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THE BENEFITS OF TAKING YOUR 200 HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE  There is no denying that yoga teacher training will change your life. It is one of the best  ways to learn about your own yoga practice. In this training, you will learn the yoga  skills that would help you avoid injury and gain better control of your body. If you are  planning to join​ ​yoga teacher training​ ​retreats, here are some of the top yoga teacher  training benefits:    Advantages of Yoga Teacher Training  ● Yoga teacher training will help you learn about your own yoga practice. You will  be taught techniques that are not easy to understand by taking a regular class.  As your training will process, you will notice your body becoming stronger and  your mind-body connection will get stronger.    ● Through the teacher training, you will get an opportunity to dissect different yoga  postures. You will get to understand your body in a better way and make  adjustments that will strengthen your mind-body connection.  ● Attending​ ​yoga teacher training​ r​ etreats would help you discover your inner  strength. Your ability to hold the postures, focus, and concentration will be tested  and you will become both physically and mentally stronger.  ● There is no other experience like the experience of a yoga teacher training. This  training will hold a special place in your heart. This is a good chance of making  friends with whom you will share a good bond with.  ● Attending yoga teacher training would help you learn the art of expressing  yourself in a better way. You will learn to communicate with others in a better  way. This communication will help you express your thoughts and feelings more  effectively to others.  ● During the yoga teacher training, you will fall a number of times. This training will  teach you the art of picking yourself up and continuing on. Upon looking at the  memories, you will feel accomplished that how far you have come.  Those  were  some  of  the  major  benefits  of  attending  yoga  teacher  training  retreats.  Need  not  to  mention,  after attending this training, you will be a teacher. You will develop  a unique teaching style and skills that would have a positive impact on your life. 

That’s kind  of  a  short  period  of  time  to  cover  all  that’s  necessary  to  help  somebody  become  a  good  teacher,"  says  Wellnessinnyoga,  who  teaches  both  100-  and  200-hour  teacher  training  courses  exclusively  at  his  Wellnessinnyoga  in  Gao.  “If  you  have  a  few  years of yoga experience, and you have been teaching for let’s say one year, even in your  living  room  to  friends,  then  a  200-hour  training  is  more  reasonable,"  he  adds.  "But  a  lot  of  people  are  showing up with very little background in yoga—some have only taken one  class—so  they’ve  basically  foregone  all  the  beginning  work  and  preparation  that’s  necessary to accrue before you start studying how to teach.” 

That’s because  there’s  a  difference  between  learning  yoga  and  learning  how  to  teach  yoga, Wellnessinnyoga says.  See also ​Should You Take a Teacher Training To Deepen Your Practice? 

“People are  coming  to  teacher  trainings  and  they’re learning posture, sequences, sutras  they  might  even  learn  the  names  of the poses in ​Sanskrit​, but that’s just the information  that  you’re  supposed  to  be  responsible  for,"  Wellnessinnyoga  says.  "Presenting  it  to  students  is  entirely  different.  You  need  to  learn  to  be  able  to  see  what  a  student  really  needs in a yoga class, how to see and understand bodies.  

“A lot  of  people  are  showing  up  with  very  little  background  in  yoga—some  have  only  taken  one  class—so  they’ve  basically  foregone  all  the  beginning  work  and  preparation  that’s necessary to accrue before you start studying how to teach.” 

Not only  does  a  good teacher know how to modify a class for every individual, he or she  must also learn how to adapt on the fly.  “You  also  have  to  learn  how  to  change  the  sequence  when  your  class  suddenly  changes;  for  example,  for begginers --if the [planned] poses are no longer appropriate. A 

good teacher  really  pays  attention  to the students and presents an intelligent sequence,  the  right  directions  for  the  right  poses,  the  right  pace,  the  right  intonation  in  voice,  and  knows  how  to  lead  people,"  he  says.  "There  are  so  many qualities that are so important  to learn.” 

While a  200-hour teacher training course is certainly a learning opportunity as well as an  introduction  to  teaching  yoga,  Wellnessinnyoga  believes  the  best  way  to  learn  how  to  teach  yoga  is  to  actually  teach  yoga.  “If  you're  not  teaching,  you're  not  learning  how  to  teach,” he says. 

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1.Deepen your personal practice   A  natural  consequence  of  joining  a  yoga  teacher training program is that it will help you  take  your  yoga  practice  to  a  whole  new  level.  By  learning  advanced  techniques  and  poses  from  experienced yoga teachers, YTT certification will improve your comfort level  with the ancient art which can take decades to master. 

2.Learn to embrace change   A  good  yoga  teacher  training  program  will  not  only  change  your  view  on  yoga itself but  on  life  as  well.  You  will be exposed to a nurturing environment, interact with new people  and  discover  unique  perspectives  on  life,  which  will  eventually  make  you  open-minded  and  accepting  in  nature.  This  indeed  is  one  of  the  greatest  benefits  of  yoga  teacher  training. 

3.Connect with your inner self  

Breathing is  the  bridge  between  your  mind  and  body.  Before  teaching  others,  it  is  very  essential  to  learn  meditation,  breathing  techniques,  and  connect  with  your  inner  self.  Training  with  experienced  yoga  teachers  and  trainers  greatly helps in diving deeper into  your  mind  and  unearthing  your  true  potential.  Indeed  a  benefit  of  yoga  teacher  training  worth delving upon. 

4.Experience of a lifetime  

There is  a  great  chance  that  your  yoga  teacher  training  journey  will  lead  you  to  a  place  that will truly enchant you. Plan your yoga teacher training to a place full of greenery and  spiritual  energy  to  get  the  best  of  everything.  The  biggest  benefit  of  yoga  teacher  training travels is that you are doing what you love, and you will get paid for it. 

5.Express more creatively   After  the  experience  of  yoga  teacher  training,  students  have  reported  experiencing  the  outflow  of  creativity  with  their  yoga  practice.  Since  yoga  teacher  training  comes  with  learning  new  yoga  asanas  and  practices,  our  way  of  thinking  and  seeing  the  world  is  also altered. 

6.Heal body and soul benefit

Yoga is  fast  gaining  popularity  as  a  practice  that  not  only  helps  you  achieve  overall  wellness  but  also  facilitates  recovery  from  troubling  pains  of  the  body  as  well  as  the  mind.  There  are  some  yoga  forms  that  are  especially  suited  to physical healing and are  practiced to recover from old injuries. 

7.Make life lasting connections   Friendships  made  during  yoga  teacher  training  course  are  very  special  ones.  Best yoga  schools  bring  together  students  and  practitioners  from  all  over  the  world,  triggering  knowledge  as  well  as  cultural  exchange.  However,  the  greatest  treasure  is  the  human  connections made which students report are stronger and sometimes everlasting. 

8.Sense of fulfillment benefit As  top  yoga  school  of  Wellnessinnyoga,  we  are  familiar  with  the  multi-dimensional  aspects  of  the  yoga  practice  and  how  it  gives  a  sense  of  fulfillment  to  students  who  experience  physical,  mental,  and  spiritual  transformations.  Another  yoga  teacher  training benefit worth highlighting before our list ends! 

9.Problem-solving & team building  

Yoga teacher  training  sessions  usually  happen  in  small  groups  and  the  whole  program  offers  ample  scope  of team activities. These activities help participating members work  together which leads to team skills and polish their problem-solving capabilities as well. 

10.Start on your own The  multi-dimensional  approach  of  yoga  teacher  training  gives  students  the  know-how  and  strength  to  pursue  their  passion  for  yoga.  While  some  opt  to  start  their  own  independent  classes,  others  realize that they still have a long way to go. Another benefit  of yoga teacher training is the courage that comes along with it. 

It’s widely  known  that participating in a yoga teacher training course and even preparing  for  the  same  is  life  changing  in its true essence. Yoga practice touches us physically, to  mentally,  spiritually  and  emotionally.  The  efforts  we  put  into  becoming  a  good  yoga  teacher results in great personal benefits as well. 

While advantages  of yoga teacher training certification are many, becoming a renowned  yoga teacher is a time-consuming process. It will take years to learn the variety of asana  modifications,  gain  deep  clarity  of  yoga  philosophy,  and live a yoga-inspired life. Hence,  it is best to start as soon as possible! 

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Wellnessinnyoga offers  yoga  teacher  training.  They  have  designed  the program in such  a  way  that  students  are  introduced  to  expert  yogis  and  teachers  who  are  specialized  Multi-Style Yoga​ and H ​ atha yoga​. Visit the website today for more details.      

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There is no denying that yoga teacher training will change your life. It is one of the best ways to learn about your own yoga practice. In t...


There is no denying that yoga teacher training will change your life. It is one of the best ways to learn about your own yoga practice. In t...