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Business Division (IBU):

Business Development

Business Function:

Direct Sales/Channel Sales

Reports To:

Managing Director/Delegated Authority

Purpose of the role: Why does this job/role exist, what value does it add? All managerial grade executives within business development unit are comprehensively responsible for budgeting and achievement of annual org. sales targets at the beginning and by the end of each financial year. Senior Managers/ Managers and Assistant Managers must work actively with focus and determination to achieve periodic sales targets by self-field indulgence and team performances at the grassroots level. This midlevel management team is completely responsible for sales and marketing management in their respective regions and accounts for selected/specified product line. The incumbent shall contribute in achieving organizations revenue growth targets, profitability targets, team development, performance management, resource utilization, system compliance, sales trainings, marketing planning & execution, product launches, market research, customer feedback, database development, vendor management and customer relationship management (Direct/Channel). Activities: What does the jobholder have to do? 1. Undergo company induction program, product and market training sessions, team introduction and enculturation process. 2. Begin preliminary assessment of ongoing business development operations, connect to team, gather relevant market intelligence. 3. Develop G2M strategy plan in coordination with your Reporting Manager and share with Managing Director. 4. Begin field operation in identified markets by supervising and working on field with junior managers and executive team. Conduct sales funnel analysis and focus on closing 90%+ probability cases. Empanel strategies for long term customer retention and account development for existing and new cases. 5. Support executive sales team in customer acceptance by leveraging relationships, getting product acceptance and correct positioning in the market. 6. Train and impart competition knowledge to team members to ensure requisite market knowledge information is made available to the team for winning orders. Establish sustainable systems that

supports business development team in sales conversions. Guide pre-sales unit in developing relevant knowledge bank essential for executive level team development. Support customer expectations w.r.t. customer purchase. 7. Support executive sales team with order-winning pricing and individual sales target achievement. 8. Ensure Daily Activity Reporting, Calendar Reporting and ERP/CRM Compliance for all aligned resources. 9. Conduct Monthly Performance Review of aligned resources against set targets. Share Achievement Report, Win-Loss Report, Gaps-Correction Strategy for following month for individual resources with the management. Hail star performers and ensure right motivation for sustained productivity. 10. Organize workshops and training sessions for under/non performing resources in support with pre-sales. Highlight grievances and suggestions to improve productivity for such resources with the management. 11. Support company management, marketing department in devising G2M marketing strategies. Share information about companies, trade units and panels, vendors that may help overall sales.

12. Consult and support company management in introducing new products in the market. Organize sales meetings with prospect suppliers and arrange for B2B partnership meetings. 13. Conduct preliminary product performance feedback from end-user customers for product launch. Provide market intelligence covering competition, market size, target customers, pricing points and right distribution model for overall marketing of the existing/new product. 14. Ensure endorsement of finalized marketing schemes to end-users through teams. Report market response and sales data. 15. Liaison service team in getting customer feedback regarding DIGITEXMedical products. Guide Pre-Sales in capturing new market information and data, critical, for changing sales strategies. 16. Direct and follow all aligned teams to share customer database for development of comprehensive company database. All sales team members must share customer business cards for Customer, Account and Channel Database development. 17. Support existing/new channel partners in marketing the products (if applicable). Push secondary

sales to dealers and distributors investing in demo units and stocks. 18. Evangelize and implement Resource Planning strategies, Performance Analysis and Motivation. Assist top management in Product Planning, Marketing Planning, Customer Management Strategies, New Initiatives & Change Management. 19. Support top management in annual sales planning and budgeting with demanded inputs. Ensure strict compliance to self and team targets all throughout the financial year. 20. Follow DIGITEXMedical Code of Conduct Norms. Ensure strict compliance to specified guidelines at all times of employment for self and aligned team. Deliverables: What are the key outcomes and what does the jobholder have to produce?

1. Achievement of Annual Sales Revenue Targets 2. Achievement of Annual Gross Margin Targets (if assigned) 3. Achievement of Distribution Development Targets (if assigned) 4. Development and Retention of High Performance Teams 5. Ensure high standards of System Compliance 6. Consult Re-framework of Performance Management Systems in the company by identifying existing gaps. 7. Ensure excellent Customer Relationships and Account-level business growth Y.O.Y 8. Ensure Resource Development and Growth. 9. Build DIGITEX brand in the market. Scope of Role: What decisions is the job /role responsible for? 1. Sales Leads targets and Annual financial target achievement. 2. Go-to-customer strategy. 3. Pricing and Commercials. 4. After-Sales Support 5. Team Development strategy. 6. System Compliance & Business Excellence Initiatives 7. Customer Relationship Management 8. Business Continuity & Growth Experience: What previous experience is required to do the job /role?

Essential:  6-10 years of experience in Healthcare Industry.  Must have been selling medical devices in hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers.  Must have achieved annual sales targets with appreciation certification and referrals to support.  Must have first-hand experience in direct sales-B2C or B2B.  Must have leadership traits, internal motivation and hunger for growth.  Must have worked in leadership roles, assignment and shall have requisite referrals to support the candidature from previous employers.  Must be comfortable with 70-80% of travel around the globe. Must be a go-getter and self starter. Should be comfortable in working under target oriented environment. Qualifications: What training or qualifications are required to do the job /role? Essential:  MBA/MBE  Relevant Management Experience  Industry Referrals-2 (Minimum) or Supporting Documents Technical Competence: What are the specific skills, knowledge and abilities required of the job? Essential:  Excellent oral and written command of English.  Strong presentation skills including the ability to express views clearly and concisely.  High self-discipline, tidy appearance and professional conduct. Systematic, radical and change agent.  Must have strong fundamentals and concepts in bio-medical products.  Must have good industry knowledge.  Must have strong networking in the healthcare industry.  Should have Bio-Medical engineering degree with MBA in marketing or hospital management.


Job Description


Job Description