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Dígitro Services. Intelligent IT and Telecom management. For your company to stand out at a global level, Dígitro takes care of the work behind the scenes. Nowadays, competitiveness requires quick answers, precise action, and complete focus on your core business and clients. After all, it does not help having the best product or service if your connections and systems have critical points. Information and communication technologies are present throughout the entire corporate sphere – from customer service to cargo dispatch; from shipping orders to completing processes; from gathering information to marketing planning – everything needs to be working perfectly, without glitches. That’s why you should opt for Dígitro’s outsourcing services.

Choose Dígitro.

Because your company cannot come to a standstill. Because a speedy solution to problems is crucial. Because IT has to be flexible.

Flexible IT, Efficient Processes. The maintenance of integrated IT and Telecom environments is complex. There are a series of activities that need to be worked on in a continuous and integrated manner. Very often, unexpected incidents occur and threaten the entire operation, causing a knock-on effect like in a game of dominoes.

Increasingly advanced systems and operations require specialized care. The sophistication of IT and Telecom channels requires highly specialized professionals so that monitoring is efficient – both in the design and installation of new technologies and in the maintenance of existing resources. Realistic diagnoses. Investments in the fields of IT and Telecom are made with precision and offer greater return thanks to Dígitro monitoring. Real time reports help forecast future bottlenecks and favor the reallocation of teams and equipment, the use of software and the planned expansion of resources. Thus, your company generates the desired results. Best practices within your company. To operate with maximum quality, Dígitro employs widely renowned and internationally approved tools, such as ITIL, CobIT and PMI. Results: greater efficiency and less operational risk for your IT department. The best part: you don’t have to worry about any of this.

“We are fully aware that running an IT and Telecom environment is not a simple task. Therefore, our team employs tools and processes based on internationally renowned standards. We carry out customized delivery, encompassing the contracted services and the Service Level Agreement (SLA), with everything meticulously defined. A great example of this flexibility is the Network Operation Center (NOC): its importance is only revealed when a problem arises. Working on a 24/7 basis, our team knows how to react swiftly to each case. Thus, operational risk is greatly reduced: our clients gain and so do our clients’ clients.” Guilherme de Assis Brasil, Manager, Intelligence and Communication Solutions

With Dígitro, your team and your company’s time remain exclusively aimed at your clients and the market.

Choose the service you need and create a successful partnership!


Network Operation Center (NOC) . Detecting is not enough, it is necessary to solve. Avoid being passed on and on. Dígitro unites specialists who solve problems, whether directly or by supervising third parties in carrying out operations necessary for the normalization of your systems. By using the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) approach, dispersion is avoided while reducing the divergence of information. Most importantly: you have all the information about your IT and Telecom environment in a single location.

More advantages for you. Dígitro’s monitoring services can be contracted after a meticulous analysis of your needs, one by one. Monitoring is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Detailed reports demonstrate the performance of systems and networks, specific and critical occurrences, directions taken, the solutions and the measures adopted.

“When adding Network Outsourcing to its portfolio of services, Dígitro was concerned with offering complete and integrated services. Through customized projects, we guarantee our clients a solid infrastructure. As a manager, I am fully aware that companies need both speed and flexibility. Quickly diagnosing problems is a crucial success factor. That is why we develop projects, implement solutions and provide support 24/7.” Marcos Pinho Horn, Dígitro Service Business Manager.

Network Outsourcing. From the initial project through to fulltime support. Complete service, without being rerouted. Dígitro’s service includes everything from consultancy and project development through to network infrastructure configuration. In addition to Technical Support, the Service Desk is available fulltime and provides complete monitoring until the service has been completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Let our specialists take care of your network. Through a team highly specialized, trained and certified in the leading technology of the most renowned manufacturers, Dígitro takes over operation of their clients’ network infrastructure with a focus on obtaining stability and reducing operational risks.

Partnerships guarantee quality assets. In addition to offering the expertise of its team of specialists, Dígitro is able to provide equipment from globally renowned partners.

Let Dígitro’s specialists take care of your IT infrastructure. Guarantee the continuity of your company’s daily processes.

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Dígitro reserves the right to review the content of this material without prior notice. Some items and services are optional and require commercial analysis.

The solution to problems before you notice them.

Centralized Operations Services are centered around a team of highly trained specialists.

Efficient Management Problems are detected and resolved.

Full Assistance Monitoring is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Greater Focus on the Market Dígitro operates on the sidelines so that your company can concentrate on its objectives.

Flexibility Outsourcing allows for a more suitable gauging of investments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) management. Dígitro’s services are contracted according to your needs.

Best Practices The use of tried and tested efficiency tools generates greater stability for your company.

For over 30 years, Dígitro has been developing solutions in telecommunications, IT infrastructure services and corporative and investigative intelligence applications. These complete solutions meet the needs of clients of the most varied sizes, in all sectors. With growing investments in Research and Development, Dígitro is present throughout Brazil, Latin America and Africa, with quality accredited through ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 certification.