Wish You Were Here - by Emma Anstee

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wish you were here a zine by e. anstee


i'm thinking of new york dreaming of the city not sleeping eight more weeks until that hustle & bustle unknown to any other location wakes me from my long slumber

the gatsby city lies open before me daisy, please be kind nyc state of mind

nyc, 2017

i cried in nyc have i ever told you? in a hotel room with a king bed no space for anthing else

i cried for the future scared when i'd be back you'd be missing moved on & up these images played & nightmares imagined

but everytime I cry you prove it time wasted you're right, as per & i'm grateful in nyc millions of miles away

& although today's memories might fade those that remain their colours grow sharper laughs louder touches deeper

i cannot escape them watery dreams vivid recollections burned to my brain so i know it is impossible to forget them. you. & i would not have it any other way

dear new york city where cliches come true\ you're my modern fairytale just something about you\ love, forever but gritty i can't explain what these days, endless & sunny more often than not x

rainbow girls in sequin dresses

ponder matisse morning pleasures

colour wars at the MOMA

e. anstee 2019