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DÍGITRO PABX. THE SOLUTION THAT TRANSFORMS YOUR COMMUNICATIONS INTO PROFITS A well-dimensioned PABX associates more value to your company. With multiple functions and a modular system, Dígitro PABX offers advantages that make a difference and increase your competitive potential.

Choose Dígitro PABX

Because it is user-friendly. Because it is simple. Because it is hybrid: fixed, mobile and IP.

In order to answer today’s challenges, use the intelligent PABX, with more tools.



Dígitro PABX turns a PC into the perfect support for telephony and other activities. The result: higher productivity and powerful communications.

With an intuitive interface, it is easy to change voice messages, configure functionalities, accesses and other advantages, both as a manager or as an operator.

Anywhere, at any time, quickly access to your messages through e-mail, with both text and voice. The voicemail, with personalized greetings, is easy to operate and you can listen to your messages anywhere.

The platform integrates digital support, call forwarding and transferring, messages and other tools. Everything to please your customer.

The computer is transformed into a fax terminal, which reduces paper costs and simplifies receiving and following reports, messages and files. Immediate caller ID, call transferring and automatic dialing management facilitates your communications. Pre-registered numbers go directly to the desired extension line. Another advantage is the filtering tool, functions as Chief-Secretary, transferring direct calls to the secretary or to any other number. You keep your private numbers private and do not miss your important calls. Your PABX is transformed into a virtual conference room, with many participants interacting through voice, inside or outside the company, optimizing time and money.

Phonebook, automatic dialing, virtual secretary, alarm clock and more than 50 other functionalities make the Dígitro PABX the ideal solution for your business. In order to rationalize phone usage, the Prepaid function fixes a value for telephony costs. A PIN number, associated with the extension line and a fixed value to be used with the employee’s personal or companyrelated calls. You control how many credits are used and spend according to your budget. You can also register frequently-called numbers in the system. Periodical reports show phone charges and ticketing. An intelligent system allows the collection of calls in rotative access places – hospitals, hotels, spas, etc. All of these options improve the use of your telephony system, with immediate return.

Total communication, efficient answers.


FLEXIBLE TOOLS ACCOMPANY THE EXPANSION OF YOUR BUSINESS Only one platform to aggregate multiple PABX systems. Several groups operate in an independent manner and with absolute safety. PABX incorporates cellular extension lines, amplifying the access area, with more mobility for the employees. Cell phones act as extension lines, with the same tools, such as conferences, consulting and call forwarding. Connect through wireless extension lines, IP telephone terminals, softphones and other state-of-the-art technology. The interconnection grants more functions for remote accesses – with economy and speed. Connect local and remote offices with lower costs. A facility that can include international calls. PABX is modular and can be transformed into a call center with hundreds of operators, both receptive and active. IVR solution is easily incorporated into the PABX in order to record voice messages and Speech Identification in a quick way, without the additional cost of studios.

Choose an intelligent platform for your PABX. Choose Dígitro and get more than 50 functionalities to serve your needs. All of these and much more with the Dígitro PABX Solution for fixed, mobile and IP telephony.

“Dígitro PABX fits small, medium or large businesses. It delivers a great differential: intelligent telephony. Management from end to end in every step, with more efficiency in telephony usage and cost control. From the operator’s training to the selective call blocking, all processes speed up through user-friendly interfaces. Furthermore, it is possible to expand according to the customer’s need. The best: the system is integrated with other software.” Luiz Augusto Pereira Martins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

“While developing Dígitro PABX, we think about our customers who already have different telephony systems. How will they enter into digital era, without losing the investments you have already made? The answer is the Hybrid Dígitro PABX solution. With one platform, we bring digital telephone’s functions to analogical extension lines, incorporating Web and voice facilities on IP, always with amicable operations – a choice approved and acclaimed by our customers.” Rafael Pina Pereira, Manager of Telecom Products and Services

Know more about successful cases with PABX on Dígitro’s site.



Dígitro reserves the right to review the content of this material without prior notice. Some items and services are optional and require commercial analysis.


Resources Optimization Single platform with solutions for fixed, mobile and IP telephony

Multi-PABX New groups of PABX are shared in an independent manner in the same platform

24 hours Voicemail can be sent to your e-mail. You receive yourmessages anywhere, at any time

Step-By-Step The platform fits the size of your business, because it is modular. There are many solutions in just one equipment

Multifunctionality More than 50 tools, such as fax, agenda, alarm clock, pre-dialing and teleconference

Integration The computer works as a manager of your PABX. Easy to set up and use

Economy Prepaid extension searches for the best calling route and helps control minutes and reduce costs, optimizing the system’s use. Reports give an up-to-date view of telephony costs

Mobility Mobile extension lines – cell phones or IP numbers – are incorporated into the system

User-Friendly Management Different permission levels in order to quickly configure extension lines, messages, call blocking, with intuitive and interactive screens

Recorder Calls can be recorded for later capture and analyses, easily and quickly

For over 30 years, Dígitro has been developing solutions in telecommunications, IT infrastructure services and corporative and investigative intelligence applications. These complete solutions meet the needs of clients of the most varied sizes, in all sectors. With growing investments in Research and Development, Dígitro is present throughout Brazil, Latin America and Africa, with quality accredited through ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 certification.

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