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These guidelines will help you understand how to write a blog for Digivante, the level of quality we expect and how you will be paid for your work. We appreciate you volunteering for this project and want to give the community a platform to voice your expertise, and provide additional value to the excellent work you do for Digivante. All blogs submitted will be read by our marketing department and, if chosen to be published, will be hosted on the blog section of our website under the user name 'Community'. If you would like us to specifically reference you, please include your name in red at the bottom of your blog piece. CONTENTS: - How to structure your blog submission - The level of English you should write to (including references) - Examples of previous ideal blogs - How you will know when to write for us and where to submit your blog piece - How we grade your work and the pay rate for each submission If you have any questions, please contact


These guidelines will help you structure your blog piece and provide you with examples of previous blog posts for reference. WRITTEN STRUCTURE: Each blog post should be textually displayed as such: 50 - 100 word paragraph summarising the topic you are covering An introduction explaining why you are writing about this subject and your stance on the topic. For example: Are you writing about this topic because you are an expert? Has the topic has been in the news recently? Or can you add insider value? The body of the blog should be analytical and subjective. If you reference any facts or quotes ensure they are sourced with a link to the article. Source facts as a hyperlink in the text. The conclusion should draw your blog piece to a close by adding value to the subject, either through a final statement which summaries the blog piece or through evidence. Examples of previous blogs which you should use as reference on our blog page are: - Performance testing; What, why, how and when? Link - Agile website testing: how to hit ‘warp speed’ with less stress & more success Link


Our blogs are written for IT professionals, C-level professionals (CEO, CTO & COO) and Digital managers. For this reason, the level of English proficiency must be akin with native English speakers. LEVEL OF ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: Ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Ensure your blog has a header. Ensure your blog has at least two sub-headers. Ensure your blog is written in third person. Ensure your blog has been written in a professional, informative tone. Avoid a conversational tone of voice. Ensure you blog is between 700 -1000 words long RESOURCES: We suggest using the following tools to help improve your level of written English. It's important to note that the higher the level of your written English, the more you will be paid. Oxford Text Checker - Link Grammarly - Link Hemingway Editor - Link


Our marketing team will contact you via email, from the address The email will document what topic we want you to write about and when we expect your submission. As a general rule, we will send out the emails on Monday at 12PM (GMT) and expect responses by the following Sunday, giving you seven days to complete the task. EMAIL EXAMPLE: Dear Ryan, This week you have been selected to write a blog dedicated to the topic of functional testing. We want your blog to be informative and provide valuable industry insight. Please ensure your blog matches our submission guidelines, and is submitted within 7 days. If you are unable to write a blog for us please respond to this email with the phrase "Unable to complete written task". If you require help, email our internal team at, with the subject header "Blog submission help required" and our team will get back to you within 48 hours.


Dependant upon the quality of your submission and the value of insight provided, you will be paid set amounts of either £10, £15 or £20 per blog submission. If your submission is below the standard we expect, you will not receive any pay and will be sent an email rejecting your submission. If your submissions are rejected more than 5 times in 6 months then you will be taken off our blog writers list. LEVEL OF PAY: £0.00 - Your blog is not appropriate and does not match our expectations. Review the quality of your submission or reach out to the marketing contact for more guidance. £10.00 - Your blog is of low quality but still has value. Our internal teams will be spend extra time editing your submission. £15.00 - Your blog is on the right path. You have shown a high level of insight but there are a few mistakes which need to be edited by our internal teams. £20.00 - Your blog is perfect and required little to no editing. Your pay will be sent to you through your Digivante/BugFinders testing account.


We aim to send our submission requests every two weeks to ten potential writers. If you require any additional guidance then please contact Thank you for being a part of the BugFinders and Digivante community, we appreciate all of the work you have done for our company.

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Community Blog Guidelines  

This document has been written as a guide for our community bloggers. The contents include: - What Digivante expects from the community su...

Community Blog Guidelines  

This document has been written as a guide for our community bloggers. The contents include: - What Digivante expects from the community su...