, skis and Drury piloted the 17- phase of Independence. There- I* another phase Which is uninjured. "I have read in Wednesday's field, her muscular' husBarxT an3' "Mickey" Ha*jt««TY related --•lty Important, data, to make * mcona tt «w Independence. fbot, wfiKe" hanea - outboard- bust Mill Manifleid fay ta a deck tale of aa overturned boat, a Gleaver lhat- Sir Alexander re. a companion returned safely to A few ot us can't do "it The entire Jamaica must unite in this they had'rented: ehalr swathed In blankets as fainting and panicking Jayne, fused to attend • lunch by the Nassau today with a story of great task. Prime. Minister because the in- a harrowing experience at sea apd a nlghi perched on the tip search touched off when they an almost uncontrollable fear the (roip returned to Nassau aboard the 15-foot charter Fell off skis of a coral rock Just jutttaf and ec night on a tiny coral of sharks, failed to return last night from "But at far ai I am concerned, Independence will mean nothing vitation was worded as oeinf In above hlrh tide, The Nassau Yacht Club said yaebt "BLADES," which pick- Hargltay said the party con- unless we can materially reduce unemployment, poverty, 'hunger the. water ski trip. honour of the Premier of J«- atoll. ed them off the beach ot Isotinued on until they got about Miss Mansfield, Hargitay, and Shivering and 'weeping, ?ihe sharks have not been reported and other allied Ills. Personally. I don't believe in destroying th« maica", Mr. Manley Mid here buxom blonde, who .water-stled a Florida;,- friend were found In those waters for ma ay .year*. lated Rose bland after • a mile and t, ha'f from Hose rich, but- 1 do believe in bringing up the smaller man. It cannot be tonight Island, some five mile* from right that some should have too mnch to eat and others not having "It U right .to explain that gaily out of Nassau yesterday, safe this morning on a beach at "It was the sharks. That .war HarglUy was treated for a plane spotted them. . Hargltay told the story of (Please turn to Pafe S, eol. 8) any, and babies starving — and babies starving". -was -taken, te- a .hospital. .'tor. BoM..lslandBaiter a nlghWpnjt the wont,'' laid Jtyne, who has cut leg. nwntnrt w»y of opened at lancaster House February doni constitution for Jamaica.


Jamaica must unite in this great task



• •

Jamaica Regiment.. v> -/

UK will honour obligations



Lloyd to see UK Health Minister

Protocol-change to suit Sir Alex

Carib Cement - Co. shares on N.Y. market

be bora ta



Jaune Mansfield's harrowing night in Bahamas MOVIE STAR, HUSBAND,

The worst*

THE FIRST NAME IN PAINTS IN JAMAICA Keith Isaacs Harbour Street and Old Hope Road offers you the tftost comprehensive paint service in Jamaica. ^ ^_.

August 6  

By THEODORE SEALY again with newly-hired labour. Six men were arrested and charged mob — strong _-. Government detegatTon KoT-come {He The F...

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