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DÍGITRO EASYCALL. THE INTELLIGENT SOLUTION TO OPTIMIZE YOUR SUPPORT. The ideal call center starts with the thorough analysis and respect to your needs. A solution with the best cost-benefit relation offers more advantages with quality support – and this solution has a name:


Because it is easy. Because it is fast. Because it is user-friendly.

Discover the advantages of Dígitro intelligence integrated with technology.

TECHNOLOGY TO REACH YOUR GOALS Neither more nor less than necessary: the system is modular and expansive – and could incorporate investments already made in PABX. In every situation, a specific architecture is customized, either to attend to fixed, mobile or IP telephony. Reduce the training costs. The solution is easy to use, with user-friendly, interactive screens. Flexible support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: the system cannot stop; your customer cannot wait.

Direct connection with your customer.

Direct connection with your customer. Optimize every process phase, with reports that detect critical points, performance and achievements. Data is gathered through spotting. Reports can be generated in formats such as Excel, PDF, TXT and exported in TXT or XML, among others.

Improve the performance of every operator, with supervision in real time. What’s more: all can be done remotely, via Web, even when the attendant or the supervisor is out.

“We developed a solution to help reduce missed calls and to increase the productivity of every operator, without making the companies lose the investments already made. Our solution was specifically designed to optimize telephony resources in any situation, via the Web. In addition, the modular platform gives freedom to match different modules as needs emerge. One of our concerns is also to make it easy for attendants – they quickly learn to interact with the system, which has a user-friendly design.” Sandro Alberton Kirchner, Manager of Solution and Integration Development


INTELLIGENCE TO ENCHANT THE CUSTOMER Customer fidelity, achievable with special treatment. With an intelligent platform, the wait is minimized – priority calls do not hold. Caller Identification interconnects the customer with a predefined operator, creating a continuing bond that eases the relationship.

Safety and trust on both ends – the recording system saves every contact. The recording is saved and sorted in such a manner that it becomes easy to find.

The customer does not need to wait in line: an automatic notice lets him know that the call will be returned as soon as the operator is free. The speed increases your customer satisfaction.

Operators keep their focus on what is really important: the customer. The automated dialing process, forwards only the calls which really went through. The operators produce more.

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO INCREASE YOUR PROFITS Free voice message creation. Just type in the text and the intelligent system Text-To-Speech (TTS) converts the written text into speech, in a synthesized and humanized manner. No complications. There is an actual recording studio inside the platform.

The integration with the IVR Solution makes it possible to automate several stages. Scripts are built in an easy and agile manner. Automated support accessible by menus, the customer selects the administration it would like to follow: more time, more money.

File backup provides full safety, with recordings stored in a completely independent way. Data recovery, scripts, and recordings become accessible from anywhere, safely, via Web.

With an open platform, Dígitro’s Call Center Solution is integrated with other systems. Previous investments are used to produce more.

To start or expand your call center, choose Dígitro’s applied intelligence Dígitro. Choose EasyCall.

“Customers cannot wait – and the system cannot stop. Offering remote technical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, was always our goal, because it is a decisive factor for call centers, both active and receptive. In addition, EasyCall allows for an efficient call management, with more productivity. Every PABX extension line and every computer is transformed into a business generator center. The best part: generate reports that make it possible to dimension the whole process, including the number of operators.” Anilton Valverde Domingos Jr., Director of Corporate Business

Read about more success cases with Call Centers at Dígitro’s website.

Dígitro reserves the right to review the content of this material without prior notice. Some items and services are optional and require commercial consultation.


Priority VIP customers do not need to wait

Build trust Minimized waiting. The caller is directed to a pre-defined operator

Stress reduction The customer knows how long he will need to wait

Easy to use Operators quickly interact with the system, with reduced training costs. Screens have intuitive icons, which are easy to understand

Remote or in-company supervision Procedures, support and status are monitored from anywhere, via the Web

Total safety Automatic record and recover call registrations

More productivity Automatic dialing increases the number of calls

Cost reduction Good use of your investments. Dígitro’s platform integrates with other systems

Best management Complete reports allow the supervisor to visualize critical points as they happen, in real time

Creation freedom Just type your messages and the IVR solution syntethize them as humanized speech

24/7 support 24 hours technical support, 7 days a week, local and remote

Speed and safety Independent backup in order to face contingencies

For more than 30 years Dígitro has been investing in state-of-the-art technology and developing the solutions that the market needs. Tailor-made solutions in Intelligence, IT and Telecom, serve customers from all sectors. Dígitro’s offices and representatives cover Brazil from end to end and the expansion continues. Today, it is also present in Latin America and Africa, always offering complete technical support.




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