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Increase your website traffic, promote your brand whilst growing leads and sales Below are the social media marketing services available to our clients

look at the facts Below are some key statistics that demonstrate the level of opportunity available when targeting social audiences:

introducing social media Your customers are now spending most of their free time online; on Social Media / Networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to name a few.

What is Social Media? Users

600 million +

Monthly page views

770 billion

Time spent (per month)

9.3 billion hours

Time spent each visit

23mins (average)

Social websites are a place where people come together to connect and share all sorts of information - making it a perfect platform for promoting your business. After-all, Twitter is said to have over 175 million registered accounts and Facebook

is at a whopping 500 million users! Who wouldn’t want to tap into that? This all said, being able to ‘tap’ into social audiences is a very fine art that when done right it can create new revenue streams; but if its not handled carefully, it can damage your brand. Its not just about the science of follower ratios and content strategies, you have to be creative and original too. All of this can be daunting unless you have expert help.

work with us Users

175 million

New sign ups daily


Tweets per day

95 million

turning conversations into conversions Users

490 million +

Time spent (per month)

2.9 billion hours

Time spent each visit

25mins (average)

more social sites Skype

590 million


126 million

Linked In

60 milliion


32 million

Whether you’re looking to create a new sales channel or you’d prefer to utilise social media as your new customer service tool - Our social media virtuoso’s will help you to listen, engage and convert your followers into happy customers. From initial setup through to content strategies and schedules - we can help you with the entire process to enable you to start interacting with your existing and potential customer-base.

To help, we have a created a range of Social Media Marketing packages that can help you achieve your objectives - plus they’re at a fixed price too, so social media success doesn’t have to cost the earth! Just take a look overleaf at the packages available, or for a more customised solutions, please call us on 0844 357 7973.


social marketing packages Below is our social marketing package matrix - demonstrating what is included in each package and for how much. Got questions? Call 0844 357 7973

Initial setup (1x Twitter & 1x Facebook account - additional sites extra) Custom page design (1x Twitter & 1x Facebook account - additional sites extra) Social Media ‘Quick Start’ Manual (PDF) Recommendations for promoting your social sites



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Competitor analysis (comparing 3 competitors activities with a guide on how to compete) Content strategy & schedule (a guide to what type of content to use and when to use it) Social sites management software (recommendations with links to install on to your PC)



prices from (+vat)

prices from (+vat)

additional services If you are looking for a little more ‘oomph’ with your social marketing strategy - take a look at our additional social marketing services below.

Social Media ‘Advanced’ Manual (PDF)


Inter-linking social sites (a PDF guide on cross promoting your blog, website & other social sites)


Follower capture campaign (we will increase your followers using the latest techniques and software)


YouTube channel creation (price for YouTube only, other social sites are £POA)


Complete social media management (we will update and control your social sites)


Training or consultation (for online meetings, training by phone or additional project work - hourly rate)


custom solutions If either of our packages do not fulfill your exact requirements, we also offer fully customised social marketing solutions that are tailored to your brand and objectives.

discuss your requirements and if you like, we can even brainstorm some ideas (like exciting viral content and more) that would really get your social sites buzzing!

Whether it’s utilising social media as part of your website or utilising it as a customer service portal (or anything else) - we can help!

Next you’ll receive your detailed estimate with all the information you need to make a decision.

How it works Before we can get started, we would meet to

Once we have your approval, its all systems go!

For more information or a quote, call 0844 357 7973 now WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT | BRANDING | EMAIL MARKETING | SEO | HOSTING | SOCIAL MARKETING | BROCHURES

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An overview of our fantastic, proven to work social marketing solutions including our fixed price packages.