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your world. now in 360

Welcome to 360! The Digital 360 product solution and expertise takes the art and workflow of creating interactive panoramas to the next level. Manage huge projects, tens your world. now in 360 of thousands of objects with ease. Capture-Click-Publish!



Capture-Click-Publish! With ease of capture, acquisition, management and publishing this concept was developed with the overall workflow in mind. Everything is streamlined to such a degree that virtually no manual intervention is required in most situations to produce immensive and well functioning, complete panorama systems.

From photo to panorama in 1-2-3

1. Capture Using our panorama rig, capture your photos and import. Save your GPS log and click Prepare Photos.

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2. Development Check your settings, select the photos and click Make Panorama.

The panorama is now published and ready for use. Read the reviews

Being developed with abstraction and dynamic creation in mind from the ground-up, managing and keeping track of thousands of objects is not an impossible task anymore. In fact, we think this will redefine the way people create, maintain, and not to mention - use the potential that lies within the panorama concept.

3. Add/edit/work Create new objects, save and refresh. Objects are automatically populated in all panoramas!

Not only is this a turn-key product, it also serves to protect your investment, today, tomorrow and beyond. By picking the best and scalable components and developers you can be confident that this isn’t just a special built, custom quick hack. At the core you have FotoWare which will let you grow far beyond the needs of this product alone and into managing all your digital assets, and the end-user system and files can be upgraded and even totally replaced if needed.

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Search, view, edit, add, delete, restrict access, all inside one tool Fotoware. Not only convenient, but future safe, too. Visit project gallery

New and innovative technology

True 3D system

Every object is a dynamic entity

True3D framework What really sets our solution apart, is the dynamic way the panoramas and objects that will be displayed inside them have been implemented. With our unique approach we have developed a true 3-dimensional world inside the panorama system. Every object, such as hot spots, POIs, hotels, events and sponsors (just to mention a few possibilities) can be populated automatically within a panorama. Not only does this apply to objects, but to other panoramas as well! Working with real GPS-data objects will be positioned in a real 3D-space and thus positioned correctly within the world, and at the right place relative to any other object. This opens up for a lot of interesting future features not mentioned in the prospect, but that wasn’t the real goal in developing this new and groundbreaking system. All other panorama solutions are 2D-based. That means that every single little object, will have to be manually positioned. This is extremely labour intensive and error prone. Not so with Digital360. All objects are single, independent objects and is dynamically and upon request displayed inside the panorama. This means we can manage and maintain huge solutions with hundres and thousands of panoramas and objects, and if need be we can make changes in them all with a few keystrokes.

In our new and exciting 3D capable system, every object is an entity with unique characteristics. Each object can be positioned everywhere in real 3D space by setting the correct coordinates. This allows for a realistic rendering system, selection and manipulation. POIs can be scaled based on distance, hidden or filtered relative to the point of view. Combined, these features will change the the way panoramas are used and perceived, let alone the interactivity, versatility and the enhanced level og management and control.

The best viewer in the World 360fusion is by far one of the most advanced and sophisticated panorama viewers and solutions on the market today. The UK based company has an impressive customer list, including the British Parliament which will in many ways serve as a benchmark for this project for Visit Norway. After all, this is all for the viewers, the audience and both the existing - and potential customers. They deserve nothing but the best we have to offer. Ease of navigation, fluid motion and a perfect rendering engine was our critera, and vtfusion met them all.



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