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The information contained in this document is confidential to Digitec Solutions operating in Lot 2 Naulu Nakasi Nasinu. No part of this document may be used, disclosed or copied except as authorised in writing by Digitec Solutions

Mission Statement The mission of Digitec solutions is: To provide the Technology with innovative solutions, which is affordable and available, for the small, medium and corporate business to derive significant benefit.

Overall Corporate Goal The Goal of Digitec Solutions within the context of its Mission Statement is to providing Perfect Solutions and after sales support services.

Executive Overview The Purpose of this Document This document outlines a proposal to any companies that require best services with Digitec Solutions in response to a request for proposal. Digitec Solutions is now a leader as solutions integrators and has made substantial investments in Digital systems, software, strategic relationships, and world class service dedicated to supporting a wide range of products in technology industries. Digitec Solutions believes that modern technology is a need for organisations to function well today and in future.

Digitec solutions Value-Add Digitec solutions has always aimed for perfectionism in every aspect of our products and services. We achieve this by consistent and never ending assessment of our clients’ needs, requirements, desires, wishes and requests. By having an informed and elite team, we are able to synchronize with technological advances and bring the benefits of such advances to our Valued clients. Our Solution is based upon the core principle of teaming, applications expertise, depth of local resource and proven enterprise systems management experience. In addition, Digitec Solutions has strength in having a total understanding of the proposed system in having participated in similar projects. Our strategy is to work with any organization to execute a solution that complements the organizations standards and procedures to deliver a dynamic enterprise solution for Technology Standards and its requirements both now and into the future.

Commitment Digitec Solutions is committed to achieving success in it’s projects and assures the availability of all our resources. We are comfortable with the applications, service level requirements, the enterprise wide nature of the system, and the time frames.

Background to Digitec Solutions The Company Digitec Solutions provides Digital Technology service requirements to the wider Fiji business sectors. Additionally, the Company services the computing needs of the large corporate organizations, small to medium sized companies, religious and nonprofitable organizations. It has established strategic relationships with distribution companies that have enviable records of success in the competitive marketplace. Digitec Solutions is 100% locally owned. The current owners are Mr. Ajay Ram and Losalini Ram. Ajay Ram being the General Manager has created a vision to explore the very possible solution that adds value to all services that we offer. Ajay Ram holds a Qualification in Electronics and other professional Industry Qualification such CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft professional Certification and Training in Information Technology Industry. Ajay Ram has 13 years of industry experience and also worked for some of the well known companies like Fujitsu NZ Ltd as a (Customer Services Engineer), Datec Vanuatu Ltd (Technical services manager) and Tyco Fiji Ltd Trading as ADT Wormald (IT Manager). He as been involved in some major corporate IT/Security project while employed.

Service and Support Digitec Solutions aspires to be identified as an organisation with a focused and committed support structure and orientation. We intend to be recognised for our service capabilities. We have directed all our initial efforts towards this and have attained an estimated 90% success. We have commissioned comprehensive support based on international models to service our customer’s needs in Fiji and the region. At present building a Website that will have a support section with common questions and answers, downloadable updated drivers and enhancements. This will cover all products that we market and support choice of partners and their capabilities will be paramount in achieving such a milestone. Having made these decisions, we will attempt to replicate services supplied by our reputable partners’ who operate in more developed countries. We aim to achieve this by recruiting the best personnel and training them rigorously on products we support. We will send our staff on attachments to gain the exposure not available locally. We will identify relevant certification programmes and have our staff complete them to provide recognised and able service. Digitec is yet to be in full operations to cover all the areas of services that we first projected. At present, we are only focused in providing consulting works and maintenance support to our customers, in order to understand more of their needs, before tendering them the best suitable solution.

Electronics We repair, service and support many of the world’s well known Electronic brands of including Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Philips etc. We are also involved in residential, commercial, industrial electronics, television systems, antenna systems installation including wireless antennas for internet and computer networks access, cablings Systems, commercial and industrial electronic machines.

Security Systems Solutions We Install, service and support many of the world’s well known brands of electronics security products including such, alarm systems Installation brands names supported are Paradox, DSC, and more. We provide full support and solutions on BMS access control systems, inner range products which is conceptual and insightful. If needed, we are able to find solutions to other products as well. Our knowledge expands to digital video recorders and CCTV products, PACOM, Hisharp, Tibet, Intercoms (video and audio), Digital CCTV, Biometrics scanners and more.

UPS Solutions World’s well known brand names of products Such as APC, MGE, IBM, SOLA, DELTEC and other similar typesare fixable by us as well and sourcable on parts such as batteries and other components.

Information Technology We service and support many of the world’s well known brands of products including Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Compaq, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Cisco,3Com, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Panasonic and other peripherals Hardware. Installers of LAN / WAN / WLAN we also support wireless networks ,any particular Brand Servers also install configure and troubleshoot LAN Switches ,Routers and install Structured Voice/Data Cabling. Apart from the Hardware we also support application softwares, accounting softwares, Operating Systems for workstations and Servers Microsoft, NetWare, Linux. We are also involved in Installation and support mail Servers running either Microsoft Exchange or M Daemon.

3M Cabling Systems We are certifed and registerd with 3M.Our company Digitec Solutions is a CVI (Certfied Volition Installer) in Fiji. We do copper and fibre optics 3M cabling systems.

Systems Installation We support software and hardware installation, and this is the area where our customers depend mostly on skills and experiences of our services. This area of work includes installation of Security Systems, Computer systems (servers, switches, etc) Networks, Structured Cabling, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and other peripherals.

Maintenance and Support Digitec offers suitable and affordable solutions for customers looking for options other than purchasing. Our area of services include Electronics (Residential, Industrial, Commercial), Security Systems Solutions (Access Control, CCTV, DVR Systems. Information Technology hardware such as Servers Installation & Support, Software Applications support, Desktops printing environments and UPS Structured Cabling etc) software (any applications support & maintenance), networking (any type of network installation any solutions LAN, WAN consultation, network installation and configuration, Internet consulting and service & support.

Our Clients Being an aspiring provider of high level customised services, while maintaining an optimum level of quality we are able to meet what ever demands and requirements for our clients. We have a list of corporate customers that we support:

• •

Lotus Foreign Exchange (IT & security Systems Services) South African High Commission (IT & Security Systems Services)

• • • • • • •

HG Leach NZ Ltd (IT support services) Corporate management services T/A Hot bread kitchen (IT Support Services) Land Transport Authority (IT Services) Tropic Woods - (IT support services) US Embassy - please refer to projects Tyco Fire & Security (Fiji) Ltd - (IT support services) American Outlets Ltd - (CCTV surveillance / IT support services)

eigugu holdings corporation Nauru.

Lokia shopping centre and food city supermarket IT and security systems support

Projects: Hot Bread Kitchen Trading as Corporate Management Services-CCTV surveillance installation for branches, maintanence and support with remote viewing capabilities, CAT 6 cabling system US Embassy, Tamavua - Supply trouble shoot and fix Fibre Optics cabling system for fire communication panel. South African Commission - Supply, install and commissioning of door access control system.Provide Technical support . American Outlets Ltd - Provide technical support for CCTV surveillance with remote viewing capabilities. Tyco Fiji Ltd - Provide technical support for Detex Patrol Manager System for Guards Database at US Embassy Site. Design and install of matv cabling systems for menang hotel ( eigugu holdings corporation). Design and install CCTV surveillance system for eigugu holdings corporations. Design and install cctv for lokia shopping centre warehouse and food city supermarket. Design and install cabling systems for food city supermarket and lokia warehouse and also setup the server and network on windows server 2008 enviroment for applications to run point of sale and accounting systems.

Our Services Standard Charges: Service Call Charges for Security System and IT support

Inspection Charges $65.00 Standard

Onsite Charges $65.00/hr

High End Software Applications Support

Inspection Charges $80.00 Standard

Onsite Charges $80.00/hr

Switching and Routing Support

Inspection Charges $80.00 Standard Depends on the type of system Inspection Charges $80.00 Standard

Onsite charges $80.00/hr Onwards depends on the type of system

Network Technical Support

All prices are VAT exclusive. Quotations are provided according to Client’s needs Service Contracts are also available: Please Note that all our charges Vat Exclusive:

Onsite charges $65.00 - $80.00/hr

Digitec Solutions Contacts The Digitec Solutions offers services 7 days a week from 8:00AM to 4:30PM daily.

Company Telephone Contacts: (Director) Manager Business Development/Systems engineering Mr. Ajay Ram - Mobile 9955 477 Email: Postal Address –P.O.Box 18058, Suva. Residential Address Lot 2 Naulu Nakasi Nasinu. Fiji Islands

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