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With the growing attention placed on patient empowerment by public organisations, governments and institutions; as well as the increasing awareness and sensitivity of people towards medical and wellbeing topics, healthcare marketing has become a necessity.

OUR APPROACH We place Strategic Marketing at the very heart of our business, as the most solid foundation of every communication campaign.

UNDERSTANDING We do care about you and your practice; we listen to your needs, dreams and expectations.

ANALYSING We collect the necessary information and data, we study them and identify current and potential areas of improvement for your profession or clinic.

PLANNING We research the latest market trends, we set tailored goals and accurate strategies to succeed in the market.

IMPLEMENTING We develop operational plans, according to the deď€ ned strategy and accompany you during the execution of the marketing plan.

MONITORING We make sure actions and campaigns are consistently tracked over time and give you a precise feedback on the results achieved.

WHY CHOOSE US? You will give an outstanding look to the marketing activities of your medical practice

You will have the desired outcome on time. We deliver always, without compromising on the quality of the work

You will get direct contact with your healthcare consultant. Relations matter to us and we want to be there for you

silene H e a l t h c a re M a r ke t i n g Silene Marketing Ltd – London, UK t. 07985452175 email.